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  1. First of all this is not a share, you have to edit the main post and use a proper tag for your topic. Also, 70$ 2 cores of e5 xeon. What is going on with you?
  2. Just don't use such sources for live servers, get a clean one and import the customs out of it.
  3. how in the blue hell 2 new random guys can call trusted each other. Seriously i can see a lot of guys crying about their money while they trust such people.
  4. It's up to you to create something innovative
  5. I wonder how you guys trust randoms with 2 posts
  6. In the old shared mythras sources there are a lot of stuff that don't work properly. Although you should add 1 line of code in doDie method in l2pcinstance
  7. Moved, next time post on the right section please.
  8. This isn't a free pack so i can't help you further with this. Although this might be still in under calcskillsuccess method, if you struggle post this method
  9. this was a mistake, i just saw a crappy old fork. I edited my post above. As i can see in acis final double rate = Math.max(1, Math.min((baseChance * statModifier * skillModifier * mAtkModifier * lvlModifier), 99)); It's between 1 and 99 and in lisvus (c4) if (rate > 99) { rate = 99; } else if (rate < 1) { rate = 1; } is this way too.Which pack are you using?