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  2. I did. I just wanted to get it sorted soon before my hair becomes white from getting pissed off about it :p Thank you for advice :)
  3. wts DB+10 // 1 drac set // 3 set TT + 0 // 1 set TT + 5 // 2 set DC robe // 10 mid lf // 8 top lf // MATS // some more itens... 60 euro
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  5. Thnx you..Dont forget check our event.
  6. i've used so far server 2008 2012 and 2016 for windows 7 and 10 also run smooth no issues but didnt test for long time since i only installed it to make some php applications about sql server as people say 2008 is the best from my experience
  7. Hey guys! We want to share the community our new LogParser, its very similar to legacy parser from Mono, but based on multithreading and works much faster
  8. Dear friends! October updates for all AdvExt extenders, such as - Interlude Remastered, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue and High Five already available! Main updates, changes and fixes: + Dynamic multisell reload without server restart has been added; + Special taxes system for Private Store Buy/Sell/Manufacture, which will help to protect your server economy from inflation has been added; + System to disable showing of the cloaks on other players, which will help to optimize game client has been added; + System to protect traders at peace zones has been added (other players used to pull monsters, for example from Isle of Prayer to kill traders by mobs mass skills); + New parameter for skill data, which allows skills, such as Block Wind Walk, remove buffs only if it has successfully affect on player but not always after use has been added; + Possibility of changing the duration of "flagged" state has been added; + Possibility of removing CRP from clan, that drop Clan War has been added (it will help to prevent the situation when sone clans are dropping war everytime they want, which ruin the game process); + Configs with duration of disappearing pets after they died or hungry has been added; + Bug with Epic Bosses that stuck on players that use hide skill has been fixed. + LogParser developed by our team has been added. It work much faster then old version by Mono which is still in use. A bit information about the key changes over the past year from us and our customers: * We doubled the team over 2 years and unlike most developers on the market - we have a full-fledged job, not a hobby. * We were able to make VIP support (priority support for large servers) - an open service, because our team-resources has been increased to provide such important service. * We offer our consultations on the development of game design documents (also known as concepts), monetization and other tools for attracting and retaining players on your product. * We can develop a client, including creating our own extenders for it. * A system of "costumes\suits" has been developed. A feature that has not surprised anyone in Java for a long time has finally available on PTS servers. In addition to costumes that visually replace the appearance of the armor - we've made a visual replacement for the appearance of the weapons. The system selects the appearance of weapons depending on what type of weapon is equipped with a character. There are plans to expand the system to the visual appearance of pets and summons. At other games this system is also known as "skins". * Our own authorization server is made and because of that allows to automatically load offline traders after server restart. * Classic-like Olympiad system has been made, which allows to participate in the Olympus without noblesse status and on low level (which can be set manually). * Supporting for Strix Guard and Active Anticheat has been added. * Prime Shop (Premium Server) has been reworked. At the standard version settings for items\goods inside has been expanded, according to the time of offer, discounts, limited flow and in the extended version there is an opportunity to buy currency in the service for Adena or Donation coins. Timeline of major server opening on our platform during 2019 (more than 1000 online): January: Ketrawars Interlude remastered x1,with stage system and classic-like olympiad games; Shock-World. High Five x10. February: L2origin. Gracia Final. March: Valhalla Age. Hybrid product of HF server with Interlude scripts + stage system + classic-like olympiad; April: L2E-global. Interlude Final x7 (author's development of Interlude) Shock-World. The Final Frontier x7 (author's development of Interlude) July: L2E-global. Gracia Epilogue August: Ketrawars x1 Interlude Remastered ValhallaAge x3 Lineage 2 Remastered September: Shock-World x3 TFF Gracia Epilogue Based on this brief info, several conclusions can be made that will bust some myths: It’s better to take the Java assembly and make it by yourself because there are no presets.. - Of course this is also an option and it will work, but how how long will it take? PTS can not be modified. - As you can see it can be done. A lot of big opening - are author's development servers, which set Interlude server on the next level. There are no chance that my server will success without custom development. - You can successfully open on the stock product by developing only the server concept, monetization, and not spending a years on making a stable the server. If you are already our client - do not forget to update, sign up for support and use the best and most relevant PTS product on the market! More details you can find by following this link. If you are still not the owner of our product and you want to get acquainted with it personally - we want to remind you that our servers are available to everyone, both test ones with constant access and GM characters and trials for 3 days, with the ability to install a server at home and check it up and down.
