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Found 42 results

  1. [L2J] - L2 ZuLL

    LAUNCHED DATE : 14/3/2018 Server Rates & Features ~~~~~~~~~ General Rates ~~~~~~~~~ XP : x500 SP : x500 Drop : x10 Adena : x100 ~~~~~~~~~ Party Bonus ~~~~~~~~~ XP : +30% SP : +30% ~~~~~~~~~ Enchant Rates ~~~~~~~~~ Safe enchant : +6 Maximum enchant : +15 Normal scrolls : 75% Blessed scrolls : 85% ZuLL scrolls : 100% Maximum skill enchant : +30 ~~~~~~~~~ Buff system ~~~~~~~~~ Maximum buff slots : 36 Maximum dance/song slots : 16 Total buff slots : 52+4 Buffs & dances/songs duration : 2 hours Custom scheme buffer, with the ability to store 52 buffs (36 buffs, 16 dance/songs) on each scheme. Buffs +30 included ~~~~~~~~~ Custom Features ~~~~~~~~~ Champion mobs enabled Custom Leveling Zone Custom Farm Areas Custom PvP Zone Area {Flagged} Custom PvP Solo Zone Area {Flagged} Custom Starting Packages (Armor, jewels, consumables). Custom Teleporter Elemental System enabled. Maximum element level : 7 x5 Enchant values on elemental stones/crystals Instant safe enchant (1 scroll) Multiple currency system : adena , apiga, golden apiga, knight epaluette, glittering medal . .deposit command : Automatically turn you adena to goldbars. .castlemanager : Permits the clan leader to participate in Sieges. No need to run to Castles' NPCs. Custom GM Shop Custom aio multifunction NPC Hero weapons rearranged, in order to be 100% usable. Maximum subclasses : 3. No quest is needed for adding a subclass. Subclass/Transformation skills from custom NPC. Free Nobless from aio npc. Only restriction your level to be 85. Clan member restriction lifted. You can increase your clan without needing ppl / bots. Custom Raid Boss Area. Custom Grand Boss Area. Custom Epic Boss Area. Customized System Message Engine. PvP Color Names. Olympiad Period : every week Siege Period : Every week PvP Reward System and NPC. .votel2zull : Brings up vote panel. Vote Reward System and NPC. ~~~~~~~~~ Custom Events ~~~~~~~~~ Custom Events will intervent every hour. TvT Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Raid Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Catch The Flag Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Death Match Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Town War Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours Hide And Seek Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours PK Hunter Event: Random Custom events will be taking place from GMs when they are online. Visit :
  2. [L2J] L2NRP

    Entra aquí L2NRP Cronica : HighFive Exp: x25 SP: x25 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Adena: x15 Raid Boss Drop: x3 Grand Boss Jewels: x1 Multibox - 4 Clients por pc. Autopickup - Option ON/OFF en el Control Panel[/li] Sistema de daño en pantalla del GOD° EnchantEnchant, Safe +4, Max +16Chance, Normal scroll 55%, Blessed Scroll 60%° OlympiadLos heroes son cada 15 dias6h Olympiad daily from 18:00 until 00:00 (Server Time)Max enchant en oly es 6° Castle Sieges and Territory WarsTodas las semanasCastles cada 15 dias° Offline Shops° Offline Buffers° Eventos- Cada horaProtect the KingKorean StyleTeam vs TeamCapture the FlagDominationDeathmatchLast Man Standing° Sistema de voto.Rune of Vote +5% incrementa tus status.° HP, CP, MP Potions con Ctrl+click° Control panel° Buffs,Dances,Songs -Max Buffs: 24 + 4Max Dances/Songs: 12Buffs time: 2 hours° Sublcasses - 3x, max level 85° Commands.control - Character control - Create a party finder with name - use: .party name.getreward - Vote reward for few toplists..stats - Shows exact information about character statistics..offline - Sets Offline Private Store..buffstore - Setup Offline Buffer - Repairing character located in same account..password - Changing Password of your Account..buffshield - Protects you from unwanted buffs..siege - Full siege information..combinetalismans - Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration! - Target a player you think is botting, and punish him!..donate - Use when Donate Coins haven't been delivered.° L2 Nrp - Index° Lineage 2 No Return Point!
  3. Lineage II NRP coming back online... ∘ Rates ↪ Cronica : HighFive ↪ Exp: x25 ↪ SP: x25 ↪ Drop: x10 ↪ Spoil: x10 ↪ Adena: x15 ↪ Raid Boss Drop: x3 ↪ Grand Boss Jewels: x1 ↪ Multibox - 4 Clients per pc ↪ Autopickup - Option ON/OFF en el Control Panel ↪ GOD Damage on screen system ∘ Enchant ↪ Enchant, Safe +4, Max +16 ↪ Chance, Normal scroll 55%, Blessed Scroll 60% ∘ Olympiad ↪ Heros every 15 days ↪ 6h Olympiad daily from 18:00 until 00:00 (Server Time) ↪ +6 Max enchant in oly ∘ Castle Sieges and Territory Wars ↪ Territory wars every weekend ↪ Castle sieges every 15 days ∘ Offline Shops ∘ Offline Buffers ∘ Events - Every hour ↪ Protect the King ↪ Korean Style ↪ Team vs Team ↪ Capture the Flag ↪ Domination ↪ Deathmatch ↪ Last Man Standing ∘ Vote System ↪Rune of Vote +5% status increase ∘ Auto HP, CP, MP Potions with Ctrl+click ∘ Control panel ∘ Buffs,Dances,Songs ↪Max Buffs: 24 + 4 ↪Max Dances/Songs: 12 ↪Buffs time: 2 hours ∘ Sublcasses - 3x, max level 85 ∘ Commands ↪ .control - Character control panel. ↪ .party - Create a party finder with name - use: .party name ↪ .getreward - Vote reward for few toplists. ↪ .stats - Shows exact information about character statistics. ↪ .offline - Sets Offline Private Store. ↪ .buffstore - Setup Offline Buffer Store. ↪ .repair - Repairing character located in same account. ↪ .password - Changing Password of your Account. ↪ .buffshield - Protects you from unwanted buffs. ↪ .siege - Full siege information. ↪ .combinetalismans - Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration! ↪ .report - Target a player you think is botting, and punish him! ↪ .donate - Use when Donate Coins have been delivered. Open beta since 09/03/2018 21 hs. GMT-3 Grand openinc 16/03/2018 19 hs. GMT-3 Web page: Forum:
