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  1. Hi everyone! This is the official topic of the server on MaxCheaters. Why did we choose Lineage II Classic? We want to maximize your gaming experience by all the extras that the newest client comes with. Simple things such as the damage/heal indicators, new video rendering options but also bigger and more important things like the immensely possibility for unique content-creation, old bug fixes and more. Website: https://www.lineage2.gold/ Discord: https://discord.gg/XSwcw8y
  2. Hello everyone, here i come to introduce our Low rate Hardcore Server project. Welcome to the World of Lineage 2 Our project is based entirely on chronicle interlude, But with some Classic stuff and with some unique things never seen on other servers. OPENING: 21/10/2022 - 18:00 -3GMT BETA TEST: 15/10/2022 to 18/10/2022 Opening and Beta test Informations https://forum.playlineage2.com/threads/grand-opening.7 Site: https://playlineage2.com/ Forum: https://forum.playlineage2.com/ Main information: Rates: EXP x0.1, SP x0.5, Drop x0.3, Spoil x0.5, Adena x0.3, Raid Boss x0.8, Seal Stones x0.7, Quest x0.3 The duration of the buffs: Retail Class Spoiler added new skill: Festive Sweeper (Level 28 need Fighterbook) Warrior MP Recovery Potion (40mp) can only be achieved via Attendence Check and Missions All Fighter Classes had their skills added to the "Fighterbook" Several starting skills and first professions will be possible to buy from the NPC like spellbooks. Some specials will be drop only. —— Drop List [HERE SOON] NO GMSHOP ONLY 1 BOX per PC NO SHADOWS WEAPONS Classic Stuff: Bracelets: Iron Bracelet, Bronze Bracelet, Steel Bracelet, Bracelet of Duty and Bracelet of Authority. —— You get them Iron Bracelet, Bronze Bracelet, Steel Bracelet in MIssions lv40, 52 and 61. At the moment it's the only way to get them, we don't recommend compounding initially. —— You get them Bracelet of Duty when join in a clan. —— You can't obtain the Bracelet of Authority at the time. Pendants: We will have available (a few weeks after launch) several types of pendants that will be obtained via Missions, Drops, Raid Drops. —— Fire Dragon Pendant, Water Dragon Pendant, Wind Dragon Pendant and Land Dragon Pendant. Belt: We will have available (a few weeks after launch) several types of Belts that will be obtained via Missions, Drops, Raid Drops. —— Belt, Rag Belt, Leather Belt, Iron Belt, Mithril Belt, Fire Dragon Belt and Land Dragon Belt. Agathions: Initially we will only have the Agathion of Singer and Dancer to help with the levelup among others. Duration of 7-days. Weapon Rune and Soul Crystal: —— Runes: They will be available depending on server progress. —— Soul Crystal will be available in traditional interlude mode (leveling up by mobs/boses). Cloaks: —— Only by Events or Missions. Brooch: We will have available (a few weeks after launch) several types of Brooch that will be obtained via Missions, Drops, Raid Drops. —— Jade, Vital, Topaz, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, Aquamarine, Emerald, Blue and Red Cat,s Eye About Attendence Check: Current Attendance Check rewards may change as the server progresses. About Missions: Many quests, whether level, daily, weekly or even unique are waiting for you! Raid Bosses and Epic Bosses: —— Retail Spawn Clan and Party Limits: Clan Limit: 20 Players —— Clan Penalty — Clan Dissolve: 24h — Clan Disband: 6h — Clan Disband Cancel Penalty: 6h — Ally Leaved: 6h — Dissolved Ally: 6h — Player Leave Clan: 6h —— Academy Limit: 20 Players —— Royal Limit Members: 10 Players —— Knight Limit Members: 5 Players Alliance: 1 Party Limit: 5 Players Siege: —— They will be active from the start of the game. Seven Sings: —— It will be available in 2 weeks after opening. Olympiads: —— Disabled, will depend on server progression. Helpers: —— Niewber Helper is available from the level 1 to 40. —— You can get EXP/SP Boosts by Attendence Check and Missions. —— 1st and 2nd Class Buff Scrolls you and get by Attendence Check and Missions.
  3. Hello friends, I'm proud to announce to you the beginning of MELIOR - Classic: Kamael 4.0. The grand opening is scheduled for NOVEMBER 4, 2022 Website: https://melior.club/en/ The full description of the server can be found here: https://melior.club/en/wiki If you have any inqueries, please contact us here: https://discord.gg/melior A brief description of the server: Server Base Version: Classic: Kamael 4.0 Buffs/Dances/Songs/Prophecies 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours duration (still in discussion) Total buff slots 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) And 12 Songs and Dances The buffs are accessible through ALT + B functionality in the game Auto Loot for items from monsters and manual pickup for raid bosses Auto Loot system for adena from monsters Mana Potions: Restores 1000 MP with 10s cooldown 1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfers are free! Maximum Clients per computer: 3 Auto learn skills until level 76 Dynamic Stage System of Experience Rates Dynamic stage system of experience rates was designed to satisfy both casual and competitive players! We understand that players spend most of their time levelling, and that can often be stressful. By implementing a stage system, we take that away and allow players to be more relaxed and engage more in other activities such as Player vs Player (PvP) combat. Another benefit of the stage system is that players joining after the server launch can catch up faster and have an impact! STAGE I will take effect with the grand opening of the server. The information on when stages will take place is going to be announced on our official discord! STAGE I Normal (XP/SP x2): 1-65 Lv. Hard (XP/SP x0.5): 66 Lv. and higher Some high level zones will not be available from the beginning and will become available in future stages: Varka, Ketra, Forgotten Island, Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas, Imperial Tomb, Elemental zones. STAGE II Easy (XP/SP x5): 1-65 Lv. Normal (XP/SP x2): 66-78 Lv. Hard (XP/SP x0.5): 79 Lv. and higher STAGE III Easy (XP/SP x5): 1-78 Lv. Normal (XP/SP x2): 79-81 Lv. Hard (XP/SP x0.5): 82 Lv. and higher STAGE IV Easy (XP/SP x5): 1-81 Lv. Normal (XP/SP x2): 82-84 Lv. Hard (XP/SP x0.5): 85 Lv. and higher STAGE V Easy (XP/SP x15): 