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  1. Why would you do that? Either let them AUTO farm or ban bots
  2. This error means that the java compiler you used in eclipse is different than the one you use to run the server. Also l2mythras is an ancient fork, i would suggest you to use an active one such as l2j
  3. The method you are looking for is Player#checkDoCastConditions. Although this works too, players can cast the spell but it won't heal the boss
  4. You have to post the stacktrace so that we can help you with these errors.
  5. That is not a bad number if you are fighting as duelist vs sps.You shouldn't worry about this since Duelist is useful only in small skirmishes. Sps on the other hand lacks in 1v1 situation but his teamfight value is by far higher.
  6. You can always override the method with a scaling algorithm or a static rate per level. I kinda don't suggest both but it would be less pain
  7. Depends on what you 're intending to do. If it's another instance of quick pvp server, then just slightly nerf crt/ m crit rates and powers and let the archers vs mages gameplay begin (maybe edit some formulas too)
  8. I really wonder how people expect to receive support by the project owners while they leech their pack 😂
  9. Max skill enchant rate depends on your character's level. If you have extended your max level to 85 or something you should edit EnchantSkillNode in order to avoid IOOBE and parse new values to your set aswell (rate81 rate82, etc). As for the max skill enchant value, acis already handles up to 30, both in skill and enchant skill xmls. All you have to do is manually increase values in enchantskills.xml (rate76 rate77 etc) for each skill level. If though you would like to extend max enchant to 31 you will also have to add extra lines to enchantskills.xml, increase enchantlevels1/2/... AND extend