  4. [L2J]AVERIA

    Spring PvP-server x55 from team Grand Opening on 6th April 2018 at 19:00 Moscow time (GMT+3) Briefly about the server concept: The concept is based on the idea, which we took the dare to come up with a year ago, when we had proved that the game could be much more exciting if presented from a different angle with set of proper game priorities. Then we made the first step aside a usual scenario. And now the time has come for a a further movement which would positively create a new trend and would give everyone a long expected breath of fresh air. Usually you go to PvP-servers not for the sake of spending long days on farming of resources for developing your character. That is why we improved the shop which allows faster passing different game levels. In addition we developed new systems and upgraded old ones aimed at PvP actualization as a crucial and mandatory component. We do not want to repeat the February 2017 success of the server. Our aim is to exceed those limits set last year and to develop the PvP area together with our players in a new style. GENERAL RATES: VOTING for SERVER: STORE: Game currency: PvP Token obtaining: Classes who can get a PvP Token being in a party etc: Game store assortment: PROFESSION, SUBCLASS, NOBLESSE: BUFFER: List of buffs not available in the default set: PREMIUM ACCOUNT: MAN'S CLUB: Every player can purchase a Man's Club Card (club description will be available in a while) for obtaining additional bonuses and privileges in the game. Club members will have access to the following features: MAJOR EVENTS: Territory Wars and Sieges: Olympiad: Epic Bosses: Minimum number of players for entrance the main Instance Zones: ENTERTAINMENT: We are always trying to add variety to the game to entertain the players. That is why there are plenty of events on our servers which would allow you to escape from your daily routine and ordinary farming. Except for the standard events we are also launching from time to time some temporary events devoted to different occasions or holidays. Short-term and Periodic Events: OBT: DONATIONS: How to get Avers through in-game way: INGAME COMMANDS: SERVER ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: FEATURES and INNOVATIONS of AVERIA.WS: • Description of the uniqueness of the project (description will be available in a while); • Free SMS binding of Master Account and Game Accounts (description will be available in a while); • Implemented Ctrl+C / Ctrl + V option; • Implemented Anti-scam function; • New faces and hairstyles were added (description will be available in a while); • Implemented "Academy" service (description will be available in a while); • New system of group search (description will be available in a while); • Unique service of friends search (description will be available in a while); • New usefull features for group search / resurrection after death; • Anti-Recall function; • Unique patch for Game Client interface; • Convenient clan management system; • Daily rewards system; • Man's Club bonus system; • Clan Prestige system (description will be available in a while); • Unique Rank system; • Unique Amulet system; • Changed Olympiad participation reward (description will be available in a while); • Paying adena for items enchantment; • Added PvP-Zone on the territory of Epic Bosses: Queen Ant, Baium, Antharas and Valakas. 6th April - is a new start of our project. Of course it might be difficult and full of obstacles, but our team is ready to do our best to make this way together with you to the fame and glory of Averia!
  5. [L2j] TheBattle club

    Shortly about: We have developed a brand new unique concept of the server which is suitable for both - large clans and solo players! Unique exciting events and daily tournaments will not let you get bored! We have analyzed and balanced the economy of the server which guarantees a long and stable server operation. Complete absence of bots and other prohibited software! Massive advertising campaign of the server! Server chronicles Part 5 Server directions: PvP Craft EXP 30 | SP 30 | Adena x10 | Drop x10 | Spoil Chance x7 | ClanRepScore x5 Manor x4 | Quest x3 | Reward x3 | RaidBossDrop x4 | Epaulette x5 | Fame x2 Server platform: Java. All new characters appear in N-Grade Equip and Level 1. At level 40, you will receive a box with a temporary C-Grage Equip. Buff lasts - 1 hour. 24 (+4) buff-slots, and 12 for songs and dances. Free buffer up to level 80. Professions are free. You can write to chat in Shout / Trade from the 60th level. The maximum level of the subclass is 85. On the server there are champions (red x15 and blue x7), up to level 80 inclusive, without drop ATT. Hellbound - the island is open from the start of the server. The level is the maximum. Mana potion restore 1500mp Coldown for 15 seconds. Advanced inventory - up to 110 slots (for dwarfs - 130) There are no restrictions on windows. Maximum enchanting on the server +16. The server is equipped with an auto loot. All skills are learned automatically. Giran Castle Town trade zone
  6. Hello there , can anyone recomend me some drop/spoil/level hack for highfive please? I looking here but dont find anything . Pls link or link for conrete forum topic . Thanks a lot :)
  7. Server Chronicle: High Five Basic Rates: x20 Exp/SP: x20 Adena: x15 Drop: x12 Spoil: x12 Raid Boss Drop: x5 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 12 The Open BETA starts 28th of February, 20:00(GMT+2) Website: Forum: More information will be given later, stay tuned!