1-84 Lv. Normal (XP/SP x2): 85 Lv. and higher Adena: x1.5 Drop Chance: x1 Spoil Chance: x1 Castle Reward Information A player obtains a special passive skill that gives +10% Drop, Spoil & Adena rate when a player is in a clan that owns Giran Castle. The clan leader will automatically receive a daily mail with a cloak (either dark or holy) and L-Coin boxes. Clan members of a clan that owns a castle can now buy Aden Talisman, Eva`s Talisman and Talisman of Speed along with EXP scrolls in exchange for Castle Coins! Castle cloak has been improved in order to attract even more people to participate in castle sieges. Castle cloak is now better than the one you can purchase with L-Coins. These are the improved characteristics: HP/MP/CP +7%; P. Def +5%; M. Def +5% Enhancement of Zones & Events Increased monster count and decreased respawn time of monsters across the map for a more comfortable gameplay! All participants in Team Vs Team / Korean Style / Death Match events will now also receive a `Melior Chest Event`, which contains Daddy`s Home Ball Run and Farm Rune (1-Hour). The rewards of these events are not final and will change as the server progresses through stages. Reworked Missions Some of the rewards from Missions were unnecessary. Instead, we replaced unnecessary items from Missions with useful and beneficial items. For example, Removed buff scrolls; Removed 2 hour 100% XP rune; Added temporary Epic Jewels stage 2 on levels 78-80; Added temporary Dolls on levels 87-89; Added 12 8,000 L-Coin boxes to level 90 reward. Random Craft The main ideas of random craft are as follows Random Craft allows characters to create various items: weapons, armor, enchant scrolls, epic accessories and other items; Random Craft doesn’t require special recipes, just adena and crafting points; You can take apart various items, for example, materials, weapons and armor, including enchanted items to obtain crafting points; The Random Craft window shows 5 random items in slots; Random Craft consumes 1,000,000 adena and 1 crafting point, and the character can receive 1 out of 5 items from the list. The probability is the same for all items; B-grade items will be available from the start of the server. Ranking System The main ideas of the ranking system are as follows The Ranking system gathers information about the levels of all characters on a server and among a specific race as well; Top characters in the rank receive buffs. The buffs are applied according to the character’s place in the rank during our daily restart; For the 1st rank on the server the "Rank 1” label is awarded. A character which obtained the 1st place among its race the "Race 1" label; Chat messages of the 1st-3rd rank characters are marked with the bronze cup symbols; Players at the top of their race receive race transformations (see the figure below). ... and other features! See you all on the battlefield!
  4. [L2OFF] L2Pagma - Classic Mix [x0] - start 15.03.22 Press the link to see what the server is all about https://l2pagma.com/introduction.html ️https://discord.gg/NCCKkbVZMX
  5. Website Start playing Welcome on our game project. Melody2War [Teon x500] - game server based on Essence, "Battle Chronicle" chronicles, you will find a hybrid concept on a classic basis, supplemented with its own, unique gameplay. We have implemented most of the game content. We are actively working to make you feel comfortable playing with us Our game server is available 24/7, we guarantee the game without vype and without loss of your game values. Everything you've achieved by playing the game or received for "Donations" on our game server will always stay with you and you can use it all at any time. All of our servers periodically receive updates to the latest game chronicles. Game server description: Game server chronicle - "Battle chronicle" Game server raits x500 In-house development (This allows more efficient implementation of the content and fixes bugs) Informative Community Board, only the core functionality (Nothing extra) Automatic tank consumption ( Command .apon (On) / .apoff (Off) ) Experience lock option ( Command .expoff, to turn on .expon) Choice of class/profession (1,2,3) via dialog box or at the cats in town (No quests) Max level 99 Completely redesigned raid and grand bosses Classic Siege System Olympiad: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Olympiad Certification/Heroes Every Two Weeks (i.e. Every 2 weeks) Flexible sharpening system, max level +10 Content (Instances, raids, and more): Most instances are implemented and fully working (Including sessional hunting zones) All Raid Bosses are fully implemented and available Implemented Map Teleportation System Implemented Collection System Separate Farm Zones, broken down by level of difficulty Flexible system of equip and its improvement Content offers the maximum number of items available on the official servers in the U.S. and Japan Classic development system The main game currency "Adena", additional game currency "L Coins System of automatic events Flexible system of donations, 99% of the game values is possible to get the game way. Features: Fully classic PvP/PvE system, nothing extra. The main game currency: Adena. Completely absent rigging and shadow donat Stable game, no wipes and re-openings Most things, even from the "Top" segment, are available in-game. Implemented all the basic (in-game) services Sophisticated farming system (Advanced and elaborated farm zones, full implementation of the "Auto-Hunt" system). Most of the content and various game mechanics are finalized and implemented according to the European official server.
  6. Posted October 28, 2020 Hi all, I've created server and now want to login, but facing one issue. When I using clean interlude system, just editing L2.ini file by File Edit and updating line SrvAddress with my IP ( tried as well, GameServer and LoginServer running on ) but when I launch L2.exe loading circle spinning for few seconds and that's all, nothing happens. But L2.exe is running in Task Manager.. Even more strange, when I using any other server system, just updating L2.ini with my IP or, launch L2.exe and I still getting into other server, the one I took system from... How it's even possible? since IP changed https://9apps.ooo/. Any ideas how can I enter my running server? Thank you!
