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  1. Hello, just attached the CachedExt.dll and IlExt.dll to the C4 PP Release and it seems to be working great. But, once I try to log in the server it automatically disconnects me. Also, there are no signs of any error on the L2Server, therefore, is there any way to debug it? I think there must be something wrong with the Networking which must be changed to C4 method on the Extender's sources.
  2. I want someone that can be able to work smoothly with parsers and lexers for c4l2off, pm me with references, i ve been looking for xRivaLx but he dont answer via skype, if someone have another way to contact him or know some other dev pm me. Thanks for reading
  3. Hey guys, I have developed a l2 off server and I am trying to figure out Castle Sieges. So far I figured out how to start a set with //set_quick_siege and //attack castle clanname Now the problem is once in the throne room, and I try to use the Seal of Rules, my character runs up to the edge and acts like they cannot see the holy artifact. I can see it fine and click on it, but the game acts like there is an invisible wall blocking my character from casting the Seal of Ruler. Therefore no one can capture the castles yet....
  4. Hi, I am looking for help of how to remove quest from transform_teacher class so people do not need to make "More Than Meets the Eye" quest to learn subclass specification skills. Edit: title addition and grammar fix
  5. Hey, Currently to enter Frintezza and Freya I must be part of command channel. I wish to remove this requirement and be able to enter it with a single party of 9. Unfortunately I can't find a way how to do so. Setting min_user=2 does not seem to help and it still requires command channel. instantzone_begin id=136 name=frintessa_battle max_channel=5 max_user=45 min_user=2 duration=120 time_limit=5760 reset_binding={06:30;{0;2;4;6}} entrance_cond={{check_level(1);80;85}} delete_no_user=30 required_item={} deleted_item={} remove_buff=0 start_pos_type=designatory start_pos={{-88015,-141153,-9168}} order_end_pos_type=origin order_end_pos={} disorder_end_pos_type=origin disorder_end_pos={} door_list{"deleted from this code example bc too long"} area_list={} spawn_npc=yes associative=yes instantzone_end Is there a way to do this command channel requirement optional and not "must have" without fucking up whole AI class?
  6. Hello everyone! Let's talk about platform choices for x1 servers. Some people are claiming that java platform is better for x1 high five. What do you think ?
  7. Anybody can tips me some description for AI parameters of NPCs? Currently GF server. At first, me interest what is it this a param for NPC in ai.obj: myself.p_state != 3 This uses in this timer: EventHandler TIMER_FIRED_EX( timer_id ) { if( timer_id == 2001 ) { if( gg::GetAbnormalLevel( myself.sm, myself::Skill_GetAbnormalType( SelfBuff ) ) <= 0 && myself.p_state != 3 ) { if( myself::Skill_GetConsumeMP( SelfBuff ) < myself.sm.mp && myself::Skill_GetConsumeHP( SelfBuff ) < myself.sm.hp && myself::Skill_InReuseDelay( SelfBuff ) == @FALSE ) { myself::AddUseSkillDesire( myself.sm, SelfBuff, @ST_HEAL, @AMT_MOVE_TO_TARGET, 1000000 ); } } myself::AddTimerEx( 2001, 10000 ); } if( timer_id == 2002 ) { if( myself::Skill_GetConsumeMP( SelfBuff ) < myself.sm.mp && myself::Skill_GetConsumeHP( SelfBuff ) < myself.sm.hp && myself::Skill_InReuseDelay( SelfBuff ) == @FALSE ) { myself::AddUseSkillDesire( myself.sm, SelfBuff, @ST_HEAL, @AMT_MOVE_TO_TARGET, 1000000 ); } } super; } If someone have a link for description of other params thanks in advance.
  8. Like in title says. Me need retail this file, not from share with x3 rates. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, can you guys recommend any l2off extender sources that would be good for someone that's just starting out in this field? If you can provide links ( topic discussions, files, etc) that would be awesome. Also advice as to what knowledge is good to have would be amazing. Should I dive into the lowest levels of C++? Read a book about x86 assembly first? At the moment I know some 8051 assembly and C++ but nothing too advanced, things you learn in college. Can you share how you started or what you wish you knew before diving into the reverse engineering world? I am hoping to find formulas for skill damage and land rate calculation as I am tired of trying to do it by testing stuff ingame although I had succesfuly found close to 99% accurate formulas for energy/dagger skills and posted them on L2blah in 2009, it was painful. I am also hoping if all goes well to try making an open source extender for older chronicles (C1-C6) in the near future. So please help out if you can by giving some advice, I will not steal your job, not interested in making money from Lineage, just want to learn and satisfy my curiosity. thank you
  10. Hello guys a question about L2 OFF. How I can increases the max. players in clan lvl 5? its possible in L2 Off? In C4 the max is 40 members but I need more slots.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble connecting to my server. I've configured the server files like 3 times already from nothing, and I always end up with either stuck on server selection or with a disconnect message, or a Access Failed message. I've done a lot of work with L2j, but L2OFF is an entire new world for me... If anyone could help m I would appreciate it. thx ;)
  12. where this the access level in database lin2db?