  8. [L2J] L2Warriors

    Grand Opening 9th of March 7PM GMT+1 x20 H5 Midrate ! Whats we offer? -Most stable and best server files. -100% antibot protection -Best DDoS protection around - no downtime - no lags - no delay -Sieges/tw every weekend - Epics spawn every week -Heroes every week - auto mana/cp potions - buffs 2 hours. -Biggest Clans EU/RU will be here, for Enormous PvP Fights. -High-quality balance & long-term game new formula for the best in-game economy. -New unique antibot system that will block everything. -Anti-bot and anti-adrenaline protection. -We present you a fresh new start x20 xp/sp x15 drop/spoil/ x15 adena. Rates and basic features EXP x20 SP x20 Adena x15 Seal Stone x5 Drop chance x15 Spoil chance x15 Epaulettes х5 Manor x1 Fame x1 RB Exp/Sp x7 RB drop x4 Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop x3 Drop quest item x3 Atribute stones 40% chance Atribute crystals 35% chance Max enchant +12 Safe enchant +4 Songs and dances 12 dedicated slots Mana potions 1000 MP wit 10s delay Vote system every 12h - you get a vote reward that increases your stats(works also in Olympiad). Just type .getreward Stream - type .stream in game, attach your Twitch account there and you get a buff for 24h that works like a Premium Account and Festival Adena per Viewers ! Auto Potions - Ctrl+Left Click to enable CP/HP/MP and also Kamael Bottle of Souls Combine talismans - type .combine Macro Reuse Bug - NOT WORKING Accounts are autocreate! Gameplay Server time - gmt+1. Autoloot - enabled. Offline trades - activate by using the command .offline. Skills autolearned - enabled. Box limit - 4 Cursed weapons - from server opening. Chat limitation - shout/private/trade chats are available starting at lvl 60. Anti Bot Protection and Anti Bot in game and unique CAPCHA. DISCONNECT/CRITICAL ERROR KEEPS YOU IN PARTY Epic Bosses and respawn times Valakas - 7 days +/- 2h Baium - 7 days +/- 2h, min-max lvl 82-85 Antharas - 7 days +/- 2h Queen Ant - 24h +/- 10 min, min-max lvl 82-85 Beleth - 7 days, needs 18 players to enter Freya Easy - needs min 9 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85 Freya Hard - needs 18 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85 Zaken lvl 83 - every Monday and Wednesday, needs 9 players, min-max lvl to enter 82-85 Zaken Nighttime - needs min 18 players, min-max lvl to enter 55-56 Frintezza - needs min 9 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85 Core - 7 days, min-max lvl 82-85 Orfen - 7 days, min-max lvl 82-85 Changes to Epic Bosses Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, Baium - increased lvl to 85. Their HP, p.attack, p.def, m.attack, m.def are increased. Increased the amount of Adena dropped by Antharas, Valakas, Baium, Queen Ant. If you disconnect in the Antharas, Valakas and Beleth locations, you will not be sent to town. You have a 5 min window in which you can log back into the zone. Baium, Valakas, Antharas got 100% chance to drop the jewels, Queen Ant has a 80% chance. Also, Antharas and Valakas are the only Epic Bosses that drop top grade weapons. Grand Olympiad Start - Grand Opening First heroes - Grand Opening Minimum number of people to start Olympiad - 8. Server features all High Five Olympiad arenas in which you can fight. Battles take place from 17:00 to 00:00 gmt+1. Best unique Geodata in Olympiad(no running into walls, no teleport, no more getting stuck). All hero weapons working. Heroes every Saturday 12:00 gmt+1. Number of matches per week - 100. Starting Olympiad points - 50. If you get disconnected in Olympiad, you will lose points and GM won't give you back the points. If matches end in a TIE, both opponents lose points. Regarding feeding in Olympiad - NOT FORBIDDEN, it's a L2 feature. Be a decent player. If you are reported by other players that you received feed from characters with no armor or weapon and you did not receive any kind of damage while fighting(video), you will lose the received points. Castle, Sieges, Territory War Sieges start from Grand Opening Territory War starts from Grand Opening Sieges and Territory Wars will be every week: Territory Wars on Saturday and Sieges on Sunday. Other custom modifications Custom teleportations available. No Anakim Transforms on the server. Rename option available for 50 DC or 50 FA. Clan rename available for 200 FA. Auto Events available every hour. If you got any ideas about new events, feel free to suggest and you win DP for this if your idea will be applied. All character options available on .cfg in game including HWID block, hide animations, repair character, enable/disable skill effects, offline shops, block buffs, xp( EXP - please take care while you lvl up with this option) Delevel NPC available. You have option to setup buff stores in clan hall and buff store zone at .buffstore We recommend you use a VALID e-mail address so it's easier for you to recover your account in case you lose it. The server features or some specific quests/raids/instances etc can be modified depending on the servers development. Don't forget to have fun!
  9. l2Advanced

    L2 Advanced High Five Mid Rate Server !!!!! L2Advenced OPEN DAY 03/03/2018 14:00 UTC +0 Beta Test Is Open Now ! Server Info EXP Rate: x15. SP Rate: x15. Adena Rate: x15. Drop Rate: x7. Spoil Rate: x7. Quest Rate: x2. Raid Boss Drop Rate: x3. Client: High Five. High Five geodata. Subclasses Free. Subclass Maximum Level: 85. Max subclass = 3. Full High Five have subclasses. Nobless with quest. Exalted with Adena Shop Buff time 2 hours.. Teleport free = Lvl1 - Lvl40 Blacksmith (In town). Max Level: 85+ Ability System = Retail. But can't have Hidden Skills. Special Ability = Retail. Seed Talisman = Retail Dye Symbol = Retail Map Hellbound and Pagan is On. Kamaloka no cancel buff = On L2Advanced High Five Server Lineage II L2Advanced High Five Mid Rate Private Server!
