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  1. ty .. can i contact with you ? please check my pm
  2. i need to dev connect to my pc with teamviewer .. who care about help me .. please contact me .

    there h5 l2 off files shared ? i'm looking for it :D
  4. for fast support contact me .. Discord : HeliosQQ#1289 < Best Way Online 24/7 Skype : live:rasood.1515
  5. very good team .. you can test the files
  6. events don't have any problems i test it yesterday .. i'm sure bro . you must register with 2 players at least .. so if you want test it by yourself you must disable hwid engine for fight club you can find it in config/events/events.ini # Should only 1 player per HWID be able to join Event at the time? FightClubHwidCheck = false
  7. this is compile pack it's ready .. Compile pack so when you want make compile pack from sources you need to work on eclipse .
  8. Hello guys .. i'm looking for l2 website design like > Example please if there are free version share it here .. ty .
  9. Hello guys i'm looking for high five CTRL + C / CTRL + V , please who have share it
  10. sorry for this stupid question .. how i may disaple secondary password ? i can't find it in configs
  11. Hello everyone , i have server but i need to dev to help me in my server i will pay him every month .. for more informations contact me at skype skype : live:rasood.1515