  9. Η ταινία «Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker» κλείνει την τελευταία τριλογία ολοκληρώνοντας έναν κύκλο που διήρκησε πάνω από σαράντα χρόνια. Να θυμίσουμε ότι η επερχόμενη ταινία Episode IX είναι η τρίτη από μία σειρά ταινιών που συνεχίζει την ιστορία του «Skywalker» μετά τις πρώτες αυθεντικές ταινίες, τις Episode IV – A New Hope (1977), Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) και Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983). Πριν ωστόσο από την σύγχρονη αυτή τριλογία που αποτελείται από τις ταινίες Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015), Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017) και Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019) είχε προηγηθεί μία τριλογία από prequels, με τους τίτλους Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999), Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002) και Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005). Στο trailer που δόθηκε στη δημοσιότητα η Ren βρίσκεται για ακόμη μία φορά αντιμέτωπη με τον Kylo Ren, ενώ ο Emperor Palpatine επιστρέφει αποφασισμένος. Το Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker θα κάνει πρεμιέρα στους κινηματογράφους στις 20 Δεκεμβρίου του 2019. View the full article
  10. i have am+8 admin make an update to looks like +4 wtf is that
  11. Before edition you need to find what the template name uses for creating InstanceWorld in target script.
  12. Server closed, lock the topic.
  13. Lineage II Infinite Odyssey Underground system download - $Revision: #28 $ [ NA/EU ] L2 exe + Engine.dll + Core.dll unpacked themida [ unpacked - AlisaCodeDragon ] [patched] ( NOGG) off game guard off FROST MODULE <------------------------------------------> change game port Target engine.dll hex offset replace 00 68 3A 08 00 00 8B 1D - 2106 GAME PORT ( original ) 00 68 0A 1A 00 00 8B 1D - 6666 GAME PORT ( new 1 ) 00 68 05 0D 00 00 8B 1D - 3333 GAME PORT ( new 2 ) <------------------------------------------> <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Protection Crushers Reverse Engineering witch's hammer Team Exploring Dark Side of the Web <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  14. jajajaja :) is funny to see hater try to make bad show. l2Warland = Full PVP, Full PVE, Full PPLS, GM is the most professional he build a server with a lot of unique event, services, to never see it on any other server all of this years, Farm Assistant, League of Legends, Castle War, Spartans King, a great community board, no PayToWin. LAG is 0 in 99,99% of world and 100% on PVE but in mass pvp Yes LAG exist maybe 2-3 sec a this time , we wait a new update about that. Number grow up every day, i am sure you not play here for this reason you not know or simple LIE for your reasons. About adrenaline , need to count daily ban for boting :D :D gm say in the last week ban 100+ account for boting we not see other server to fight too hard Adrenaline. We are BIG FUNS of L2Warland the best server 2019-2022 Haters can Hate his OWN Life :)
  15. It's hard-coded inside sources. If you have sources, search for that message, use search tool or check EnterWorld class.