  7. Hello! I want invite you to the New Essence 2x Valhalla Age server, 8 July. Clans confirmed so far - RedMightyTeam - Ephemeral - Perkunas - OldSchool - 404 - BlackZ - NewEra - Tribunal - BlackRock - BeMyFrag - Akatsuki - KamikazeS - Forteca - WarFactory - Damage - CriticalStorm - PeakyBlinders The biggest essence server till date is comming Once in life time so many clans join same server will you miss it? Create your account with this link https://valhalla-age.org/en/sign-up?referral=1074290 and start with a lot of bonus itens
  8. Dear Dexter's! of https://lineage2dex.com https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/16257/ We haven't announced new servers for a long time. The last season server has been opened in October 2021. How you know, some from our team live in Ukraine, and we stay here. Due ruski invasion in Ukraine and this hell what they did in our lands, we could not fully work and open a new season in April. But even with this situation, we continued to work on preparing a new, long-awaited Classic client. And those of our core players who are always with us already know that the client is almost ready for release So, we ready to announce new server on Dex project! Interlude x300 on new Classic game client - Grand opening July 23! This is pre-announcing of new server, so we want to share some key points of this new server. Full details we announce a bit latter. This will be not seasonal server, server will be separate from Union and our seasonal program. Seasonal server we plan to open in September - October. Some features: We not plan to merge this server with Union Server PvP oriented with fast exping All unique Dex features will be available. New zones, Raids, Talent Tree, Events, TvT system etc No need craft to get A/S gr equipment Easy to get enchants, ls New TvT season system with a shop for TVT tokens To new players, who never play before on Dex - Welcome to our greatest community Hope you will make right design and will enjoy this game with us! More info about Dex you can get from our players in discord - Join the Lineage2Dex.com Discord Server! DISCORD CHAN [url]https://discord.com/invite/xswaJ42pwb[/url]
  9. Hello everyone, I will start with some basic questions and answers about this future project. Check our frequently asked questions below. Each of you can start by sharing this Discord server. There will be no spam on this server. In addition, during this development process, you will be able to provide feedback on the Discord server. Discord invitation link: https://discord.gg/zFWDphY4qQ Website: https://www.l2finest.net/ Q: Which game client will we use? A: Lineage 2 Essence - Return of the Queen Ant Q: What about the gameplay? A: When it comes to map, NPCs, quests, classes and skills, everything will be 100% Interlude, including Skills Enchantment. Q: What about rates? A: This is not entirely decided yet. The evolution of the server during development will influence this; could be between x10 and x50. Q: What type will this server be classified in? A: A Low Rate Craft-PvP server. Q: What about items? A: No custom items. Q: How about multilingual support? A: We will have systems available in both English and Russian. Q: What about farming and botting? A: The biggest advantage is that you will not have to use illegal third party programs to farm overnight. You have an automatic Hunting Mode with a lot of cool stuff, such as a Long-range/Short-range farm. Respectful Mode (ON/OFF), automatic use of potions, scrolls and PvP/PvE mode. This feature will be limited to a few hours a day.
  10. Lineage 1 The Blood Pledge Legless Puppy's 8.1 Server https://discord.gg/Rpkq4SBDXr ∞∞ Server Setting ∞∞ ∞ Classes: Prince, Knight, Elf, Mage, Darkelf, Illusionist, Dragon Knight, Warrior. ∞ Experience: 4.0X ∞ Lawful: 2.0X ∞ Karma: 5.0X ∞ Item: 3.0 X ∞ Adena: 6.0X ∞ Global Chat Minimum: Level65 ∞ Weapon Enchant Rate: [10.0] X ∞ Armor Enchant Rate: [10.0]X ∞ Accessory Enchant Rate: [7.0]X ∞ Maximum Number of Players: [500]Concurrent Users ∞ PK: [Enabled]
  11. L2 Exile - We took the best from Classic and God chronicles! There are many chronicles of L2, we have collected the best of all and created the best MMORPG for you! For the most part, Exile server is based on the Classic and God versions. New Classic Server! GRAND OPENING: 5th May 2022 - 20:00 GMT+2 Bring your friends to us! WEBSITE: http://l2exile.com/ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/eCR8Rfmu GENERAL SERVER INFO CHAPTER I ▸ Aden Talisman: max +6 (limited) ▸ Zodiac Agathion: max +6 (limited) ▸ Pendant: max +6 (limited) ▸ Talisman of Border: max Lv.6 (limited) ▸ Immortal Epic Jewelry: not avaibile (locked) ▸ Jewels (Jade, Garnet, Ruby etc...): max Lv.3 (limited) INFORMATION ▸ Classic Remastered ▸ Max Level: 86 (Modified Experience Requirements) ▸ Auto Loot ▸ Auto Learn Skills (Up to 76) ▸ Advanced Auto Farm ▸ Free Class Transfers ▸ 3 Clients per HWID ▸ Anti Bot / Anti DDoS ▸ Full Improved Community Board, With All Necessary Functions ▸ Premium Account (+50% XP/SP, +50% Adena, +50% Drop, +50% Silver Shilien, +5% Craft/Enchant) ▸ All players in the party can invite ▸ Attendance Rewards (28 Days) ▸ Adena & Silver Shilien Based Economy ▸ Shops to S-Grade (including Mana Potions) ▸ Apella Items (Tier 1) ▸ Dynasty Items (Tier 2) ▸ Retail Buff Slots (20+4), 12 Dance/Song Slots ▸ 4 Hour Buff Duration ▸ Weekly Castle Sieges / Olympiad ▸ Vengeance System Disabled ▸ Server Rankings System Disabled ▸ Noblesse Blessing since character creation COMMANDS ▸ Player Settings (.cfg / .menu / .config) ▸ AutoFarm Settings (.ap / .auto) ▸ Account Settings (.password / .repair) ▸ Player Details (.me / .stat / .whoami) ▸ Combine Talisman Times (.combine) ▸ Party Builder (.party [message]) ▸ Offline Shop/Craft (.offline) ▸ Report Bot (.report) RATES ▸ Start Up Level: 80 ▸ Experience: x50 ▸ Skill Points: x50 ▸ Adena: x100 ▸ Quest: x5 ▸ Elemental: x7 ▸ Drop Amount/Rate: x1 / x7 ▸ Spoil Amount/Rate: x1 / x7 ▸ Raid Boss Experience: x5 ▸ Raid Boss Skill Points: x5 ▸ Raid Boss Drop: x3 ▸ Safe Enchant: +3 ▸ Max Enchant: +16 ▸ Normal Scroll Chance: 60% Weapons (max +20) / 55% Armor (max +20) If Fail: Crystalize ▸ Blessed Scroll Chance: 50% Weapons (max +7) / 45% Armor (max +6) If Fail: Return +0 ▸ Stable Scroll Chance: 50% Weapons (max +8) / 45% Armor (max +7) If Fail: Maintain Enchant ▸ Advanced Scroll Chance: 50% Weapons (max +16) / 45% Armor (max +12) If Fail: Maintain Enchant ▸ Pendant (+1-10): 60% ▸ Talisman (+1-10): 100%, 65%, 60%, 55%, 50%, 35%, 25% 15% ▸ Cloak: Disabled Enchant ▸ Agathions (+1-10): 100%, 100%, 100%, 65%, 50%, 35%, 18%, 12% ▸ Jewels (2-5): 60%, 40%, 15%, 5% ▸ Runes (2-5): 70% ▸ Runes (6-9): 50% ▸ Runes (10-13): 25% RAIDS ▸ Normal Raids: 24 Hours ▸ Epic Priests+Silent Valley: 24 Hours Respawn ▸ Lv 75+ bosses locations like Essence ▸ Queen Ant: 24 Hours Respawn ▸ Orfen: 24 Hours Respawn ▸ Core: 24 Hours Respawn ▸ Zaken: 24 Hours Respawn ▸ Baium: 72 Hours Respawn ▸ Lilith: 72 Hours Respawn ▸ Anakim: 72 Hours Respawn ▸ Beleth: 48 Hours Respawn ▸ Helios: 48 Hours Respawn ▸ Ramona: 48 Hours Respawn ▸ Hyperion: 48 Hours Respawn ▸ Elemental: Resets Weds 6:30 (Min: 7 People) ▸ Frintezza: Resets Weds 6:30 (Min: 7 People) ▸ Drops: Epic Jewels 70% and Random Apella / Dynasty Items and Dolls ▸ Experience: Epic Bosses Have Increased Experience EVENTS / OLYMPIAD / SIEGE EVENTS ▸ Deathmatch: Every 2 Hours ▸ x1 per kill reward ▸ x25 most kills reward ▸ TvT: Every 2 Hours ▸ x10 winning team reward, x5 losing team reward ▸ x5 top killer reward ▸ x1 per kill reward OLYMPIAD ▸ Period: 18:00 to 24:00 Server Time, Monday to Sunday ▸ Starting Points: 30 ▸ Matches: 75 ▸ Hero Period: 1 Week ▸ Epic Dolls: Added for Mark of Battle ▸ Wings of Destiny: +1 to All Stats SIEGE ▸ Aden: Sundays, 20:00 Server Time ▸ Giran: Sundays, 18:00 Server Time ▸ Gludio, Oren and Dion Disabled ▸ Crown: +1 to All Stats ▸ Ward of Aden: +1 STR / +1 WIT passive to all clan members ▸ Ward of Giran: +1 DEX / +1 INT passive to all clan members REMASTERED - SPECIAL FEATURES DRESSME SYSTEM Standard: ▸ +10% XP/SP Advanced: ▸ +10% XP/SP, Advanced stats with specific special bonus Rare: ▸ +20% XP/SP, Rare stats with specific special bonus Legendary: ▸ +20% XP/SP, Legendary stats with specific special bonus Mythic: ▸ +50% XP/SP, Mythic stats with specific special bonus Collection: ▸ Gain a special passive based on how many costumes you have ITEM CHANGES Silver Shilien (Main server currency) ▸ Beleth's Necklace ▸ Lesser Earth Belt ▸ Lesser Fire Belt ▸ Lesser Wind Belt ▸ Lesser Water Belt ▸ 40+ Unique Cloaks (Same stats as Cloak of Light) ▸ Hat Augment (+1 STR & +1 INT) ▸ Hat Augment (+1 DEX & +1 WIT) ▸ Hat Augment (+1 CON & +1 MEN) ▸ Yellow Talisman - Maximum Clarity ▸ Tallum Light Set ▸ Dark Crystal Heavy Set ▸ Dark Crystal Light Set ▸ 100+ Decorative Hats ▸ Pendant Lv.4 (Max +10) ▸ Talisman of Aden (Max +10) ▸ Talisman of Eva (Max +10) ▸ Talisman of Speed (Max +10) ▸ S-Grade Crafting Modified ▸ Epic Jewels S-Grade (enchantable) ▸ Same M. Def. like Tateossian (High FIve Style) ▸ Dolls Removed From Daily Missions CLASS / BALANCE CHANGES ALL CLASSES All classes have been added the following skills/attributes to promote a healthy PvP and PvE balance. ▸ Noblesse Grace (Lv. 76, 3rd Class) ▸ Summon CP Potion (Lv. 76, 3rd Class) ▸ Mass Clan Resurrection (Lv. 5 Clan Leaders Only) ▸ Mass Clan Invincibility (Lv. 5 Clan Leaders Only) ▸ Improved Physical Skill Power Formulas ▸ Improved Physical/Magic Critical Damage Formulas ▸ Automatic use available for more skills ▸ Skill/Range Vampiric (33% Effect -> 10% Vamp = 3.33% Range Vamp) BLADEDANCER / SWORDSINGER Bards have become a long forgotten class ever since server buffers were introduced. We're giving them some love and some extra punch to support themselves and the parties. The following skills were added to Bladedancers and Swordsingers so they become a more valuable asset to any party. ▸ Soul Instinct (Spectral Dancer) ▸ Appetite for Destruction (Sword Muse) ▸ Blade Rush ▸ Boost Morale ▸ Dash ▸ True Berserker (Spectral Dancer) ▸ Sword Expert (Sword Muse) ▸ Blade Hurricane (Bladedancer) ▸ Double Attack (Bladedancer) ▸ Triple Blade Slash (Bladedancer) ▸ Full Swing (Swordsinger) ▸ Cleave (Swordsinger) ▸ Guillotine Attack (Swordsinger) ▸ Resurrection ARCHERS (SAGITTARIUS / GHOST SENTINEL / MOONLIGHT SENTINEL) Although strong in Classic, archers have been known to be like a physical mage. We are giving them some utility for party play and shifting their burst power in favor for utility. ▸ Counter Rapid Shot (Moonlight Sentinel) ▸ Counter Dash (Sagittarius) ▸ Counter Power (Ghost Sentinel) ▸ Counter Mind (Ghost Sentinel) ▸ Counter Evasion (Trickster) ▸ Quick Evasion ▸ Multiple Arrow SUPPORT CLASSES (BISHOP / ELVEN ELDER / SHILLIEN ELDER / PROPHET / WARCRYER) Our (Dark) Elven elders have been consistently outshined by their human counterparts on Classic. We've taken a step to increase their power and utility based on High Five to increase class diversity. We also gave Prophet a bit of extra power and by buffing their Mana Burn and Mystic Immunity. ▸ Mana Burn (Added to Shillien Elder/Elven Elder/Bishop. Reduced Power On Bishops. Increased power on Prophets.) ▸ Mana Storm (Added to Shillien Elder/Elven Elder