  10. [L2J] DEKATECH

    ETERNAL-WAR TEAM REPRESENTS THE SERVER L2 DEKATECH Chronicle: High Five WEBSITE: EXP: 20x / SP: 20x / Spoil: 15x Drop: 10x / Adena: 10x Are you looking for a Lineage II High Five server for a long time? Then you are right here! Invite your friends Come to play on our CRAFT & PvP server! Special features, events, rewards on the server No Over-Power Donate - Only basic items in Donate Shop Castle Sieges / Territory Wars / Grand Boss Zones - Bot protection (entry to the zones only one character per computer) Next Bot Protection - Antibot Protection SG + special Captcha system Olympiad / Castle Sieges / Territory Wars - Every week + feed protection .getreward every 12 hours (Vote Rune, Items) - Reward from voting / L2Hopzone and L2Topzone / Grand Opening Event - Reward for all players on opening day Dressme for all players (Adena System) - Dressme cost: Adena / special Costumes, Cloaks, Shields, Hats and more / Clan reward - Every clan on the server get a special reward Stream - Reward for Streaming Fight for Grand Bosses - The clan who killed Baium, Antharas or Valakas get Premium Coins Other Server Information Server Rate EXP: 20x SP: 20x Party EXP: 2x Party SP: 2x Spoil: 15x DropItems: 10x Adena: 10x Dressme for all players Cost: Adena Protection S-Guard + Special capctha system Buffs Setting Max Buffs: 24 + 4 Max Dances/Songs: 12 Buffs time: 2 hours Enchant Setting Normal Enchant: 55% Blessed Enchant: 65% Safe enchant: +4 Max enchant: +16
  11. [L2j] L2Heaven

    Server is a High Five 5 PvP and Farm Server. In order to buy the best items you' ll have to farm, but PvP will be needed as well! We have zones for every equipment type, so new players will be able to play as well! Website: To Be Announced! Forum: To Be Announced! Discord: E-email: Skype: To Be Announced! Facebook: Alpha, Beta, Grand Opening: To Be Announced! Experience: x9999 Skill Points: x9999 Adena: x9999 Drop: x1 Starting Level: 76 Max level: 99 Auto Loot Buff Slots: 24 Debuff Slots: 4 Buffs Time: 6 Hours Free Sub Classes Max Sub Classes: 99 Main Raid and Grand Bosses spawned in the world Many Farm Zones with various drops in the world Grand Olympiad - Period: 1 Month Weekly Sieges TvT Event More Events Soon! Tiered Items Items will be announced soon!
  12. [L2J] L2 Keisha

    L2 Keisha is alive! >Hello friend, welcome to this new experience of lineage II h5 >If you are seing this, it's because you were selected among a lot of players to join this brave fight. Please, let me introduce you the server rates and some information: Experience && Sp: x50 (Premium 75) Drop: x30 (Premium x50) Party xp rate: x2 Party min level to get xp: 20 >So basically this our rates. But other thing that you might be looking for is enchating stuff... yeah... players like to have their weapons shinning like a well-written code. Here's the information: Normal Enchant chance: 60% Blessed Enchant chance: 70% Ancient Enchant chance: 90% Element stone rate: 70% Element crystal rate: 50% >Do you like it? Yes? Ok, great i guess... most people like it so its nothing new. But please, take your time to log in and try our beta test right now. Before its too late... >Some extra information about us? Come on... you can't be serious... Ok, here it goes: GM Shop till S Grade (not include moirai) Heroes every 2 weeks ALT+B Community Board with limited options Instances Working fine (as everything here...) Vote system global and private (will explain in facebook page) Buffer has scheme buffs, but only standard (yes, you have to create your own buffers) >This is my website, please, come and check it: L2 Keisha >Live server will start on 02/17 19:00 GTM -3. I hope to see you there... >Thank you my friend. >Good bye. >$exit
  13. [L2J]L2 KHADIA

    New Quality Server 50x H5 Beta Opened 20-02-2018 20:00 GMT+2 ---------- Grand Opening 2-3-2018 20:00 gmt + 2---------- Bugless Geodata & Skill Engine! Balanced Classes! High Quality Gameplay! Website: FB: For info contact them, at their facebook / ----------------- Features Rate Server ----------------- Xp x50 Sp x50 Adena x15 Drop x15 Spoil x15 Rec/Keys x1 Raid Boss x3 Fortes drop x5 Quest drop/reward x5/x1 ----------------- Features Server --------------------- Buff duration : 2 hours slots(24+12) GMShop : Grade S Gatekeeper Global Free sub class Alt+B (Raid Teleport,Auction,Database) Safe scroll enchant : +4 Max scroll enchant : +16 Rate Scroll Enchants Normal : 55% Rate Scroll Enchant Blessed : 55% Element Atributte Stone Rate : 40% Crystal Atributte Stone Rate 30% Max Enchant Olympiad : +6 Star Olympiad : 14:00 hours GMT+2 Heroes every day Sunday 12:00 5 Auto PvP events Event clan LEVEL 8 ( only need 15 members online) Dressme system Max user PC : 3 Tournament event pvp System anti cheaters : SGuard --------- Other Features --------------- Beleth : 4 days Baylor : 1 day +-12 Raid Core : 72 hours +- 30min Raid Orfen : 48 hours +-30min ------Features Server Epic Raid --------- Ant queen LVL 82 Respawn : 36 hours +-30 min Baium Respawn : 5 days +- 1h Antharas Respawn : 6 days +-1h Valakas Respawn : 7 days +-1h ------------------------------------------
  14. L2 INSIGNIA H5 50X Server will start on 9th of February 2018 - 20:00 GMT +2 BASIC RATES Exp: x50 SP: x50 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Adena: x15 Raid Boss Drop: x3 Grand Boss Jewels: x1 FEATURES Multibox - 5 Clients limit. Autopickup - Option ON/OFF in Control Panel ∘ Enchantment ↪ Enchant, Safe +4, Max +16 ↪ Chance, Normal scroll 55%, Blessed Scroll 60% ∘ Olympiad ↪ Announcement of Heroes is Every Week ↪ 6h Olympiad daily from 18:00 until 00:00 (Server Time) ↪ Maximun enchant in Olympiad is +6 ∘ Castle Sieges and Territory Wars ↪They will run every weekend Offline Shops Offline Buffers Events - Every Hour ↪Protect the King ↪Korean Style ↪Team vs Team ↪Capture the Flag ↪Domination ↪Deathmatch ↪Last Man Standing Vote Reward System ↪Get Rune of Vote +5% better your stats and random reward Automatic HP, CP, MP Potions Useful Player Control Panel Buffs,Dances,Songs - ↪Max Buffs: 24 + 4 ↪Max Dances/Songs: 12 ↪Buffs time: 2 hours Sublcasses - 3x, max level 85 ∘ Grand Bosses ↪ Queen Ant: 24h +- 2h random ↪ Baium: Information in the ALT + B Community Board ↪ Antharas: Information in the ALT + B Community Board ↪ Valakas: Information in the ALT + B Community Board ↪ Instances: Information in the ALT + B Community Board ∘ Commands ↪ .control - Character control panel. ↪ .party - Create a party finder with name - use: .party name ↪ .getreward - Vote reward for few toplists. ↪ .stats - Shows exact information about character statistics. ↪ .offline - Sets Offline Private Store. ↪ .buffstore - Setup Offline Buffer Store. ↪ .repair - Repairing character located in same account. ↪ .password - Changing Password of your Account. ↪ .buffshield - Protects you from unwanted buffs. ↪ .siege - Full siege information. ↪ .combinetalismans - Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration!. ↪ .report - Target a player you think is botting, and punish him!. ↪ .donate - Use when Donate Coins haven't been delivered. ↪ More useful functions you can find in Community Board - Control Panel
