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  1. the only pathetic there is you saying that l2 is dead from botters while u asking for bot tho :) cuz u dont have like 10 bucks to waste on adernaline key it's very sad i have no more words against u
  2. Great server features and friendly administrator worth trying it!
  3. stop saying my name all the time this is annoying for sure = corrupt ? that means if we donate as CP we are corrupted clan? u are such a joke Nasiferus @Iordanov we thank iordanov cuz he donating always for his clan members to enjoy the game play thats why few days ago u asked me to give u anything i have to make automatic farm but there is your true face :) talking about corruptions when months ago u was pming admins to give u gear at least incloude ur own self too
  4. this is to outdated what he can try is neophron classic interface only thing he needs to remove is copyrights which is very easy and good to go.
  5. since nobody gave u an answer there is not automated interfaces for gracia final what i know is Interlude/h5 only
  6. this is deadz 2,4 version there was shared somewhere 2,2 if u want current one u should talk with deadz
  7. not working because some servers using different potions ID interface uses these potions on based Retail MP/HP/CP ID
  8. sharing something that may help people out wont get you banned but everything depends if it's virus then u should not even post anything releated to viruses but if it's clean sure go ahead.
  9. @AchYlek i was gm to support their server forum/in-game petitions that means i didnt had any acces to take for my personal use any items or any donation coins also svr has activity at all bosses if the clans are to stupid they will swap servers like brazilians do!
  10. i never said that he made any good deals with moderators or etc he asking from everyone same price i had with him many deals for my future server and he delivered everything as i asked tho i dont know what is the problem over there but you should solve it with him
  11. I don't think sinister is scammer made lot of deals with him all was good even with my friends he was gentlemen I don't know why you call him scammer he worked with many clients nobody had any problem don't be greedy to many htmls for so low price it's a shame there are few people making whole cb work for higher price anyways let designatix decide what will happend Cheers
  12. des to TAXI 5 poly astio kai worth 9 Rating an den to exei sto netflix des to apo to promovies.pro
  13. seems promissing server i will give it a shot gl