Only) ▸ Recharge / Mass Recharge (+5% of Healer's Current Mana) ▸ Mass Resurrection (Added to Eva's Saint Only) ▸ Chain Heal Lv. 1 (Added to Shillien Saint/Eva's Saint Only) ▸ Mystic Immunity (Now affects all party members) ▸ Turn to Stone ALL MYSTIC / SUPPORT / MAGE CLASSES Due to our server standards, our goal i s to make all existing classes useful and playable. All classes must be PvP/PvE oriented in a special way, we edit existing skills and create new ones based on our game knowledge aquaried in years of testing the game itself. Now mage classes can blink back and escape when they are in danger. ▸ Enlightment ▸ Magical Evasion ▸ Hell Binding (Nuke Classes Only) ▸ Doom Cryer Switch (Warcryer Only - not usable in olympiad games!) TITAN / DUELIST / MAESTRO / DREADNOUGHT / TYRANT We boosted this classes with something special from Goddess of Destruction ▸ Eruption Reworked Duelist & Grand Khavatari Skills, in order to feel the old C6 Gameplay! Skills need Momentum for more power. 1 Momentum give extra 20% bonus damage. Skills consume Momentum and cannot be used without required Momentum level. SORCEROR / SPELLSINGER The fire-bending sorcerors have often been left in the dust by Spellsingers and Spellhowlers and Necromancers. We are decreasing their cooldowns in hopes that they will compete with other mages. Cancellation has been buffed to increase coordinate party play and strategy with rebuffing. ▸ Prominence (Cooldown, Cast Time and Power adjusted) ▸ Cancellation Chance and max buffs removed increased HELL KNIGHT / SHILLIEN TEMPLAR Known for their identity as damage dealers, we have decided to give them party buffs so that they remain a formidable pick in any party setup. Now they are more PvP & PvE oriented like it was on High Five Chronicle! ▸ Shield Bash (Shillien Templar) ▸ Spirit of the Phoenix (Phoenix Knight) ▸ Flame Archon (Phoenix Knight) ▸ Seed of Revenge (Hell Knight) ▸ Abaddon Ultimate (Hell Knight) ▸ Eva's Will (Eva's Templar) ▸ Touch of Eva (Eva's Templar) ▸ Pain of Shillien (Shillien Templar) ▸ Spirit of Shillien (Shillien Templar) FORTUNE SEEKER / MAESTRO The Dwarves have expanded their vast knowledge outside the frozen lands of Elmore to the kingdoms of Aden and picked up new skills. These skills were added to make Maestros a viable pick for smaller PvP and PvE setups. Maestro buffs are removed once you leave the party. Fortune Seekers have been given "Lucky Strike" to increase their AoE farming speed. ▸ Mass Disarm (Static 20% rate) ▸ Hard Tanning (Maestro only) ▸ Embroider (Maestro only) ▸ Sharpen Edge (Maestro only) ▸ Bowstring (Maestro only) ▸ Encase Armor (Maestro only) ▸ Spike (Maestro only) ▸ Thrill Fright (Maestro only) ▸ Battle Roar (Maestro only) ▸ Over The Body (Maestro only) ▸ Sword Shield (Maestro only) ▸ Lionheart (Maestro only) ▸ Final Secret (Maestro only) ▸ Shackle (Maestro only) ▸ Boost Morale (Maestro only) New Remastered Fortune Seeker (Bounty Hunter) Dagger class skill tree, similar to Adventurer. Some skills ware removed and some skills ware added, in order to make this new dagger class more unique. TREASURE HUNTER / ABYSS WALKER / PLAINS WALKER We are covering some of the dagger classes biggest weaknesses: Farming. At the same time, we are capitalizing on their single target hunting strengths. ▸ Spoil (All dagger classes from lv. 40) ▸ Sweeper (All dagger classes from lv. 40) ▸ Trick (All dagger classes from lv. 40) ▸ Switch (All dagger classes from lv. 40) ▸ Mortal Strike (All dagger classes from lv. 40, 58, 74) NECROMANCER Necromancers are notoriously strong in Classic. We have reduced some of their mid-game safety and power until they are Soultakers. ▸ Transfer Pain (Lv. 4 learned at 76, Lv. 5 learned at 78) ▸ Cursed Man / Reanimated Man (Damage reduced by 20%) ZONE CHANGES ▸ TOI Rift: PvP Zone, 20 Min Timer ▸ Elemental Zones: Added Adena Drop ▸ Increased Mob Count (Essence Like): Abandoned Camp, Ruins of Agony, Death Pass, Cemetary IMPERIAL TOMB (LV 80-85) ▸ Increased Drops: Enchant Weapon/Armor A-Grade added to drops of specific monsters, increased Gemstone A ▸ Increased Experience ▸ Four Sepulchers: Added monsters in the area and removed Extreme instance LAIR OF ANTHARAS / DRAGON VALLEY (LV 80-85) ▸ Improved map like Essence ▸ Dragon Valley is now a level 80+ zone ▸ Lair of Antharas is now a level 82+ zone ▸ Increased Drops: Enchant Weapon/Armor A-Grade added to drops of specific monsters, increased Gemstone A ▸ Increased Experience ▸ Antharas and Antharas instance disabled HELLBOUND (LV 85+) ▸ Hellbound Fragment - used to trade for special items from Fabio and Caravan ▸ S-Grade materials and full drop (from Raid bosses) ▸ Lv. 86 monsters are for solo/small groups ▸ Lv. 87 monsters are for small groups ▸ Lv. 88 monsters are the strongest and for parties ▸ All monsters drop Hellbound Fragments ▸ Some monsters give Elemental experience ▸ Some monsters drop rare materials, S-Grade enchants and crafting parts ▸ Beleth Epic boss ▸ Lv. 88 raid bosses drop full S-Grade items Thank you for spending you time reading our features! For more info visit our website L2 Exile Team
  12. Join Here !! --->>> WarsTown <<<--- Join Here BEST CLASSIC Secret of Empires Files >>Join Our DISCORD << Join Here --->>>> WarsTown <<<--- Join Here >>Join Our DISCORD <<
