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  1. From all dev's here, I would definitely recommend checking his services.
  2. L2.exe won't be enough. Even if You remove it, players can simply compy L2.exe and put it back into system folder or change L2.bin into L2.exe and run the game anyway. To block original L2.exe You would need to do some more mods to system folder, not only L2.exe itself. This means, every chronicle would need this mod although You can try to make it...somehow..."universal". Best way imho is to use additional server protection - like SmartGuard, L2J-SGuard or L2J-Scripts thats check additional params when starting the game and won't allow game client to connect to the server without that additional parameters.
  3. Back in 2004-2006 there were 7 or 8 servers closed that I remember, including most popular one in Poland - L2Cerberus, C4. This Innova thingy, will only cause closing the servers and moving them to other host / IP / name. Thats all. Few dudes will gonna get scamed on random forums in topics selling "closed server files". And everyone will move on like notihng ever happened.
  4. I'm surprised they sat quietly for such a long time. Back in 2004-2006, NCSoft closed tons of L2 private servers in Europe. To be fair, all these servers will be "sold" now, ppl will get scammed with "xxx server source for sale!" and they will be re-open with other names on different hosts. Right? 🙂
  5. I'm posting VIRUS SCAN OF MY LATEST LAUNCHER: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f1a627ca4f198883ea586aa06a350401dd996f10fb49f79a264d03502f877e20/detection
  6. First of all, any protection is better than none. Second of all, not every kiddo knows how to sniff from dx, but probably all kids from mxc know how to open L2 utx without any protection, right? So the point is - encrypted utx / ukx will protect the files from most of kiddos who are just drooling for these leeched files, when ppl who knows how to sniff it from outside of the game, won't even bother for stupid files. So I guess it is always good to protect the files if You can. Just don't spend like 200 euro for a crypter. Not worth nowadays.
  7. Ah, sorry, I didn't notice it's back. Thx, I will use it now instead.
  8. Could You please tell me in which part of our conversation I treated You like "an idiot" or "an asshole"? I gave You simple information that I DON'T KEEP RANDOM PPL on my contact list for simple reason - I keep on getting random invites like that and for most time, ppl won't even answer my msg's afterwards. Try to image keeping all random invites like that on my contact list - I wouldn't even be able to recognize my own ACTUAL CUSTOMERS. If You really couldn't understand that and You thought it was some kind attack from my end at Your person, then sorry, I didn't ment to do that, but at this point it was better to call me "IDIOT" and "ASSHOLE", right? I gave You simple solution - keep me on Your contact list as long as You like, and send me re-invitation whenever You are ready. I don't care if You need 1-2 days, 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months. I belive it's NOT ONLY ME who works like that - other sellers probably do the same thing. All my customers understands that and there was no problem, but I guess not with You... Anyway, good luck with Your server project and find Yourself a better designer for Your project. Mxc is full of them. EDIT: APPARENTLY I've missed to post WHOLE conversation and message where I was acting like an asshole, so I've included whole conversation.