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Found 31 results

  1. L2Hallate High Five Server I welcome everyone I wanted to present new server High Five Server x 4. We are adding all efforts so that server is friendly for everyone player's. We invite everyone to play together. We guarantee the lack of lag and ddos. The server does not provide wipes and is focused on long-term game. New webside and forum Official start 01.09.2018 17.00 GMT+1 Beta test started Links: Website: https://www.l2hallate.com/ Forum: https://www.l2hallate.com/forum-1 Experience (EXP): 4x Skill Points (SP): 4x Adena : 4x Drop Items: 3x Spoil: 2x Recs-Keys: 2x Quest Experience (EXP): 2x Quest Skill Points (SP): 2x Quest Adena: 2x Quest Drop Items: 2x Weight Limit: 1x Manor: 2x Extract Fish: 2x Accesories Pets, Clan Section AA Exchange, Event Exchange, Sell (Epic bosses) Ant Queen - Respawn = 36 hour Respawn Random + - 17 hour Beleth - Respawn = 192 hour Respawn Random + - 36 hour Baium - Respawn = 120 hour Respawn Random + - 10 hour Antharas - Respawn = 192 hour Respawn Random + - 12 hour Valakas - Respawn = 264 hour Respawn Random + - 12 hour Instances: Normal Freya - Required players 10-27 Instances: Hard Freya - Required players 36-45 Instances: Frintezza - Required players 36-45 Instances: Zaken Daytime - lvl-83, Required players 9-27 Instances: Zaken Daytime - lvl-60, Required players 9-27 Instances: Zaken Nightly - lvl-60, Required players 72-450 Instances: Tiat, Required players 36-45 Instances: Beleth, Required players 36 Safe Enchant: 3 Max. Enchant: 16 Normal Scroll chance: 60% Blessed Scroll chance: 60% Elemental Max. Level: Level 7 Elemental Stone chance: 40% Elemental Crystal chance: 30% Sub-Class Max. Level : 85 Off-line Shop mode Vitality System Unique Community Board Drop list Search Engine Wedding System Event Engine Clan tab Achievement Engine Player ranking Personal control panel Max. Clients per PC : 2 Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6 Anti-Bot Geodata and Pathnodes Raid Boss event All quest and instances working Everything inside is made in java, nothing python Skills using official formulas Simulate Official Kernels Protection AntiBot protection DDoS protection The subsidy reduced to a minimum Location:France Buff Slots : 20+4 Dance and Songs Slots : 12 Duration of buffs - retail Mini Events Team vs Team Team vs Team advanced Capture the Flag Domination Mass Domination Deathmatch Last Man Standing Lucky Chest Mutant Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt PVP Battlefield More Info in Game. See you there :)
  2. L2 Axel The most loud returning of the epic server! L2 Axel Beta Test : 12/08/2018 L2 Axel Grand Opening : 31/08/2018 Chronicle HIGH FIVE PART 5 New platform. Everything working like it should. General - Community Board with everything you need - Rates x1000 - Starting level 85 - Starting pack with free Elegia/Vorpal items and Epic Jewels - Shop with everything you need for adena and special coins - Easy farm, pvp balance, pvp reward (supports/assists), free skins, massive pvps - Pvp Items are tradeble - Augmented items are tradeble - Vote system with awesome rewards - Cancel return back buffs - Amulet system d - c - b - a - s - s80 - s84 (giving stats) Enchants - Normal Scroll 100% to +12 (Instant with 1 click) - Blessed Scroll to +13 70%, +14 50%, +15 30%, +16 15% (If it fails item keep the same enchantment) - Max Enchant +16 (Donator Scroll max enchant is +16 too) Element - Crystal 100% to Level 7 (Instant with 1 click) - Max Element Level 7 Buffer (With scheme) - All buffs available (Except Kamael and Class Specific) - All important buffs are enchanted to their specific route +15/+30 - Buffs duration 2 hours - 32 Buff Slots + 4 Divine Inspiration, 16 Songs/Dances Potions - Automatic use of potions including kamael bottle of souls (HP/MP/CP/SOULS) - Mana potions restores 1000 MP with 10 seconds reuse - Right click in order to activate them Subclass - Ultimited subclasses available with no restrictions (Instant level 85) - Heroic and certification skills available on subclesses aswell Olympiad - Weekly heroes given on Saturday 12:00 - Last olympiad day is Friday - Max Enchant +6 - 50 starting olympiad points - 100 olympiad games available - Special information on screen about the waiting time - Special information on screen about match duration - Information about the class u meet inside Sieges - Weekly sieges on sunday 16:00 and 20:00 - Updated castle defenses - PvP Rewards and spree available