  15. We're present a new version of our server Serwer is based on new engine with all functions proper for chronicle WEBSITE: FORUM: FACEBOOK: TWITCH: FEATURES » EXP x50 « » SP x50 « » Drop x15 « » Spoil x15 « » Adena x20 « » Safe enchant +4 « » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+12) « » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 60% « » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 65% « Stone/Crystal »Element Stone : 65%« »Element Crystal :60%« Max Clients per Pc: 5 AntiBot System Olympiad +6, 100 Matches per week, Olympiad: » Retail olympiad game « » Competition period [2] week « » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] « » Olympiad end 1st - 15st« » Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6« Heroes Every Friday Night after oly ends. Weekly Sieges/Tws Reduced Epics Respawn time Free Subclass, Sub-Class Max. Level : 85 Full GMShop until S Grade Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 2h Buff Slots : 24+4/ 12 Songs/Dances RAID BOSS INFO Ant Queen Respawn Delay: 24 hours. +- 1 h. Beleth Respawn Delay: 3 days. +-2 h. Baium Respawn Delay: 4 days. +- 2 h. Antharas Respawn Delay: 5 days. +- 2 h. Valakas Respawn Delay: 6 days. +- 2 h. INSTANCES INFO Beleth Required players: 18 Frintezza Required players: 9 Hard Freya Required players: 11 Normal Freya Required players: 9 TIAT Required players: 11 Zaken Daytime lvl-83 Required players: 9 Zaken Daytime lvl-60 Required players: 72 Zaken Nightly lvl-60 Required players: 9 On the server won't run out events known by all from most of H5 versions. Auto Event system: » Korean Style - Auto event « » Team VS Team event - Auto event « » Capture The Flag - Auto event« » Last Man - Auto event« » Treasure Hunt - Auto event« » Fight for Throne - Auto event« Extra features ALT+B: » Services « » Events « » Rankings « » Clan « » RB Status « » Auction House « » Drop Calculator « » Donation Store « » Newbie Helper« We entered on server new NPCs with interesting functions. In donateshop You will find a lot of conventional and also uniqe things. All of this and much more not yet mentioned advantages and functions You will able to check in short time. Opening date of server beta already 9th February 2018 at 20:00 Join us !
  16. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    Grand Opening - 18:00 +1 GMT (16.04.2017) We are not Java - This project is High Five OFF/PTS version - Which is the best game files for PvP, Olympiad & Sieges. Also be aware that you might feel disturbance on our OBT servers because of live development - Officially we shall open on 16th of April. We do not pay not a single clan/cp to play on our servers - this is free to play and non corrupted project. Our intentions is to continue with development of Thorus world without any wipes. Open Beta Test Servers are available 1. CREATE GAME ACCOUNT 2. GAME FILES RATES Experience - x10 Skill points - x10 Adena - x8 Drop - x5 Spoil x4 Seal Stones x8 Raid Boss exp x2 Raid Boss Sp x2 Raid Boss Drop x7 Raid Boss Adena x8 Epic Raids are guaranteed to drop 1 Epic IMPORTANT NOTES 10 Day Limited Armor D to A grade (Given Free) Soulshot/Spiritshot packs given at 20 / 40 / and 76 No Donation server (Other than Premium Status) Fixed Scheme Buffs (Warrior & Wizard) CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot is only for Adena Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are Free (via Community Board) Auto Learn skills Till level 40 Olympiad, Sieges, Territory Wars will be set to follow original gameplay Offline Store can launched via command .offlineshop No Mana Potions (Players Will have Toggle mana Regen) Subclass quest can be completed for 17 500 000 adena (In Giran) Buff slots 24+12 There is no Maximum enchant limitation (This is based on PTS configurations) Olympiad does not have enchant limitation (This is based on PTS configurations) Community Board Gatekeeper Premium Account can be purchased for Adena Global Weight has been decreased by x7 Two Kinds of Schemes - Warrior & Wizard (Works on Pet's & Summons) Global Quest Exp & SP Rate increased by x2 Global Quest Adena reward rate has been increased by x2 Blacksmith of Mammon is located 24/7 in Giran Mammon Trader is located 24/7 in Giran Nevit Duration 4 Hours (Per Day) Territory Ward upon leaving battle zone will return to it's origin Noblesse Quest is Mandatory to pass (High Five Quest) GLOBAL Seven Signs Event - 2 week cycle Grand Olympiad - 1 month cycle Siege and Territory Wars - 2 week cycle Hellbound accessible from launch RAIDS & INSTANCES Ant Queen – Respawn 1.5 days (Random 1 hour) Core – Respawn 2.5 days (Random 1 hour) Orfen – Respawn 2 days (Random 1 hour) Antharas - 8 days Valakas - 11 days (Random 1 hour) Baium - 7 days (Random 1 hour) Seed of Destruction - Minimum requirement 12 players Zaken Night - Minimum requirement 27 players Zaken Raid day - Minimum requirement 9 players Zaken Raid day 83 - Minimum requirement 9 players Frintezza - Minimum requirement 18 players Freya - Minimum requirement 9 players Ranku - Minimum requirement 2 Players Freya Hard - Minimum requirement 9 players ADDITIONAL CONFIGURATIONS Subclass certifications will not be applied for subclass/main class Party Level gap is 15 levels Olympiad period: 18:00 - 24:00 (GMT +1 - Danish Timezone) Exp/Drop/Spoil/Sp Runes Do not stack Autopotions are activated by right clicking the potion (Global configuration) UNIQUE FEATURES Auto use of Potions, by right clicking (toggle system) on potions, will allow user to use potions automatically. Configuration is based on global settings, Small CP potion and Greater CP potion is used when CP reaches 90%. Off-Combat Mana Regeneration by right clicking this skill, user is able to regenerate mana. AFFECTED QUEST ITEM DROP RATE Global Quest item drop rate has been set to x2 - Some quest may need manual input Find a piece of Bubble - x2 Temptation of Power - x2 Legendary Food ingredients - x2 Alliance Varka Silenos - x2 Alliance Ketra Orcs - x2 What on Earth is it - x2 Remove the Cause - x2 Keep the Safe in Love - x2 Cannot Believe Anyone - x2 Dimensional Fragment - x2 Sel Mahum ID Tags - x2 Dimensional Fragment - x2 Grand Opening: 16 April 2018 This project is possible Thanks to: MaxCheaters - Development guidance AdvExt64 - Development MMO-Develop - Development resources Frank - Development Jorns - CMS Development Vangath - Gracia Final Studies & Inspiration EMCA - Networking, scripts & Ai Lord_Chaos - Networking and Security Korra - Translation, Design & Community Izumi - Translation & Community PingoPongo - Advertisement ◄√i®uS► - NPC Design Celestial - Advertisement Alzor productions - Advertisement AWE - Design
