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Found 167 results

  1. hi, as the title says i have a list of problems to be fixed and i will show it to whoever interested i will pay after he finishes ( i got scammed last time i hired someone from here ) l2 ro team fandc skype: xRazuh discord: Copper#2908
  2. I m looking for d grade fists with nice enchant. plz message me any offers.
  3. Looking to buy "stable" interlude high rate files,mostly custom server,base is doesnt matter. Pm me with info/prices.
  4. buy char with 2 job done SERVER gamecoast x3 PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL FAST
  5. Hi, Want to join that server, I prefer a Necromancer but i'm open to any kind of char/stuff offering. I'm already trusted seller, wont pay in advance to anyone who can't prove is a trusted seller so avoid wasting time scammers.
  6. Welcome to SellersAndFriends.com Are you looking for someone who could constantly buy Adena and Items from you? No more time to play and you would like to quit? CONTACT US and Sell Items Lineage 2 , Adena and other stuff to us! Sell Items Lineage 2 and gain cash from your hobby! If you're looking for a TRUSTED, WELL KNOWN PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, You're in the right place! TRY US NOW @ www.sellersandfriends.com :)! Stay in Touch with us! About SellersAndFriends.com Don't know what service You should choose? Check what makes us different from other vendors! All you need to know about delivery time, stocks, end game item orders, and smart trading All you need to know about supplier partnership, cash outs, gold transfer and middleman service
  7. Hello i want to buy full epic raid boss jewels set 0,6,10,16 or what ever , also wtb arcana 14,15,16+ acumen , dc set robe , 16+, I pay with paypal or paysafe or what ever you want you can ask me. :) thank you very much https://www.l2warland.com/
  8. WTB Adena on Skelth - 0.5 E = 1mil Skype contact : Skelth Shop
  9. Wtb iss 103 naked. pm here or skype kulinek1990a
  10. Wtb iss 103 naked. pm here or skype kulinek1990a
  11. If you're leaving already, pm me what class you have and your skype, ill write you back!
  12. Hello! L2stock.com here! Don't want to play Lineage 2 anymore? Have some extra Adena for sale? It is very simple! Go straight into https://l2stock.com/sell-adena Just fill the easy form, choose a server, fill amount and price and leave us your contact information. When we will be out of stock we simple contact with you. Feel free to use our livechat! I am also available here https://mmoauctions.com/user/156/l2stock
  13. Wtb items dp and adenas l2lionna Leave me pm or reply with price.
  14. I'm looking for a client dev, also experienced in machine code, to perform few changes in Chronicle 4 client interface. For more details, please PM.
  15. Greetings community, I'm in need of a developer that is able to code under my command of course the developer will get paid before the code delivery. I need someone that can deliver on time, bugless features that I'm gonna need. Trusted people with history will be prefered. Drop me a PM in here for more info or add me on Skype : L2_Veronica Edit: Such people will be blocked.
  16. Hi, i want some expert and faster coder who can make a downgrade from a interlude source like aCis to c4 chronicle I can work in the DP part like xml skills, mobs, and simple things but i'm not a coder. so the coder only do the heavy part and i'll do the tedious part I will only work with people with good references in this forum, the pay only can be with paypal. extra pay for work speed. You can check the change from c4 to interlude here: http://legacy.lineage2.com/news/chronicle5_01.html and here http://legacy.lineage2.com/news/interlude_01.html and i have the source from a c4 project so you can compare the interlude with c4 packets etc. Just send me a pm with the estimated time and price.
  17. Looking at around 4$ per 10kk. Similar price for items - I will validate the price to the current market. Prefering quick trade items like COLs, Energy of Insolence, EAB, EWB, magic tablets even; but if you're looking to sell something else don't hesitate to contact me, I won't bite :) I'm willing to go first + by parts (I pay part of $ -> you send part of adena - I pay another part of $ etc.). Leave me PM if interested :) MAX 100kk, but anything less is accepted also!
  18. Hi everyone! I introduce mysself. My name is Martin and I am the CEO of Newline Games. (In development: https://nlgames.net) Currently i find myself looking for someone HIGHLY skilled to work with the Lineage II interface. Specifically in the CHRONICLE ERTHEIA. Them who are interested can work in one of the greatest projects of L2 joining officialy to our great development team. First it is important to clarify that (if its possible) we need a person with much free time (since we pretend a constant development on the client). Although (if it is not the case) we will not stop its development about the most critical tasks (Four taks). We mention them below: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1- HP/CP/MP bar above the characters (Ally green color [IMAGE A] - Enemies red color [IMAGE B] - NPC [IMAGE C]) ALLY CHARACTERS: ENEMY CHARACTERS: NPC: 2- Mini map/Radar (of our two custom maps) STATICS. With some "basic functions". A) It must be Highlighted: NPCs, green color ally minions, red color enemy minions, grey color neutral minions. B) Turrets, inhibitors, nexus, altars, etc. With an own image (they must disappear from the map when they are destroyed) C) Allies (our party) always appeared in green color, now the enemies must appear in red color. Ally minions, enemy minions, neutral minions. Structures, turrets, inhibitors, nexus, altars, etc. Enemy characters (these must be seen only with a certain distance). 3- Instance Interface - The objective is putting the information of: amount of kills every team has, game time and the life of "X" NPC in real time. IMG Additional Information: - Task number one, two and three are totally developed by NCSOFT but in the GRAN CRUSADE chronicle. (Need to be implemented in Ertheia). - Task number four is actually in Ertheia we only need to link it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra: - The project is absolutely serious and it is near of its fifth year of development. So we need reliable and trustworthy people. - Our team has more than thirty members. We all work on SCRUM (Agile software development) under JIRA platform. - The max period of delivery to the above mentioned tasks have to be minor than 2 months. - The work is freelance (since the hard core of our team is currently in South America). - Payment methods and budgets will be discussed always in private and before the development (obviously). This is the priority at the moment, if you have any other doubt just contact us. We are here to help you. Below are my social media for the ones who will want to contact me. FB: https://www.facebook.com/tincheen.pstv.9 SKYPE: pj-samm DISCORD: Redline#2181 G-MAIL: martinarielgalenda@gmail.com
  19. Hi i want to buy BW Heavy/light/robe set +8