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  1. Or there might be a check for illegal skills on restart or something. If you can't find something in enterworld check on sendskilllist packet
  2. If i may be honest any classic fork is "buggy af" at this moment. They're all kinda new, so unless you're skilled enough to solve their issues, you either have to hire someone for this job or wait until they reach a stable point.
  3. λογικά ή έχεις κάποιο κακό feature που κάνει πολλά db connections ή έχεις κάνει αρκετά limit τα db connections σου
  4. if he gave u source check all the voiced commands. He obviously put a backdoor in your server.
  5. Doesn't make any sense not to sit at all. Your player sits down before he get's disconnected. If though, you mean that the player doesn't sit down after the "restore" during restart procedure, there is a method player.sitDown(); in restoreofflinetraders method under OfflineTradersTable file, which you might have skipped during some eclipse error or something
  6. What is the problem you encounter?
  7. Some code is missing, probably some lazy "developer" forgot to remove some crappy configs.
  8. visit handlers.chathandlers/, post the part of the code here