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  2. Hello, i try to found someone that sell that scripts,but currently no one have it to sell,and i see ppl on the server that have this scripts,any1 know where i can find it? thanks.
  3. Hello i have a error when i use //create_fake_players command, anyone can help me a little bit please? the problem is the array is outofbounds. Error: AdminFakePlayers.java: AdminCommandHandler.java
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  5. New website - details on skype. Skype ID:pashalisvrag Preview
  6. Forum has been upgraded to latest 4.3.1 . After the upgrade our theme wasnt supported anymore so we had to make a change temporary until we fix it. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Adding new member group is a hard task. You know.
  8. WTS Crystal dagger +10 +othell 8 offers pm
  9. Hello guys , sorry i don't know where i must put this topic . i have problem here , i'm trying to make l2.bin required 2 files to start the game " patcher.dll" "entry.dll" who can make it required please help me The Files : https://www95.zippyshare.com/v/UEgIOfYQ/file.html
  10. did you change in database the login IP address? it takes only xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx not strings double check your l2.ini is it localhost or remote connection?
  11. i have AW rly close to 58 lvl on skelth if interested pm me on skype...Zezzaraa nick
  12. Welcome @Don_Juan, Keep exploring but most importantly, congratulations for your baby!
  13. Hello everyone! For a long time I read the forum, but decided to register щтдн now. With the birth of a child, free time has become much less, I try to find it for my favorite hobby :) I will be very glad to new acquaintances. All good luck and a good day!
  14. Can anyone send me pm with this interface, please? :)
  15. there is nothing fake everything is like the topic's informations
  16. Wrong NAS propertie at firewall. problem solved. Close plz
  17. put this in l2 folder but i cant start the game, it's black screen when l2 window was opened ....
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