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  2. I am currently working with GD Extended to 3.0 :), i did not know of anyone who actually has 1.0 classic, if you are talking about, they use GD extended to 2.0
  3. It is a Extender, so no it is not a full classic leak, i wish there was a classic script leak, it would help alot. As far as proof, i have screenshots from working, clearly. But am also willing to allow someone seriously interested in helping to connect to my dev server as proof.
  4. It came out aggressive :) but it was more so at NCSofts retarded internal nameing of versions then something that was said :D
  5. Because i dont know what number they chose for a version update?, when its not even publicly listed on there patch notes?, that would be a very poor reason.
  6. What ever the fuck antharas is considered number wise :) what EU retail is currently on, they have a weird numbering system :), they went 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5, 2.5 being zaken, kinda figured the next update ( antharas ) would be 3.0, but i see people here calling it 2.7 and 2.8, so who the fuck knows what number it is :) but i mean Antharas currently, EU retail
  7. Currently i am looking for 1 or 2 people that are skilled in scripting, to help me finish my Classic 3.0 extender, as currently i do not have the time to be able to finish the extender, and all the script work itself. I am looking for people willing to help build a npcpos and AI mainly, but there is other script work that will also need to be done, feel free to contact me here, or on skype at alestria69412 for more information.
  8. Buildzone is the best way via the client, though it requires fixing some things in Engine.dll, a simple patch inside of FWorldBuilder::buildWorldStructure will get the client to produce perfect geodata on a small radius, large radius's will crash the client as there are further patches required, i personally have not had the skills to figure out what else is required, so Geodata and scripts are what are holding back my l2off classic project :)
  9. WTB Specific L2OFF development service

    As someone who recently had to work on a server via team viewer only for a certain amount of time, it is aids, and personally would never do it again, it is also very easy for said dev to lose access to all the work they have done for you, so trust would be rough :P