inside war zone Territory War - Weekly territory wars on saturday 20:00 - Wards reset every week - Wards anti-hiding mechanic - PvP Rewards and spree available inside war zone Epic Raids - Daily epic raids from monday to friday - Winner exclusive rewards - If you participate you get a small fee as reward Skins - Suits, Weapons, Armors, Cloaks, Name Color, Title Color, Encahnt colors, Soulshot. - Posibility of disable or enable the system - You have a lot of options to make your character look awesome! Auto Events - Team vs Team - Capture the Flag - Protect the King - Fight for Throne - Last Man Standing - Death Match - Korean Style - Treasure Hunt GM Events - Fun Events (Russian roulette, dice etc.) - GVG Tournaments (1v1,3v3,5v5,7v7,9v9) Infrastructure - DDoS Protection - Powerfull Server Machine - Anti bot ----> L2 AXEL WEBSITE <---- ----> L2 AXEL FORUM <---- OBT : 12.08.2018 The Grand Opening : 31.08.2018
  3. Dear players, we decide to bring back L2Mercury. There will be a really hot start with many players, big clans and huge online playing communities. We have worked hard to deliver the best gameplay, many useful services and functionality. We will give to you that feelings wich others servers can`t suggest. Why our server is the best choice : - Defenses against DDOS attacks. - Protection from bots. Smart-Guard - High quality server performance! - Comfortable game without freezes or delays. - Active & Professional GM Team. SERVER: L2Mercury High Five x15 Grand Opening: Friday, September 21 20:00 GMT+2 Website: http://l2mercury.com/ Forum: http://l2mercury.com/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2mercury/ Grand Opening Special Event for all online players: SERVER RATES | Exp x15 , SP x15 | Adena x12 | Drop x12 | Spoil x15 |Quest Drop x4 | Quest Reward x4 | Manor x2 | RaidBoss Drop x4 (Epic Raid x1) |Party bonus Rate: 2.00; 2.20; 2.40; 2.60; 2.80; 3.00 Enchant Rates Safe Enchant : 4 Max. Enchant : 12 Normal Scroll chance : 50% Blessed Scroll chance : 60% Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 Elemental Stone chance : 50% Elemental Crystal chance : 40% BASIC CONFIGURATIONS Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2 Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 2h Buff Slots : 32 Dance and Songs Slots : 14 Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6 Anti-Bot (+ Report system) Geodata and Pathnodes GENERAL INFORMATION Sub-Class Free without Quest Sub-Class Max. Level : 85 Class Master Off-line Shop mode Off-line Buffers mode Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot Vitality System Unique Community Board Droplist Search Engine Auction System More information about Server Commands, Territory Wars + Sieges, Full Features, Grand Boss Respawns, Instances requirements can be found in game through ALT+B Community Board RAID BOSS & INSTANCES INFO Boss: Ant Queen Respawn Delay: 24 h. +- 2 h. Boss: Antharas Respawn Delay: 7 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Valakas Respawn Delay: 10 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Baium Respawn Delay: 5 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Beleth Respawn Delay: 8 d. +-2 h. Boss: Epidos Respawn Delay: 2 h. Instances: Normal Freya Required players: 9 Instances: Hard Freya Required players: 11 Instances: Frintezza Required players: 9 Instances: Zaken Daytime lvl-83 Required players: 6 Instances: Zaken Daytime lvl-60 Required players: 6 Instances: Zaken Nightly lvl-60 Required players: 9 Instances: TIAT Required players: 11 Instances: Beleth Required players: 18 OTHER SERVER FEATURES .control : Character control panel .stats : Shows exact information about character statistics .vote : Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting .online : Shows how many players are online in game .offline : Sets Offline Private Store .repair : Repairing character located in same account .password : Changing Password of your Account .buffstore : Setup Offline Buffer Store .buffshield : Protects you from unwanted buffs .siege : Full siege information .combine : Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration! .dressme : Change your visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak! .report : Target a player you think is botting SERVER: L2Mercury High Five x15 Grand Opening: Friday, September 21 20:00 GMT+2 Website: http://l2mercury.com/ Forum: http://l2mercury.com/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2mercury/ Grand Opening Special Event for all online players:
