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  1. Hello Warning, First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer me,that's already a better confrontation than the one we are used to.But you have me confused on the "we help you and your clan all the time" since we donated and didnt get anything for free..what u say is open to miss interpretation So let's make it clear that you did not help us with items or and there was no further corruption. As for andrenaline and bots;we both know l2 community nowdays (even in official servers) is using it. Well what people believe or what u allow them to believe isnt really our fault,if they dont have strategy and good reactions and tactis they can blame noone but their selves.Our clan is just above their average skillset level how can anyone blame us for that? As for the reward it was never mentioned that it should be paid in in-game currency but nevertheless I am going to accept your offer since u were kind enough to propose it.I see you are good and responsible at your job but let's face it, a cash reward was promised and we got ignored repeatedly.We didn't receive even this petty offer of compentation but only insults and irony.From where I stand there should be an apology and proper handling from owner him self but obviously his pride doesn't allow him to fix his unprofessionalism and arrogance. Anyway I thank you again for your time even if your arguements were kinda off target.Cheers
  2. That's only few of the reasons the server is failing. My Cp joined the server;spent hours and hours to gear up-made a good side,we donated as well (we got nothing for free in case someone tries to imply that) and yet the GM instead being professional and respecting the whole effort we put in his server, he was arrogant and insultive. First of all we got accused of killing the server as side cause we made a suggestion that archer damage isn't proper.After testing together and discussing it he decided its good to go for a change.When server finally came to it's last breaths he started the accusations. Meanwhile he said sieges will have a cash reward equal to 100e for Aden and 100e for Rune.Our Clan succesfully got Aden and our ally succesfully got Rune after a lot of effort; wasn't easy at all.Did we do it for the reward? Not really..But on the other hand a professional GM has to have some gravity to his words..After numberless times we tried to contact him about reward he finally answered with "Why would I give u any money since u killed my server?".That's some epic treatment there to people that gave life to the server cause let's be honnest more sides more ppl more donations,longer the server alive. Bottomline is we are talking about a project that runs only for cash gain without any respect to loyal followers or casual players, so he is losing in every project bit by bit his community.A project with reducing community instead of increasing is doomed to fail. And to end my thoughts I am sorry to say that this project is failing both in professionalism and to features,is waste of time and money,personally I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.When the owner decides to be a man of his word and learns to accept his failures then we can think about it again.Until then we are done with him.
  3. NOTE: People who trying to scam just dont try you will end up banned my point is very clear i get 1st The Donation Pounds & Adenas then you getting paid.
  4. you should be careful making deals with such people firist get full informations then procceed on payments and etc aswell it's good using Midleman Banned.
  5. WTB DP @ l2tales Scarlet x15 from trusted members only! First dp in hand and then will complete the payment,I am trusted member and there won't be any issues.Pm me in forum or add me @ discord id: Celestine#8699 Fair Price for DP
  6. idk about smartguard or SGuard ActiveAntiCheat is the quality now in the market blocking everything tried using adernaline on AAC and didnt even worked but yeah rumors are rumors.. and btw not Advertising just saying the facts.
  7. Keep telling that to your self if that makes you feel better,but I don't see any arguments here; you dont make a case by accusing people
  8. You are big comedian;stop protecting ur self and accept the truth' server was fine and nobody destroyed it. In the end of the day you have to learn how to accept some constructive critisism. First of all as u said it was "suggestions" and noone put a gun in your head to imply those changes;if you did that it's on you and a mere suggestion doesnt destroy any server if you decided to go through with it that's on you.But then again your server didn't die by those changes. You said when sieges are done we will get the rewards etc but when we tried to contact you about it you never wrote back to us.A man is all about his word and his honnor to realise it. Apparently you lack the basic dignity to fullfill your own promises and that's why I said we won't make the same mistake again. (Try keep this in mind; if your only end goal is only making money and you don't care about your reputation and your popularity,this project will keep failing as last one did.) You have to get your priorities right and money will come as long as u build a loyal community.But no player will be loyal to your projects if they see that the only thing you care about is grabbing those $$ and never look back. Deep down u know I'm right your self;if you put your ego aside and start acting like a responsible Server owner for once. As players we donated and played your server nothing was for free so we should be considered respected clients,well by promising stuff just to get the action going and then taking it back,even worse on such immature reasons,doesnt look good mate.And again I'm telling you stuff that you for sure heard before nothing new here.Keep in mind i'm not trying to insult you I'm just telling u facts and those facts lead us to not trusting your project. A man is as good as his word,and you failed us there not gonna lie.
  9. you what? :D this time we wont make same mistake im sorry you just keep ignoring players you dont care about them where are the bonuses for aden/rune castle ? u keept ignoring on skype messages when we simply dominated the server and we got nothing. not recommended
  10. Read the Rules topic title changed.
  11. Trusted person made for me a couple of designs totally recommend him.