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  2. When you run as ant build, you build executable jar files into your build folder. You have to replace them in your libs folder (it has a different destination in most packs) and after you restart your server the changed are applied. Although, there are some scripts like the one you 're mentioning in the first post that need to be replaced in the scripts folder in some forks, which is usually located in gameserver/data/scripts
  3. no clue never paid for it so couldn't say, but no matter what pcoder's price is for it, it's cheaper than anyone's going to ask you to pay for a bypass, personally I wouldn't sell a smartguard3 bypass that allows cracked adrenalin for any less than probably $1000 so just pay whatever pcoder's corrupt ass wants if you want to bot that badly
  4. really..? you are not answering my question and going around it.. I ask you about specific issue bit you're answering another one. I asked about java and you telling me to edit l2server files ? just tell me you don't know please see this video of my l2server files, I think there is missing files :
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  6. if you are not familiar with the copy/paste function you should probably read windows 98 tutorials.
  7. this is what I'm doing for l2server files.. but I'm asking about java for example: ..l2r\gameserver\communitybbs\ how do I replace it into l2server files?
  8. Selling adena on afterlife x3 server. STOCK 20kk / 1kk price is 3eur Contact me here or discord Neras#0478
  9. you don't have to edit htm files through eclipse(even though you can but it's so boring, because you have to build it again). Just download notepad++ (or just use any simple editor) and edit them directly from server side (c:/l2server/data/html/blabla) and ingame type //reload htm command.
  10. please be patient with me. I edited\gr\sr\javaBuffer\buffCommunity\dynamicHtmls\ I rebuild (right click on core\build.xml and run as 1 Ant Build) then .. what is the proper files to copy from eclipse destination and replace it with what in the gameserver folder ?
  11. you just edit a java file through eclipse, rebuild and replace the proper files (usually only jar files)
  12. ok, I made this new folder and merged and run the server. after that.. what about if I want to edit using eclipse.. how to save file into this new folder? please explain
  13. if u pay for adrenalin you'll get ~50% of the time it working perfectly fine through smartguard 3, akumu and pcoder have a deal for it
  14. Cześć, WTS char 85 z pełnym bostem na L2era X10 Classic wts char 85 i przedmioty
  15. Thanks , i already have an adapted code for sunrise the problem is that i don't know how to add , is a old source adapt . About elfo i already pm him on discord skype but no answer
  16. look for @Elfocrash be aware for scammers tho. good luck. or u can try adapting his interlude roboto to Sunrise. you can find its link by googling 'roboto elfo crash github'
  17. Hello there i want to buy phantom engine for l2jsunrise latest revision if any1 can help me pm me with price
  18. Hi, lf protection from l2neo on Jeremy > TTs quest... when talk with Jeremy char freezing and must use captcha, and captcha display on random place or in chat :)
  19. does great work for an amazing price very quickly, pleasant to communicate with. Will def use services again!
  20. Why not create a new file .u for your effect?
  21. Hello, you can disable community board from your server's configs. For example in acis it's: config/ EnableCommunityBoard = True
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