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  1. Why?? is not so bad :) i was running that pack and fixed the most problems ( what ever is out of Jar )
  2. Hello Am selling Lineage 2 Classic Antharas 2.7 (Without IP bindings and No limit) Last revision 600$ include Sguard (1year) except if you need without Sguard 450$ Worth of this pack without Sguard 1100$ For more Details please pm me ! rev 30064/14617 + Implemented Christmas event: the main dish - snow pumpkin!; * Cosmetic bags; * Fix displaying pictures in the community; * Bypass encryption cosmetics; * Basic community cosmetics; * Fixed work links in kommuniti; * Fix work AccountVariablesDAO; * Fix VIP points consumption; * VIP system optimization; * Fix Bank view via Alt+G; * Updated NpcString by Antharas client; * Updated NpcString by Zaken client; * Fixed bypass operation; * Updated NpcString by client Saviors; * Fix server loading; * Fix skills 19039,19040 * Improved loading of localization files; + Added NpcString caching to the server; * Fix work onMenuSelect procedure in NPC; * String parser optimization; + Added bypass encryption; * Improved bypass caching during encryption. Now cache and client bypass with NpcString; * Fix caste skills; * Cosmetics work effect 'i_call_skill'; * GetEffects effect replaced by i_call_skill; * Fixed duplication purposes have massive skills; * Code optimization; * Cosmetics work dual-caste; + Added configs for power resists; * Optimize the handling of caste skills; * Completed the system start and tick effects on off; * Update skills on offs that have start and tick effects; * Optimize the handling of caste skills; * Word processing caste intelligent passed in separate class; * Optimized handling of caste skills; + Added debug entire mass of skills; * Mass recruitment purposes skills occurs once in launce caste spell, and then just compare the availability Effective Range; + Implemented a tutorial notifying about getting 1st profession; - Removed a forgotten debug; * Visual cosmetics caste skills; + Start a smooth transition to the PTS skill targeting system; + Implemented PTS skill parameter 'affect_limit'; * Added 'fan_range' skill PTS parameter; + Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): FAN; + Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): FAN_PB; + Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): SQUARE; + Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): SQUARE_PB; + Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): RANGE; + Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): RING_RANGE; * Fixed all TUNNEL, MULTIFACE skills; * Fix removing / putting on gutionov with the drag and drop method (drag and drop); + Implemented the ability to remove put on objects by moving the cell (drag and drop); * Fix tickets to eternal refuge * Fix the work of antaras; * Rewritten and optimized Antaras Boss engine; * Fixed removal of the main GEODATA when removing objects that control GEODATA; * Fix download of squares GEODATA through the admin panel; + Implemented admin command to display zone: / / print_zone [ZONE_NAME]; * Fake players no longer send empty messages; * Standard Antaras work cosmetic; + Fully implemented on offu knights Baltus - Antaras (Instovy Antaras); * Fix loading of methods with the annotation init and boot scripts; * Expanding the functionality of AI; * Cosmetics AI on offu; * Fix Eventa Trick of trans * Fix quest for the profession Orc raider + Added AI Lugulu and Hamline * Work to implement Baltus Knights - Antharas; * Rewritten and optimized Antaras Boss engine; * Added the minions to the RB 25784 * Fixed being able to attack through the low fences indoors; * Fixed floorceiling shooting; * Fix spawn NPS at points where there is no GEODATA. Such cases occur in' RETAIL ' GEODATA; * Added checks on the success of sub-class recovery during character recovery; * Added check for successful recovery sub-classes when creating a character; * Fixed breakage spell when they fell active sub-class; * Added checks when restoring sub-classes, which will display the appropriate messages in case of failure; * Cosmetics bypass "Learn about the local ruler and taxes" on Offa; + Added ability to spawn on Pvp events; * Expansion of the engine event; * Cosmetics receive professions from master; * Cosmetics Engl dialogues GK; * Cosmetics English dialogues exchange runes; * Improved sky fault operation; * At open break of heavens, we do not forbid to work to a Spatial Whirlpool; + When killing the commanders Ketry and Boiling the phantoms appear + Added parameter areas: can_lost_exp; - Cleaning; * Increased the number of effect mengers by 10 times. In modern realities (the number of objects in the world, etc.), one basic Manager could not cope; + Dialogues of Loya Theodric in the Valley of Dragons; - Too much dialogue; * Updated dialogue on offs at Visionary Vanutu;
  3. The Last changes are done today and is going to remain as it is!! Enchant Weapon Scroll ( normal ) : 75%Enchant Armor Scroll ( normal ) : 75%Blessed Enchant Weapon Scroll : 85%Blessed Enchant Armor Scroll : 85%
  4. Guess how you feel when you spend some time to craft your weapon or armor into mid rate server and you get crystals after a fail enchant ...., Imagine A grade .... you spend hours.. probably days .. Blassed are droppind from big bosses ( 2 blesses scrolls random) and small elites bosses ( 1blessed scrolls random ) That is a reason we help players to achieve a good experience of the game
  5. L2Nostalgia Classic Antharas 2.7 Grand Opening 22nd December 2018 @ 17:00 GMT +0 = Server Features = Exp/SP: x12 Party Exp/SP: Retail Quest Exp/SP: x1 Adena: x8 Drop: x5 Quest Drop: x1 Quest Adena: x1 Spoil: x3 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Vote reward system. Get Enchant Scroll reward in game by pressing .getreward = Enchant Rates = Safe Enchant : +3 Max Enchant : +16 Enchant Weapon Scroll ( normal ) : 75% Enchant Armor Scroll ( normal ) : 75% Blessed Enchant Weapon Scroll : 85% Blessed Enchant Armor Scroll : 85% *Jewels have same Enchant rate as Armor. = System Events = Olympiad TvT Auto events every hour = Other Features = Castle Sieges All Bosses are Working 100% ( they are Dropping Blessed Enchants) Raid Bosses Spawn countdown : every 6 hours GM Custom Events Controlled from GMs Like ( Functions , Find The Drop , 5v5) NPC Buffer : NO GMSHOP : NO Community Board: NO Class Balance System Ranking System Heroes every week Classic farm system Auto Loot Items Auto Learn Skills Heroes every week Sieges every weekend Free class transfer Classic farm system PTS Files Anti DDos Web Site Shield Web Firewall Protection SSL Secure Connection on Web Login Anti DDos Protection Game Server Anti DDos Protection Client Anti Bot Protection Website www.l2nostalgia.com l2nostalgia.com Account Manager www.acm.l2nostalgia.com Forum www.forums.l2nostalgia.com