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  1. Well done @Elfocrash way to go, way to go! If you support that kind of counterfeit and you want any of these sources then go on!!! @Pigasos-Dev it's defenetly your guy.
  2. @Elfocrash i will not argue about how the world works, but another 300 to send me again the same pack was crazy. my intention wasn't to expose Pigasos, just to share these facts so the others know what kind of person he is. That's all.
  3. When i was a young boy 14 years old (2007) i met that guy (Pigasos=Marios=L2 CORE Owner) on l2 infogate saying on chat that he was selling server packs and the set up procedure. so i talked to him and he told me 300 euros for a pack and the set up. i accepted cause i loved the game but until then i had no idea about these things. I repeat i didn't have any knowledge then but now i do. The pack was L2J Oneo Compiled (i don't remember the exactly version) without any configuration. The set up took place on my PC (by team-viewer). After a few weeks had a problem on my PC and i had to format cause i didn't have any access on the software, so i called him and i asked his to send me the pack once again (the same pack that i bought from him) and i will set it up then he told me no i will not send it if you don't give me 300 euros more. I denied of course and had an argue with him. so after one year when i had the basic knowledge and i could understand that this guy took 300 euros for a free compiled version and a 15 min set up i felt like a fool but more i was feeling angry because he wanted 300 euros more to send me again that crappy compiled pack. Because of Pigasos i start to look & understand (developing modding coding and a lot of other things) but he is not a trusty seller cause he fooled people who didn't know and that is unprofessional. So i advice you to do not waste your time and money on him. @Pigasos-Dev don't get bother to respond on that. Once a scammer always a Scammer!