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  2. Thank you all for participating in the Olympic Games on the test server! Congratulations to the winners! The reward has already been add to you web panel. It was really nice Event with more than 20 arenas :) Our Heroes! Duelist - MKZPWNZ Phoenix Knight - test11 Sagittarius - DIRTYDAMAGE Archmage - s3g Arcana Lord - Gatorino Moonlight Sentinel - GilGalad Elemental Master - WWWW Shillien Templar - oyea Ghost Hunter - tsol Storm Screamer - Mickelson Shillien Saint - TryAgain GrandKhavatari - Ragna Maestro - asdfgg Dreadnought - TankOp Hell Knight - MMM Adventurer - Siwan Soultaker - Coru Eva's Templar - Calutzu Mystic Muse - CestQuiLePatron Eva's Saint - azino Ghost Sentinel - KORO Spectral Master - summ Titan - TesteR Dominator - Dom Fortune Seeker - icyclon32
  3. Έχω μια κωμική στύση, στήση; στίσι; στέισι; Ακονίζω το μπιτ μάγκα μου 9.3 - 10,2 <-> mirai nikki πρώτα νικη; wait hwat Έχω μια κωμική στύση, στήση; στίσι; στέισι;
  4. Έχω μια κωμική στύση, στήση; στίσι; στέισι;
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  6. Το θέμα τώρα είναι mira i nikki. Εσείς διαλέγετε... !!!
  7. I'm pretty sure on Mythras sources are those images..
  8. Παίδες μίλησα με την Γούγλη και τελικά η ΤΝ ήταν έτοιμη, πριν καν την φτιάξω, αν και την έφτιαξα. Αλλά βαριέμαι τώρα, γιατί είμαι μόνος, ξέρετε γιατί.
  9. Something that everybody struggles with from time to time is consistently winning elusive solo queue, or dynamic queue, games. If you’re looking for a way to improve in your own ranked play, here are five pointers from a Grandmaster that can help you win, prevent tilt and reach gold. Know your champions This seems like an obvious place to start, but knowing every single champion and what their abilities do can help you figure out synergies with your own favorite champions and help you counter your enemies’ picks. You can quickly climb in ranked if you specialize at playing a champion in a particular role. Once you learn the mechanics of the champion, you can focus on being in the right place at the right time for your team and set them up for victory. Going from unlocking a new champion to consistently “maining” them won’t happen overnight. It will take hundreds of games to learn the best items to buy, which other champions you synergize best and worst with and the right mechanics to employ. On top of that, like most conventional sports, you should watch film. Re--watching your games will uncover mistakes and let you rethink your decision-making tree. You won’t get better by just watching your own gameplay. Find the highest-ranked person who plays the champion with whom you are trying to improve and watch how they play. You’ll learn a lot from what they do and how they explain it to their audience. The devil is in the details. Even if you are outmatched by a more powerful champion, you can make tiny decisions that put you ahead in kills and objectives, which can help you become strong in the late game. If you know at level two, for example, you are going to do more damage compared to your opponent, then you can be aggressive and look for a kill or push the wave enough to do tower damage. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result can drive you insane, especially League Accounts . As you keep losing, you become tilted and get frustrated. No matter how mechanically gifted you are, it can’t help ameliorate tilt. That’s where it pays to take a breath and scrutinize your play to find why things keep going wrong, said Hong, who has been playing the game since the open beta in 2009. One thing that any League player can relate to is getting blamed by teammates for something over which they have no control. Similarly, blaming your teammates for losing doesn’t do anything for you as you try to improve your skill. Minions play a huge role in League of Legends, especially at higher Elo. You can positively lord your increased knowledge of minion wave mechanics against people who don’t understand the intricacies. “People don’t realize how much minion wave management can change everything,” Hong said. There are three main things you can do when managing your minion wave. You can either slow push, fast push or freeze the wave. Slow pushing means you leave two to three enemy minions alive and allow time for your ally minions to slowly but surely gain numbers. Fast pushing throws caution to the wind — you try to progress the wave as fast as possible by killing as many enemy minions as you can. Freezing the wave forces you to take a tit-for-tat approach so the wave neither advances nor retreats. If an enemy player takes a siege minion out, you do the same thing. One caveat is that if the wave is closer to your base, it will eventually push forward because your minions arrive first. Whichever type of pushing mechanic you use depends on the situation and whether you are in the early, mid or late game. You can use slow pushing to set up roams throughout the map, while enemies protect their towers. Freezing a wave can make it easier to farm and allow your friendly jungler to help gang up on another champion. Hard pushing can force an uneven fight and take one opposing champion out of commission. It’s easy to get into the weeds here. If you are really interested in improving your wave mechanics, look for more detailed guides online that provide advice for each and every situation. We have all heard this advice, but the idea of thinking about your actions independent of the result is especially important in League of Legends. What is seemingly a good play on the surface could have happened because the enemy made a mistake. Especially at higher Elo, that thinking won’t fly. Bad decisions can turn into bad habits, and against good opponents, those mistakes can cost you the game. Learn to make quality decisions over high-risk ones. Even if you do the right thing you can still lose, but it’s important to have your thinking in the right place. Put yourself in control rather than someone else. Are you still stuck in Bronze, Silver or Gold in League of Legends? Want to raise your rank and get out of your rut? Click to learn more information, here we also sell LoL Account for you. We've got your back right here.
