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  1. You should probably post this in acis forum
  2. 9014 is pointless, did you add firewall exception for these 2 ports?
  3. Topic locked since you solved your issue.
  4. People may want to stream. It's not pleasant to display your ip in public.
  5. Yep i still mean Hostname. Also add firewall exceptions for 2106/7777 ports
  6. Normally it should abort cast, if u are talking about potions try removing their cast time (set to 0 or delete)
  7. Vacation time, i will be inactive till July 25th. Locking this topic for a while
  8. You will need to send the html to the player again once you use ANY cb bypass.
  9. Consider mentioning in every help topic please. Anyway, changing configs ain't enough some times. You may need to change a database value which holds the end date of the current cycle.