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  1. Hello am Looking for Java dev to fix the Community board just one tab because doesn't load the %contest% also Teleport system doesn't charge you for the teleport and always showing 0adena even if am over 40lvl
  2. Psaxnw adrenaline gia Lineage 2 classic 2.0 kai poso kostizi na dw ama axizi na parw adrenaline i oxi :D
  3. Brut Stop advertising someone who fail already. Go check L2Encore what happen... who create that Pack GLO? he is asking for 900$ WTF the most bug pack .... First time i see Classic server to Fail so Hard after 3000+ online, Mate Stay away before you buy something , make Agreement if the server fail (Bugs ,Crashes ) ask your money back use always paypal protection !!! dont let those useless people to cheat you
  4. What a hell :D Aaron i never expect this question from you!!! Honestly my opinion L2 it will save you from Coronavirus because you will sit home is kind (self isolated )
  5. Why?? is not so bad :) i was running that pack and fixed the most problems ( what ever is out of Jar )
  6. Hello Am selling Lineage 2 Classic Antharas 2.7 (Without IP bindings and No limit) Last revision 600$ include Sguard (1year) except if you need without Sguard 450$ Worth of this pack without Sguard 1100$ For more Details please pm me ! rev 30064/14617 + Implemented Christmas event: the main dish - snow pumpkin!; * Cosmetic bags; * Fix displaying pictures in the community; * Bypass encryption cosmetics; * Basic community cosmetics; * Fixed work links in kommuniti; * Fix work AccountVariablesDAO; * Fix VIP points consumption; * VIP system op
  7. The Last changes are done today and is going to remain as it is!! Enchant Weapon Scroll ( normal ) : 75%Enchant Armor Scroll ( normal ) : 75%Blessed Enchant Weapon Scroll : 85%Blessed Enchant Armor Scroll : 85%
  8. Guess how you feel when you spend some time to craft your weapon or armor into mid rate server and you get crystals after a fail enchant ...., Imagine A grade .... you spend hours.. probably days .. Blassed are droppind from big bosses ( 2 blesses scrolls random) and small elites bosses ( 1blessed scrolls random ) That is a reason we help players to achieve a good experience of the game
  9. L2Nostalgia Classic Antharas 2.7 Grand Opening 22nd December 2018 @ 17:00 GMT +0 = Server Features = Exp/SP: x12 Party Exp/SP: Retail Quest Exp/SP: x1 Adena: x8 Drop: x5 Quest Drop: x1 Quest Adena: x1 Spoil: x3 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Vote reward system. Get Enchant Scroll reward in game by pressing .getreward = Enchant Rates = Safe Enchant : +3 Max Enchant : +16 Enchant Weapon Scroll ( normal ) : 75% Enchant Armor Scroll ( normal ) : 75% Blessed Enchant Weapon Scroll : 85% Blessed Enchant Armor Scroll : 85% *Jewels have same Enchant rate as Armor.
  10. kAI edw vlepoume ton Kara otan Kanei Login kai vlepei to Rank UP se Moderator
  11. Auleon Otan ginis Mod mpwro na erxome na sou katharizw to grafio?? tsampa :D aplos na exw kalw Reference oti kathariza to grafio s
  12. Se UE4 mpwro na sou ftiaxw to L2 se ez mode :D ama exw kapion na m kanei ta animation ;) Full Blueprint ;) Celestine kai Auleon min tsakoneste gia emena afou xerete :D sas agapaw
  13. Ti na banaris ? :D Mperdepses to L2 me to Mxc , se 2 meres :D tha minis esy mazi me ton Maxtor kai tha kanete replay o enas ston allon :D
  14. Nice One can you do one video about yourself :D How you do when someone give you reputation ?? :D or you want me to find out something for you?