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  1. You need to provide information about YOU in the first place.
  2. Do not be an ass sharing other people's IRL pictures, and judging them.
  3. I believe Tryskell sees it as an temporary fix, not something that should be committed as a permanent solution. Just by looking at the code, brings you vibes from 2009 - when everyone was forking L2J adding "frenzy fix, oly fix" as a single commit. What people are expecting in 2019 is a logical solution, fixing the root problem.
  4. What if an attacker is ddosing the proxies? It's just that good feeling to get back to L2J when you actually have some knowledge about programming and network. He most likely got inspired and tried it out. Why not.
  5. I'm sure that clan != null is a duplicate in EnterWorld. Put the code in the same place people!
  6. Using the VLC software can be used for both, as a server and client. I'd like to use the browser as a client, opening UDP Video streams. The project is a MultiViewer (aka Mosaic) in the browser. Same thing can be made with the VLC software but the ram memory keeps increasing.
  7. Hi, Then, when the browsers had the necessary plugins for VLC, they could be used to open an UDP Video Stream in HTML. But now, it became more complicated since there are no browsers supporting any of those plugins. A good alternative would be Node.js. Have anybody tried this before? Many thanks.