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  1. this section seems so old ^_^ how goes league anyone still playing that game? im still Sylas OTP the only reason still playing this game
  2. since when this project became l2off :) gl
  3. deadz will fix this and he will update you guys trought his website ..
  4. Hello, guys since Deadz decided share his interface for free even Latest Version you can from now download it totally free! Features List: https://bymerc.xyz/deadz/index.html Download: https://bymerc.xyz/deadz/download.html NOTE: There are two Download Links Full Interface Full Source Code 2.4 Version
  5. i dont know why ppl flame this svr but im playing there and it's good to waste ur time worth it
  6. Next time use, bump button instead of saying bump or Up! Good Luck with ur sever.
  7. This is the last time i change your prefix to [L2J] Kamex read the rules
  8. you are just wasting ur time with his version he has new version and he wont give it to anyone seems like sells it to BR Community etc.. plus to people who support him also what kind of bugs?
  9. well, he banned BoH cuz they was to many people and brazilians never had the chance kill his clan he got every epic possible on this server so admin decided to listen his community players to ban BoH party so they dont quit this server... no words about that.
  10. 2 Hours and 34 Minutes Left till the Grand Opening dont miss it.
  11. Updated Timezone for Epic & Raid Bosses Updated Server Rates/Sieges/Rewards