  17. .::Luminescence::. Rates: Rates: » Xp 45x. » Sp 45x. » Adena 20x. » Drop 1x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 85. » Starting character with 2kkk adena. Client: High Five Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +4. » Weapons Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (unlimited). » Armors Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (Unlimited). Augmentations: » Mid life stone skill chance - 5%. » High life stone skill chance - 10%. » Top life stone skill chance - 15%. Unique features: » Working all castle sieges. » Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants. » Wedding system. » Unique farming areas. » Shops till top S84 grade. » Everything in shop Free. » Free noblesse. » Full npc buffer with auto buff. » Max count of buffs - 36. » Max subclasses - 3. » Subclass starts level 85 » Free and no quest class change. » Free and no quest sub class. » No weight limit. » Online password change. » Top 20 pvp/pk npc in game. » Augmentation system (preconfigured). » Unique monsters. » Offline trade system. » High Five retail skills. » Server up-time [24/7] [99]%. » Perfect class balance. Voiced commands: .register .unregister - Join or leave automatic events. .repair - repairs stuck character in world. .ccp - opens online menu panel. .getreward - opens vote panel in every place. .check - opens captcha panel. Event system: » Events every 1 hour. Olympiad game: » Retail olympiad game. » Competition period [1] week. » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]. » Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager. » Beta Test from 16 February until 22. » Grand Opening: 23 February 19:00 GMT +2 » Promo: » Site:
  18. [L2Off] L2 Shilen OPENING DATE: 9 JAN 2018 If you're looking for a stable High Five server where you can play without a fear of wipe of closing, then we highly advise you to finish your wanderings and settle on L2 Shilen, High five x5 Server. We rise against wipes and closings of any kind. The server has 100% official files to give our players a comfortable gameplay with no issues. Our donation shop does not offer any kind of "pay to win" items, but only what's found on the Prime Shop, according to the original H5 Official Ingame Shop. Any player that will try to corrupt any of our GM's will have a permanent IP ban; we don't need your money, we only want to create a pleasant, longlasting gaming environment free for everyone to enjoy. Our server provides complete support, interesting updates, and continuous advertising. Server is protected by smartguard and other in-game tools to find and block bot abusers. Rates: EXP 5x SP 5x Adena 5x Drop 2x Spoil 2x Raid Drop 2x Quest exp/SP/Adena/Items Reward 2x Epaulette 2x Steal Stone Drop 2x Jewel Boss 1x OLYMPIAD EVENT We're glad to present you our Shilen's Olympiad Event, guaranteed for every olympiad period we will grant as a reward, for the 3 heroes with the highest olympiad score:
  19. Beyond World was first opened in 2006. This is one of the oldest and most famous projects of Lineage II in Lithuania, our servers still live in the memory of players. Now Beyond World enters the international level in order to present a unique concept of the server - we return the donations to the players. EXP/SP - x3 ADENA - x3 DROP/SPOIL - x3 (chance) QUEST ITEMS (DROP) - x1 QUEST REWARD (SP/EXP) - x3 QUEST REWARD (ADENA) - x1 Some Quests Reward: EXP/SP х1 Seven Signs, Series of Doubt Seven Signs, Dying Message Seven Signs, Mammon's Contract Seven Signs, Secret Ritual of the Priests Seven Signs, Seal of the Emperor Seven Signs, the Sacred Book of Seal Seven Signs, Embryo Seven Signs, Mysterious Girl Seven Signs, Forbidden Book of the Elmoreden Kingdom Seven Signs, To the Monastery of Silence Seven Signs, Solina's Tomb Seven Signs, One Who Seeks the Power of the Seal EXP/SP х2 Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire Pailaka - Devil's Legacy Pailaka - Injured Dragon ADENA x3 Walk of Fate Ominous News Contract Execution Seal Removal Nikola's Heart Vain Conclusion Lost Dream Contract Completion Art of Persuasion Nikola's Cooperation Relic Exploration Supply Check All 3rd professions quests Fixed reward 1000а Bard’s Mandolin RB EXP/SP - x2 RB DROP CHANCE - x2 EPIC RB DROP/EXP/SP/ADENA - x1 Seal stones - x2 (amount) Dimensional Fragment - x2 (amount) Epaulette - x2 (amount) Attribute - х2 (chance) Autoloot - disabled Offtrade - not yet known Limited boxes - not yet known Learning Skills - at class-master Buff slots - 24+12 Class transfer - 1,2 for adena, 3 for quest Subclass, Noblesse - for quest Seven Signs event - period 2 weeks, start of registration February, 26 Grand Olympiad - period 1 month, start March, 1 Siege and TW - period 2 weeks, the first siege March, 11 Respawn world RB - 12+8 hours random Hellbound open from start, level 11 All epic bosses are dead from the start Queen Ant 24 hours, random +-2 hours Orfen 36 hours, random +-2 hours Core 36 hours, random +-2 hours Baium 5 days, random 0..2 hours Baium - 82 level, guards - 80 level Antharas 11 days, the entrance to the nest is not limited Valakas 11 days, the entrance to the nest is not limited For enter to SoD (Tiat) is necessary 27-45 characters For enter to Zaken (night) is necessary 27-72 characters Premium status (bonus +50% exp/sp) Accessories and Agathions Consumables Start of the OBT is scheduled for February 9, 20.00 (utc +2) We may change the current server features Website: Community: Active Events:
  20. [L2J] L2 Levimus