  13. L2community.Pro Project! website: https://l2classic.pro/playclassic.php The CommunityPRO team is back, we want to announce a new opening. Who are we? We are a team with more than 10 years of programming experience and knowledge of Lineage2. This game has been part of us for a long time, we are great lovers of this wonderful game. For lack of serious and unprofessional servers, we have decided to create three servers to cover all the needs of our users. ClassicPro uses Rev235 fully retail with some small custom features on our community board, such as access to events, automatic scheduling of our strimmers, etc. Why did we decide to use Protocol 235? Simply because we consider it the best revision of all the classic revisions. We consider it the best because we believe it is a chronicle that defines very well the concept of the old Lineage2. where all races had their function in the game, where armor crafting had to be farmed, we consider that all chronicles superior to this one are totally far from the essence of Lineage2, that's why our team will work hard to make you live the real Lineage2 experience. Join our community and we hope you will enjoy it. SERVER ESPECIFICATIONS: Server Name: Classic.Pro Protoccol revision: Rev235 100% stability Website: https://l2community.pro/ Beta Open: April 22, 2022 Grand opening: 30 April 2022 RATES: Exp: x4 SP: x4 Adena: x2 Drop: x1 GAME SETTINGS: * CLASS TRANSFER: 1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfer are free on our server! * Chant of Victory has duration time which is 20 min * Victory of Pa'agrio has duration time which is 20 min * All Prophecies have duration time which is 20 min * Buff +24 slots - 20 min * Song/Dances +12 slots : 7 min * Manual Loot for items from monsters & raid bosses * Auto Loot system for adena from monsters & raid bosses * Maximum Clients per PC: 2 * Auto Farming : Available just Attak Skills and autopotion HP * NOT Auto Potion MP available * NOT have Mana Potion in Store * NOT AutoBUFF available. * ANTIBOT Protection. * NOT Auto learn Skills, You need to collect books from monster drops. * Overlord buffs affecting party members as well. * Shift+Click on the monster shows you its droplist & chances. * Trade Chat (+) for regional range. * View Inventory available. * Vote Reward is a 12 hours duration.
  14. Dear friends! Finally, we are ready to make a very important and expected announcement. We are ready to open doors into the World of Classic for you. The world, where there is no place to wait for help. The world, where Lineage newcomers most likely won't hold for too long. The world, where you will have a chance to show your courage and perseverance! Can you survive all that awaits you on the other side of the screen? Can you forget the caring Lineage, constantly giving tips, bonuses and gifts? We believe in you! We are waiting for you in our World October 24th 2015 - 19:00 CEST! How hard will it be: XP: x3 SP: x3 ADENA: x2 (amount) DROP: x1 (chance) SPOIL: x1 (chance) x1 (amount) QUEST: x2 (xp/adena) Raid Bosses: x1 (chance) Except: Queen Ant, Core, Orfen x2 (chance) Server is based on official Classic platform with all known problems fixed. But we won't stop on this point. We have already begun to develop a Classic 2.0 with it's sieges etc. We are looking far into the future of this project and within the development of Classic we will provide you with only the best of it. Concept may undergo changes, which will be reported in this topic. Website: http://l2classic.club/ Forum: http://l2classic.club/forum/
  15. L2HERO Lineage 2 PVP Essence x25 Vanguard FINAL SEASON - LIVE ✳ Custom system Information Reworked Random craft New Vanguard Class available Reworked old classes as from Korean update (Archers/Daggers/Tanks) 12h/day Safe and comfort PVE mode with Blessing of protection New Zones added -Frost Lord Castle Lv.90-95 -Castle of steel Lv.92-95 -Morgos Military Base Lv.95+ -Balok Battleground Lv.85+ New Party Zones added -Hot Spring Lv.85-87 -Gorde Canyon Lv.87-90 -Xilenos Fortress Lv.90-95 ✳Services in game with L-coins✳ Change character class Change A grade weapons type Change rare weapons Change Frost Lord’s weapons Change A grade armors Change rare armors Change guardian armors Shareable warehouse between accounts Premium Account Bonus +30% - Free 3 days CODES Auto Learn Skills (No Books required) Maximum Client Per computer ( 1 ) Big Wars Latin Side / Vietnamese Side / Korean Side Website: http://l2hero.live Discord : https://discord.com/invite/CE6dvTpA6F
  16. L2Abyss.com Lineage 2 Essence x5 update Vanguard !!! Grand Opening APRIL 1st! ( 01.04.2022 ) Funny day, let's make our life better!!! Fist update Vanguard! Join it! Conception for Solo players and Fun Game ! Best realization & friendly Administration! Big Clans / Stable server / Over 3000+ Real Online players Website: http://l2abyss.com/ VK/Facebook/Discord/youtube Beta Online 25 March Grand Opening 1 april EXP/SP x5 Adena x3 Drop/spoil x2 Premium Account Bonus +30% ( lost exp after death -50% ) Auto Learn SKill Off ( skills 1-75 without books ) Maximum Client Per computer ( 1 ) offline store ( .offline) Services Alt+B Lcoins farm drop chance Level 40-49 = 9.1% Level 50-69= 13% Level 70-79 = 19.5% Level 80-84= 54.6% Level 85 = 54.6% Level 86= 65% Level 87-88 = 71.5% Level 89-90 = 78% Level 91 = 84,5% Limited Clan members 100 System Purge New System Karma and Drop PK AVAILABLE Shift + click On monsters shows you droplist and chances TVT EVENTS Achievement Box available Login Reward 31 days Skills Changes to Vanguard Update Added class Vanguard Rider New hunting zones > Hot springs / dream Dungeon / Training Zone / Tower of elmoraden Mutch MOre waiting for you Join https://l2abyss.com/
