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  1. SmartGuard would not have existed without LameGuard in the first place.
  2. Client's interface handles the tabs, SysString-eu.dat from system handles the tab names and the server side has only the bypass for the HTML, you can assign any HTML to any tab.
  3. Private servers kept and still keep the game alive.
  4. I'm not only taking about the servers. So many misplaced banners; highlights and bright colors, it feels like a cheap Christmas theme. You people need to focus more on the UI and simplicity. You are not the only ones though. I'd personally enter the page and leave the second after. Aren't we in 2020 or what?
  5. He forgot that he was begging private servers to add their servers to Topzone.
  6. They are very helpful and take their business seriously.
  7. Hello everyone, This is will be a very short guide. FEEDBACK It does matters sometimes... However, this is a grey area. If dude A haven't scammed dude B, that doesn't mean he/she will not scam you. People are unpredictable sometimes. GET TO KNOW THEM Get to know the person you're trading with. I personally don't do business with people I know nothing about. There's probably a lower chance that a scammer will share personal information with you. Try to get as much information as possible from them - where are they from, what else are they selling, when did they start it, with who else was he/she; is he/she working with. Check for common friends or business partners/L2 servers. LEARN HOW A TRADE WORKS If you're buying L2 services and you're the buyer - 1st test what you've asked for, 2nd pay for it and 3rd get the product. If it's about trading items in L2, I'd personally push for the items first before money - in-game items are less valuable. Would be nice for the buyer to provide a proof that he/she has the money. MIDDLEMAN This is perhaps the best option to go with. Only use very trusted persons that are doing this for a long time. If you're trading items in-game - this is very easy and it needs no explanation. If you're using a middleman for L2 services, chances are the middleman will not delete the code/product he got from the seller after he trade. If you care so much about this as seller, then use a middleman which has less interest for L2 scene. Same rule apply to other services. VOICE You can try to have a voice-chat with the person you're trading with. Hearing each other is the most human thing you can do. Don't you think? RUSH Be aware! Scammers are mostly rushing, want to have it done as soon as possible. SUSPICIOUS? Is the person you wanna trade with suspicious? Abort it! There are other persons you can trade with. He/she is not the only one.
  8. Beta is online since yesterday. We're mostly using the discord for reports, suggestions and change logs during the beta phase.
  9. I like to think that aCis is on top. I've seen good activity lately. It's not the most stable one, but it will get there. Most enjoyable project to work on for sure. Lucera won't give you the source, unless you give them an offer they can't refuse. Lucera is kinda medieval and it feels old, that is because they haven't touched what is already working. On the other hand, aCis tried to change its whole datapack and refactor most of the core. However, none of these projects live up to today's standards. I don't know if any L2J actually does. Lucera should be better from a player's perspective, while aCis should be better from a developer's perspective.
  10. We bring something new to the table. Not overusing the same files that are more than 10 years old. :)