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  1. kAI edw vlepoume ton Kara otan Kanei Login kai vlepei to Rank UP se Moderator
  2. Auleon Otan ginis Mod mpwro na erxome na sou katharizw to grafio?? tsampa :D aplos na exw kalw Reference oti kathariza to grafio s
  3. Se UE4 mpwro na sou ftiaxw to L2 se ez mode :D ama exw kapion na m kanei ta animation ;) Full Blueprint ;) Celestine kai Auleon min tsakoneste gia emena afou xerete :D sas agapaw
  4. Ti na banaris ? :D Mperdepses to L2 me to Mxc , se 2 meres :D tha minis esy mazi me ton Maxtor kai tha kanete replay o enas ston allon :D
  5. Nice One can you do one video about yourself :D How you do when someone give you reputation ?? :D or you want me to find out something for you?
  6. just create another character :D and be more careful next time ..... , is not worth it for sell .....