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  1. Top server and haters can simply hate as much they want i joined with my cp to just try the server admin cares about his project at least i can enjoy my time playing on Elmore. Topic moved on live servers.
  2. Great server files good administration and very friendly this server deserves a shot it's cool 🙂 wish you good luck !
  3. https://maxcheaters.com/store/category/4-special-groups/
  4. you need to have at least 20 posts to post on marketplace if he dont answer until today i will ban him @Lineage 2
  5. у меня тоже есть функция обхода)
  6. Download Sources and instructions: madyanov / l2mapconv-public
  7. Welcome to MaxCheaters.com and have a nice stay and a lot of fun 🙂
  8. Welcome and have a nice stay on MaxCheaters.com now about the advertising situation there are many people who offer their services but most of them are crap if you can show us what kind of groups you own will help a lot people who searching to advertise their servers
  9. Banned next time carefull with trades Locked.
  10. would be nice to exist such hook there on mxc but i have no idea if maxtor can add