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  1. Cool share but there is a lot of bugs in this version..
  2. Topic moved to correct section! Cool share btw 🙂
  3. You speak about copy paste features in lineage2 private servers.. This is a joke right ? 😄
  4. You need to add in your website configs a user with permissions in your db! 🙂
  5. https://mega.nz/#!46ol0Kxb!3khNWY-RzDuu_6nYJA0-LQ3tAw2OBdFB7eOGrFLq3lE This is atualstudio website template also the statics are addapted for lucera you can use it! 🙂
  6. NOTE. This files are for GTA V so you must Download OpenIV, open the dlc.rpf file, take out the textures (files that ends .ytd .yft) from the dlc.rpf, then you have to make it resource by your self and make the handlings etc also the installation.txt inside this zip it's installation guide for GTA V its not about to make it resource for FiveM. How to make it as resource? 1) Create one folder named Nissanr34 2) Create one folder inside Nissanr34 named stream 3) Put inside stream folder the textures (files that ends .ytd .yft) 4) Go back to Nissanr34 create one f
  7. +++ Then your topic will stay unlocked in marketplace, good luck with this! 😄
  8. lul 😛 Then you must make it with java! buff_templates.xml its for* NPC Buffer !
  9. You still want to buy something you already have it? Let me know please, may i lock this topic and move it..
  10. I have made many changes in lucera core i never had a problem since intellij give you the apertunity to connect your artifacts with the jar libraries the codes are written correctly and compiled correctly you can try it by urself! 🙂 Of course im not fan of compiled projects but its a solution for people who own servers without sources.