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  1. Could You please tell me in which part of our conversation I treated You like "an idiot" or "an asshole"? I gave You simple information that I DON'T KEEP RANDOM PPL on my contact list for simple reason - I keep on getting random invites like that and for most time, ppl won't even answer my msg's afterwards. Try to image keeping all random invites like that on my contact list - I wouldn't even be able to recognize my own ACTUAL CUSTOMERS. If You really couldn't understand that and You thought it was some kind attack from my end at Your person, then sorry, I didn't ment
  2. Hey Does anyone know a way, to send ID and PASS into game client from external app, to skip the login lobby? BDO uses this system, but it doesn't work on L2 - sending ID and PASS as params / arguments while creating L2.exe process. Is it even possible? Thx in advance
  3. Thank You for Your kind words! bump
  4. Thank You for Your kind words my friend!