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  1. L2Gold Classic will come back after the summer.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been working on a #Psytrance remix on Hands On Me by Giolì & Assia for a while. More productions will follow in the near future - all on # 138bpm - some of them will be singles.
  3. Hi everyone, L2Finest will have a chance to return somewhere at the end of the year, or at the beginning of next year. The project will be almost entirely retail like, with a few exceptions; development has already begun on the latest update called Frost Lord. This is a part-time project to develop a server on the last updated client - very little customized, without P2W or cheating in the game with bots; most likely no dual box. People who are interested in assisting with this project are welcome. This project will not interfere with L2Gold Classic, it will remain a different project with a totally different team.
  4. It's a waste of time whatsoever. Most of the Pride community no longer plays this game and it won't attract new players because it's pretty confusing for them.
  5. Making it longer will perhaps make it worse. I like the way it works on Classic - actions cancel the effect; same goes for other invul skills. Like @Ehoqsaid, it's mostly used to take your position.
  6. July 2nd. PvP Season!
  7. Driver privilege is different than the kernel one.
  8. Do you share your opinion, whether or not you know what you're talking about?
  9. That looks like a cardigan sweater, definitely not a jacket. 😂
  10. L2Gold Classic on YouTube! L2Gold Classic on YouTube! L2Gold Classic on YouTube! L2Gold Classic on YouTube! L2Gold Classic on YouTube!