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  3. Sometimes we do ask in public while we are working on something. Ex stackoverflow to get an advice on how to improve our code or get a tip how to re-write it easier or bypass a mistake we did and we cannot solve. Yours is completely different. Help section seems like a request section. Hire a developer to solve your problem.
  4. You boring read and understand how a simple skill works Guys don't spend your time for such ppl Pathetic
  5. Moved to Private Servers.
  6. @EhoqDo not downvote because you didn't like an answer. This tool it's not supposed to work like that.
  7. UP UP 🙂 36kk adena = 15 USD Discord: LTDerMeister#2240 Via PAYPAL ! ! !
  8. Test update lobby IL https://prnt.sc/1ewxbec https://prnt.sc/1ewxqus
  9. Hi, check out our available accounts with: Zombie Ryze skin 😗
  10. sad story. if you are await when somebody do your "job" = you are in wrong place.
  11. Oblivion Arena: youtu.be/YZPYFH2Fefs

    Hellbound Round Arena: youtu.be/VJNk5aTkTFo

    Cemetery Farmzone: youtu.be/m34l8l_32lk

  12. No, I can not. It is beyond my comprehension
  13. no matter. Melron gave you good example. you need to copy LS Skills , variation data ( i have no idea how Mobius devs name this folder🙃) and edit it as Spoil.
  14. 9014 is pointless, did you add firewall exception for these 2 ports?
  15. i can login even i try 192.168.xxx.xxx or the actual problem is that the others cant login in my server. i ve speak on phone with my network provider and they told me that they seems to be ok. the ports i ve opened is 2106 9014 and 7777. i post my error in acis discord server too and they told me to use this code: but as i can see i dont have the problem in log in but my friends...
  16. Pied Piper of Dion - First event announced! Go to the forum, find out the details and share your opinion. www.l2sanctuary.pl/forum
  17. Moved to Private Servers.
  18. Wts SE 50+ 100 Euro pm of you are interesting. Best Regards
  19. is not the real 306, is the version 286 with another number, in 306 collection system was added and this editor doesnt support, so is not the correct.
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