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  1. Thanks for share it elfo unfortunately the shares on l2j board have stopped for a long time..
  2. It's just a simple template that you can work on it !
  3. FiveM categories for sure i've been impressed by its impact lately, the community has increased and the servers as well and i think maxtor should take advantage of that!
  4. Im working in lucera 2 years i have no complaints and yes there is no source but you can also make extansions so you can put your extra custom codes but this project is hard coded so you will need a good developer with high knowledge in java!
  5. I guess it changed to 5 the rules it's not updated yet!
  6. Τι γίνετε εκεί έξω στον κόσμο....
  7. What exactly you like? The frames from h5?
  8. Yeah buddy i can see that but one newbie do not understand what exactly is this! Add some information like client or pride style etc ill be useful !
  9. I wish you good luck but think to make a better design in your website !