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  1. Yes. We are updating the server and the website.
  2. L2Authentic is opening today at 21:00 GMT +2!!! Looking forward to see your feedback to our platforms! (Forums - Discord) See you in game!
  3. Dear, @Dragic. Thank you for the title fix. Next time, we will read the rules before posting. Honest mistake. As for the letter symbols... I'll take my chances. Regards, NiKKa.
  4. L2Authentic will be the first Java server closest to PTS (L2OFF-LIKE) files. We used Advext and Vanganth as example to build the strongest Java files. Some formulas have been taken directly from L2Teon (EU Official server). L2Authentic will be as its name. Authentic, pure and balanced project. Our team is dedicated to bring back the times that Lineage II was just brilliant! New ideas and features are included, but the gameplay will be OFF-LIKE. All skills have been reworked. Archer's critical reworked (OFF-LIKE) Side and back hit boosts critical rate to each hit. Dagger blow rate and damage fo