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  1. i dont understand how hater can hate his own life that makes no sense and looks very cringe to me x )
  2. @lucasado dude nobody cares about your opinion about L2Warland people are free to spread their opinion since i see they are not clueless to say the truth they must know a lot of things about Zeus if they had no clue the wouldnt posted anything on this thread unless they are wrong but i see few different people saying some things about his project you should stop harrasing them without reason and being polite with them
  3. Hello, Cheaters today i will introduce you the Classic Retail Interface that i edited Especially for Server Owners/Admins without Automated Functions Clean to use to see the functions press "NEXT PAGE" Classic View Menu Noblesse/Hero Status Classic Casting Bar Chat/Skillbar Transparency Debuff Timer Classic EXP Bar Classic Inventory Classic Map Classic Options Classic Party Window & Class Icons Classic Shoulshot/Spiritshots Classic Auto Potions Party/Trade Buttons Options to Enable/Disable Functions Classic Damage on Screen Inclouding Damage Given Damage Taken Miss Critical Ressited Block Overhit +Critical (Magic Critical) CP Heal Mana EXP Those Features are not all Still on development gonna be added much more important features if you interested Contact me trought forum! Skype: Later will be added directly button! Price Trought PM!
  4. Elfo you should put somewhere your own credits for cracking this crappy project cuz those brazilian guys will claim it's cracked by them :)
  5. im not working on skill effects part thats the fact and u live on 2019 almost 2020 who will sit waste his time for free? i did and i still do it but not most of times
  6. it seems like only macro bar if im not wrong tho
  7. could you show me a preview of it or maybe you mean these stuff
  8. Topic moved to proper section @SkyLord it was disabled on old forum (Theme) will be fixed Edit: fixed Normal Users no longer can create threads.
  9. cuz nobody of br admins care anymore they are money diggers
  10. seems you did not understood that well what he is looking for he wants the FOI Animation to appear with Letters "FOI"