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  1. Ας τον κάνει κάποιος banötôº/
  2. You still didn't answer my questions.
  3. Why is this topic here since the opening is in 5 days?
  4. I had a quick view in the server and I can say that it seems good. I've got some questions, suggestions tho. 1) How you can teleport at raid bosses? 2) Since, you've got almost all buffs why you have only 5 songs? - At the top manager, convert the online time to HH:MM (it's pointless to show seconds or milliseconds dunno what it is). - Change the announce time of vote reward, because in the same time you see 6 announcements (make it with 1 min difference each). That's all for now. May I know what problems did you have and postponed the opening?
  5. I didn't say about Vercetti, I said about his team.
  6. Devlin

    GR Kara

    Παίζει να είναι και το χειρότερο staff που έχει περάσει από mxc.
  7. A really good developed server and decent owner. Totally recommended.
  8. Ο Vince γιατι δεν ξαναμπαινει; Τι του κανατε;
  9. I've done some work on this server and I have to say that these guys made a really good work in total. I will wait for this one, good luck!
  10. I tested L2Phx on clean aCis server without any protection and a lot of things are working like teleporting without gatekeeper, having always spawn protection (you can't die) and such things.