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  1. All coords you're teleporting to are stored on the server side, look into it. If you're replacing an arena with another one from a different client, you won't have the same coords.
  2. AbstractAI.java is inside the core, not in the scripts. org.l2jmobius.gameserver.ai
  3. I took it from c4, it just could be with _actor for you.
  4. Try this: AbstractAI.java _accessor.moveTo(_actor.isPlayable() ? pawn : null, pawn.getX(), pawn.getY(), pawn.getZ(), offset); to _accessor.moveTo(pawn.getX(), pawn.getY(), pawn.getZ(), offset);
  5. @L2Raptorztopic moved from l2 to report section.
  6. Do not use the -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC. 512mb for LS and 16gb for GS, it should be enough to handle up 700 players that are constantly active. if your server have no memory leak. I've personally used 64gb for 1k+ players and I don't remember going above 16gb. Your OS, db and networking need a lot of RAM as well; don't waste it all on the server.
  7. I suggested this numerous times. Their IP/location/associated emails/servers/groups.
  8. Classic also has an option in the settings to "Improve Performance" which is drastically minimizing the CPU usage.
  9. What @zemaitissays makes perfect sense.
  10. You're only accepting donations, not payments for your service. You're basically working on tips that are given willingly, and guess what, you're rewarding them in-game for that. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you own money to PayPal, they'll try to reach you through 3rd parties to get their money back, Those 3rd parties are going to contact you and you can simply ignore them. There's almost nothing they can do to you. Imagine if PayPal would be suing every suspicions account that owns them money - that's a waste of money and resources right there. If they'd care why those people are donating for your project, they'd ask more information from you, before allowing that to happen in the first place. They can lock the accounts for up to 180 days because the default refund period is 180 days from the transaction date.
  11. You have to specify that you get rewarded in-game by donating, NOT that you have to donate in order to get something. Simple. Even though, in the worst case scenario, they can take over your domain - nothing will ever happen to you. Donations via PayPal and having a private server are 2 different things. More private servers will soon use crypto currency and players won't even be able to ask for a refund.
  12. People are willingly donating, there's nothing ilegal about it.
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