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  3. Then I think its impossible to show damage on screen using retail c4 files. Some external apps like L2 Control have this feature (i tried it and worked) but i was looking to do it from inside the files like later chronicles. Anyways, thanks for your time
  4. You can edit your interface in order to have 1 skill bar. As for the size, could be a coincidence, he probably removed redundant maps etc
  5. BUMP, topic updated with fresh items.
  6. But server still have 1 skill bar, if you downgrade interlude wouldnt you have 3 bars? And modified client download size is 2.2 gb (same as c4), while interlude is almost 3gb. Not sure if he downgraded interlude or he did modify c4
  7. Hello. I am using the Lucera project and there is a small problem with the auction that I can't solve. So, as seen in the code the auction shows 10 items on each page. There should be 10 items on the 2nd page for the 2nd page to appear. For example, when you add the 11th item the 2nd page should appear but it does not. How can this be overcome? Thanks for your attention and help! Script link: https://www.codepile.net/pile/em1jz20D
  8. Try to use a full wiped base and test .. if this happen again .. hire a dev .. like @BruT
  9. classic is way better ,thats true but i had already created this project and its almost done ..
  10. Strange By the way leave c6 .. go classic xd
  11. when i downloaded sources i installed database from them, i didn't download sql backup or an compiled pack ,so sql was wiped and clear.
  12. It's 100% used bad database Full wipe and try again If problem remains u have done something I source I used that source and was fine I had same bug but that was from sql with bad wipe
  13. He didn't modify c4 client, he just downgraded interlude one
  14. Hi everybody, i would like to know if it is possible to have system message on screen like damage in C4 client. I noticed that systemmsg-e.dat file is very diferent to interlude, so of course even using L2lige you cant change that. I saw a russian server modified client a bit , adding interface.u and interface.utx files, and systemmsg-e.dat looked more like interlude or higher chronicles. so my question is if it is possible to have this message on screen with retail C4 client? thx in advance
  15. I need to know how to enchant the skills, especially the passive for armor:PDEF or Evasion? Swift or PATK?
  16. Does anybody know how to fix the issue with the glitched display message of adena acquisition? I've went through SystemMsg.DAT and everything looks good.
  17. There is a report section on the forum. Check it out.
  18. Hello there. Welcome to MxC and enjoy yourbstay
  19. Hi there! I meet one Catalina in PY 2 years ago hehe
  20. Hi, Glorien. Welcome and have a nice stay.
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