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  2. Thank You! FEEL FREE TO CHECK LATEST DESIGNS HERE: https://ibb.co/album/smv6Z2 Get Yourself a proper launcher with awesome design!
  3. I will post it here, so everyone are on the same page: I won't be going through this crap yet again. You may tell me "oh, You made me wait so long, and You didn't delivered the work" - which is FINE, and I understand customer frustration. I've said that multiple times, I'm only one dude doing this as a hobby and IF I (for some reason) not deliver on deadline, I will refund. I'm not a scammer, like some of my all-time-heterz would like me to be, and make be ban for that reason. So find Yourself a better occupation OR simply don't evern work with me and buy someone else work - I'm m
  4. LoL. This is Your evidance? Few things: - Give me PayPal payment ID. I could even tell my potencial customer that I do the work, without any pre-payment. Does it mean I'm a scammer? No payment / no work. - Beside that, EVEN if I miss the deadline or so, I simply can't and won't belive You wouldn't make a dispute and get refund from me OR from PayPal. What kind of bullshit is that? My opinion is - You talked to me about logo, for some reason, I stoped to do the work, You desputed I did refund OR PayPal did the refund, now You are QQ'ing since 2018 for getting a "proper logo" from me, a
  5. Sure, there is NO WAY that after 3 years, creating topics on MXC and making dispute on PayPal You didn't get refund. My god, WHY I would scam random dude for 60 euro, when I keep on doing stuff and selling launchers for others? Tell me, whats the poin of scamming someone for 60 euro - like You are saying - when I sell logos and updaters worth around 8x, 10x times more per month? Also - 3 years, 3 YEARS and You supposed me to belive PayPal dispute didn't work for You for some mysterious reaseon? Beside that, YES, I have history of NOT delivering on time. If that happes 2, 3 times per year
  6. I think, and this is only my assumption, that he never was my customer. I never created logo for 50 euro, that's not my price for logo design, customers who bought logo from me, can tell You the price. Second of all, even if in the past I missed the deadline for a project, I did a refund OR finish the job anyway. Simple as that. I don't see HOW anyone can scam anybody via PayPal (and I use only that payment system) when You can create discpute for EVERY payment (beside gifts ofc). If I would like to scam somebody, this person, after few days, would create a dispute and get his money back
  7. I never created logos for 50 euro in first place, that's NOT the price of my work. Stop flaming.
  8. Thank You for Your kind feedback guys! ~ FIX the bump button
  9. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/236886-new-updater-launcher-logo/
  10. Small info: THIS http://upnova.ru/portfolio/l2remorse-launcher/ Was made by me: https://ibb.co/McjHDGV
  11. Yeah, I really don't understand why NC need to make Linaege 2 like Cabal - with guns and sniper rifles... I hope they won't EVER include rocket launchers...
  12. On the 28th this month, NC Korea will release an update including new race for Lineage 2 called Sylph. More or less, Sylph are based on teenage characters, where male is flying on his hoverboard while shooting revolvers, and female, as You do, shoots her sniper rifle. Reflink: https://lineage2.plaync.com/update/history/2020/201014_collection So how do You feel about this folks? Are You excited like I am...? Time to PEW PEW guys? Feel free to share Your thoughts.