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  3. The whole code is like you're 18 and having s*x at the school's bathroom with your crush while classes, knowing that bell rings in 1 minute, so before everyone get down to the the yard you do a very fast and sloppy job. In short, null checks for no reason while instanceof occurs (and i hope people know that instanceof does a null check), useless else if while continue, this ... thing "Formulas.getInstance()", duplicated checks and structures that can be written in 1 line final Skill skill = SkillTable.getInstance().getSkill(skillEffectId, Math.max(1, skillLevel);
  4. [GR] Η εχει κενα καπου η τα backslash η οντως δεν αναγνωριζει τα Ελληνικα αν κ στη 14 που δουλευω τα Ελληνικα τα διαβαζει μια χαρα αν για παραδειγμα κανεις χρηση: Paths.get("C:\\Νέος Φάκελος").toFile() [/GR]
  5. new quest: find redudant null checks
  6. Basically it says that your URI contains invalid characters and it refers to this one: C:/Users/Manolis/Desktop/Νέος φάκελος And this can be because of the Greek "Νέος Φάκελος". Maybe those characters cannot be recognized by Java. It can be also some space or backslashes that you used or an invalid character. Show me the ItemHandler:34
  7. I told you exactly what to do and you didn't even bother search. https://bitbucket.org/MobiusDev/l2j_mobius/src/master/L2J_Mobius_C6_Interlude/java/org/l2jmobius/gameserver/handler/skillhandlers/Continuous.java There you need do your own check. Beside he already have something if ((creature instanceof Playable) && (target != creature) && target.isBuffProtected() && !skill.isHeroSkill() && ((skill.getSkillType() == SkillType.BUFF) || (skill.getSkillType() == SkillType.HEAL_PERCENT) || (skill.getSkillType() == Sk
  8. Everyone, meet our new Project L2 Viral. L2 Viral is a Gracia final pride style server offering many new features as well as extreme optimization on already existing features! Here is a "short" list of our features : I can keep going since there are actually quite some more to list in our features but i want to avoid a huge text waterfall If you're interested, please join our Discord to find out more. We just concluded our Alpha test which produced great results and will be moving on to a Beta test in a few days. You can also have a taste of what our ser
  9. If you can find Continuous.java you can add your check there. Pretty much you can add this check in multiple place even in L2Character but i would advice you to either search in Target handlers or in the file i mentioned.
  10. I understand that. But where i have to put this? // Anti-Buff Protection prevents you from getting buffs by other players if (activeChar instanceof L2PcInstance && target != activeChar && target.isBuffProtected() && !skill.isHeroSkill() && (skill.getSkillType() == L2SkillType.BUFF || skill.getSkillType() == L2SkillType.HEAL_PERCENT || skill.getSkillType() == L2SkillType.MANAHEAL_PERCENT || skill.getSk
  11. L2PcInstance, PlayerInstance, Player all the same just renamed by the project's "owner".
  12. No no, i try to find now on Mobius, class Continuous. Because i want to make buff protect and i do not know how to fix this. This is Topic from where i take it https://www.l2jbrasil.com/forums/topic/110508-code-menu-configure-settings/ I make all, but that i do not find and i don;t know where to put. On Player Instance it;s ok? And it it's ok, how i can do on PlayerInstance.
  13. No problem. Just please don't do any weird things to java.
  14. He can "trick" me and ask equivalent ammount ??? WTF.. This forum has suffered from old fashioned scammers and deMev is not an exception to this. Let me ask you this : You remembered to reply as his bitch 1 + month later after my first reply trying to defend a scambug with NO arguments. I don't care for the prices he is pricing his services neither I care less for what this douch is doing. All I am writing is that people who are going to have deals with him must be aware that what he asks is OUT OF THIS WORLD. If still someone has the money to spend and share it for free h
  15. This is like trying to get a female pregnant but from distance. It won't work until you come in touch. Basic biology and code extends real life so you have to do the same. You can't just create 2 methods (setter, getter) and expect any result. You need to link those to the file that handle the party request which is RequestJoinParty.java
  16. I do something, but with this method, i still can get party. private boolean _partyRefuse = false; // party refusal public boolean getPartyRefuse() { return _partyRefuse; } public void setPartyRefuse(boolean value) { _partyRefuse = value; }
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