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  1. so leave from this server, maybe its better :)
  2. lol? tell to admin from this server to re-upload this patch! :D
  3. u can check on system..maybe u have delete some files (.u) or write correctly the command in html file!
  4. sto script files 8a einai..alliws koita sta mods
  5. hi...nice project..but i have 1 question! how to setup custom npc on this project?
  6. hi all..i have this error..Any can help? thnx!! [20:07:04] WARN Port 7777 is allready binded. Please free it and restart server.
  7. l2 jfrozen exw..den mou vgazei kapio error apla mono disconect me petaei..
  8. kalispera...exw ena 8emataki, otan kanw teleport apo custom teleporter me petaei disconect Mono ton admin char normal player ola kala... mporeis na me voithisei se auto kapoios? euxaristw..
  9. hi...nice share...when i go to open this pack give this error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Failed to Load ./config/masterio/ File. at masteriopack.rankpvpsystem.RPSConfig.load( at l2f.gameserver.GameServer.<init>( at l2f.gameserver.GameServer.main( can u help with this? when run GameServer.bat
  10. Hi..this pack say me that: Unable to access jarfile error ( when go to run startgameserver / login ) any1 know why?
  11. Hello...for extract geodata need password..any1 know's?
  12. open my server good..all run good and i cant create character? use Interdule Files any help pls?
  13. Kalispera...anoigw ton server pou thelw kanonika kai otan paw na kanw create character mou leei your character creation failer...mporei kapios na me help? thnx