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  1. As far as i remember, they provide a guide upon payment
  2. λογικά το source είναι compatible με αρχαίο java version
  3. You have probably messed up a code.1) which pack do you use? 2) any console errors? 3) any recent custom added?
  4. I think mythras stopped developing it's source many years ago
  5. ε αυτό ζήτησε ο καημένος τι να τον κάνουμε
  6. Μπορείς να κάνεις αναζήτηση την επόμενη φορά
  7. Very good opening, didn't expect that on a c4 server, congrats
  8. This doesn't affect any peace zone, you probably messed up another part in your source/configs
  9. He already mentioned that he doesn't have the source. Probably a staff member of this server got access to the dedicated machine, leaked the files and shared them? idk anyway. You shouldn't even leak stuff out of this, they're poorly coded.
  10. Just don't use such sources, they're outdated and poorly coded. There are plenty of active h5 forks out there (or at least not outdated since 2013)
  11. There is no free pack that uses this "antibot?" system. Although you can easily code this for any pack
  12. Unfortunately all these "guards" lack in support nowadays.
  13. You either get to contact them early in the morning or late night. Their support isn't the best one