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  2. when you say better client desing, ask for textures of interface? is there around forum a custom interface.
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  4. + you dont have to use vnc but remote desktop, way faster
  5. Usually dubious critical errors come up when you are casting/transforming/switching between 2 instances and trying to teleport at the same time. Although there are plenty more reasons
  6. Share with us here [Report] Scammers your proofs and we take care of it.
  7. He is a legit scammer guys, unfortunately he stole me too, don't ever trust him I have all proofs if anyone ask
  8. New Features: Code rewritten in Java, eliminated Kotlin code. Implemented new configuration system. New mods administration panel. Cleaning and reorganization. Java 14 support. Images of admin panel:
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  10. I’m so horny and just want to play. Find me on Kik: HERE
  11. Trusted seller, fast delivery after the payment
  12. Guys i am taking critical error on teleport not always maybe every 3/4 teleports taking criticall error not only me some beta testers too. Please help

  14. someone could recommend me too
  15. WTS archmage 82 85% l2 liona classic BoMT +8 lvl 4 water pendant // 4 star water spirit // lvl 3 nebula neck 6 talisman braclet: aden +5 //eva +3 // speed +3 //venir 1 //authority 1 Brooch 4 slot: lvl 4 Garnet // lvl 4 Blue Cat // lvl 3 saphire // lvl 3 diamond // lvl 3 pearl // lvl 3 vital Merlin aghation WIT hat + 2 enchant + 6 Aden cloak Earth Belt Olympiad Dolls Not a top tier char but selling on low price. Better than donating for a new char. WTS bishop 84 34% l2 liona classic Major robe ( -7% recived dmg augment) +5 wizard tear (imprint) +8 lvl 3
  16. 📀 NoAdvantage 🍥Classic x3🍥Substack 1+1 with revamped skills 📀 01.10.2020 - 20.12.2020 ➡️ Closed beta test 20.12.2020 - 01.01.2021 ➡️ Open beta test 02.01.2021 ➡️ Grand opening Website: Discord: Promo Movie: Check out news, fragments of short videos and screenshots on our website. Modern server with a creative approach to the present times. You will not find such things anywhere. Join us and you will see difference. See you in the game soon!
  17. Login window Now it is possible to hide / show the password (by default, the password is hidden) Farm bot now excludes monsters that are higher or lower by 500 now by default excludes monsters with empty name (no name) Icon output now displays tank charges Olympiad added a window with information about the enemy (nickname / class) added calculation of the total amount of incoming / outgoing damage added time until the end of the battle with a countdown Auto. enchanting com
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