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  1. Costs 25$ latest version incouding all features
  2. [L2J] La2Dream

    At least when you do advertisment do it with quality no copy pasting looks very unprofessional like that fix your topic also
  3. Fallenangels

    Wont be shared its only private for iordanov and me Cheers.

    Last warning since I got some reports about you selling shared stuff is not allowed you are not any developer and you dont have any skills as u can see nightwolf already gave a link with phandom players also you got banned months ago again for selling shared websites just last warning for you.
  5. Asuki it is possible to be done for c6 also? And how much this will cost thanks
  6. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    u are wrong advertise made everywhere he is not forced to pay clans to play on his server also he is not a owner like others who pay clans to play 2-3 weeks on a server and then quiting.
  7. [L2J]L2KAIA

    Topic cleaned stay on topic.
  8. u are not even funny tho so then what is the point of developers to make something and give it free? we living on 2018 right is 20$ a lot for u ? just loled hard after this reply.
  9. works but not on all servers if u want working version u should contact me or deadz :) p.s no FREE
  10. i will warn u one more last time Nasiferus stop using alt account to bump/reply on this topic giving false feedbacks. topic cleaned.
  11. [L2j] L2GDD

    fix your topic subject to [L2J]
  12. but if he is busy u can also ask @Xeonc
  13. u can ask @iPlay.GG - KromBacher he is l2off master :)