  16. When Does TFT Set 2 Come Out? You only need to wait three weeks! “Rise of the Elements will be released on November 5th in the LoL client,” so sayeth Riot. Interesting that the developer has the launch slated for a Tuesday, rather than the traditional Wednesday, but we ain’t complaining. The bulk of Rise of the Elements should be on the TFT PBE next week. Isn’t that a mouthful? What’s Included in Rise of the Elements? Riot has promised new Origins, Classes, Champions, and Items for TFT sometime in the future. We can also expect more cosmetics — including Little Legends and Arena Skins. You better believe Riot will happily have you compete for more rewards like these for as long as you’re interested in playing.The set is also coming with a bigger board with four rows instead of three. Will the Ranked Ladder be Reset? Yes! Riot says those who played during the beta will be rewarded, but has not explained how or when. We’ll have to figure that out when Set 2 is closer to release. Make sure you stay tuned! What is in TFT Set 2? Riot has started to release details! Sadly, at least for the sake of clarity, each announcement has been spread across different influencers. This means that the community has had to translate things from a handful of different languages, meaning some things may be incorrect. All of the details below have been gathered from the TFT subreddit and various Rioters on Twitter. New features Elemental Hexes: Every game there will be two elemental hexes randomly on the board. Putting units on them provides them with a buff. They take up an item slot and provide: Ocean: +30 starting mana. Inferno: +30% attack speed. Wind: +30% dodge. Mountain: +30 permanent HP per round for the rest of the game. Origins Desert: Gain 50/90% (2/4) Armor Penetration. Inferno: Burns the ground for 5 seconds and inflicts 80/150/250% of spell damage over time. Poison: Damaging a unit applies a neurotoxin that raises that unit’s mana cost by 50%. Machine: When health is below 50%, Machines gain immunity for 2/3/4 seconds. (2, 3, 4 Machines) Berserks: Berserks run towards the closest enemy. They have a 40/60% (3/6) chance to cleave enemies and deal 100% AOE damage. Ocean: All allies gain 10/25/40 additional mana every 3 seconds. Shadow: ??? Light: ??? Woodlands: At the beginning of the round, a random Forest champion clones themself. (3) Lightning: Shock nearby enemies when Lightning units deal 60/200/500 (2/3/4) damage or receive critical hits. Mountain: At the start of combat, one random ally receives a Stone Shield with 1500 HP. (2) Variable: Changes every game. Randomly Wind, Inferno, Oceans, or Woodlands. Classes Summoner: ??? Mystic: ??? Mage: After casting a spell, Mages have a 50/100% (3/6) chance to double cast. Master: More HP + Lasting Units Alchemist: Alchemists ignore collision and never stop moving. Warden: Warden’s total Armor is increased by: 100/250/400 (2/4/6). Assassin: Increase crit strike chance by 75/150% and crit damage by 10/20% (3/6). Druid: ??? Blademaster: Blademasters have a 40% chance for 1/2/3 (2/4/6) additional attacks. Ranger: Has a 30/65/100 (2/4/6) chance to double attack speed for the next 3 seconds. Berserker: Berserkers jump to the nearest enemy. They have a 40/80% (3/6) chance to cleave and deal 100% AOE damage. Predator: Any damage a Predator deals to an enemy below 25% HP will execute them for an instant kill. Crystal: ??? Set 2 Champions 1 Cost: Vladimir (Ocean, Mage): Vladimir damages a target enemy, healing himself for the damage health. Zyra (Inferno, ???): Summon two untargetable Flame Spitters on the corners of the arena. Attacks closest enemies. Nasus (Light, Warden): Nasus temporarily enrages, gaining bonus health and damaging adjacent enemies for each second of the duration. Ivern (Woodlands, Druid): ??? Renekton (Desert, Berserker): Renekton swings his blade, dealing 150/275/400 physical damage to nearby enemies and restores 150/250/350 health on hit. Maokai (Woodlands, Druid): Gives the lowest health champion a 200/400/600 HP shield that lasts for 5 seconds. Ornn (Lightning, Warden): Ornn unleashes lightning bolts in a cone in front of him, dealing 100/200/300 magic damage to all enemies hit and increasing critical strike chance against them by 20% for 4 seconds. Taliyah (Mountain, Mage): Taliyah causes the ground to rise under the enemy with the most Mana, inflicting 150/325/500 magic damage and throwing it toward her (if ranged) or away from her (if melee). Vayne (Light, Ranger): When Vayne hits the same target three times with basic attacks, it deals true damage equal to 8/12/16% of the target’s maximum health. Warwick (Glacial, Predator): Warwick pounces onto the lowest health enemy, stunning and damaging them while healing himself. Kog’Maw (Poison, Predator): Kog’Maw shoot a projectile. After a short delay, it lands on a random enemy dealing 125/275/425 damage. 2 Cost: Syndra (Ocean, Mage): Syndra conjures a Hydro Sphere at a target location that damages enemies. Diana (Inferno, Assassin): Diana creates three orbs that rotate around her and explode when she hits an enemy, dealing 60/100/140 magic damage. In addition, Diana generates a shield that lasts 3 seconds and absorbs the next 150/250/350 of damage she receives. LeBlanc (Woodlands, Mage, Assassin): LeBlanc launches an ethereal current towards a random enemy, inflicting 200/450/700 damage and stunning them for 1.5s after a brief interval. Braum (Glacial, Warden): Braum raises his shield toward the furthest enemy, reducing incoming damage from that direction and blocking projectiles. Jax (Light, Berserker): Jax dodges for 2 seconds then strikes nearby enemies for 150/250/350 damage and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Thresh (Ocean, Warden): Thresh throws his lantern to the lowest-health ally, shielding them and nearby allies for a few seconds. Yasuo (Wind, Blademaster): Yasuo blinks to and knocks up the enemy with the most items for 1 second, attacking the target 3/5/7 times. Varus (Inferno, Ranger): Varus channels his spell for 1.5 seconds, then fires a piercing arrow that deals 225/450/675 magic damage to all enemies on the way. Rek’Sai (Steel, Predator): Rek’Sai deals 200/550/900 damage to an enemy. Malzahar (Shadow, Summoner): ??? Skarner (Crystal, Predator): ??? 3 Cost: Veigar (Shadow, Mage): Veigar blasts an enemy with magical energy, dealing damage. Instantly kills enemies at lower star levels than Veigar. Kindred (Shadow, Inferno, Ranger): Wolf rushes at the target of Kindred inflicting 150/325/500 magic damage, while Lamb jumps away from the target. Azir (Desert, Summoner): Azir summons a Sand Soldier for 6 seconds. Whenever Azir attacks, Sand Soldiers attqack too. They damage enemies in a line. Aatrox (Light, Blademaster): Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemies inside it. Dr. Mundo (Poison, Berserker): Dr. Mundo creates a toxic cloud around him for 8 seconds. It deals 40/110/160 + 1.25% of his maximum health to all nearby enemies every second and heals him by 100/150/200% of this value. Nocturne (Machine, Assassin): Every third hit, Nocturne is strengthened and inflicts damage on all nearby enemies. Restores 75/100/125% of the inflicted damage as health. Ezreal (Glacial, Ranger): Fires a frozen shot at the lowest HP enemy, applying on-hit effects. Nautilus (Ocean, Warden): Nautilus sends out a depth charge that seeks out the furthest enemy champion, knocking them up and stunning them for a really long time. Sivir (Desert, Blademaster): For 5 seconds, each of Sivir’s auto attacks bounces up to 10 times. Each bounce deals 100/125/150% damage and applies on-hits. Qiyana (Variable, Assassin): Qiyana dashes to the side of her target and throws a blast of wind through them, damaging and stunning enemies it passes through. Soraka (Light, Mystic): ??? 