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  2. Brut steal me 200 euros

    giving time for the accused to answer for himself its not something bad and maxtor should make it as a rule actually. yes some cases are 100% bannable but what if there is some info that change the whole situation? plus there should also be a note to buyers not to pay all the money upfront but a part of it to "close the job" and when the job is done then get the rest, cause if you pay all the money in front and they are for example 200euros many tempted to scam get ban make new account... and guess what paypal usually after a short of period cannot refund you usually thats a deadline for a work of amount of 200euros. PS: [4:54:58 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: We have double deal we should see the deal conversation it will explain alot cause RIP english [5:11:03 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: i got customers there [5:11:07 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: i can code they can sell [5:11:16 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: u wont archiveve anything [5:11:58 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: u just make yourself a target [5:12:25 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: ill just ask a fr to ddos all new gve servers and ull never open it anyway [5:13:02 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: i offered u a good chance to brake the chains [5:13:39 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: oh btw ill change my net and ill get an old acc with 1500 posts [5:13:52 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: and still u wont achiveve anything :P [5:32:13 μμ] Dev-BruTuS: cuz i don't care lFinalFantasyl if you want my opinion stick to paypal and refund your money with "unauthorized account activity" and that you did not make that payment, 99% you get the money back if (i am not sure 40 or 60 days) has passed from the transaction
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  4. set.getInteger("enchantmentLevel") so that this part is what makes the option to add in the xml in MultisellData it calls it so // Feed with a new ingredient. entry.addIngredient (new Ingredient (set));
  5. I already tried to change it set.getInteger("enchantmentLevel") for 0 When I go to buy the item, do not come ++
  6. Xml is missing enchantment level line. You could add default 0 in code.
  7. Hello, I'm testing here but it does not work on has this _enchantmentLevel but is incomplete more when I add the error! package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.multisell; import; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.kind.Armor; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.kind.Item; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.kind.Weapon; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.templates.StatsSet; /** * A datatype which is part of multisell system. It is either the "result" or the "required part" of a multisell action. */ public class Ingredient { private int _itemId; private int _itemCount; private int _enchantmentLevel; private boolean _isTaxIngredient; private boolean _maintainIngredient; private Item _template = null; public Ingredient(StatsSet set) { this(set.getInteger("id"), set.getInteger("count"), set.getInteger("enchantmentLevel"), set.getBool("isTaxIngredient", false), set.getBool("maintainIngredient", false)); } public Ingredient(int itemId, int itemCount, int enchantmentLevel, boolean isTaxIngredient, boolean maintainIngredient) { _itemId = itemId; _itemCount = itemCount; _enchantmentLevel = enchantmentLevel; _isTaxIngredient = isTaxIngredient; _maintainIngredient = maintainIngredient; if (_itemId > 0) _template = ItemTable.getInstance().getTemplate(_itemId); } /** * @return a new Ingredient instance with the same values as this. */ public Ingredient getCopy() { return new Ingredient(_itemId, _itemCount, _enchantmentLevel, _isTaxIngredient, _maintainIngredient); } public final int getItemId() { return _itemId; } public final void setItemId(int itemId) { _itemId = itemId; } public final int getItemCount() { return _itemCount; } public final void setItemCount(int itemCount) { _itemCount = itemCount; } public final int getEnchantLevel() { return _enchantmentLevel; } public final void setEnchantLevel(int enchantmentLevel) { _enchantmentLevel = enchantmentLevel; } public final boolean isTaxIngredient() { return _isTaxIngredient; } public final void setIsTaxIngredient(boolean isTaxIngredient) { _isTaxIngredient = isTaxIngredient; } public final boolean getMaintainIngredient() { return _maintainIngredient; } public final void setMaintainIngredient(boolean maintainIngredient) { _maintainIngredient = maintainIngredient; } public final Item getTemplate() { return _template; } public final boolean isStackable() { return (_template == null) ? true : _template.isStackable(); } public final boolean isArmorOrWeapon() { return (_template == null) ? false : (_template instanceof Armor) || (_template instanceof Weapon); } public final int getWeight() { return (_template == null) ? 0 : _template.getWeight(); } }

    Did not understand you) We try) Thanks for the compliment)
  9. [L2OFF] Lineage II Sin

    good luck my friend
  10. hello this is my fb : and all my contact links are provided on the first page as well
  11. You are the best. Thanks...
  12. selling pp 70 pr 70 pl set bop +4
  13. Yesterday
  14. [L2J] Order VS Chaos

    whatever you say :) You just need to check forums to see what I talk about your attitude towards players and how you deal with them. Everybody I know in that server think the same so I'm definitely not wrong here but anyways good luck ;)
  15. Brut steal me 200 euros

    Classic Brutus, take's money, can't code a shit, start conversation for random stuff (drugs, hip hop, his personal life) delay you 3-4 months and then say he can't do the job. And Classic Maxtor.
  16. But now! Moba Arena:


  17. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    With some special stuff from me. :D
  18. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    Dont forget we are running active events with great rewards
  19. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Wtf did you played classic at all? On 1.0 shots problem existed but I played Skelth and on 40 I had enough adena for Set, wep, jewels and later for dyes. That you don;t know profitable spots for farming or log farm 30 min and delog, after that qq for no adena, then problem is in you. On low rates usually u have enoght adena to buy what u need.
  20. As title says wtb HE or PR 70+ pm me here or add me skype giorgos.patsis(skelth)
  21. [L2J] Order VS Chaos

    Win? win what exactly? your imaginary game of ego? You complained about something, I told you to show an example and you avoided it. My last response was solely to show how players like you know only to complain - you are unable to show what you are complaining about, and even worse, you do the exact bad things you say i'm doing - the definition of a hypocrite. P.S. Funny you talk about ego yet you couldn't resist not responding, and with what? a complete off-topic troll response to a conversation you have started.
  22. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    i'll bring 12-17 ppl for a package of 3.
  23. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    send me nudes....
  24. NPC, Armors, Weapons, Cloak, Helmet, Effect for sale

  25. WTB WC58 / Destro65+ (Skelth)

    WTB wc 58+ also thnx!
  26. [L2J] Order VS Chaos

    Why am I not surprised that this is your response? This is exactly what I expected from you by saying "ok" your ego couldn't let me "win" thus you replied. Pretty funny, anyways great server I always enjoy every season I just don't get your attitude but whatever keep entertaining me please. P.S. this confirmed to me you're a kid, thanks xd.
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