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  1. Ppl play for nostalgia or new experience, but... - with nostalgia, they suddenly realize, L2J isn't exacly same experience as OFF like back in 2006, or this game doesn't bring the same memories (thats why I don't play my old best games - to not ruin my memories) - with new content, they will play like 4h and tell You all Your work is shit. Just because. Thats why I would advice You to have fun, build whatever You like, do Your best and see the outcome. Otherwise You will find Yourself constantly trying to meet expectations for someone who doesn't have any precised expectations whatsoever, and it will ruin Your experiance as well...
  2. I would like to offer You my NEW Updater / Launcher with custom skins. BASIC FEATURES: - no virus detections, - automatic patch check, - automatic patch download on new release, - automatic soft files check / manual hard files check, - install full game client as option, - fast download, - no disconnections on small files = no slow downs, - the fastest files check = check full game client of 50GB in just few sec., - full control of Your patch link, - the fastest patch build and the best compression, - multilanguage support, - awesome custom skins, - works on any Windows 32-bit/64-bit, - no additional Windows hotfix of app requirements, - support L2JSGuard or Smart Guard server protections, - C++ CONTACT: - Discord: Ave#7309 - Skype: mrave20 CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE CUSTOM SKINS! Supported games: Lineage 2 / Tantra Online / Rohan / Aion / Cabal / any many more...
  3. Yeah, finaly someone is interested ! :D Thx Ventic ! And here is what You need: http://www.4shared.com/file/206436858/1d26f779/demon_mask.html Just resize it and make it looks nice (fit it) for characters ^^ I will make the rest ;) BTW: You will put only fragment of mob texture (for his head) and make new texture for it, or You will use original texture with all body but You will use only head part for it ? I'am asking coz for now this animation use whole texture from LineageMonstersTex3.vampire_Troop_Leader_t00.
  4. takhs7 Yeah, I read it before and I didnt get it so I...leave it :P You should do the same :P on-topic: As I told, THE ONLY WAY, to adapt cloaks into older chronicles is basically making animations and models from 0 ! Coz older client dont use simulation files for cloak material :) So...making animations (as a one file for whole cloak) is the only way to make it work, but it's a hugeeee work to do - animations for all races. Take care
  5. Oh yes, that would be nice ! ^^ I'am waiting if someone will try to make it :) I will do the rest of work.
  6. Yeah, there is this head, but I want to make it as a helmet, not as the not fitted head :/ It's to big, and its to high on neck :/ But thx LauQ :)
  7. Hi, Well, I have idea of new cool helmet, but I need support with...animations - ofc :/ I want to rip this helmet, from mob with ID 18575 called "Warlord Tamuze" This helmet looks awesome ! ^^ I want to make it for all chars, so animations should be for all chars as well - I will make texture for Vesper, Dynasty and some custom armors too... So, anyone ? Maybe someone from "old" friends ?
  8. Nice to hear that ^^ I will wait for You share with those armors and weapons ! ^^ Take care my friend ;)
  9. Ha ha, PWNED ! :D BTW: @ KALI: So You are trying to say, that You are adapting new Freya Armor and Weapons into older chronicle ? Am I right ? ^^ That will be cool ! :D
  10. Hmmm, armor looks nice, but am I wrong or the breastplate have a huge black line at the front of armor ? :P Also...this armor looks like evolution of standard Vesper. NCsoft should do something new that just changed Vesper :P Thx You kali for You infos and screens ^^ I appreciate that :) Cya
  11. But You are getting error while ttrying to save addons ? Or You simply cant open dat files ? Coz if You can open them but You are getting error while saving changes, so maybe You will need to check it those Vesper Armors for Interlude fit to You dat files table build ^^ If someone wrote that this armor is for Interlude it doesnt meen that they will wokr just like that :P Believe me, sometimes You will get error, even if You download items for You chronicle ^^ Copy one of armorgrp.dat armor part, past it into notepad++ or Windows Excel 2009, then past one of Your Vesper Armor part, and see if Your Vesper Armor have the same table build :) Take care
  12. Thx kali ! ^^ You are first modder of Frey Client, huh ? :P BTW: I dont know what is going on with those newest chronicles...Just some few changes + one location + animated Vesper Armor that some of use made as a mod at Interlulde client :P Gracia Final server's are not done...Epilogue too, and now Freya...:( As I see we will have at least 3 server's type that L2J Dev's will not finish coz they will not know witch server pack should they finish :P
  13. Well, Raule's GF patched system have different armorgrp and weapongrp dat file build that this is at original GF system folder - I already tested it, so if he some day will want to add some item's, he probably will get error... All he have to do, is download patched system (other that Raule's) and edit patched dat file - not the "new-...dat" file coz it will not work...