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  1. New weapon skins acquired the count is 70+. Also got some new cool emotes and clothes. Post will be updated soon
  2. Includes 54 individual weapon skins, 118 Individual Wardrobe Items (mostly casual stuff but some funny clothes are included too), 2 parachute skins, 9 helmet skins and 43 emotes. Some things about stats: End up 6 times top 200 in duo TPP Eu in 2018. End up 6 times top 200 in Squad TPP Eu in 2018 Peak Ranking: Rank 84 in duo TPP Eu (Past Summer) Current Rankings are somewhat low, like Skilled 3 or 2, due to the stupid missions of Vikendi Pass. AR Skins: Bengal Blade Scar-l Croc Bite M16A4 Speed & Momentum M416 Ghosted AKM Maddog M16A4 Arctic Digital Scar-l Arctic Digital M16A4 Crimson Snowflake QBZ Velocity AKM Arctic Digital AUG Crimson Snowflake M416 Year One Scar-l Rugged(Beige) M16A4 Rugged(Orange) Scar-l Arctic Digital M416 Trifecta Scar-l DMR Skins: Velocity SKS Arctic Digital SKS Desert Digital Mini14 Rugged(Beige) SKS SR Skins: Speed & Momentum Kar98k Frostbite Kar98k Arctic Digital AWM Rugged(Beige) Kar98k Ghosted Kar98k Frostbite VSS Arctic Digital Kar98k Arctic Digital M24 SMG Skins: Arctic Digital Tommy Gun Rugged(Orange) UMP9 Arctic Digital UMP9 Arctic Digital Micro Uzi Maddog UMP9 Arctic Digital Vector LMG Skins: Arctic Digital M249 Shotgun Skins: Gold Plate Sawed Off Rugged(Beige) S686 Maddog S12K Arctic Digital Sawed Off Engraved S686 Rugged(Beige) S12K Pistol Skins: Jungle Digital P18C Silver Plate R1895 Trifecta P92 Velocity P92 Arctic Digital R45 Crimson Snowflake P18C Silver Plate R1895 Arctic Digital P92 Engraved R45 Desert Digital R45 Misc Weapon Skins: Target Practice Pan Rugged(Beige) Crossbow Arctic Digital Win94
  3. Since there are many people complaining about scams you can post here in order to report such actions. Your post's form should be this one: Scammer's profile Proofs (Images, conversations, quotes or whatever you think that proves a fraud action) Note: Since the ban list is wiped, you can report ex-banned scammers too!