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  1. Little NOTE interface is not working on SmartGuard 3.0 and AA = Active Anti Cheat pms like bypass La2dream protection and ketrawars will be instantly ignored.
  2. classic :D u can always ask me if u need anything releated to this interface
  3. Yes it is since V Team owner vanished from his own job since he saw nobody buying from him anymore since what he sold was a pure crap :)
  4. u do not have to pay anything a skillbar is nothing to be implemented on a higher chronicle it's only texture job not a big deal
  5. Topic Cleaned & Locked Author's Request.
  6. zana after that 9v9 u said to make a good recruitment add new skillfull members ya?
  7. Trusted person i had great times playing Lineage2 Eola wish you good luck ! best dev around last 10 years Katara )
  8. wasting time searching developer to make ur game play balanced there is no way make such thing even on 1000 years balancing your game play by ur own way wasting time paying developers is the worst thing why? he will balance few things then u wont like something and like always u will say this dev did nothing :) pick lucera project fair enough price cool balance make ur job 120$ USD is nothing for it.
  9. Some fun at GvG of L2Eola
  10. cuz someone said to not share it idk why so i didnt but now i dont really care so i shared it
  11. there are two ways of protection Active Anti Cheat / SmartGuard chose and pick one