  4. Server Rates & Features ~~~~~~~~~ General Rates ~~~~~~~~~ XP : x500 SP : x500 Drop : x10 Adena : x100 ~~~~~~~~~ Party Bonus ~~~~~~~~~ XP : +30% SP : +30% ~~~~~~~~~ Enchant Rates ~~~~~~~~~ Safe enchant : +6 Maximum enchant : +15 Normal scrolls : 75% Blessed scrolls : 85% ZuLL scrolls : 100% Maximum skill enchant : +30 ~~~~~~~~~ Buff system ~~~~~~~~~ Maximum buff slots : 36 Maximum dance/song slots : 16 Total buff slots : 60+4 Buffs â?? dances/songs duration : 2 hours Custom scheme buffer, with the ability to store 52 buffs (36 buffs, 16 dance/songs) on each scheme. Buffs +30 included ~~~~~~~~~ Custom Features ~~~~~~~~~ Champion mobs enabled Custom Leveling Zone Custom Farm Areas Custom PvP Zone Area {Flagged} Custom PvP Solo Zone Area {Flagged} Custom Starting Packages (Armor, jewels, consumables). Custom Teleporter Elemental System enabled. Maximum element level : 7 x5 Enchant values on elemental stones/crystals Instant safe enchant (1 scroll) Multiple currency system : adena , apiga, golden apiga, knight epaluette, glittering medal . .deposit command : Automatically turn you adena to goldbars. .castlemanager : Permits the clan leader to participate in Sieges. No need to run to Castles' NPCs. Custom GM Shop Custom aio multifunction NPC Hero weapons rearranged, in order to be 100% usable. Maximum subclasses : 3. No quest is needed for adding a subclass. Subclass/Transformation skills from custom NPC. Free Nobless from aio npc. Only restriction your level to be 85. Clan member restriction lifted. You can increase your clan without needing ppl / bots. Custom Raid Boss Area. Custom Grand Boss Area. Custom Epic Boss Area. Customized System Message Engine. PvP Color Names. Olympiad Period : 2 weeks Siege Period : Every week PvP Reward System and NPC. .votel2zull : Brings up vote panel. Vote Reward System and NPC. ~~~~~~~~~ Custom Events ~~~~~~~~~ Custom Events will intervent every hour. TvT Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Raid Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Catch The Flag Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Death Match Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Town War Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Hide And Seek Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours PK Hunter Event. Random Custom events will be taking place from GMs when they are online. http://l2zull.pw
  5. Hi, the server has being upgraded to the H5 client, featuring a full C6 Server-side implementation old pride-style. Grand Opening ETA: 5 September Features C6 Pride Style on H5 Client Starting Level 85Max Level 96 Kamaloka, Multiverse Instances 40+ Raidbosses, Smart APCs Unique, Epic, Legendary and Relic Gears Max Enchant +20 The above videos are community made. The Community will be hosted completely on Discord, it will be the only mean to contact with the server! Discord Facebook Page The server will have full integration with Discord: Discord PvP Announcer and soon much more integration is comming! More info on this topic will be added!
  6. L2 Centos is Coming back with a new High Five x1000 project Grand Opening 29/09/2018 at 21:00 GMT +3 Server Rates - EXP / SP: x1000 - Drop: x100 -Adena: x100 Enchant Rates - Max Enchant: +22 - Safe Enchant: +18 - Olympiad Max Enchant: +6 - Attribute: Free up to Level 7 Server Features - 3 Subclass Max without Quest up to 85 Level - Auto Learn skills - 30 Buffs and 16 Dances/Songs for 2 hours - Auto events every 1 hour - Raid Boss Event every 4 hours - PvP zones 24 hours - Olympiad 12 hours & Heroes every Week - Special Hero Monuments for TOP 3 Heroes of the server - Auto CP/HP/MP - Up to 100 different DressMe FREE for Everyone - DressMe include Armor/Weapon/Shield & Cloak - Sieges / TWs Every Weekend L2 Centos Gameplay guarantee an easy and balanced Farm for Solo or Party Players. In L2 Centos Everyone starts with Full Equipment and you have the option to Farm in 3 Different Places. The Easy Farm, The Medium Farm and the Hard - Party Farm. All Farming Areas drop everything you need to make your Equipment Full. We are Not focusing on Farm but on PvP. That's why we Provide an easy farm server with a lot of options to Participate on PvP. At the beggining only 2 Castles will be available for Siege, and later on more Castles will be siegable with Special Rewards. Server has NO Custom Items and Equipment. We are using Smart Guard Protection for Bots and the Best DDos Protection. We are Wating for you to Enjoy the Ultimate PvP Battles in L2 Centos. Join in our Forum and Participate to Events with Prizes for Live server. Website Facebook
