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  1. let me explain you why this is happening some servers already blocking interfaces for the reason of Auto Enchant you wont able to make it work even if theres way to make it work Active Anti Cheat will automatically Update those files like Interface.u / Interface.xdat which means waste of money XD
  2. it's obviously Luck but not interface issue. you can set on interface Passive/Active chances to catch a skill
  3. Hello Everyone we have made a new Discord Server with Interface Features/Updates & News Link: https://discord.gg/mcbfpds Fixed link cuz it expired after 1h now expires never.
  4. Latest fraps for 2020 See you Next Winter :)
  5. Decent project by decent team good luck.
  6. i've warned a lot of people about Neophron nobody wanted to listen to me his interface is bullshit i have every feature he sells :) "PROTECTED" not even
  7. hes using this paid interface https://maxcheaters.com/topic/228603-interface-lineage-2-hf-v273-update/
  8. Hello There Author has ben flaged as spammer i will be banning him once i return to my main town Currently im at bulgaria and i dont have acces to Ban him there.
  9. on this server u can do easily +12 gear wha do you mean? theres no donate for +16 seems you are not made for this server you can walk away and play something else server is stable with 1k