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  2. απλά θα κάνεις τα καινούρια class με το όνομα που βλέπεις σε κάθε class και θα κάνεις μέσα επικόλληση ότι γράφει γιαυτό δεν έχει +. δεν είναι κάτι πρόσθετο σε ήδη υπάρχοντα classes.
  3. nice NPC you could share some custom stats if you like to make it better :)
  4. TRIGGERERD :D Sure dude, sure... not 2 weeks server at all :D
  5. soon incoming back, dont worry its not like your server every 2 weeks new season, now stalonka had 1y break
  6. Then why didn't you say so, here you go: http://l2tales.com Oh wait, its dead :( having hard time finding a new purpose in life?
  7. Something like this? Image From Vote System
  8. Nice one mate, i've update it your topic title, don't forget to add the same on your next shares.
  9. i want see again 3 days server :(
  10. Updated. Added how to use Hidden Content. Ενημερώθηκε. Προστέθηκε πως να χρησιμοποιήσετε το Κρυφό Περιεχόμενο.
  11. WoW i love this color so much. It's very beautiful. Wish i could give you +1 but i spend it on Elfocrash
  12. Well, there goes my first share then... Not my own job but still...
  13. u wrote it wrong : When is the new donate season?
  14. **Not Mine** Fafurion Grand Boss for Interlude (can be adapted for other chronicles aswell) System files only. Found on another forum Credits: ★BlackStar★ Link: [Hidden Content]
  15. Today
  16. CHARS : wc noblesse 79 lvl main elven elder 78 lvl bd 79 lvl wl 79 lvl sws 79 lvl prophet 79 lvl saggitarius 78 lvl noblesse bishop 78 lvl items: doom heavy set / bw heavy set / mj light set / mj robe set / tallum heavy set / 2 x Tallum heavy set / dc robe set DRACONIC SET IC BOOTS GLOVES HELMET MAJOR BOOTS GLOVES HELMET Draconic set +6 / DB FOCUS +6 2 set tts +3 / mj set 2 hd focus 1 db focus 2 db clean 100kk adena 10 ews 120 eas AND ITEMS ENCHANTED PM ME IN SKYPE more info pm me skype : Partytime1993 FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/tasoslazaridiss
  17. this is the last problem that i will care about since the creator of interface said it works perfect which always was a lie i cannot do anything AI Bot works with next target method u cannot make a bot working 100% perfect trought interface so..
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