  13. Hello community, Below you will find details considering the unique features we have developed specifically for Beyond. Bare in mind that there is also some information left out on purpose for the players to discover themselves as they progress. Launch Date: 5th of January, 2018 19:00 PM - UK UTC 21.00 PM - GR +2 UTC 17.00 PM - BR -2 UTC Rates Dynamic XP: 35x (20x between Lv. 70 and 80) Party XP: 1.5x Adena: 30x Max. Weapon: +12 Max. Armor & Jewels: +6 Beginners Starting Level: 20 Starting Items: Starter Hat (Passive Noblesse buff for 1 hour) - Consumable Pack (Upon double-clicking you will receive 2 Adena, 20 mana and 20 greater healing potions. Class change requires 1 Adena and for 1st and 2nd class changes you will receive a Reward Ticket which opens to Jewelry, Armor and Weapon tickets, either Level 20 or Level 40, depending on the class change) Skills Auto-learn skills up until level 78 Learning 79 and 80 Level skills can be done in Aden's Church. Different ways of obtaining these spell-books. Fully functional 80 level fusion skills (They now require 1 player to force instead of 3) Enhanced anti-buff (it allows specific self, clan and alliance buffs to go through so that it does not affect and clan activities and PvPs) New textures for skill: Death Spike Transfer pain range decreased to 300 Hot Springs de-buffs cannot be cleansed Cleanse re-use and casting time have been adjusted Spellsinger and Sorcerer: Cancellation skill now removes 0-7 buffs and they are restored after 12 seconds. Debuff can be cleansed but still get restored Dark Avenger and Shillien Knight: Touch of Death skill now removes 0-5 buffs and they are not restored. 75% chance for skill effect but can be cleansed 2-hours NPC buffs, Player buffs have the same duration as on retail Limited and Unlimited access on Beyond's buffer NPC, unlimited access can be achieved in-game Miscellanous Earring of Orfen and Ring of Core have both been modified with better statistics in order to be useful and worthy enough for players to fight over them Ring of Core: Increases the protection of the elements by 10% and P.Def. & M.Def by 5% Earring of Orfen: Increases CP/HP/MP by 15% and P.Def. & M.Def by 5% Empower Potion Spawn Protection No level gap penalty Infinity Shots can be purchased Automatic HP/MP/CP potions through our modified Classic Interface Sealed Epic boss jewelry that can be purchased for Noblesse Gate Passes at our rewards shop (Decreased statistics by 4 times lower than retail ones) Two-way addition of special ability on weapons (One way loses the enchants while the other one makes enchants remain) Upgrading up equipment will be available from the beginning. For the armors the whole set needs to be on the same level so that statistics bonus work (More to be announced soon on a different thread) Class masteries on final stage of upgraded armory Remote buff coin (Blocked in specific areas) Buff Unlimited Coin that allows you to access a new button with special buffs such as Chant of Victory, Dance of Siren and many more - Achievable through TvT coins and Noblesse Gate Passes Maximum number of boxes is three (3) NPCs not used on Beyond have been removed Statistics NPC where you view top PvP, PK, Clan and the status of our raid bosses Major Arcana Robe (S-Grade) now gives +15% Casting Speed and +8% P. Def Modified classic interface Quests Every NPC that is located in towns across the map of Lineage II has now been re-located to Ivory Tower (Beyond’s Quest Area). This is done to save time from our players running around the map only to talk to several NPCs as we believe everyone has done it enough times already to deserve this change). The ones outside the town, including any monsters will remain on their usual spawn area Sub-Class Quest: Modified for Beyond. Starting location is in the Ivory Tower and all the quest requires is players to talk to the chests of the first 4 raid bosses that can be found in Seal of Shilen (Cemetery) and Tower of Insolence 3rd, 8th and 11th floors. Quest begins at Maestro Reorin who is located in the Ivory Tower Noblesse Quest: This quest has not been modified but every NPC as mentioned is now located in the Ivory Tower and Blazing Swamp contains all the monsters required in order to gather 5 Lunargents and 1 Hellfire Oil. Flame of Splendor Barakiel in the Valley of Saints is located in a neutral zone and a new Flame of Splendor Barakiel in Bandit Stronghold has been created. The gatekeeper outside the gates will be able to port you inside but bare in mind the whole area is PvP and there is no escape PK Quest: This quest has not been modified. Every NPC is located in the Ivory Tower and all the materials can be found at the starting NPC Hatchling and Strider Quest: This quest has not been modified. Every NPC is located in the Ivory Tower and food as well as equipment for pets can be found there Beyond The Walls (Custom Daily PvP Quest): This is a unique quest developed only for Beyond. It is an instance quest only a group of 9 can take at a time and it is going to be up