  7. BETA TEST SERVER from 20.08.2018 GRAND OPENING 24.08.2018 20:00 GMT+2 WEBSITE www.l2stars.eu L2 Stars proudly presents you re-open Lineage II High Five game server 25x. The server looks forward to the players who know the server L2 Stars from the past and come again to fight for epic items here. Server Rate EXP: 25x SP: 25x Party EXP: 2x Party SP: 2x DropItems: 10x RaidDropItems: 3x RaidDropJewely: 1x Spoil: 10x Adena: 10x Protection AntiBot protection Smartguard DDoS protected server Grand Bosses Antharas spawn is every 5 days and random 2 hours Valakas spawn is every 5 days and random 2 hours Baium spawn is every 5 days and random 2 hours Instances Zaken, Frintezza, Freya Normal, Freya Hard, Tiat, Baylor, Beleth Minimum players for Instances = 9 Buffs Setting Max Buffs: 24 + 4 Max Dances/Songs: 12 Buffs time: 2 hours Enchant Setting Normal Enchant: 55% Blessed Enchant: 65% Safe enchant: +4 Max enchant: +16 Event Engine Korean Style Zombie Team vs Team Capture the Flag Domination Deathmatch Last Man Standing Tournament Team Tournament Next Information Vote Rune (12h better stats for player) Manually-reward vote system .getreward Auto-reward vote system for all online players MP/HP/CP automatic potions 1 Client per PC in Grand Boss zones Free Dressme Grand Boss PvP Zones CS and TW every week Buff Shops ALT+B Scheme Buffer ALT+B Global Gate Keeper ALT+B GM Shop S-grade ALT+B Database Auto learn skills Special Shop Vitality system My Teleports Subclass max. 3x Subclass max. level 85 Announcement Raid Boss spawn Nobless Quest item in GM Shop Grand Boss Quest items in GM Shop Clan Items in GM Shop Auto Class Master Heroes are every week Server Hardware Technology Sandy Bridge E - 12 threads Intel Xeon E5-1650 Six-Core Hard disks 2x SSD 160 GB RAM 64 GB DDR3 Connection at 1 GB
  8. L2Devil.ws x5000 Live Start: Friday, 31/08/2018 at 18:00 Server Features: https://www.l2devil.ws/features 80 Beta Start: Friday, 24/08/2018 at 18:00 Everything is free, all Skins unlocked, PvP for fun! All players who participate in the Beta Server will receive Beta Cloak on the Live Server! The Beta Server will be closed 24h before Live Server starts. See you there! - PvP Server - High Five Chronicle No Custom Biggest L2 Community Active GMs - Rates - x1000 Easy Farm GM Shop All Items - Enchants - Enchant Chance 100% Enchant Safe/Max +16 - PvP Balance - Macro Glitch Enabled Cancel Returns Buffs Mana Potions - Olympiad - Active 24/7 Last Olympiad Day: Friday Olympiad Enchant +6 - Buffs - Scheme NPC Buffer 32+4 Buff Slots, 16 Songs/Dances - Mass PvP - Daily Epic Raids (Monday - Friday 20:00) Weekly Castle Sieges (Sunday 16:00 and 20:00) Weekly Territory War (Saturday 20:00) - Automatic Events - Team VS Team Free For All JuJu Free For All Siege Incursion - Skins (Dressme) - 1200+ Free Skins Over 2500 Farmable Skins Skins can be disabled to show real visuals
  9. GRAN APERTURA 30 DE SEPTIEMBRE!! NO TE LO PIERDAS! CARACTERISTICAS SERVIDOR Servidor Hi5 Mid Rates justo lo que TÚ estabas buscando. aquí podrás entrar y unirte a la MEJOR comunidad latina de servidores MID RATES! Un poco de caracteristicas para mostrar! EXP x30 SP x30 Adena x15 Seal Stone x5 Drop chance x15 Spoil chance x15 Epaulettes х5 Manor x1 Fama x1 RB Exp/Sp x7 RB drop x4 Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop x3 Drop quest item x3 Atribute stones 40% chance Atribute crystals 35% chance Max enchant +16 Safe enchant +4 Enchant chance 50% Buff Slot 24+4 Songs y dances 12 slots Pociones de mana 1000 MP - 10s delay Vote system cada 12h + VOTE RUNE el comando es .getreward Stream Reward - Inscribete como Streamer aquí:http://bit.ly/2wlQiip Podrás poner las pociones de forma automatica! Podrás combinar talismanes por tipo con este comando .combine 3rd Class Transfer 10kk Alt+B GM shop up to S grade ALT+B buffer Auto events Cada 1 HORA! Horarios del servidor? Horarios de los Raid Boss Épicos? Quieres mas información? Aquí está: http://bit.ly/2wkiSkq WEBSITE: http://www.l2recovery.com/ Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/RecoveryLineage/ CARACTERISTICAS: http://bit.ly/2wkiSkq
  10. Hello all, I would like to present new L2-HighFive.Com server. The server started few days ago so we are looking for new players. Exp: 100x Drop: 30x Custom: Buffer GM Shop Teleporter L2-HighFive WEB We are looking for 2 GM so please comtact by email. prasmatnus@gmail.com or just pm me here. All are welcome.
