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  1. The customs here are outdated and the customs in your forum are invisible or something. I didn't face any problem adding the shared stuff, i remember last year i wanted to code a new event, which i finally didn't manage to finish in aCis because of numerous errors (maybe 360 is a bad version, maybe not only 360). I managed to finish this in another pack though without any problem. This means that the problem was not my "coding skills" but the lack of "Custom friendly environment" or call this h/e you want. By the way there is also a serious fact that probably your project didn't "evolve" the way it should. You lack of support, seriously, the staff/inner/outer i don't know what kind of ranks you have there are a bunch of ironic retards with a big idea of their selves (not all of them). Back in 2014, when i was a complete rookie, i asked for some help about some stuff and their answers were all like "learn java", "acis don't have the problem, you're bad" "hire a developer". Today it's even worse, they don't even speak English. Nevermind, "debunked" what in the hell is this section? Description: A section about "you think it's bugged", but no, really. It isn't. My humble point of view: "We are still awesome, idiot/low skilled admin posts are moved here". They are your main source of finding out those NPEs, problems, errors or w/e, they don't have to be treated like "low skilled trashes" but as a part of your community.
  2. I didn't compare acis to another interlude project, or any higher chronicle. Neither i mentioned that you and your team didn't do any progress at all. I just stated the fact that it's not ready for a live server yet. Why? As you already noticed i'm not a customer so all i can use is acis 370 or any previous version. I used 360 last year and 370 1-2 days after it was published this year. Pretty much i didn't face any trouble in any quest/skill or something, the "retail" stuff worked pretty well. The problem in this pack was the customs (SAD but true, Server admins nowadays are looking for customs, if anyone wants to open a "retail" server why is he going to use a java project anyway), seriously those 2 versions i mentioned are the most "Custom Unfriendly" versions i've ever used. I don't consider myself as a java expert nor a rookie, coding some events/instances or adapting some codes from older versions is harder than other packs. By "harder" i don't mean "no errors after compile", i mean gs long(probably repeating) errors which i'm sure that a live server can't handle and probably going to crash.
  3. That's too sad, there's no stable pack today, at least the free ones(I have no opinion about lucera). I can see some replies like "interlude 2k19", "acis is not ready for a live server yet (2019 lul)", "l2jfrozen is bad coded and abandonded for years", "l2jhellas was made by rookies who added free stuff on acis' old versions". I think they're all true
  4. I can see a little bit of progress, even though 45 online are not sth special. I really enjoyed my last week here but unfortunately i have to study for the rest of the month, if this survives during july im definately coming back
  5. Gonna try it when it enters all votesites, seems good one but needs a little bit advertise
  6. Since there are many people complaining about scams you can post here in order to report such actions. Your post's form should be this one: Scammer's profile Proofs (Images, conversations, quotes or whatever you think that proves a fraud action) Note: Since the ban list is wiped, you can report ex-banned scammers too!