twice a day. The starting NPC is located outside the house in Hellbound Island just after the Chimeras Area and the whole area is PvP. Only the party leader can take the quest and is going to teleport the entire party inside. Be careful as it can be really dangerous in there Clan System Maximum number of members per clan at Level 8: 80 members Maximum number of clans per alliance: 1 clan Clan skills are fully functional and items required can be earned in several ways in-game as well as clan reputation points Clan penalties for both members and clan leaders do exist but have been shortened Sieges Three weekly castle sieges - Aden, Giran, Oren (Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Rewards: Custom daily raid boss spawning inside the castle, Clan Reputation Points, 1.000 Siege Badges used to buy various goods from our rewards shop Clan Hall: Devastated Castle siege every Monday Raid Bosses Bosses will re-spawn to their set spawn area upon being dragged away (It is done to avoid PvP quantity loss) - Does not apply to epic raid bosses Daily custom and epic raid bosses now cannot be healed by players Isle of Prayer and Hellbound Isle contain daily custom raid bosses with great drops Frintezza: Level 80. Teleport has been modified so unlimited amount of parties or players can enter the raid boss area by using the quest item that can be purchased in the misc shop. Players can also enter when the epic raid boss is alive. Area in the Imperial Tomb and after teleporting has been turned into PvP area Core: Level 80. Area has been modified and turned into PvP area. Raid boss statistics have been increased Orfen: Level 80. Area has been modified and turned into PvP area. Raid boss statistics have been increased Zaken: Level 80. Has now been moved to Underground of the Isle of Prayer. You can only teleport inside Zaken's new lair if the raid boss is alive. Unlimited amount of players can enter even when alive. Teleport requires (1) Zaken’s quest item that can be purchased in the misc shop. The gatekeeper can be found in the Chromatic Highlands Queen Ant: Level 80. Area has been modified and turned into PvP area. Raid boss statistics have been increased Antharas: Level 80. PvP area has been added between the first bridge and heart of the Lair of Antharas, as well as the entire Antharas’ Nest area. Teleport has been modified for Beyond, players can now teleport even why Antharas is awake and it requires (1) Portal Stone that can be purchased in the misc shop Baium: Level 80. PvP area has been added from the 12th floor and above, including Baium’s room. Teleport has been modified for Beyond, players can now teleport even why Baium is awake and it requires (1) Blooded Fabric that can be purchased in the misc shop Valakas: Level 80. PvP area has been added from the bridge (After teleporting using Klein NPC) until the heart, including Valakas’ Lair. Teleport has been modified for Beyond, players can now teleport even why Valakas is awake and it requires (1) Floating Stone that can be purchased in the misc shop Areas & Teleporting Unique teleporting system including Towns, Hunting Areas, Other Areas (Quests, Raid Bosses), Noblesse (Edited) Aden Castle Town (Main Town) - Aden church has been modified with several classes NPCs Hellbound Island (End-game area, Level 76 is required) Isle of Prayer (solo) and Chromatic Highlands (party) - Level 65 is required Lair of Antharas (modified path at the first bridge) Blazing Swamp now contains all the monsters needed for the Noblesse Quest Grand Olympiad Custom Grand Olympiad area, specifically designed for that purpose Grand Olympiad Games run every Saturday (Class based matches) and Sunday (Non-class based matches) In the Grand Olympiad Games there is no restrictions beside the blocked items as (pots/elixirs/scrolls etc.) Grand Olympiad shop has been modified with various goods to choose from in exchange for Noblesse Gate Passes and can be found in rewards NPC Required players to register has been changed to a (3) on Class based and non-class based games Required games to be qualified for hero has been changed to a (5) minimum games with (1) victory Mystic classes will now obtain Acumen Lv.3(Except for Summoner classes - Acumen Lv.1) and Wind Walk Lv.2 Fighter classes will not obtain Haste Lv.2 and Wind Walk Lv.2 Heroes Heroes are announced every Monday at 13:00 PM GMT +1 Hero skills deleted: Fear and Silence Wings of Destiny: Passive Noblesse when worn Hero Weapons: Equal to +10 S-Grade weapons with ability (Several special abilities have been changed to specific weapons) Hero Pole effect of cancelling buffs has been removed Hero Mace effect of fully healing players and monsters has been removed First and Second olympiad place medals are now given to players that can be exchanged for various goods to choose from and can be found in rewards NPC For any questions please do not hesitate to ask us on these forums and we will gladly answer to them. We are looking forward to seeing you online very soon! Kind regards, Lineage II: Beyond Staff.