  11. ALYNNA X7 SERVER Official High Five platform RATES: XP/SP: x7 Adena: x5 Drop x7 Spoil: x7 - Chance Spoil x1 - x5 (Random) - Quantity Seal Stones x5 Raid Boss EXP: x1 Raid Boss: x3 - Chance Drop Epic Boss: x2 - Chance Drop & Adena Quest EXP Seven Signs x3 Fame Points x2 Eppaulete Drop x2 CHARACTERISTICS Trader Bot - FREE Dual Box - FREE NPC Buffer - NO AutoPickup - YES SubClass Acum - NO RELEVANT TIME & DATE Seven Signs September 7 Olympiad September 20 Hellbound August 31 Siege September 19 Clan Hall Auctions September 10 Items Auctions TBD Cursed Weapons TBD MODIFICATION & BALANCE Badges required for Noblesse reduced to 50 2 Weeks Olympiad Period Olympiad Token reward reduced to half Epic Random Respawn +- 2hrs Baium Lv 81 5' Baium window added after wake up. Removed Anakim Scroll All Epic Bosses dead from the start Raid Bosses Lv 80 Cabrio Hallate Kernon Golkonda Some videos from our previous servers:
  12. Hello everyone, We glad to present a brand new High Five Premium server. And we want to announce beta server opening date - 30 August 2018. In beta you can find npc's services with free items and functions in Giran! Olympiad is 24/7 online. Only 2 players needed to participate. After beta - server will be wiped. Grand opening of server 28 September 2018 (Friday). In order to play on beta server download our beta system from our website and also don't forget to create an game account. Rates: • Rates - Xp x35 | Sp x35 | Aden x20 | Drop/Spoil x15 | Quests x5. • Enchant - Simple 60% | Blessed 70% | Safe +4 | Max +16. • Augmentation rate retail like. Basic: • Auto learn skills. • Shop till s grade. • Class change without quest. • Sub classe without quest. • Raid boss teleporter. • Offline trade system. • Buff time 2 hours. • Champion mobs. Community board features Alt+B: • Services. • Events. • Clans rakings. • Raidboss Status. • Auction House. • Drop Calculator. • Donation Store. • Npc Buffer. Auto Events: • Korean Style - Auto event every hour. • Team VS Team event - Auto event every hour. • Capture The Flag - Auto event every hour. • Last Man - Auto event every hour. • Treasure Hunt - Auto event every hour. • Fight for Throne - Auto event every hour. Commands: • .control - Character control panel. • .away/.back - Away Mode (AFK). • .getreward - Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting. • .online - To see online players. • .offline - Sets Offline Private Store. • .repair - Repairing character located in same account. • .password - Changing Password of your Account. • .buffstore - Setup Offline Buffer Store. • .buffshield - Protects you from unwanted buffs. • .siege - Full siege information. • .combine - Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration. • .dressme - Change you visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak. • .npcspawn - Spawn NPCs in ClanHalls (Only leader clan). • .pary [Message] - Find Party System. • .report - Target a player you think is botting, and punish him !. • .whereis - Set radar to your party or clan member (.whereis Name). • .ctrol+click - Hold ctrl and click attry to use the stones on your armor. • .engage - Offer marries to target. • .divorce - Break relationship and become free. • .gotolove - Teleport to your wife or husband. Server: • Premium Higi Five files. • Trusted gameguard protection. • Fast performace dedicated server. • Good ping and proxy servers for players worldwide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmd_6e51AB0 Web site - http://www.l2history.com
  13. Destarion.com — New Fascinating World - High Five «Dream» PvP x888! Opening 11.08.2018 at 19:00 (GMT +3) Lf you were looking for a quality server High Five, on which you can really have a good time and stay for a long time, then you to us! At us you on advantage estimate service and quality of work of all resources of the project! Our team is interested in absolutely every player who, of course, does not violate the rules of the project. We are happy to provide our players with a truly high-quality product, accompanying it all with a decent advertising budget, which will bring together great online! And also the advanced system of support of players where everyone can address on any question and receive the answer satisfying it! Main Information: • Server Rates - Exp: x888, SP: x888, Adena: x1, Drop: x1, Spoil: x50, Quest Reward: x1, Quest Items: x1, Quest Drop: x5, Epaulettes: x25, Fame: x10, Raid Boss: x1. • The living economy, the rates of adena x1. All prices are indexed according to our rates. • Adena \ Silver \ Gold with loot, distributed within the party. • All characters appear in the starting location near Rune. • When you start, you already have a Nobless buff. • Unique Community Board ( Alt + B ) - Here you can find absolutely everything. • Daily steep promotions and contests. • In all places where characters appear, there are all necessary NPC. • Automatic learning of all skills. • All characters have been added a small starting capital for development. • Infinite soulshots and arrows. • Things with augment