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  2. Walker AI update This update includes logic for the WalkerAI. All it really is, is that a player can have a set of nodes in which he can walk to and stay there for some amount of time. There are two types of movements, Linear (which will follow the nodes one by one) and random (which will randomize them). The WalkerAI class is an abstract class which you extend and you add your own nodes and duration as well as movement types. I added GiranWalkerAI as an example with some nodes and some duration but feel free to customize to make it look organic as you see fit. You can use the "//spawnwalker giran" in giran to test it. Im planning to add restrictions in which AIs can be applied where so there is no confusion with that goes where. Here is a little demo video. As you can tell this doesn't look real so feel free to modify it.
  3. EASTIP: 22428 RP: 100 Champions: 91 Skins: 21 Refunds left: 3 Rank: Gold II Price: 60 Euro
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  5. I say I'm going to complile the server and I'm missing this error. I make a mistake? You can help me? How can I make it? verifyRequirements: init: [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\Build\Scripts build [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\Build\Scripts build\classes [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\Build\Scripts build\dist [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\Build\Scripts build\dist\libs compile: BUILD FAILED C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\build_script.xml:34: Unable to find a javac compiler; is not on the classpath. Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK. It is currently set to "C:\Program Files\Java\Νέος φάκελος" Total time: 1 second
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  7. The idea behind the open source software just lost its meaning here. :D
  8. GR Official Spam Topic ☂

    Όποιος ξέρει κάνα hack για το tinder μήνυμα πλςςς
  9. I don't know what're you saying but the error says everything.
  10. WTS Accounts L2 Skelth

    sorry, i dont need it.
  11. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    You're welcome ape.
  12. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    0xa0xax0ax0a0ax0xa malakes eklapsa me ton Italooo AXAXAXAXXAXAXXAXAXAAX na'nai kala o pousths :D ena dakru kulhse : ')
  13. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    Better be a 0 forever then you for a day. Komplexed
  14. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    0 answer to my questions this is who you are a 0. Thanks for that answer I needed to prove myself again,,,, FTW JOIN ALL !!!!!!
  15. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    G O T A K E A F U C K You still don't understand,no one here is special,no one is trying here to bring players. Even a mongol like you know,have to realize that. The only one is asking to people to see somehow his project was different then the simple and perfumed shit is once again you. Since you paid someone to coding your java and did some datapack.Somehow it makes you special or your "project"? WTF is going with you? You were a ballicker 2 years ago,now you become someonelse? Might you not understand,you can even say w/e you want to people it's like you are "blah to blah to blah" , as you said you are out of the industry, but oh well if ya gotta go then ya gotta go. I hate to do this,i would love for this shit to last. You are repeating the same process everywhere,the same dude that would sell his mother for a 1 dollar toworrow. Get serious whore.
  16. l2warland wtb nice items / epic /gold Privat msg or add my skype
  17. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    Crabbed Good server !!!!
  18. WTS wts -> 61.5 necro skelth

    still selling
  19. WTS FEOH 102 95 % LV /WYNN 101 Shyni shirt +10 robe r99 +6 full att set octavis necle tauti braclet 5 slot brooch sepp 3 lv oppal 3 lv blue cat 3 lvl venirr 8 lv talisman of hellfire 1b aden r99 caster 300 fire 5 lvl sa
  20. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    What you want to say ? Describe it in a few words. You believe that you have the perfect server Y or N. Question A. You believe that by making fan of people telling them lies e.g. you worked in that project for 1 year and you are trustable Y or N. Question B. You believe that your project will last through the times for over 1 month this time ? Y or N. Question C. You believe by attacking to me this makes you having a bigger dick or you are more man than me ? Y or N. Question D. You believe that posting facts about the past which nobody cares, this will save your precious kind of "job" Y or N. Question E. You believe that your server is special to something or to any degree and describe about it. Y or N. Question F. Talk about facts and arguments for 1 time in your life then I could show you a decent respect. You come here asking fools to play to your crap by using Dav's work and you dare to still reply saying you are special ? WTF is going on with you people. P.s. Don't start the conversation about what I did better or if I had a better server than you that's not the case here. In here I am talking specifically about your crabbed server and only that and you should SHOW and ANSWER to the people why your server worths don't talk about my shit it's your time your topic your server. Got me bro ?
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