  14. We are glad to introduce you our new project. Our team mainly consists of postpacific developers. It's high time toon L2Realm! [ Create Account ] | [ Download Game ] | [ Promotion actions ] Detailed description of the server you can see below ... We have studied many aspects of modern free projects. And revealed a lot of specific things for the development and protection. We have established a minimum budget for the project 14,000 euro, which is not the limit of our capabilities. We tied some teams to work together and share experiences. We found a mutually beneficial options for community cooperation and started working together with teams from around the world to create a global project. This is just the beginning! Basic information Rates: Experience (and SP): x20 Adena : x10 Manor: x1 SealStone: x7 Drop: x10 Spoil: x7 Quest: Reward (adena / experience) x7, An exception: Quest Dangerous Seduction - adena x2 RB exp: x15 RB drop: chance x2; quantity x1 Epic RB : x1 Server Features Changes gameplay: Autoloot / auto-learning skills • Non automatically skills: Fast HP Recovery, Boost HP • Mana Potions can be bought in the store (300MP reuse 7 seconds) - can not be used at the Olympiad Games • Available 24 slots for buff • Cursed weapons will be active, a week after the start • The cost of all teleporters - x10, for 79+ characters • Number of Boxes - 9 • Weight limit is increased for all characters in 6 times • Increased rent for clan halls up 200kk , the auction may only clan leaders 6+ lvl • Room with NPC "for the entrance to the Frintezza" is now a PVP-zone Locations: • Primeval Isle: only 3 spawn points of Tyrannosaurus (with drops Top-grade: Life Stone) a chance to drop a Life Stone 14%. • Ant Nest: Only for chars to 49 level. High level chars will be ported out of location. (Anti-relog system 5minutes) • Zaken's Ship: Only for chars to 65 level. High level chars will be ported out of location. (Anti-relog system 5minutes) • Floran Vilage: Zone with the NPC loyal to PK Siege: Sieges are held once a week: • Time: Saturday at 18:00; Sunday at 16:00 (GMT +1) Seven signs: Seven Signs 7 day cycle (4 days - during the struggle, 3 days - period Seal) Start of the seven seals - January 11: • Event period: 16:00 Monday - Friday 4:00 (GMT+1) • Seal period: Friday 4:15 - 15:45 Monday (GMT+1) Special attention Starting equipment: • No-grade shots: 1500 (for fighters), 700 (for mages) • 10 Scroll of Escape (can not be dropped / traded) • Scroll of Wind Walk (2 level, duration - 1 hour) • TOP No-grade equipment is issued at the start. Getting profession: 1 and 2 profession without the quest, can be purchased for Adena. • 1 profession: 150.000 Aden • 2 profession: 1.500.000 Aden 3 profession full quest: • The drop rate of Halisha Marks is increased by 4 times. Game shop: • Outfitting up to B-grade; • Soulshots, Spiritshots from D to B-grade; • Quest items; • Consumables, potions and mana. NPC Buffer and buff from the characters: NPC Buffer in each town, free buff to 61 level, after - paid. • The buff from NPC buffer 2-profession (buffs, dances, songs) for 60 minutes (without resists and pets buff) Buff of characters: • 1-2 profession buffs for 60 minutes; • Resists - standard; • 3 profession buff - standard / 3 profession dances and songs - 5 minutes (2 minutes resists dance/song). Getting Subclass: Passage quest is not required, exchange 4 quest items and Adena to the possibility of getting sub-classes. Required items: • Cabrio's Scepter • Hallate's Scepter • Kernon's Scepter • Golkonda's Specter • Adena Getting Noblesse: Standard quest. Increased drop rate for the popular quests: • A Game of Cards - x5 • Delicious Top Choice Meat - x5 • Guardians of the Holy Grail - x2 • Seductive Whispers - x5 • Seekers of the Holy Grail - x2 • The Zero Hour - x2 • Legacy of Insolence - x5 • Supplier of Reagents - x5 • The Finest Food - x5 • Relics of the Old Empire - х2-x3 • Gather The Flames - x2-x3 • Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2 - x5 • Alliance with the Ketra Orcs - x3 • Alliance with the Varka Silenos - x3 • Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force - x5 • In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension - x3 • War with Ketra Orcs - x3 • War with the Varka Silenos - x3 Olympiad Games: 2 Weeks Cycle • Start of the first cycle: February 1, 2016 • First Heroes: February 15, 2016 • Time from 20:00 to 00:00 (GMT). • To start the non-class fights needed - 5 people • To start the class struggle is necessary - 5 people • The class and non-class fights are held from Monday to Sunday Raid Bosses: Respawn Time: • All bosses - 12:00 / 8 Random time. • Sub-class bosses (4 bosses) - 6 hours / Random 2 hours • Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Noblesse) - 6:00 / Random 2 hours • Bosses at Alliance Varka / Ketra - 20 hours / 1 hour Random Epic Bosses: All Epic bosses are dead from start. Time spawn: • Core - 36 + -4 hours • Orfen - 36 + -4 hours • Queen Ant - 24 hours + -2 • Zaken - 48 hours ± 2 • Frintezza - 48 hours 0-2 hours • Baium - 5 days 0-4 hours • Antharas - 8 days 0-4 hours • Valakas - 11 days Upgrade of Ring of Core and Core's drop: From killing Core a player can get: Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Original Language Version) from 1 to 3 with 100% chance; Random Interlude A grade weapon - 100% chance; S-grade weapon and armor enchant