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  2. I forget to put source. It is for L2jSunrise. Who make new prem system it is L2-Evanthe, and ofc it is invisible after payment. He don't answer if i report errors. Tell em what i have to post here and i will post. I don;t know from where it is this error. ( i mean from where from java )
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  4. I'm the only one who got the impression that we all have been following the work of this person for a long time and we all know which server sources he uses? Or premium system the same for all l2j forks?
  5. Hello, why if character no enter for few days premium is canceled? I must fix this, please help!
  6. I have a backup of this share, what do you need from this? I can re-upload to my cloud if you need it. cheers
  7. Up ! Could anyone just point out in which .utx file these icons are located ?
  8. It's amazing you keep responding as if i am mad.. i'm not .. but if you keep acting like a douche bag .. you may get me there...
  9. It's amazing how this dude is getting mad at something for no reason hahaha
  10. It's just that it looks very unprofessional and making people think that if you cannot invest 5$ for a proper domain you would probably won't spend money on a good project base and a good machine to build it.
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  12. WTS adena on valhalla new server, 1kk=1eur WTS 55 Greater wolf (best weapon, 3rd armor, juwel one before best) WTS spoiler 57.6 + sws 53.7 as gift, spoiler has cloak mp reg+pve+4 and mithril belt+4, theca set, replica AQ, 830 shards. various boosts. Pm me here or add me on discord V1P#1308 if you are interesting into something.
  13. I can't get the interface to work on a clean system, what can I do to fix it?
  14. [GR] Βασίλη, ο Αχιολεκ όταν πέρνει πίπα βάζει δόντι ? [GR]
  15. It does not matter "WHY" the download is needed. The point is it is 11 GB, takes 25+ mins to download, this server has no forum on its website, when so many interlude servers fail. Who would want to waste their time trying to connect to this server, when players can test 20 other servers in the same time it takes to connect to this server? I think having this download just makes it even more difficult to attract players when it is already challenging enough with a patch that takes 30 secs to attract and keep players. As i said GOOD LUCK!
  16. Can you explain the steps in a more detailed way, if a beginner in this field? I will be grateful if you give it to me. Thank you for your kindness
  17. If i consider your poor site & domain,you dont even have money for .fu :D
  18. Want to win 100$ ? Youtube event is on! read more information at : Youtube Event 100$ Prize!
  19. Everybody got an .com domain. Just because you advised me, I will buy .fu domain.
  20. Seriously there are people in 2020 using .tk domains? Find 5 euro's brother and get a .com atleast
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