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  2. Just started to play on your server and my clanmate got banhammered from nowhere. Now his account is suspended and admin doesn't give a fuck (No answer) . The whole farm region is full of bots and no admin cares but my clanmate get banned for what reason?
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  4. I would have to agree with Anarchy on the whole not needing to go to school for this. I am a nurse admin by trade, but managed to get myself into L2Off extender development about a year and a half to 2 years ago, the hardest part for me was the asm/IDA understanding, but psudocode helped me tremendously visualize what might be going on somewhere, and has since helped me learn more about asm. After about a year of research and learning, i would say i am now pretty comfortably building my Classic-Antharas/Salvation extender, besides scripts, damn you scripts. In the end it really is just about how much you want to do it, and a matter of finding that one thing that makes you think "I am not stopping until i can manage to figure this out". Once that happened for me, is when my drive towards extender development really took off.
  5. If any hack in l2 Mafia or any working bot program
  6. well you definitely don't need to go to university for computer science to be able to do it, despite what a few people around the interwebs might say :D i haven't taken a single class or read a single book about programming and i get by pretty well... you just gotta learn assembly is the short answer, i don't really know any good guides or courses for it i just learned by example, looking at code vs compiled and seeing how it works that way is what i did... but once you know assembly it's then just a case of cracking open ida and doing the leg work on researching how all the systems work and integrate with each other, that's the thing which takes significant time, i've been working on l2off exes of various vintages since like 2005 and there's still systems i don't really understand and new things i discover so it's a pretty never ending process but that's the fun part for me or i wouldn't still be doing it :D
  7. Next? Different teams,style,projects. Reality will come back at autumn
  8. This patch spam all time Iordanov Interface and this delete Chat history every time....
  9. Selling my char on Skelth server Spectral Dancer almost 79 lvl +zaken cloack with top c duals and bw heavy set + all rewards pm me for more info NOT A BOT BUT MAIN CHAR - 200 euros
  10. I'm not even sure anything serious came out in the past 2 years.
  11. So i am most of the time out of stock on l2zaken and I saw him shouting ingame that he is selling cheap DPs so i contacted him for resell. We did our first trade i sent him euro and forwarded customers nick he said sent but customer wasn't able to to login as he was in work but since i saw his website and vk.com i assumed its a trusted seller. However when my customer came home and opened l2 box there was not mail so i contacted this adena.zone if he can provide proofs of sent ingame mail to that nick (which as you know stays in mailbox for 14 days or so). I had a mail screen from my customer so i only needed mail from adena.zone to know who is scamming if its customer which is possible or adena.zone. Adena.zone keep telling it was delivered but when i ask for screen he is "busy" on skype and keep telling me that his supplier delivered the goods but he does not want to send screen of mailbox :). So i have to ofc refund customer from my pocket. That is what happens when you buy from RU sellers their customers support is 0 they only care for receiving euro and then dont care anymore if its delivered or not they are having tons of suppliers (players) and they do not have controll over the ingame thing, they act just like a middleman and forward order to their suppliers. I guess he didn't even logged once on that server lol. Lesson to learn do not always trust those fancy RU sites selling items for cheap their customer service is 0 and they do not send the goods themselfs. I will never again buy items from any of this ru website again i made an exeption because this customer was in hurry. I hope this topic stays here as a warning for potencial victims.
  12. You *forgot* to mention what you get in return
  13. Hi, Orc monk 41 lvl 14 days SUB left Elf wizard 40 lvl 94% 14 days SUB left 15 Euro Each
  14. I guess i will nees to learn adapt some customs from here.
  15. You know ami dont want to be a trash who cant fix anyrhing on my own and need to wait for someone to do it for me :)
  16. hire a dev to make for you the pack you looking for and you will have the support too.
  17. You know its not always about the time its more about motivation you have.
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