scrolls; Lifestone 67 lvl. A new possibility to upgrade Ring of Core: To upgrade Ring of Core - find Gallagucci in Luxory Shop, Giran. New stats: Enchanted Ring of Core: Add 21 MP,, +1 STR, +1 INT, +15 chance of physical crit, +40% poison resistance, +1 accuracy. Refined Ring of Core: + 21 MP, +2 STR, +2 INT, +30 physical crit chance, +40% poison resistance, +1 accuracy. To get an Enchanted Ring of Core: Enchanted Ring of Core = Ring of Core x2, Crystal: A-Grade x1400, Gemstone A x200 Refined Ring of Core = Enchanted Ring of Core x2, Crystal: S-Grade x900, Gemstone S x100 A new possibility for Earring of Orfen: To upgrade one's Earring of Orfen - find Gallagucci in Luxory Shop, Giran. Orfen stat's improving: Enchanted Earring of Orfen: + 31 MP, CON+1, MEN+1, 40% bleeding resistance, +6% power of healing spells Refined Earring of Orfen: + 31 MP, CON+2, MEN+2, 40% bleeding resistance, +6% power of healing spells To get an Enchanted Earring of Orfen: Enchanted Earring of Orfen = Earring of Orfen x2, Crystal: A-Grade x1400, Gemstone A x200 Refined Earring of Orfen = Enchanted Earring of Orfen x2, Crystal: S-Grade x900, Gemstone S x100 At every Castle you can find special NPC that can summon a Castle Raid Boss (once at 24 hours). Castle Raid Boss info: The Leader of the Clan that own a Castle can summon Castle Raid Boss once at 24 hours; Once the Boss will be summoned you have 60 minutes to kill him; Boss will summon Raid Fighter every 5 minutes. Castle Raid Boss drop: will be announced soon Some info: There is no hellbound level, Steel Citadel, some quests are deleted. Some info: There is no hellbound level, Steel Citadel, some quests are deleted. When the members of the group have colllected 20 of Darion's Badges each, they should make their way to the Hidden Oasis southeast of the Megaliths. There they can find the trader Falk, riding on his well-armed native servant, who will exchange Darion's Badges against a Basic Caravan Certificate. For 30 Traitor's Necklaces and 60 Scorpion Poison Stingers, Caravan Merchant Hude, who is staying at the Caravan Encampment east of the Sand Swept Dunes will issue a Standard Caravan Certificate. The last stage of the quest is collecting items from Chimeras and Celtuses. If an adventurer has captured 80 units of regular Life Force and 20 units of Contained Life Force, he or she can exchange the Life Forces with Hude at the Caravan Encampment for a Premium Caravan Certificate. For this purpose one first needs a magical bottle which can be obtained from Kief, who has now set up his command post in the central building of the village, for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers. When a Chimera has been beaten almost to death and only 1/10 of its life energy remains, the magical bottle can be used to capture its life force: Dim Life Force or regular Life Force from the lesser Chimeras and Contained Life Force from Celtus, their leader. The monsters on the island will upon their death occasionally drop an old book, the famous "Ancient Tome of the Demon". If one opens such a book, one will obtain, purely at random, a Demon Contract Fragment, a Hidden First Page or a Hidden Second Page. Hude will exchange his recipes and equipment parts against those pieces of paper. The information about Dynasty sets stats will be posted later! Map ;) : Discussion of server concept: click here Website : L2realm.com
  15. Hello, I am looking for CTF event for my future project. I am worrking with vang l2off files. Contact me in private if you have something interesting. Dont forget to put ur price also. I dont care if its completed or not. Cheers.
  16. Freljord [x70] Server start time December 2017 Beta test server [EXTENDED] ONLINE Chronicle Lineage 2 The Chaotic Throne: Interlude (C6) Key server rates EXP/SP: х70 Adena: х50 Drop: x40 Spoil: x40 Key features PTS (L2OFF platform) Full implementation of chronicle (including previous versions) and it's features Unlimited seven signs - always open catacombs Weekly hero period on Olympiad Games Weekly castle sieges Significantly reduced epic boss spawn times Rebirth system with rewards TvT, DM, LTS autoevents (daily) Custom PvP zone Player assisting features Up-to A grade equipment, SA up to Lv. 10, various consumables and quest items - in game shop for Adena Remote player buffer (including dances, songs, 3rd class and HS buffs for 2 hours) Buff slots - 24+4 Class changer - 1st and 2nd classes for free, 3rd - 50kk Adena Global gatekeeper (leveling zones, catacombs/necropolises, all towns) Simplified Nobless and Sub-class quests Top PvP/PK status Raidboss status /unstuck reduced to 30 seconds. Inventory slots: +48 Weight limit: x1000 Offline trade (free) Learn more about Freljord [x70]: http://forum.freljord.su/index.php?/topic/5-server-rates-information/ Visit our website at www.freljord.su
  17. Hey brothers, recruiting one CP to my clan on https://www.lineage2.cz/en/portal/home/ 16x IL L2off Server is up 50 days, VOTE systém started, 2000+- online in peak hours and new ppl still comming. I will give acc for SWS/BD/WC 78 lvl to CPL for fast and easy exp. You can exp from lvl 1 with 80 lvl char. I need one high skilled CP because of enemy zergs :) With best regards, uNiquii My video:
  18. Hello, Im starting next server with Gracia Final. And I want set here Rebirth system. Is here any1 who can sent me the files? Thank You.
