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  1. Discussion Threats against iPlay project

    That “project leader” never been to a school.
  2. WTS Erlandys Event Engine IT-GoD

    Wishing you lots of luck!
  3. Most of the players are tired of this game. They are playing for a few hours or days, and then they get bored no matter what. And clans, they will do the same if they get items, playing for several days only. Some players are still playing it because they got crappy computers. Players already moved on from Lineage.
  4. L2 Market

    That is true, that should be done thru forum settings, not rules. @Maxtor, we could use your thoughts on this one.
  5. L2 Market

    Any monkey willing to take an action?
  6. Clan Siege Real Money Reward Event

    Politically speaking, not that bad, but that amount of money, makes it look bad.
  7. Clan Siege Real Money Reward Event

    He just wants players to play on his server.
  8. Clan Siege Real Money Reward Event

    :( Poor guy. Leave him alone.
  9. WTB Need custom community board

    But wait, you skype says "dev".
  10. L2 Market

    Uu :D
  11. L2 Market

    I used to edit their title, so what, isn’t that the right thing to do?
  12. L2 Market

    1 user shouldn’t have more than 1 topic /or not being able to bump them all at once. Title’s characters should be decreased too. The whole section looks fake and gay.