  10. Μπανάνες και πορτοκάλια τις Κυριακές μαζί με την κοπέλα μου την οποία έχω, γιατί ξέρετε, είμαι καλό παιδί, το καλύτερο παιδί θα έλεγα, και γιατί όχι να μην βάζω κόμμα μετά το και, και , και συνέλιξη τεχνητών κβαντικών νευρωνικών υπολογιστικών δικτύων που έχουν στόχο βρωμερά πυροκλανίδια στους ελεεινοηύς ανθρώπας τας Αμερικάς και τίποτα άλλο και τίποτα άλλο. Η αλήθεια έιναι ότι θα μπορούσα να μιλήσω πολύ περισσότερο γι'αυτό αλλά δυστυχώς δεν έβαλα κόμμα πριν το αλλά, αλλά ποιος χέστηκε, πιθανότατα ο Παύλος "ZeusOS/ZeusMC/ZeusAI" Τηλιακός, στα σοβαρά τώρα γιατί έχω και δουλειές, εγώ όντας άτομο κι αστέρι ταυτόχρονα, είμαι παντού οπότε κάνω ντου ντου, από παντού, στα εξηγώ ωραία μικρό πουτανάκι που είσαι #3; Αν ναι, τότε απάντα ναι και δεν θα φας ddos 668 τέραχερτζζζζζ χαχα πλακίζω τόσο ο εαυτός μου. Έλα σκάω τώρα γιατί κούρασα το #1.
  11. " Τι ειπες για μενα καριολακι; Αν θες να ξερεις αποφοιτησα πρωτος στην ταξη μου στα ΟΥΚ και εχω συμμετασχει σε πολλες μυστικες επιχειρησεις κατα της Αλ' Κάιντα, και εχω πανω απο 300 επιβεβαιωμενους φονους. Ειμαι εκπαιδευμενος στον πολεμο γοριλλα και θεωρουμαι ο καλυτερος ελευθερος σκοπευτης σε ολο τον Ελληνικο στρατο. Για εμενα δεν εισαι τιποτα παρα μονο ενας ακομα στοχος. Θα σβησω τον αξιολυπητο εαυτουλη σου απο προσωπου γης με ακριβεια την οποια δεν εχει δει κανεις στον πλανητη αυτο, προσεξε τα λογια μου. Νομιζεις οτι μπορεις να τη γλιτωσεις λεγοντας μου τα αυτα τα πραγματα απο το διαδικτυο; Ξανασκεψου το, μαλακα. Οσο σου γραφω επικοινωνω με το μυστικο μου δικτυο απο κατασκοπους σε ολη την Ελλαδα και η IP σου εντοπιζεται αυτη τη στιγμη, γι' αυτο καλυτερα ετοιμασου για την καταιγιδα, ψαρακλα. Την καταιγιδα την οποια θα διαγραψει το αξιολυπητο πραγμα που αποκαλεις τη ζωη σου. Εισαι νεκρος, μικρε. Μπορω να ειμαι παντου, ανα πασα στιγμη, και μπορω να σε σκοτωσω με πανω απο 700 τροπους, και αυτους μονο με τα χερια μου. Οχι μονο ειμαι αρτια εκπαιδευμενος στην αοπλη μαχη, αλλα εχω και προσβαση σε ολοκληρο το οπλοστασιο του ελληνικου στρατου και θα το χρησιμοποιησω σε ολη του την εκταση για να σβησω το αθλιο τομαρι σου απο την ηπειρο, μικρο σκατο. Αν ηξερες την ανιερη τιμωρια που το μικρο σου "εξυπνο" σχολιο θα εφερνε, μπορει να προσεχες τα λογια σου. Αλλα δεν το μπορουσες, δεν το εκανες, και τωρα πληρωνεις το τιμημα ρε ηλιθιε. Θα σε λουσω με την οργη μου και θα πνιγεις μεσα της. Εισαι νεκρος, μικρε. "
  12. necesito mi codigo promocional quiero probar los proxies, muy buena paginaaa
  13. Ευτυχώς υπάρχει και ο Παυλάπας να συμπαραστέκεται UNINTENTIOnally που λέμε και στο χωριό μου.
