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  1. I want to start deadz interface on h5 server .. they have protection which can stop any unknown interface on their system. If any developer can do it please contact me .. I’ll pay if that necessary. Contact me on Private for more information about that server.
  2. Hello guys.. I'm looking for good files for olympiad server [ Java H5]. please if you have experience in this topic write it down.
  3. If you think it's easy then please contact me I need your help to complete it.
  4. To be honest I don’t know, if anyone know about shared mythras files please tell me.
  5. Hello everyone I need someone who can create automatic +30 skills for me " you can buy it from npc or donation store from Alt + b" for H5 Please pm if you can do it.
  6. it's just simple like l2 lionna you can buy it from donation store or npc.
  7. Hello everyone How are you I hope your'e fine. Actually I'm looking for +30 Skills code [H5] for fandc files, who can help me please reply on this topic I need it for upcoming project we need auto enchant to +30 skills.
  8. Bad services ever, I'm sorry to say that but I don't trust you specially when you don't reply to configure my l2jguard protection before one year. If you want my word don't trust in this website. I lost 100$ on shit :/.
  9. It's completed and works fine for me, I can do it for anyone (free).