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  1. unfortunately due to my job i dont have time to make a video but if anyone will do ill put it on topics first post
  2. I had this between others in my hard drive for a long time i dont remeber how or from who i got them so i can not give credits But I can give credits to me for the translation. Enjoy.
  3. Hm you mean you want to buy paysafe card throw paypal! Why dont you visit a kiosk?
  4. This share was one of the few times in my life that i used HTTrack .For the most of my ripping shares im using a private project which has been made by a friend.
  5. I think few images are not enough for someone to understand what includes this huge share, a video from the other hand would be nice but i dont have enough time for that right now. I'll upload few images tomorrow.
  6. I found this Share on another forum. It includes:GFX Packs, Colour Corrections, Layerstyles, Materials, Tutorials and alot of more sick stuff. Leecher: Dragunov67 If this post violates any of the Forum Rules or Posting Guidelines please delete it.
  7. its similar you will not find exactly the same cb
  8. Im doing that share because many of you messaged me for RIP Requests. LIVE PREVIEW: https://www.l2mafia.net/ https://lineage2dex.com/ http://playorbis.pro/ https://www.chronosworld.com/ http://l2pw.com/ https://www.l2devil.ws/ http://www.l2macabro.com.br/ LINEAGE II DEX LINEAGE II MACABRO LINEAGE II MAFIA LINEAGE II ORBIS LINEAGE II CHRONOS WORLD LINEAGE II PW LINEAGE II DEVILS Upvote - Thanks - Like DOWNLOAD
  9. i don't understand,i have already edit the config and install the sql into my db without any error but .... i dont see the form