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  2. I am not too sure if this is going to fix ur issue but try this: if (receiver == null || receiver != null && receiver.getClient().isDetached() && !(receiver instanceof FakePlayer))
  3. If you are looking into importing a method from the Core.jar into your code, first of all, place the Core.jar into the dist folder. After than, look for a list to import "the library" Core.jar, which you can google. Once you do that, try to open the Core.jar with Winrar and see the folder. It could be like com.something.something, when it comes to its folders. this is how you can import it into your code. I am not sure however if this is what you are looking for.
  4. Please read the rules before you create a topic. You placed your topic on the marketplace, where other people advertise that they either want to buy or sell, while your topic is related to a l2 discussion rather than a sale. I have also fixed your prefixes!
  5. Hello I have your project clicked in aCis java and registered in gameserver but my computer does not install the programs to bliud the Web could recover the file posted in the topic above Web Compiled
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  7. As in Title . I will buy an account or equipment on the l2 elite server PLS PM ME THX
  8. Shillien Templar SOS 85/80/75/75 with emailMoirai Heavy Set +44333 1800 attrVesper Cutter +3 Focus 300 WindFrintezza Necklace +3Vorpal Jewerly +4Cloack of Greenery +6Shirt +4 CPBatman RPG CloakFenrir 85 with top EQSkills OE 11 - 15 Hell Knight 85/80/75/75 Noblesse Skills +10+Cloak of Flame +5Need to change email or tranfer char. Shillien Saint 85/75 Noblesse with email Skills +10+Cloak of Flame +5 COV 83 BD 81 SWS 81 DOD 82 skype me matosu88
  9. Cause L2jBrasil. I am going to put here the installation guide, keep in mind this will be obsolete in some point, i have the guide updated in my forum. GUIDE: Pasos a seguir: - Todos los programas usados en esta guía están libres de virus o malware - Esta guia de instalacion está hecha para Windows, espero que los usuarios de Linux puedan hacerlo por su propia cuenta.1. Instalar OpenJDK 11: (aunque el video habla de OpenJDK 12, es bastante similar la instalación de OpenJDK 11)Enlace de descarga directa OpenJDK 11 (Windows 64 bits): Descargar e instalar IDE Eclipse: de descarga directa Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (Windows 64 bits): Configuracion basica de eclipse: Instalar SlikSVN: Instalar subclipse (plugin para eclipse): Descargar proyecto desde el repositorio de SVN: hacer checkout usar la URL: svn:// Construir y compilar datapack L2jFrozen 1.5: Instalar XAMPP: Instalar Navicat: Instalar servidor Lineage 2 Interlude (L2jFrozen 1.5): Citar 11. Asignar GMs a personajes:
  10. so then, but why did you ban Brazilians? now I can't move the frozen anymore
  11. If you are Brazilian, I have them all banned.
  12. The big problem here is getting the Classic Files, you can use L2jMobius, they have free versions: Be aware that those files are not from the official servers, L2j (Java) servers use reverse engineering to official servers. So, L2j (Java) servers try to copy the operation of an official server If you are ok with it, i can handle the installation and configuration, here is my contact:
  13. You must follow all the steps, you have no option. Getting the source code It is for your own benefit. The complete guide is here:
  14. Good evening, brothers, how are you? could someone post the latest compiled revision please, as it changed to java11, i installed java11 but still don't want to compile, the error!
  15. Be careful, they are scammers. After you pay, they don't respond/closing your chat. Anyone have same experience?
  16. Best middle man / trader / reseller ever excisted. community should begrateful he exists
  17. Dear, Would it be possible for someone to help me informing which files i need to edit to make this bar normal? With 4 bars over each other? In the attached photo is 2 to 2 next to the other. Thanks.
  18. Τη σχετική ανακοίνωση έκανε μέσω επίσημου λογαριασμού του στο Twitter, ο διευθύνοντας σύμβουλος της Alphabet και της Google, Sundar Pichai. Στο συνέδριο, η Google πρόκειται να παρουσιάσει τα σπουδαιότερα χαρακτηριστικά της νέας έκδοσης του mobile λειτουργικού συστήματος της, Android 11, τις τελευταίες βελτιώσεις στον Google Assistant ή στο Google Photos ενώ κατά πάσα πιθανότητα θα παρουσιάσει και τα νέα της κινητά Pixel 4a και Pixel 4a XL. Μαζί περιμένουμε να ανακοινώσει και άλλο hardware, που ενδεχομένως θα αφορά έξυπνα ακουστικά/ ηχεία κ.ά. View the full article
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