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  1. Kara Banned Maxtor's Reuqest aswell Locked.
  2. why would you waste ur money since those files are shared on public? :D seems like someone scammed you
  3. You should provide something otherwise i will move your topic somewhere else so you make General Discussion moved already when u have fully information about your project let me know so i move it back to Private/Preview servers
  4. best interface for h5 great job quality service !
  5. Hello, there @SQL Developer could you prove us that those files are not L2Scripts? cuz i've got a few reports about you that you selling out dated L2Remorse files. i've got some proofs about payments etc from Fabio to his Developer plus from what i read was that you was not on his Team
  6. removed it from both of you i'm just waiting now his reply so i can understand what is wrong
  7. Great share asuki thanks for sharing with us :)