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  1. Hey guys, I have developed a l2 off server and I am trying to figure out Castle Sieges. So far I figured out how to start a set with //set_quick_siege and //attack castle clanname Now the problem is once in the throne room, and I try to use the Seal of Rules, my character runs up to the edge and acts like they cannot see the holy artifact. I can see it fine and click on it, but the game acts like there is an invisible wall blocking my character from casting the Seal of Ruler. Therefore no one can capture the castles yet....
  2. Hey guys, I downloaded l2farmbot because I want a free bot program to help me level on l2 classic skelth. When I try using the program it constantly loops the targeting but doesn't actually target anything. Is there some sort of protection against this program on sketlh? If so can I bypass it? If so how? I would really like to use this free bot service instead of paying for l2 Adrenaline. Thanks!