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  1. Hey, give us more details for help you.
  2. @StinkyMadness Actualy who needs respect from scamers and racsism neo-nazi like kara? This guy @Kara` called me before 2-3 days in skype and asking me where i living he told me that he F@cks my mother (behind the computer) we give a meet and he never appearce smart move but who needs respect from thoese people? Kara im still wating for you...
  3. Moved to L2 General Discussion, this has nothing to do with L2Java!
  4. Hey, you are not allowed to double post here next time you will receive a warning point.
  5. Hey, topic moved to correct section and topic edited for not correct prefix and title please read the rules before you post. So you have this java files and you looking for guide to install it am i wrong ? You have to install Mysql server, navicat and java in Server Development Discussion [L2J] section you will find in 10 seconds a guide how to install lineage 2 java server and another guides about l2j server like how to add npcs etc..
  6. Hey, could you explain me what is this ? Rule - If you want to post daily updates of your server, you can post based on bump rules. For example, you can bump your topic or you can post your daily update. You cannot post something else after your reply but only about updates. If you want to inform the players for something else, you can edit your last reply. If you post before 24 hours passed from your last reply, considered as multiple posting(spamming) and your reply will be deleted. You just post every 24Hours the same think, this is not update i take it as a spam post's deleted! You can bump your topic every 24 hours with this button or post your server updates.
  7. Εγώ είμαι ο εχθρός ?
  8. Αν είχες κάτι θα τ είχες ποσταρει ήδη οπότε σταματά να λες ασυναρτησίες ! Δεν έχω κάνει κάτι σε κάποιον ούτε έχω δώσει τροφή σε κάποιον να πει κάτι για μένα ! Εάν κάποιος έχει πει κάτι για μένα και το είπε πίσω από την πλάτη μου θα το είπε γιατί δεν θα μπορούσε μπροστά μου οπότε δεν με πτοούν αυτά try again!
  9. Hello strangers, today i decided to share with you for free my custom community board for interlude with custom frame that i was selling in marketplace before. This version including editing Tools, PSD for edit Community Board texture [ BoardWnd.board_back2 ], a simple custom interface with damage on screen, xml boardwnd if you are using your own interface you have to compile your interface with my boardwnd you will find inside Editing Textures folder all tools that you need. + boardwnd.xml Location [ Editing Textures\xdat\target\xml\window ]. PREVIEW HOW TO ADD YOUR SERVER INFORMATION TO L2UI_CH3 TEXTURE 1) Open " PSD " Folder open " BoardWnd.board_back2.psd ". 2) Add your own LOGO and server information. 3) Save it as BoardWnd.board_back2.DDS file type and then DXT3. 4) Open L2tool that you will find inside Folder "Editing Textures". 5) Import to [ utx ] '" L2UI_CH3.utx " that you will find inside client folder Client/Systextures. 6) Import to [ img ] BoardWnd.board_back2.DDS. 7) And then Press [ set ] DOWNLOAD LINKS: MediaFire | 4Shared For get the password you have to send me a private message.