can be transferred / sold (optional). • It is possible to insert attachments in PvP objects. • There are commands to turn off the experience, block the buff, reject the chat. • The slots in the inventory are increased. • Unique farm currency and items. • Unique Buffer, GM-Shop and Classmaster. • Available offline trade \ kraft \ selling buffs. • Awards for voting. • Unique raincoats. • A unique system for changing the appearance of the armor / character. • Increased Chance Kraft Master Work on 5%. • Special store for Amber (PC Cafe points ) at Alt + B. • Olympiad shop (It sells rare items, for participation in the Olympiad). • The island of Hellbound is open and has 11 level. • A unique ACP-service. • Regular automatic Tournaments / Events with awards. • The Mana Potion restores MP like HP recovery cans. • Pleasant rewards in the PvP zone! • Qualitative support for players. Do not list everything in order to see everything with your own eyes, just go into the game and plunge into the fairy world of our project. (And these are not just words, in the game you will encounter many trifles that will simplify the game for you). More information about the server: http://forum.destarion.com/topic/480-english-description-of-the-game-world-dream-x888/
  14. L2 Oriani High Five x500 pvp (Not Easy) This autumn new 500x pvp server BETA 20/09/2018 L2 Oriani live Opening: 1/10 /2018 L2 Oriani x500 for the first time with the platform New High Five and Guarantees Balanced Class A new event engine and a Mini Evet engine you've never seen before! Special events pvp with quick respawn Exclusive area pvp Event Global pvp 1 h Server rates Exp: x500 Drop: x500 Adena: x250 Spoil: x500 - Boss: 2x- Enchant: 65%- Blessed Scroll Enchant: 60%- Scroll Enchant of Destruction: 30%- Divine Scroll Enchant: 100%- Safe: +6- Max. Enchant: +25- Buff Time: 2h- Offline Trade 100% Server characteristics GM buy up to all grades Buffer with improvements of up to 2 hours Auto Potions/SS Auction house and tender market Improved classification system and Olympics 15 days Drop the search and see from the database Party search Restriction of epic areas by 1 player Restriction TW Flag 3 max per clan Premium Accounts for Accounts and Clans (affects the entire clan) Many features and new fun events Without Recipes With MP potions 800/4 seg Many many new options for pvp rate servers Retail events Additional server information Period of the Olympiad 15 days Olympiad Heroes Monuments We invite everyone to join the first Hi5 PVP full community Website : www.l2oriani.com
  15. L2WAY 20X HIGH FIVE L2OFF Retail: TESTSERVER ONLINE O ANTIGO 20X L2OFF VAI VOLTAR! GRAND OPENING 14/SEPTEMBER/2018 INAUGURAÇÃO 14 DE SETEMBRO DE 2018 WWW.L2WAY.COM WWW.L2WAY.COM/EN/SERVER-INFO FORUM - JOIN NOW / PARTICIPE ENGLISH: L2OFF PTS Server Files Long Life and stable Server Like we already did before Retail Like - Original without customs - Buff times 30m No bots, No Lag, Experience Staff (12 years), No corruption PORTUGUÊS: Servidor com arquivos L2OFF PTS Vida longa e estabilidade Já fizemos anteriormente Retail Like - Original sem customs - Buffs com tempo de 30m Sem Bots, Sem Lag, Staff experiente (12 anos), Sem corrupção ESPAÑOL: Servidor con archivos L2OFF PTS Vida larga y estabilidad Ya hicimos anteriormente Retail Like - Original sin customs - Buffs con tiempo 30m Sin Bots, Sin Lag, Staff experiente (12 años), Sin corrupción Info: Site / Forum.
  16. Webpage: www.l2jmaster.com Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team Chronicle: High Five Part 5. Base: High Five 100%. Java: 8.1. Gradle: 3.5 Rev: V-010 Stable. Pack: Source + Geodata Premium + Pathnodes Premium. + Textures + System Access: FREE SUPPORT.& UPDATES. PERFECT TO ALL RATE SERVERS. Custom: Premium Account System. Subclass Between Elves Castle Manager Cloak. Champions / Super Champions with Aura. Community Board (Auction, Rebirth System, GM Shop, Gk, Services, Rules, Rankings, RB/GB, Online, etc). Announce Hero Login. Announce Castle Lord Login. Announce Boss Kill & Boss Spawn. Blue Spoil Class Switcher. Class Cloak With Stats. Cancel Return. Clan Leader Name & Title Color. MultiFunctionZone / Custom PvP. PvP / PK Nick & Title Color. System PvP / PK Reward. Support PvP / Pk System. Stack Subclass. Quake System. Auto Restart Game Server. Chat Limit per Level. Master Transformation. Newbie Guide. Dead Player Chat Disabled. Custom Start Title on Newbie Characters. LeaderBoards (Arena, Craft, Fisherman, TvT). Custom Clan Halls. Recipe Elegia System. Vote Reward. Wedding System. Welcome Message. Fantasy Isle Parade. Auto CP Pots Shift + Click. Commands: DressMe Command + Races, Online / Offline. (New design, Armors & Configs) Epic. Online. Go To CL. Go To Mob. Teleport (.Giran. .Aden, etc). SellBuff Online/Offline + Enchant Skills. Repair. Combine Talisman. Hellbound. Change Password. Divorce. Engage. Bank. Premium. Events: Achievement System. Casino. The Avatar Element. Questions Event. Event Engine (TvT, CtF, DM, SV). Pc Bang Points. Squash Event. Monsters. Legion