    L2 Levimus Opened 15/1/2018 19:00 GMT +2 _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ L2 Levimus is coming to stay for a long time. Our plan is to make a server that will last long enough so that you and your friends can have fun while playing the game without having to worry about loosing your progress after a month. Below are some of our basic rates and features. For more information you can visit our website where you can also talk to us via our Live Chat or leave us a message. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Basic rates are: Exp: x20 Spoil: x8 Drop: x10 (Chance x10 , Quantity x1) --------------------------------------- Safe Enchant +3 Enchant Weapon +16 Max Enchant Armor +14 Max Enchant Jewels +14 Max --------------------------------------- Some Features of the Server: Varius Events like TvT Deathmatch Domination and many many more! --------------------------------------- Vote reward system and a special Vote Shop Service Manager Gm Shop Scheme Buffer Unique custom made NPC's Free starter gear for new players --------------------------------------- Every Instance is tested by our team and its 100% working ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The information mentioned above, clearly, does not cover every unique feature developed for Levimus, however they are more likely to give everyone an idea of what to expect on this new server. We are looking forward to see you and welcome you in L2 Levimus. Best Regards, Lineage ][ Levimus Administration team

    SITE FORUM Launching the largest server in 2018! The classic server in the cover of High Five x7 on February 16th at 19:00! The moment has come when we can make an official announcement about the inception of our project! After a huge amount of effort, costs and difficulties, we have finally come to the finish line! The classic server in the cover of High Five will help you remember what the game had actually been like, before the auxiliary «buffers», «stores» and other «delights» of free-shared content appeared. Nowadays, it's not a secret to anyone that this is done in order to pay back the investments asap. The faster the server outlives itself (this happens when the majority of players «trick out» the character to the maximum), the less the cost of its maintenance. This is very beneficial to many projects, and that is why almost all Administrators adhere to this policy. Our main goal and task is to the most «playable» platform for all the gamers! The combination of gaming experience, as well as the experience of Server Administration allowed us to recreate the picture of the official server Lineage 2 back to the times of High Five. We look forward to the longest life of the project and will do everything in our power to extend large-scale game wars, forum «holly-wars» and an endless influx of new players. About the team: We would like to be honest with the players, so we will «put our cards on the table» right now. The primary team consists of 5 people from 28 to 49 years old. We are scattered across different parts of the planet. Two of us are from Germany, 1 person is from Bulgaria and 2 more people are from Russia. How did we get to know each other, you ask? Everything is simple! We used to play together in the same clan on the European official server from 2006 to 2012. Now we have got together with a common idea and decided to create our own server from gamers’ point of view, not that of businessmen! Why us? When was the last time you saw a really «hardcore» High Five server? Without «super-rates», «super bonuses», «super-premiums», and other «super-nonsense», which the Administration is so fond of? Before deciding on the concept, we carried out a detailed analysis of existing servers. We came to the conclusion that there are only 2-3 servers that can be classified as «hardcore», but now people play there, because there is nowhere else to play. We asked the players, «Why are you playing on this server?», which was answered by «And where else should we play?» Now we give the players a coveted alternative. If you truly miss «hardcore» rates, «lamp» talks on the forum, this server is for you, then! Attachments and assembly: Players have had a lot of questions about the assembly and attachments to the server recently. In this regard, we also want to remain open to the players, so we'll try to tell you about this, just without numbers. Every knowledgeable person will understand that these are not just words. The advertising campaign is really very large and that's why you are here! We bought out slots on all the advertising platforms possible (that have traffic) in Europe and the CIS. Check it yourself! Many of you must be interested - PTS or Java? We use Java, and here is why. Firstly, we would love to say that we can afford a PTS-platform, but having consulting with the team, we decided to use the Java assembly, because it provides more opportunities. We promise you’ll like it! Besides, we will definitely raise the issue of switching to the PTS-platform in the future and if we find it necessary, we’ll be sure to do so. Experience gained — х7; Number of SP points gained — x7; Amount of Aden gained — х5; Item Drop rating — х3; Spoil rating — х3; Experience gained from quests — х7; Rating of items from quests — х1; Epauletts Drop rating — х3; Experience gained from epic bosses — х7; Item from epic bosses drop rating — х1. Competently structured server economics; A unique patch made specifically for us; Long-awaited on High Five! Damage output on the screen; More than 30 unique outfits that do not affect the game balance; Advanced Achievement system; Full compliance with the official platform Lineage 2 High Five; Bots will not pass! Private client and server protection; Unique chests, you can make a real open-casing! Chests are of different levels and will suit everyone; Everything necessary for a pleasant game is in the game store (shots, arrows, bolts etc); There is not a single thing in the game store that affects the balance and the economy; Unique events from the Administration; Quizzes, polls, live communication with players. Period of the Grand Olympiad is 2 weeks; Grand Olympiad are held from 18:00 to 00:00 at fixed Berlin time; There are no restrictions on specialties for participation in the Grand Olympiad; Time for the passage to the stadium is reduced to 60 seconds; Sieges and Territorial Wars are held every 2 weeks; The defenders of the castle are strengthened, as well as the gates and walls in Giran; Real cash prizes for the seizures of the capital, Rune and Giran; In-game bonuses for capturing other castles; The game balance was not affected in any way, everything is perfect and smooth. Check it out by yourself! .whoiam / .whoami — detailed statistics on the character; .offline — switching to “offline trade” mode; .clan — command to regulate access to the clan store; .km-all-to-me — command for the call of the clan (only for the leader). Can be used once in 24 hours; .unvis — command to take the outfit off; .cfg — command to regulate the basic settings of the character.