  19. Hi, I'm here to introduce you to my project. Online Day 11 November - 14:00 GMT -3 Website: www.l2imperial.com INTERLUDE SERVER OFICIAL PTS Rates XP - SP - x200 | Premium Accounts x400 Adena - x100 | Premium Accounts x200 Drop Itens - x5 | Premium Accounts x10 Seal Stones - x10 Quest Experiencia (EXP) - x100 Quest Skill Points (SP) - x100 Quest Adena - x150 Quest Drop Itens - x10 Spoil - x5 Weight Limit - x10 Itens D,C,B,A-Grade itens for ADENA S-Grade Itens Drop Part ou Craft Shield parry for Mystic Sacred Bonus ( Angels,Saints, Gods ) In Armor and Jewels Sacred Jewels Core and Orfen Heavens Divider One Handed Dual Dragon Slayer * Dragon Slayer Dual Dark Legion's * Dark Legion's Sacred Dyes +5-2 Enchants Safe +4 Max Armor/Jewelry +15 Max Weapon +20 Max. Enchant Normal Scroll - +15 Max. Enchant Normal Blessed - +15 Normal Scroll chance 50% for +15 Blessed Scroll Armor chance 70% for +10 Blessed Scroll Weapon chance 70% for +20 Crystal Scroll Weapon Min +20 Max +25 for 90% Chance ( Fail Back +20 ) Crystal Scroll Armor min +10 Max +15 for 90% Chance ( Fail Back para +10 ) Gameplay Official PTS Interlude no Custom Itens Frintezza / Sailren and all grand Bosses Running Unlimited Dual Box Off-Trade: Your Store stays ingame without being online. Subclass without quest Lock exp gain with commands xpoff & xpon in .menu Disabled all clan penalties Sieges: Every Saturday and Sunday The catacombs are open 24 / 7 Teleport and free buffs to Level 40 Blesseds enchants farm in custom areas Clanhall: new sales system Droplist Info Shift+Click Farm Areas Acient Adena: Catacombs/Necropolis rate x8 Medans and Fragments: All Mobs Adena/Blesseds: Aligator Sland +70% Drop/Craft S: Field of Silence Drop/Craft S: Field of Winsper Npc's Global Gatekeeper Npc BUFFER Npc Boss Status Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Grocery Shop Noblesse Barakiel with Nobles Status Awards for the party that gives the last hit Barakiel Respawn 4h (Chaotic Zone) Ember Respawn 4h (Chaotic Zone) Boses All Epic bosses Level 80+ Valakas, antharas Spawn 48h Baium,Zaken,Frintezza Spawn 36hs Queen Ant, Core, Orfen Spawn 24h Ketra's Hero Hekaton Varka's Hero Shadith Cherub Galaxia Palibati Queen Themis Longhorn Golkonda Shilens Messenger Cabrio Drops : Medals : 60% 100-250 Blessed Enchants Armor/Weapon A/S/B - (100-300) Ancient Adena - (14.000.000) Top Grade Stones - ( 10 - 15) Events Team Vs Team ( Top Killer wins Status Hero for 2 Hours ) NPc Buffs Not Allowed at Event L2 Day Event where you change the letters by Scrolls of buffs to use in the events Party vs Party Every Day at 22:00 Raid Boss And Others :) Auto Clan Level Automatic Clan level awards based on online players Level 6 = 10 Players online Level 7 = 20 Players online Level 8 = 25 Players online Buffs Buff Slot 28 + 4 (Divine Inspiration in NPC ) Pet Buffs no NPC Scheme Buffs no NPC Hot Springs e Noblesse a venda por medal no NPC Buff tempo de 2 horas Olympiad Period : 7 days, hero every Saturday 12:00 Time of battles 16:00 for 23:59 GMT-3 Max Enchant +6 Class Based disabled Min 9 Matches to be Hero Server Commands .menu (xpon, xpoff, Autoloot) .deposit .withdraw - Converte 500.000.000 Adena em Gold Bars .whoiam ( Check all status ) Anti Zerg Max 1 Clan for Ally No Royal's Maximo 40 Players for Clan Infos Server Time - GMT -3 SmartGuard Protection Geodata Ativado Anti DDOS Protection
