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  1. Moved to Greek Section! Καλησπέρα εδώ Server Development Discussion [Greek] θα βρεις οτι χρειάζεσαι!
  2. 1) Open Interface.xdat with xdat editor or decompile it to xml and edit it 2) Go to shortcuts table 3) Choose "GamingStateShortcut" 4) Find "ShowClanWnd" and delete it @GsLIf your topic solved please let me know!
  3. Its hyperfilter order panel. I dont know if this helps you after 1 month+ now i see, i preffer you to take stattic ip for tcp applications and install your server/db on this IP your network traffic will be better!
  4. We have left you free to have this discussion this time around but some of you often get off topic all the time, so please do not get off topic anymore. Lucera is based in H5 PTS files i have work on it like 3,5 years + lucera needs much progress for build your server with it but is worth it i like this base and lucera movement. aCis is good base for write java if you are not actually educated developer etc but still need progress also. Thats my opinion since lucera is based on h5 you can't compare it because it is something different. Regards.
  5. START NEW ADVENTURE! 🚀 Top upcoming project is coming! Your Title redirect to l2mid.com fix the url! 🙂
  6. Yeah i agree with celestine i have bough from coolness web template!
  7. Jesus 😄 None Protects xZone or TopZone, everyone knows about topzone and to be honest i am banned from TopZone.com so stop make advertise on this corrapted TopSite! Locked.
  8. Hello dear community, today i made the decision to share with you my AIM LOGS for your discord server. The Aim Logs is when someone target another player with weapon or mele, my script print it in your discord webhook with full details. 1. First you need to Download JD_Logs v1. 2. Open from logs resource the file server.lua and find this Function! Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Citizen.Wait(0) local playerped = GetPlayerPed(-1) if IsPedShooting(playerped) then TriggerServerEvent('playerShotWeapon', WeaponNames[tostring(GetSelectedPedW
  9. Topzone is already banned from MaxCheaters we can't do more.. Locked.
  10. Hello @vaiNmode Add prefix on your title your server type L2J or L2Off.