Squad. Traesure. Classic Events: Gift of Vitality. Character Birthday. Heavy Medal. Christmas Is Here. Hallowed You. The Valentine Event. Freya Celebration. Love Your Gatekeeper. Master of Enchanting. Elpies. Rabits. Race. April Fool's Catch A Tiger Npc's: Augment Manager Bug Report. Deluxe Gatekeeper. Scheme Buffer. Premium Scheme Buffer. Delevel. Uplevel. Vote shop. Donate Merchant. Forgotten Scrolls. Medal Shop. Services. Top PvP / PK. Safe Enchant. Protections: Antibot. Npc AntiBot Over Enchant. Enchant Near Warehouse. Class Item Protection. Instances & Quests: Crystal Caverns (Baylor). Seed of Infinity: Attack and Defence (Sufferng, Erosion, Infinity Ekimus). Zaken (Easy, Hard, Night). Freya (Easy & Hard). Tower of Naia (Epidos & Beleth). Pailaka Injured Dragon. Seven Signs (All 12 Quest). Seer Ugoros. Fixed / IMP: Lucky Pig. Blood Altars. Nevit's Blessing System All Working (Hunting Bonus, Nevit's Voice, Bonus Time, Nevit Hourglass). Nevit Herald. Treasure Chest (Retail Location and Drop). Valakas Family. Missing Html's. Skills. Custom Items: Premium Item for Status. Donate Coins. Vote Coins. Rune Spoil / Adena Cowboy Outfit + Hat. Archer Red Armor + Hat. White Royal Suit + Hat. Green Wizard + Hat. Dark Assassin + Hat. White Assassin + Hat. School Uniform. Santa's Outfit Class Cloaks. Castle Cloaks. and More... Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team
  17. L2 Mythras High Five x55 The Best choice of the Summer, an easy craft-pvp server! L2 Mythras Beta Opening at: 11/08/2018 & Grand Opening at: 18/08/2018 L2 Myhtras for first time using New High Five platform and Guarantees the Most Balanced High Five around. A New Event Engine, and Mini Evet Engine, you never saw before! Server Rates Exp: x55 Drop: x20 Adena: x20 Spoil: x20 Server Features GM Shop up to S-Grade Buffer with buffs up to 2 hours Auto Potions Auction House and Bidding Market Improved Ranking and Olympiad system Drop Search and "Go to" Database Party Finder Premium Accounts for Accounts & Clans (effect the whole clan) Daily TW & RB Automatic Events Server Extra info Weekly Olympiad period Olympiad Heroes Monuments We invite Everyone to Join and Test our BETA server at 11/08/2018 Website: http://l2mythras.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/la2mythras Kind Regards, Kain
  18. Lineage 2 H5 l2xTreme New Server Starting 22/07/2018 Site Features Rates(custom items modify rates ingame): 30x Exp 25x Sp 10x Drop 80x Adena Custom Quests with high Adena and Exp Rate lvl 85 in 4h. Enchant: Save 3 Max 25 Custom enchant scrolls 100% Rate Custom: Custom Gatekeeper Custom GmShop Custom Coins that can be droped by any monster at any level. Dropen at custom Farm Area. Farm Area with S84 Drop, Enchant Scrolls. PVP Area Primeval Island. Experience locker, you can lock the experience if you need to farm in any area without leveling up. Buffer with voiced .buffme Experience scrolls you can make 4.5x the experience with custom scrolls. Offline shops, simply create a private store and exit the game. Fast /unstuck. Special rewards on TVT. Special potions. Quests with custom Adena, Items and Exp rates.
  19. L2 Oriani High Five x5 (1.5 = x10) The best choice of summer, a simple craft server! BETA 01/08/2018 L2 Oriani live Opening: 17 /08 /2018 L2 Oriani x3 for the first time with the platform New High Five and Guarantees the Five Most Balanced Altos around. A new event engine and a Mini Evet engine you've never seen before! Server rates Exp: x5 Drop: x5 Adena: x5 Spoil: x5 Server characteristics GM buy up to C-Grade Buffer with improvements of up to 2 hours only in the city Auto Potions Auction house and tender market Improved classification system and Olympics Drop the search and see from the database Party search Restriction of epic areas by 1 player Restriction TW Flag 3 max per clan Premium Accounts for Accounts and Clans (affects the entire clan) Many features and new fun events Without Recipes With MP potions 800/10 seg Many many new options for low rate servers Retail events Additional server information Period of the weekly Olympiad Olympiad Heroes Monuments We invite everyone to join the first Hi5 server with buff in the city Website : www.l2oriani.com
  20. We have developed a brand new unique concept of the server which is suitable for both - large clans and solo players! Unique exciting events and daily tournaments will not let you get bored! We have analyzed and balanced the economy of the server which guarantees a long and stable server operation. Complete absence of bots and other prohibited software! Massive advertising campaign of the server! GRAND OPENING ★ BATTLE CLUB X100 ★ AUGUST 17 Server opening: August 17 at 20:00 (+3 UTC)Beta test opening (OBT): August 10 at 20:00 to August 16 23:00 (+3 UTC)Chronicles: High-Five on client ClassicWebsite: https://TheBattle.club Forum: https://forum.TheBattle.club Rates: x100 Features: - Premium account: 40% EXP/40% SP/30% Adena/30% Drop/30% Spoil/20% Epaulettes 30% Limit weight +10% The chance of successful crafting +1% The chance of