  20. Features HTTPS://FURIA.L2AGE.COM Interlude Furia 35x 4.000+ Players expected! 20+ Clans confirmed presence! Opening date: November 10, 2017 / 18:00 GMT-2 (no summer time) Server main language (Chat): English Protections: Smartguard Anti-bot + custom system + Anti-Hack + DDoS protection Class Balance: Retail / Original L2Server official PTS Maximum number of game windows (boxes): 4 + (Offline Trade Shops Unlimited) Server Rates: EXP, SP 35x Adena 10x Party Exp: Original (from 28 to 80%) Party GAP: 20 (Maximum level difference for XP gain) SealStone 10x Drop / Spoil chance 2x Drop / Spoil amount (basic materials) 4x Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: Files L2Off doesn't have settings for maximum of enchant! Enchant Rate: from +4 to +14 = 55% / from +15 above = 25% Server Hardware: Xeon processor E5-2630V3 (16 x 2,40 GHz), 64GB of Ram DDR3, 4x 320GB Intel PRO RAID-10, 1x SATA 1TB Western Digital (for temporary backups), 1Gbit redundant network with protection. Quests rates: 3x Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints), The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest), some others 2x Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 2x Supplier of Reagents 2x War with Ketra's Orcs, War with Varka's Silenos, Relics of the Old Empire, Gather The Flames 2x Alliance with Ketra's Orcs, Alliance with Varka's Silenos, The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 2x Halisha's marks 2x Whisper Of Dreams Part 1, 2 2x Legacy of Insolence 2x In Search of Fragments of Dimension 2x An Ice Merchant's Dream 2x Protect the Water Source 2x Guardians of the Holy Grail 2x Seekers of the Holy Grail 5x Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe 2x Yoke of the Past 2x Clean up the Swamp of Screams 2x A Powerful Primeval Creature Server Timezone: Time (-2 GMT) Command in game .time (show real time of server in game) Other Info: Items up to grade B by Adena Items grade A and S via Retail Craft System (No donations for these items, only by craft) 1st, 2nd and 3rd jobs for adena Cancel with returning buffs: after 30 seconds Olympiad Start: 1 December 2017 Olympiad fights: minimal of 9 registered class free and 5 for base Olympiad Monthly, all days for class free and on Fridays only for base Olympiad hours: from 18:00 to 23:59 -2 GMT Alliance limit: maximum 1 clan to avoid zergs Clan penalty 6 hours Auto learning skills Offline shop only in Giran by using .offline command (no windows box limit) Infinity escape Greater Healing Potion, Mana Potion restore 400mp with delay 13 seconds in the server shops by Adena All Tyrannosaurus has 10% of Top LS drop chance Automatic donations system via our website control panel Weight limit (Inventory) has been increased with lvl 2 Seven Sings starting in the first Monday Sieges: Every 14 days All buffs 60 minutes free via NPC Buffer with Scheme buffs (you can create profiles to get all buffs in 1 click) Summoners buffs: 5 minutes. (not in NPC). Commands: .jailstat - shows time the left in jail in the case you are jailed .time - shows the current server time .expon - turn on experience from mobs .expoff - turn off experience from mobs .offline - start offline shop .timeleft - shows time left for any timed item you have .packadena - convert 1kkk of adena in adena pack .unpackadena convert adena pack in 1kkk of adena Sub class and nobless: Sub via quest but Red Pippete Knife can be acquired by Vote Coins Nobless via retail quest Boss Respawns: All boses and epics will be alive when the server is opened Barakiel 7h / Random 1h Cabrio 5h / Random 1h Hallate 5h / Random 1h Kernon 5h / Random 1h Golkonda 5h / Random 1h Ant Queen 52h / Random 1h (60% drop chance for jewel) (Characters lvl max 45 inside QA room) Orfen 44h / Random 1h Core 40h / Random 1h Zaken 54h / Random 1h Frintezza 66h / Random 1h Baium 116h / Random 2h Antharas 188h / Random 2h Valakas 252h Ketra's Commander Tayr 10h / Random 1h Varka's Commnder Mos 10h / Random 1h Ketra's Hero Hekaton 10h / Random 1h Varka's Hero Shadith 10h / Random 1h All other bosses = 12h / Random 8h Clan Halls: Price increased to avoid CH selling Donations: Only Life Stones, Enchants and other little items can be acquired for donations rewards. All items should be crafted. It is expressly forbidden by the server to sell items outside the game (for real money). Players who buy or sell items outside the game will have all accounts banned. Remember that the admin does not need proof to ban your accounts.