  17. Essense-Euro x30 pvp server Grand Opening 31 December Server Rate - Exp / Sp - x30 - Adena - x15 - Attribute Exp - x 2 - Spoil x 1 - RaidBoss - Drop x 6.0 - EpicBoss - Drop x 4.0 - Drop rate - x 1.0 Enchant Rate MAX Enchant Weapon +16 & Armor +10 & Epic Weapom +13 Enchant Weapon 1-4 100% Enchant Weapon 5-6 60% Enchant Weapon 7 55% Enchant Weapon 8-9 50% Enchant Weapon 10 40% Enchant Weapon 11-12 45% Enchant Weapon 13 40% Enchant Weapon 14-15 55% Enchant Weapon 16 30% Enchant Armor 1-4 100% Enchant Armor 5-6 58% Enchant Armor 7 52% Enchant Armor 8-9 42% Enchant Armor 10 38% Olympiad - Olympiad is 3 vs 3: from 20: 30 to 21: 00 GMT+3 - Olympiad is 1 vs 1: from 22: 00 to 23: 00 GMT+3 - The period of the Olympiad is 1 week - Number of 3 vs 3 fights per day : 5 - Number of 1 vs 1 fights per day : 5 - 3 vs 3: Monday - Friday - 1 vs 1: Monday - Saturday - Getting Hero Status Sunday at 12:00 GMT+3 +3 Epic Boss - Queen Ant: 8 hours +/- 1 hour - Core: 8 hours +/- 2 hours - Orfen: 8 hours +/- 4 hours - Baium: 8 hours - Zaken: 8 hours +/- 6 hours - Antharas: Saturday 22:00 GMT +3 - Lilith: Monday and Thursday at 19:00 GMT +3 - Anakim: Tuesday and Friday at 19:00 GMT +3 - Belief: Saturday 21:00 GMT +3 - Darion: Saturday 21:00 GMT +3 - Elite: Every 2 hours - High Elite: 22 hour L-Coin Drop 3 L-Coin - Level-40. 5% - Level-50. 10% - Level-70. 15% - Level-80. 42% - Level-85. 45% - Level-86. 50% - Level-87. 55% - Level-88. 60% - Level-89. 62% - Level-91. 65% Website: https://classic-euro.com/
  18. Hello, we are planning to open our server in December and we decided to start the ad campaigns from now. The features are not fully ready yet, because we are waiting for our Web Designer to prepare the new Website. For now we will post the basic features, which we will update every couple of days. We would suggest you to join our Discord and take part in our Events, which have amazing rewards. Our Links Website: www.la2best.com Discord: https://discord.gg/NaApHykTdm Facebook: https://bit.ly/39j6JiF GRAND OPENING: 10/12/21 We will have some really unique and amazing features, which will be explained in the next days.
  19. Server version: Classic secret of empire General Information: *Experience (XP): x5 *Skill Points (SP): x5 *Adena: x2 *Drop: x1 (chance 2x) *Spoil: x1 (chance 2x) *RB XP/SP: x1 *RB Drop: x1 *Attribute Experience: x2 Other Features: *Auto Farming *Buffs/Dances/Songs 8 hours duration *Buff Limit = 35,Song, Dance Limit= 25 *Auto Loot for items from monsters & and manual pickup for raid bosses *1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfers are free! *Auto learn skills *Maximum Clients per computer: 2 Customized Features: *Totally reworked Imperial Tomb. Now you can get S-Grade recipes and materials. *Reworked Letters event. You can get some nice rewards like enchant,Sealed Rune or even Cloth piece. *Reworked Automatic event reward. Also you can get some nice rewards to have balance between donation. *Reworked Elemental Raid Bosses: reset 06:30 Server time every Wednesday and Saturday *Normal Elemental Raid Bosses can now be entered with as many as 9 players! *Extreme Elemental Raid Bosses can also be entered with only 9 (high quality and geared) players *Balthus Knights - Baium , Antharas,Zaken: reset 06:30 Server time every Wednesday and Saturday *Balthus Knights - Baium , Antharas,Zaken:can now be entered with as many as 9 players! *Antharas: 7 days from the date of death and plus 0-480 minutes *Antharas: Min members count = 18 *Baium spawn: Every Sunday at 16:00 *You Dont need any item to enter Antharas and Baium *Clan Arena:reset 06:30 Server time every Wednesday and Saturday Premium *Experience (XP): +30% *Skill Points (SP): +30% *Adena: +30% *Drop: +20% *Spoil: +20% *Craft Chance: +5% *Enchant Chance: +3% Website: https://www.l2it.eu
  20. ☆ RaidZone 'Reincarnation of Classic' ☆ Features ☆ EXP/SP: x1 ☆ DROP: x3 ☆ SPOIL: x3 ☆ ADENA: x3 ☆ QUESTS: x1 with increased EXP/SP/Adena rate ☆ Safe enchant: 3 ☆ Max enchant: 16 ☆ Olympiad in all items ☆ Level gap to gain EXP/SP: 40 ☆ 1 class gameplay Unique ☆ Alternative evolution of Classic chronicles ☆ Low rate server with Power leveling on Solo RB ☆ No rules or with rules (questionnaire to players) ☆ Medals collection ☆ Buffs melody for each class (balance system) ☆ B-grade equipment to purchase at NPC ☆ Isekai Monsters (solo RB) ☆ Unique outfits, appearance, auras, glow weapons ☆ Auto-Potion system ☆ Bound Pendants system with visual effect ☆ Top A-grade weapon upgrading: Rare / Unique / Epic / Legendary / Mythical with new passive and active skills inside ☆ Additional new passive skill for +6 armor set enhancement ☆ Hidden Legendary Classes (5 available) can be acquired from super rare Transcendence stones ☆ Skill 'Change weapon' (available only for Legendary class) turn your A-grade weapon into class-based special weapon ☆ Brand new skills ☆ Battle for Treasure Auto-Event with enchant scrolls ☆ Olympiad everyday 12h ☆ Show-Off Auto-Event with rare prizes ☆ New Open World Dungeons with powerful and difficult Raid Bosses ☆ Additional skills for each class Server under closed beta test, expected opening: Feb-Mar 2022. We invite everyone to see the server features on our website https://isekai-club.com https://discord.gg/up7nw3Rvk7 ~ ISEKAI-CLUB ~
  21. lineage 2 turned into the 0.33 recreation and the first mmo i ever played and i wanted to go back due to the fact the nostalgia, so i have leveled a level 40 gladiator but: i got all my gear at no cost i overlooked the lengthy ass five degree quest that made me feel like i definitely aconplished some thing every race start in a single metropolis :( https://9apps.ooo/ and there are a whole lot extra matters that i dont like so here is my query: are there nevertheless any private servers that work wi th the antique l2 as we understand it? i searched a little bit round but all i found were dead.