  22. - "Skirmish" Olympiad Server Grand Opening Beta: 05 Feb - 18:00 Live: 12 Feb - 18:00 General Olympiad 24/7 Start 85 with all skills +30/+15 GM Shop almost fully free Retail gameplay Macro glitch/sps lag Olympiad Main server activity No match limit Weekly Heroes (Saturday 12:00) Last Olympiad day Friday Enchants Chance retail Safe +3/4 Max +10 Scheme Buffer Retail buffs only 20+4 buff slots, 12 dances Potions Automatic use (HP/CP) No Mana Potion Subclass Subclasses unlimited Certification skills on subclass too Castle Sieges Weekly Sieges (Sunday 16:00 and 20:00) Updated Castle defenses Territory War Weekly Territory War (Saturday 20:00) Wards anti-hiding mechanic Epic Raids Daily Epics (Monday - Friday) Clan portal capture mechanic Participation reward for all Auto Events Free for All Team vs Team Siege Event Skin System Skills, Suits, Weapons, Armors, Enchant colors, Augment color, Soulshots... Make your character look awesome with our Skin System! Over 2500 Skins to choose from! Can be disabled to show the real visual Infrastructure DDoS protection Powerful Server Machine Account Security and Scam Protection Event We are celebrating the upcoming opening of "Skirmish" H5 Olympiad Server with an event, by thanking our players for helping us get here! Nickname Event! You can make a reservation for 2 nicknames you like the most, avoiding other people to steal it and being sure to obtain it even if you will not manage to log in at the very same time of the Grand Opening! In order to participate in the event you just have to reply to this thread and fill this form! 1 Nickname: 2 Nickname: Note: This event is limited to 1 per user. Event is active until the Grand Opening. Once the Live server starts, no more reserved nicknames will be allowed. Thank you!!
  23. Our site: Hello stranger! Do you want to play your favorite game and get some Bitcoins in the same time? Beyond World launched it's first Lineage II server in 2006. It's one of the oldest, and most famous Lineage II servers in Lithuania. We had many seasons; many of them were the best years for our players. We had fun, so we're back again, for the best season of them all. Beyond World is aiming to become famous, not just in Lithuania, but across world. We're going international! Classic High Five server We made this server for comfortable game. Solo Players, CPs, Clans – all Players will get tons of positive emotions. Quality L2OFF files, comfortable rates, friendly Administration – this is all for our Players. We will try to do our best for you, our Players. OBT: 3 February Grand Opening: 23 February Rates: - exp/sp x3 - drop/spoil x2 (chanse) - rb/epic drop x1 - quest (exp/sp) x3 - quest (drop item/reward item) x1, Seven Signs Event – 2. Olympiad - 1 month. Sieges and TW - 2 weeks. Raid Bosses respawn time - 12h + 8h window (may be changed) Epic Bosses respawn time – standard (may be changed) Full info on our forum: First low-rate server without donations We are unique Lineage 2 server! First, we will never add such items as equipment, cakes etc in donation list. Sub-class and Nobles only from retail quest. From our donations, Players may get only Premium Account, Accessory and minimum consumables. And main feature – Bitcoin farm. A lot of Plyers will make money on our project. We haven’t detailed yet, but I will try to explain how it should work. We will transfer 90% from all donations to the in-game drop (Bits). All your bits will transfer to the external wallet, where you can transfer Bitcoins to your personal wallet. We made this server for Players, not for donations. We already started huge advertise company from Brazil to China, thousands of players are waiting for the Grand Opening. Play, fight with enemies, make your own history!
  24. L2Neftis x50 12 January 2018 Live International Gmt+1 Server x50 Unique Features 9 vs 9 Restriction area pvp Epic 1 mac Antaras, Valakas, Baium and Ant Queen Restriction Epic Boss 1 mac Antaras, Valakas, Baium and Ant Queen Command Channel Max 3 Clans Territory War max 3 Flags for clan Automatic Reward Paypal Autopots(No events, No Olympiads) Achievements Buff+30(optional) Change Color Nikname ChangeSex Npcspawn, Clan, Delevel, away A lot more commands. Balanced server First day all accounts premium for 24h. Buff 2h Gear up S Grade xp = x50 sp = x50 Spoil = x15 Adena = x20 Drop = x15 Rb = x1 Quest = x1 Hellbound = x14 Server Beta open, dont forget donwload last system before live server.
  25. [L2off] L2Reday

    Dear friends! We are glad to announce to you about the planned opening of our project on the PTS High Five Part 5 platform! The concept of the game world and a rates x30 are calculated on the facilitated game. Opening of the server on February 2, 2018 at 08:00 p.m. (UTC +3). About the beginning of open testing it will be announced in addition. Description of the game world High Five x30: Server rates: Features of the game world: Game windows - no limits Automatic learning of all character skills to level 80 except: Ressurection, Mass Ressurection, Boost HP, Fast HP Recovery, Acrobatic Move. The level of Baium is increased to 82. At the entrance to this Boss players enter the combat zone. The Hellbound Island is open from the start and has level 11 Period of the Great Olympics - 2 weeks. Receiving heroism every 1st and 15th day of the month. The start of the Olympics on February 15. Reduced the time of counting when registering participants from 120 seconds to 60. Community Board (Alt + B) has a number of functions: Buffer - a set of basic buffs, 2 and 3 professions of support classes (including dance / song, except for resistors), without summon / kamael / dwarven buff. Time of positive effects from the Community Board - 60 minutes. Service Carrier - the opportunity to purchase 1, 2 and 3 professions Some additional services are also available: purchase of a premium account, activation of a sub-class, the acquisition of the Noblesse Section Shop gives you the opportunity to purchase different equipment B, A, S, S80 grade. Consumables (including Mana Potion), items for raising the clan level and learning clan skills, various useful items for faster character development, a wide range of different accessories, and much more are also available. Teleportation service in the main locations and cities in the game world Useful game commands are available: A more detailed description of the game world of High Five x30 will be published by the start of the OBT! Site Forum