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  1. Question can bots be used as farming I mean to killed and drop special item
  2. Και θα έρθουν αλλά πολλά μετά το άνοιγμα πολλές επιχειρήσεις θα αναγκαστούν να κλείσουν οικειοθελώς
  3. Never say never.... U must watch reality with gourmet cooking with oil and other stuff thc and cbd
  4. im looking to buy a good and stable pvp interlude project ...
  5. dont laugh with this tragedy guys. innocent people & kids died there i was traveled yesterday to help them in "RAFINA" i see everywhere what fires can do. everything black and destroyed............
  6. okay i just say my opinion anyway good luck with your project.
  7. yes it snaps but this is bad u not give time to players to run inside the circle.
  8. very nice idea as server but u must fix circle . the movement style of circle is very bad. this is my opinion must be moving normaly
  9. δεν χρειαζεται να εχεις παει ειδικες δυναμεις για να εισαι πατριωτης!
  10. gkremisma se ola ta tzamia eimaste orthodoksi xwra dn exw dei se kamia mousoulmanikh xwra na didaskete h na uparxoun xristianikes eklhsies.