crafting a rare item +3% Chance of successful improvement of armor / weapons / jewelry. - Runes: EXP/Drop/Spoil "chance"/Adena - Each of the runes gives: +20% rune time: 12 hours / 24 hours / 72 hours. -Clan Skill: *Also added a new clan skill that will increase: EXP / DROP / SPOIL / ADENA on (3%, 5%, 7%) - The server also has a service to replace the appearance of armor and fitting these suits. - Improved such epic jewelry as Core и Orfen ( 3 level of improvement ). - Daily Reward - For the time in the game, each player on the server will receive rewards. Instances: -Nightly Zaken : party min="36" max="450" level min="56" max="6 . -Daytime Zaken : party min="9" max="27" level min="55" max="85" . Daytime Zaken Higher: party min="9" max="27" level min="80" max="85" . -Frintezza: party min="11" max="45" Events: - Team vs Team. Players will receive for the victory Silver Coin \ or Battle Coin. 1.1 The location will be from 5 to 9,be updated every two minutes. 1.2 Reward is issued for only one HWID / IP. 1.3 Victory – 25 Silver Shillien - The last survivor 1.1 The task is to survive in the arena. 1.2 The survivor receives the reward Battle Coin. - PvP tournament 2x2\3х3\5х5\9х9 1.1 The team that wins the last battle is considered the winner. 1.2 Preparation for 30-40 seconds Olympiad, Sieges/TW Sieges,TW: - The first siege on August 26. - The first Tritorial Wars September 20:00-22:00 Moscow time - Registration closes 24 hours before the siege begins Olympiad: - 130 battles olympiads per week. - Period of the Olympiad 10 days. Start on August 17th, End of period 27, giving 28 at 13:00 - 18 starting points. - 18 points every 3 days. - 1 coin to 5 points from the player. - 2 coins from 5 to 9 points from the player. - 3 coins for 10 points victory. - Coins can not be exchanged or transferred to another player. Raid Bosses: - Queent Ant - 85 level, drop 100% respawn 2 days. - Core & Orfen 85 level, chance get ring 100% 3 days. - Baium respawn 5 days. - Antharas respawn 8 days. - Valakas respawn 10 days. - Capture CС goes by DPS. - Near all Raid Bosses PvP Zona. - All the epic Raid Bosses. respawn in the interval from 20:00 to 23:00 on Moscow time - From the start server all the epic Raid Bosses are dead. You can find more information at our webiste. Website: https://TheBattle.club Forum: https://forum.TheBattle.club
  21. Hello, i was searching for this command but i didnt found it in our forum so i decided to share it, below you can preview the html's How to install it? EASY: 1. GameServer\data\html\mods (add here the repair FOLDER not only the files) 2. GameServer\data\scripts\handlers\voicedcommandhandlers (only the file Repair.java) (dont forget to edit your masterhandler.java script) [Hidden Content] Credits: Szponiasty
  22. UltimaL2 - Lineage 2 Highfive Highfive L2OFF - Oficial Files GMT -3 Anti-Bot - SmartGuard Command: • .offannounce • .offlineshop • .expoff • .expon • .bindhwid • .unbindhwid • .setlockpw • .lock • .unlock Rates • (EXP) - 7x • (SP) - 7x • Adena - 3x • Drop Itens - 3x • Spoil - 6x https://ultimal2.com/ https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=ROX6Qg5A7GA
  23. Dear Our We were speak and announce and now officially announce. x15 Grand opening 18-08-2018 At 20:00 +2 GMT Chronicle: High Five PROMO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otioSfItscM&feature=youtu.be Server statistics: Rate: » EXP/SP x15 « » Drop/Spoil/Adena x10 « » Quest x2 « Enchant: » Safe enchant +4 « » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16) « » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 60% « » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 65% « Stone/Crystal: »Element Stone chance : 65%« »Element Crystal chance :60%« Buffs: Dances and songs duration : 2h Buff Slots : 24+4/ 12 Songs/Dances Max Clients per PC:5 Olympiad: » Retail olympiad game « » Competition period [2] weeks « » Olympiad starts time [18:00] ends [00:00] « » Olympiad ending every 1st and 15th« » Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6« Weekly Sieges/TWs Free Sub-Classes, Sub-Class Max. Level : 85 Full GMShop until S Grade Auto Event system: » Team VS Team event « » Capture The Flag « » Protect the King « » Fight for Throne « » Last Man Standing « » Death Match « » Korean Style « » Treasure Hunt « » New NPC with interesting features « » The unique reward system - GL Coins; play and earn money « » New unique event Raid Boss « Personalize your character » New Cloak « » New Accessory « » New Visual dress « Extra features ALT+B: » Services « » Events « » Rankings « » Clan « » RB Status « » Auction House « » Drop Calculator « » Donation Store « » Newbie Helper « » Academy search « » Commands « Website http://www.graveland.pl/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GraveLandpl-435978390089904/ Welcome, You can’t miss it!!!
  24. Today!!! High Five 3x L2OFF https://ultimal2.com/ https://www.facebook.com/UltimaL2 https://ultimal2.com/forum/
  25. Anyone to knows the IDs and names of all social actions for High Five client chronicle? Regards.