  14. Join in RS Catwalk 2020 TH Promo for New Sameowrai Outfit
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  19. the example shows the comparison of password <-> hash you never compare 2 hash...
  20. L2Yakuza x300 Interlude Server GRAND OPENING 17/4/2020 Time: 19:00 +2GMT Opening Prize: 200€ To the 1st Lord of Aden Castle. Features: ♛GENERAL RATES♛ ✓ Experience (EXP) : 300x ✓ Skill Points (SP) : 300x ✓ Adena : 35x ✓ Drop Items : 1x ✓ RB drop: 100% ✓ Epic drop: 100% ♛ENCHANT RATES♛ ✓ Safe Enchant : 4 ✓ Max. Enchant : 20 ✓ Blessed Scroll chance up to +16 : 70% ✓ Crystal Scroll chance from +16 to +20: 50% ✓ Skill Enchant Max : 15 ✓ Olympiad Max Enchant: +6 (auto) ♛SERVER FEATURES♛ ✓ Subclass without Quest ✓ Subclass Max level: 80 ✓ Auto Learn skills ✓ Offline Shop ✓ Heroes every 1 Week ♛GENERAL INFORMATION♛ ✓ Auto Events every 1 hour ✓ Buffs / Dances duration: 1 hours ✓ Buffs / Dances slots: 24 / 12 ✓ Sieges every Weekend ✓ Account Panel via Website ♛BOSS INFORMATION♛ ⚔ AQ Resp: Every day 19:00 +1H ⚔ Antharas Resp: Saturday / Thursday 21:00 +1H ⚔ Valakas Resp: Wednesday / Thursday 21:00 +1H ⚔ Baium Resp: Monday / Friday 20:00 +1H ⚔ Zaken Resp: Tuesday / Saturday 20:00 +1H ⚔ Frintezza Resp: Friday / Sunday 23:00 +1H ⚔ Core Resp: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday 18:00 +1H ⚔ Orfen Resp: Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Thursday 16:00 +1H For more informations visit Find us in Discord Channel: Regards, L2Yakuza Team Clan Section available in DIscord.
  21. Yes, but it makes no sense without further use with the server side. He is not going to use this for the NPC. From the client’s side, color changes are not so difficult.
  22. L2Delta Interlude 50x Craft Grand opening April 25, 2020 L2Delta Site Rates: EXP: x50 SP: x50 Drop: x10 Spoil: x5 Adena: x110 Raid Drop: x1 - Starting character:10 LvL. NPC Buff Time: 60 min AIOx Buff Time: 2 hours Buff Slots - 24 Block Buff - .menu NPC buffer - the basic buffs block skill augment in olympiad Skills are auto learning Offline trade system Interlude retail skills Server up-time [24/7] [99]%. Perfect class balance Casino NPC Mission NPC Titanium/Epic Weapons Craft - Recipes 50% in npc trader Alt + B is available Max. weapon +21 Max. armor/jewerly enchant +20 Chance: Enchant: 50% / Blessed Enchant 65% Voiced commands: .register .unregister - Join or leave event. .details .menu Nobless: Quest Retail - Noblesse NPC Trader - Farm Rates VIP: EXP: x70 SP: x70 Spoil: x12 Adena: x120 Protection: Anti DDOS Protection Anti Bot: Smart Guard Olympiad game: Retail olympiad game. TOP GRADE A Competition period [1] month. Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]. GMT -3 Event system: VotePopup - Automatic Events DeathMatch Domination Double Domination Last Man Standing Lucky Chests Simon Says Team vs Team VIP Team vs Team Zombie Capture the Flag Russian Roulette Bomb Fight Mutant Battlefield Hunting Grounds Raid in the Middle Korean TvT Treasure Hunt Strider Race Event Retail Store: D-grade Dion (adena) C-grade Giran (adena) B-grade Oren (adena) A-grade Goddard (adena) S-grade Rune (adena) Zone Farm: Teleport Gatekeeper Clarissa - Giran Elven Fortress (Farm Solo) - 1 Raid boss, 2 Mini boss Forgotten Temple (Farm Party) - 1 Raid boss, 2 Supermonster Epic Boss: Queen Ant: 24h +/-1h - Level 80 Core: 20h +/-1h - Level 80 Orfen: 20h +/-1h - Level 80 Zaken: 36h +/-2h - Level 80 Baium: 36h +/-2h - Level 80 Antharas: 36h +/-2h Level 80 Valakas: 36h +/-2h - Level 80
  23. Looking for talented developer should be ready server price should not exceed 200 euros they can leave a message here ...
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