4 Cost: Annie (Inferno, Summoner): Summon Tibbers to deal area damage, Tibbers deals a lot of magic damage with his auto attacks. Twitch (Poison, Ranger): For 8 seconds, Twitch gets unlimited range and 100/125/150% AD. All of his attacks will pierce targets and apply on-hit effects to each target. Kha’Zix (Desert, Assassin): Kha’Zix takes stealth and attacks the enemy with the lowest health after 2/1.5/1 seconds, causing critical strike damage automatically and restoring 5/10/15 mana. Janna (Wind, Mystic): Janna casts a wind blast that last 3 seconds. It heals allies for 30/40/80% of their max HP and stuns nearby enemies for 1 second. Malphite (Mountain, Warden): Malphite advances toward a random enemy, dealing 125/200/275 damage and knocking all nearby enemies into the air, stunning them for 2/2.5/3 seconds. Ashe (Crystal, Ranger): For 5 seconds, Ashe gains 50/75/100% attack speed. While active, her basic attacks fire a 5-arrow burst that deals 50/85/120 physical damage. 5 cost: Singed (Poison, Alchemist): Singed leaves a poison trail wherever he walks, dealing 400/800/1200 damage over 4 seconds. Zed (Electric, Assassin, Summoner): Zed creates a clone identical to him behind his current target. This clone can also conjure up flash, and inherit the items, attributes, and current HP of Zed. Taric (Crystal, Warden): After a delay, Taric and all nearby allies become invulnerable for a few seconds. Nami (Ocean, Mystic): Nami sends a massive wave towards a random enemy, damaging and knocking up enemies it passes through. Grants allies it passes through bonus magic damage on hit. Master Yi (Shadow, Mystic, Blademaster): Master Yi recovers 25/50/75% health and becomes untargetable for 1.5 seconds. After that, he gains 100/150/200 magic damage on-hit for 6 seconds. All credits goes to Also , a more in depth video explaination from hafu here:
  17. Στο άρθρο του Bloomberg, υποστηρίζεται ότι η Apple σκοπεύει του χρόνου να παρουσιάσει ένα ζευγάρι γυαλιά επαυξημένης πραγματικότητας (AR, Augmented Reality). Υποτίθεται ότι θα διαθέτουν «ολογραφικές οθόνες» και θα συγχρονίζονται με το iPhone του χρήστη για να απεικονίζουν κείμενο, τον καιρό ή μηνύματα ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου. Οι τελευταίες φήμες μάλιστα κάνουν λόγο για «integration» με τους χάρτες της εταιρείας (Apple Maps) καθώς και για υποστήριξη παιχνιδιών. Το τελευταίο σημαίνει ότι οι συνδρομητές της υπηρεσίας Apple Arcade ενδεχομένως θα έχουν τη δυνατότητα να παίξουν μία σειρά από τίτλους AR την ώρα που φορούν τα γυαλιά τους. Λέγεται επίσης ότι η Apple προσλαμβάνει ειδικούς τόσο στον χώρο των γραφικών όσο και της ανάπτυξης παιχνιδιών για να διασφαλίσει ότι τέτοιου είδους παιχνίδια θα είναι διαθέσιμα στο λανσάρισμα των γυαλιών. Η Apple μάλιστα σκέφτεται να ανακοινώσει ένα «dedicated» app store για τα γυαλιά AR, παρόμοιο με αυτό που ανακοίνωσε για το smartwatch της, Apple Watch. Από εκεί, οι χρήστες θα μπορούν να κατεβάσουν παιχνίδια και apps που έχουν αναπτυχθεί ειδικά για τη νέα φορετή συσκευή της Apple. Εκτός από το Bloomberg, και ο γνωστός αναλυτής Ming-Chi Kuo της εταιρείας TF International Securities εκτιμά ότι η Apple του χρόνου θα αποκαλύψει τα γυαλιά επαυξημένης πραγματικότητας, αλλά πιστεύει ότι η αποκάλυψη θα γίνει στα μέσα της χρονιάς. Όμως τα γυαλιά, δεν θα είναι η μοναδική συσκευή που θα προωθήσει την χρήση της επαυξημένης πραγματικότητας από του χρόνου, καθώς το επερχόμενο iPad Pro αναμένεται να διαθέτει έναν «dedicated 3D sensor» για περιεχόμενο AR ενώ και η σειρά iPhone 12 Pro που θα παρουσιαστεί τον Σεπτέμβριο της ίδιας χρονιάς αναμένεται να διαθέτει τον ίδιο αισθητήρα. PhoneArena View the full article
  18. Hello, how can i remove auto announcements? I did try to delete file "auto-announce.xml" , i re-type every announce my own in the file "announcements", also i check in-game announce menu, there is no any message and this is still appearing in every hour: Im new to all of this, if someone can tell me how to remove it. Thanks
  19. @AbsolutePower you can report such bugs here :)
  20. Good afternoon everyone. I need your help for troubleshooting the following error: I've tried to run a clear installation of the database, recompiled the pack, but without any changes, from the original work.This happened suddenly and unexpectedly. I am running stock L2JHellas coding.Looking forward for your help.
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