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  1. auto soulshot wont work cuz it has to be made trought dll to work properly about oly door it's pretty easy to make it invisible
  2. όχι δεν θα αλλάξετε τίποτα,γιατί αυτό που κάνατε είναι πιο σωστό.Τώρα επειδή ένα άτομο είπε κάτι τέτοιο δεν σημαίνει οτι πρέπει να αλλάξουν για αυτόν και μόνο.Εγώ το θεωρώ σωστό και ωραίο γιατί εκεί θα φανούν τα δυνατά clans,όχι εγω να έχω 2 party και ο άλλος 4 party επειδή εγώ δεν έχω κόσμο πχ. (μερικοί έχουν και οικογένειες και παιδιά,οπότε δεν έχουν χρόνο να παίζουν τις ώρες που παίζουμε εμείς).Πολύ σωστή κίνηση το προτείνω και εγώ να παραμείνει.
  3. you simply wasted ur money for nothing smartguard is crap not worth using it
  4. im not sure u gonna have that amount of money to pay for such big work lets say someone requesting for his time that he gonna spend around 1,000$ u will accept that amount? not rly
  5. Try using Engine.dll into system and try again i've had the same issue a year ago it fixed my issue
  6. it's not about that but try next time using middleman or the new marketplace so you wont get scammed
  7. nones fault that u got scammed we said many times use middleman services aswell rules are crystal clear for everyone WARNING: Trade at your own risk, MaxCheaters.com® is not responsible if you get scammed. Usually members with low post count, non VIP/Donator members, new members , zero count members are at high risk of scamming. Use a verified middleman or ask our staffer before making a successfull trade. your money your responsibility with who you going to trade
  8. Thanks for sharing with us Night keep it up! incredible job!
  9. Hello, Guys as Title says Selling Adenas on L2Saga x10 Dominion 1b 4 Eur in stock 10b + 100 DP - 7Eur Contact me on forum