  21. START SERVER: 14/10/2017 Are you ready for the great adventure? L2 DRAIN X100 NO CUSTOM INTERLUDE PTS FILES FARM. Website: www.l2drain.com Forum: www.l2drain.com/forum Rates information Experience (EXP) x100 Skill Points (SP) x100 Adena x100 Party Exp x2 Party Sp x2 Drop Itens x1 Scrolls Information Safe: +4 Full Armors/ Jewels: +12 Full Weapons: +16 Enchant Rate: 5-9 40% | 10-12 20% | 13-16 15% Blessed Rate: Rate: 5-9 50% | 10-12 30% | 13-16 25% Drain Rate: Rate: 5-9 60% | 10-12 40% | 13-16 35% Trade Server C-Grade and B-Grade by Adenas. A-Grade and S-Grade by Farm All drops of Lifestones, Blessed Enchants, Enchant and Drain Enchant unique way to adquire is killing raid bosses from special list or farm items. Beginner Shop All have received a coin to get access to npc when you are in lv.21 so you will get all the grade items D. See the images below. Clan Leaders All clans that confirm their clan in our forum on opening day will receive clan lv.6 and 15k of Free Reputation. Information System Time Server (UTC-3) Jobs: 1ª Job, 2ª Job and 3ª Job by Adenas Cancel Advanced, buffs return after 10 seconds 24 Slots (Divine Inspiration Free) 2 Hour Buffer Time Summoners Buffs: 20 minutes All buffs Free in NPC Mana Potion restores 500 MP Noblesse made by quest Auto learning Skills (fishing and Divine Inspiration skill need be learn manualy) Auto loot System (expect raid's drops) Offline Shop: Need a special item selling in GM Shop, each item can stay 2 days with shop activated Chaotic Zone in all Semi and Epic Raid Bosses Skill Restore Life was disabled from the server Only 1 Clans per Ally Event Team vs Team: 2 in 2 hours. Weight limit is increased twice No Donations that affect game balance. Special Areas Farm Solo Farm: Field of Whisper & Monastery of Silence Drops: Party zone: School of Dark Arts Drops: Olympiads Olympiad start time 18:00 end 00:00 (UTC-3) Start to: 15 of October Duration: 2 weeks Retail olympiad game. Sieges Start to: 21 of October Our sieges will be from 14 days. Special Bosses 80 Level - Flame Splendor of Barakiel: 6 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Ketra's Hero Hekaton 6 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Ketra's Commander Tayr 6 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Ketra's Chief Brakki 6 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Varka's Hero Shadith 6 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Varka's Commander Mos 6 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Varka's Chief Horus 6 Hours (Chaotic Zone) Drops: Epic Bosses 85 Level - Valakas: 264h Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Antharas: 192h Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Baium: 120 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Frintezza: 72 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Zaken: 48 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Queen Ant: 24 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Core: 24 Hours (Chaotic Zone) 80 Level - Orfen: 24 Hours (Chaotic Zone) Information Jewels Drops Valakas, Antharas, Baium, Frintezza and Zaken are 100% Information Jewels Drops of Core, Orfen and Queen Ant are 50% Sell of Item Quest for Teleport in GM Shop Epic Jewels Control on Website Drops: Protection Server Anti Bot System - Hyperfilter. Support Player Email: connectionl2drain@gmail.com
  22. Web: http://www.l2ita.com Forum: http://forum.l2ita.com Grand opening on August 11, 2017 New and fresh international mid rate server. We offer you only the best and most classic Lineage2 experience. No PAY to WIN. Classes are Retail. Experience team PvE and PvP with our own clan and so much more! Our goal is to have the biggest and most active Lineage2 Community ever! This differs from many other servers, as they only care about money, not player satisfaction. I, however, care deeply about the players experience and enjoyment. I constantly listen to the players ideas, wants, and needs. This, I believe, makes us way ahead of other cash servers. Fresh Database and NO Wipeout, You can become part of the server's improvement! We hope to create the most unique and comfortable server for and with you! We look forward to seeing you all in-game! Files l2off PTS Excelent game play. Premium Files, Geodata & Pathnodes. Max buffs 20 + 4 Divine inspiration. Long time no reset Server. Siege and Olympiad system Retail Seven signs period Retail. Enchant rates Retail. No Custom items. No Donations for items. Low rate PVP Rates: x10 Exp, SP and Adena. x12 Drop, x15 Spoil. Quest Rates: x4 EXP, SP, Adena and Drop rate. x2 drop amount. Auto pick up, Auto learn Skills. Luxury Shop in Giran C & B Grade items. COMMANDS: .offline (shop offline disconect) .expon .expoff (Activate/Deactivate exp gain) .time (server time) NPC Server Helper Buffer 2 hours. Class Change: 1st (20k Adena) 2nd (500k Adena) 3rd (20kk Adena) Mana Potions (500) with 15 sec reuse. Hair Accesory and Quest Subclass and Noblese by donation or you can do. We will happy to see you in our new community The server will be stable for long time! Enjoy and have a nice day.
  23. hello i'm using GF PTS, i don't know if it's a noob question or not, but i have to ask :) i'm interested what item does premium pet consume? :? and is there anyway to change what item to consume, thanks beforehand.. Extender Myext64. Solved :) thanks for no answer :)
  24. hello i'm using GF PTS, i don't know if it's a noob question or not, but i have to ask :) i'm interested what item does premium pet consume? :? and is there anyway to change what item to consume, thanks beforehand.. EDIT. Sorry i posted in Geek Section, please delete post.
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