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  2. WTS Adena at NA Classic Giran. 100K - 7.5 Eur Skype: Knaya81
  3. @BULLET1000 SERVICE: BulletProof(t.me/@BULLET1000) Dedicated servers (Servers monitoring, Fast setup, Server encryprion). BulletProof(t.me/@BULLET1000) Virtual servers - VPS/VDS (Wide range of OS Linux, Windows, including desktop editions). BulletProof(t.me/@BULLET1000) FastFlux (Fast and unbreakable Double Fastflux, Fastflux DNS, Support http and https). BulletProof(t.me/@BULLET1000) Domain registration and SSL certification. SysAdmin services. (Any administrative work for $25/hour). +7 years in business. +Full anonymously and confidentiality of your projects. +Online 365/24/7 technical support via jabber, icq and telegram. PRICES: Dedicated servers from $199 per month. Virtual servers - VPS/VDS from $139 per month. FastFlux from $999 per month. Domain registration from $49 per month. SSL certification from $249 per month. PAYMENT METHODS: WEBMONEY. PERFECTMONEY. BITCOIN or any cryptocurrency. 24/7 ONLINE CHAT FOR ORDER: Jabber: BULLET1000@exploit.im . ICQ Number: 539417 . Telegram: t.me/@BULLET1000 . RULES: ^ @BULLET1000 The service is not responsible for the financial loss of the customer. ^ @BULLET1000 Moneyback is absent. ^ @BULLET1000 When renting a server, the client agrees that no claims regarding the operability of its software after the server's lease are accepted. Specify before purchase. ^ @BULLET1000 The service is not responsible for blocking / losing access to domains registered for customers on their request. ^ @BULLET1000 The service is not responsible for blocking access to the servers to the servers by datacenters in case the client initially provided not exact data about what will be placed on the server. ^ @BULLET1000 Service in the right to refuse to the client without an explanation of the reason having returned the not spent means. ^ @BULLET1000 If a complaint is received from Spamhaus / Spamcop, the server will be immediately blocked. COLLABORATION: Resellers who are tired of the administration and the imperfections of their product, we are happy to take on your shoulders your concerns for customers. Right now we are developing an API for resellers - and you can safely work on our software under your own brand. Conditions we are ready to discuss individually. Respect, command "BULLET1000". PART OF THE REVIEWS: [SPOILER=PART OF THE REVIEWS][user = Magic] IP Range: 46.* Project: Scanning. Registration: 08/05/2018 We work with a man. Service level. Excellent technical support. Prosperity service. - IP Range: 193.* Project: Spoofing. Registration: 07/08/2017 All at the highest level, clearly and efficiently. Successes in Bizet. - IP Range: 46.* Project: Brutting. Registration: 01/01/2018 I ordered the server, they said they would do it by the next day. And indeed, within 12 hours they gave me a server. This is the first service where they did everything in the promised time! Usually, everyone else delayed at least a day! Start successful, I hope that the flight will be the same! - IP Range: 193.* Project: Scanning/Brutting. Registration: 08/11/2017 I use for a long time. service at the height, I recommend! - IP Range: 193.* Project: Botnet. Registration: 01/09/2017 I use the services, I am very pleased with the service, there are no complaints. If any questions arise, they are resolved promptly. Good luck to the service! - [user = W1sckeR] IP Range: 46.* Project: Zeus. Registration: 10.11.2016 there were a lot of problems with similar services .. I tried many times .. the server either didn’t keep my workload or there were frequent losses of communication. idle time was more than 2 weeks and many orders were lost (not unimportant), not fulfilled and money was returned back. He turned to the TS in the evening, he promised to give the server to the morning .. just like everyone else they say .. I went out! I worked with many people, this person was the first who fulfilled his promise and gave the server to the morning with the correct config. communication quality at a height (97-98% uptime), responsive support (there are several of them even) Most surprised me when I turned to the TS with a request to install 2 modules on the server .. I asked how much money I would have to install (the last host took $ 50 for each module) turned out to be free and fast. It is pleasant to communicate, take into account in. My opinion is a pleasant saller with whom you can work. - [user = Malware] IP Range: 46.* Project: Scanning. Registration: 10.11.2016 We work for several months - everything is super. thanks to the service - finally you don’t need to run around the hosters. - [user = The little black race] IP Range: 46.* Project: Spoofing. Registration: 10.11.2017 Respect and great prosperity service! all quickly and efficiently! - IP Range: 46.* Project: Fake. Registration: 03/12/2018 I took a server ... The man did everything faster than promised. Good luck and prosperity to your service. - [user = Ďęмøņ] IP Range: 193.* Project: Casino. Registration: 02/07/2017 The standard of comfortable hosting. I do not think that on these issues I will contact someone else in the future. [/SPOILER] -
  4. 1 kivotio sto 3 parakalw :P
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  6. Kalispera paidia Poulaw Service gia Ps3 kai Ps4 Fat Versions Ta Firmware files mazi me to tutorial text gia to pws ginetai opios thelei kai endiaferetai as mou stilei msg :) timi : 25$ Methodoi pliromis : PayPal
  7. I have talked with dev and he tried on my server and doesnt work, he'll try to make updates to make it run
  8. get urself straight. i won't be that friendly next time!
  9. My geodata enabled Stazis. give another geodata if u think there problem of geo # 2 = geodata and pathnode (search path) are included. GeoData = 2
  10. Hello, Selling acc in Giran NA server: 1. Destroyer 40 lvl with 2prof +1 VIP 2. BD 40 lvl with 2 prof + 1 VIP 3. Bishop or Prophet 40 lvl with 3 MARK quets for prophet, but if you wana Bishop I can change one of Mark. Skype: Spartas1
  11. l2.scripts can you send me system for helios please? I add to my skype : poleycabrera
  12. one friend just saw me the post....hahahaha i wanna cry for this boy from eola...he sell free acis files for moneys and i have vangath file since 2013!!!hahahaha who say to you this guy is the administrator of my server??i am the administrator of the server and i work with many advertisers around...also why i must pay shit acis files when i have official files for low - mid - pvp servers???hahahahahahahaha i will never spent my time for java files fake kid .
  13. this is from geodata enable your geodata
  14. We decided to unite our forces and offer you an old-time-classic unforgettable gaming experience this winter. L2Redmoon will be an x12 High Five server based on latest L2Tales sources revision. Massive community, minimal donation rewards and and uniqueness in all its greatness. www.L2Redmoon.eu www.facebook.com/La2Destiny
  16. just got Bop+10 and DoomLA+6 - Great price and Fast dilvery +++ Recomended
  17. really nice seller!! bought 290kk and BW+6 set and all went good!! +++
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