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  1. i will tell this for last time once u replying to this topic download link is on page (1) open eyes for once :)
  2. there you go most completed project on 2018 :)
  3. i will see what is wrong and i will update the link once i fix that issue thanks for reporting
  4. Read them otherwise i will junk it again
  5. can you read rules for once at least? your two topics got junked for the reason that u do not read the rules before you aplying a thread
  6. Download link Updated fixed some issues/bugs Fix List: Fixed Recycle Button on Inventory that caused a bug to not deleted the selected items even quest item ones hf :)
  7. U can't do anything about it as you know Paypal always protecting buyers instead of sellers just in case if you have no idea
  8. nobody will give a good interface for free especially for l2eglobal :D
  9. i can count this is the 120312 time that acces getting scammed by random guys i think you must take serious actions next time before you code for someone get full amount of the payment otherwise u do nothing it's simple as that and if they start saying that they dont trust you simple dont give a simple fck move to next costumers