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  1. i think only you have problem nobody else yet. give me your domain so i would be able to see the host.
  2. ok...i think that you dont have upload all of the files (css, imgs)
  3. first of all do not spam you can use the edit ability. second from your print screen we are not able to see the browser address cause i want to see which of the htms you are using.
  4. as i said before look for the 420170303170913703806.htm example: yourcrappydomain.com/420170303170913703806.htm
  5. @Teon Server look for 420170303170913703806.htm if this is not working post here a prnt scrn.
  6. Im doing that share because many of you messaged me for RIP Requests. LIVE PREVIEW: https://www.l2mafia.net/ https://lineage2dex.com/ http://playorbis.pro/ https://www.chronosworld.com/ http://l2pw.com/ https://www.l2devil.ws/ http://www.l2macabro.com.br/ LINEAGE II DEX LINEAGE II MACABRO LINEAGE II MAFIA LINEAGE II ORBIS LINEAGE II CHRONOS WORLD LINEAGE II PW LINEAGE II DEVILS Upvote - Thanks - Like DOWNLOAD
  7. I thought why not, so i share to you just the home page of the http://lineage2.com ripped. Download Here