  22. >>WarsTown<< This is the server you were looking for! NO P2W Donate - NO Wipe - Unique features made only for the server. Classic Secret Of Empire Improved project officially launched at 08.2021 at 19:00 (GMT-3) There will be 4 stages throughout the server period The first stage starts with a limit at level 55. The server experience base will be 3x during this period. (We will not have a set time to go to the next stage, we will have a metric. The next stage will only be released one week after 80% of all active players reach level 55. All stages will respect this same metric) The second stage will be limited to level 70 and 24 hours after the release of the second stage, we will launch the dynamic experience making the server 5x for those who upgrade to level 55 and keeping the server 3x for those who upgrade to 70. Starter Pack C Grade (Not Enchanting) in our store and some boosters up to level 55. Making it easier for new players and making the experience more balanced for those who arrived after launch. At this point we will change our marketing system, making a re-marketing based on a server that is still attractive to new players. The third stage will be limited to level 76 and following the same system as the previous stage, 24 hours after launch we will release a Starter Pack B Grade (Not Enchanting) and the boosters will be up to level 70 and along with that we will reshape the dynamic experience , making the server 5x for those who evolve up to level 70 and 10x for those who evolve up to level 55, keeping the experience 3x for those who evolve up to level 76. Again we will do a re-marketing announcing the next stage and changes in the dynamic experience to attract even more new players. The last stage will be capped at level 80. +24 hours after launch, we will reshape the dynamic experience again, making the server 5x for those who evolve to level 76 and 10x for those who evolve to level 70, keeping 3x for those who evolve to level 80. In our Store we will launch boosts for up to level 76. Follow our Discord for new information on how this new server will be structured. Details related to gameplay modifications (Mechanics, Skills, Classes, etc...) will be provided soon in the #updates tab, so stay tuned. Then... In addition to new features such as the Black Market that allows you to have a real cash return on item sales using our exchange system, the new project will feature an internship system. LINK >>WarsTown << https://www.twitch.tv/dudinhaxs https://www.twitch.tv/dgk4i20 https://www.twitch.tv/alastorx2000 https://www.twitch.tv/lzhaoyuna https://www.twitch.tv/marlenmss https://www.twitch.tv/camus_l2 https://www.twitch.tv/eiztv https://www.twitch.tv/hsclassic https://www.twitch.tv/junior_quixere https://www.twitch.tv/raioghost https://www.twitch.tv/lordvincere
  23. Matrix PvP SubAcu +1 [x50] CLASSIC Beta test 04/07/2021 - 08/07/2021 Live server 09/07/2021 at 19:00 GMT + 1 ☆ EXP/SP: x50 ☆ DROP: x10 ☆ SPOIL: x10 ☆ ADENA: x10 ☆ QUESTS: x1 ☆ Safe enchant: +3 ☆ Max enchant: +16 ☆ Olympiad in all items (W+7/A+6/J+6) ☆ IP: 1 ☆ HWID: 2 * All beta settings will appear on live. Client and patch to download: https://isekai-club.com/page16.html https://discord.gg/up7nw3Rvk7 https://isekai-club.com The server is available. Enter Beta Test and check / test character combos and more. The most important information can be found on discord, facebook group, website or in the game under TIPS (community board alt + b). Hope you will love these settings. Bring your friends, enemies and have fun. Welcome ~ Isekai-club ~ *Our servers: https://isekai-club.com/#features1-13p
  24. Dear player, We are pleased to announce to you the opening of L2 Crystal Classic: Secret of Empire x5 Server! Even though we are a fairly new team, we have already won the hearts of many Lineage 2 players. That is because we value each and every one of you. Your opinion matters here. Come and be a part of the journey together because we are here for the long run. Grand Opening of L2 Crystal: 23rd of July! Classic version: Secret of Empire 2.9.5 (196 Protocol with completely reworked Auto-Farm with no delays) Experience (XP) / SP: x5 Adena: x2 Drop rate: x1, Drop chance: x1 Spoil rate: x1, Spoil chance: x1 Attribute Experience: x1 RB XP/SP: x1 RB Drop: x1 Buffs 4 hours duration Auto Loot, Auto Learn Skills, Auto Create Account Maximum Clients per computer: 3 Auto Events: Team Vs Team, Korean Style, Death Match every 1 hour Improved Elemental and Raid Bosses Weekly Sieges and Olympiad (with significant improvements) Gludio/Dion/Oren Castle Owners receive a cloak and 100 Vip Coins daily, Giran castle owner receives a cloak and 200 Vip Coins daily, Aden castle owner receives a cloak and 300 Vip Coins daily Free-to-Play Gameplay: Vip Coin Drop from Monsters, Raid Bosses, Events, Olympiad! Improved Autofarm Speed, no delays! Increased monster count in lower level zones for a more comfortable gameplay! Reworked LOA! And many many other appealing features can be found here: https://l2crystal.net/ Join our discord community: https://discord.gg/nzwWrcWJfC
  25. WEBSITE : https://innadril.com/ WIKIPEDIA : https://innadril.com/wiki/home OPENING : 26 FEBRUARY RATES : X1 TEASER PROMO VIDEO UI & UX Improvements
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