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  1. hm? classic interface runs off bypasses? how so?... the only "Weird" thing i have found so far in my classic work so far is the fact that the disable hair acc button actually just calls a skill use... have not noticed any bypass things. And that is with the current EU client ( antharas ) extended from GD
  2. Ya, it was enabled on NA only as far as i can tell, as of ~2ish months ago, and when they did it broke a ton of quests and people trying to learn awakening race skills :D, all it does is DC you on anything not cached, , so i expect they just enabled the l2server.ini setting when they noticed the log shit appearing a bit more then normal lol. but i expect it to be turned off again when they do there next major update and they get a new l2server.ini from KR, and forget they had it enabled :D.
  3. The file download exploit is fixed via the html link check setting in l2server.ini, they recently turned it on in NA due to what im assumeing, noticeing files being leaked :P. Though i have a feeling it will be turned back off in the next major update on NA when they replace the l2server.ini :D and forget about it. this login exploit is also fixed on retail
  4. Trying to extend C4 to anything GoD+ is going to be suicide, at least for any normal persons Sanity, extending GD to anything Ertheia + is very hard even, if you dont have the skills required to know how to add a new race, let alone all the new classes. Even if you dont want the new races/classes, you would have to fix pretty much every single packets format. There is also a VERY large amount of skill effects that would have to be created in the span of C4->IO. Take it from someone currently extending to current classic/salvation :D
  5. Comments inside ai.obj like // -- test comment -- ect, causes the decompiler to throw errors like "Decompile default_npcPHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Parser::fixTypeCase() must be of the type string, null given, " but if the comments are removed, it decompiles fine. If at all possible can support for these types of comments be added?, l2npc handles them fine
  6. NASC compiler (codegen class) also exists in GF L2Npc, but sadly it is removed from anything newer, does not exists in H5 or GD :(. But it is easy enough to just patch GF for compiling :)
  7. Figured i would share this, though it is not the newest version around. It should build any pathnode up to H5 just fine :) official ncsoft pathnode maker :) at least as far as i am aware. It also has some support for superpoint.bin creation...but requires some input files that we have never seen in leaks :) Edit: I am stupid and forgot the link :D https://mega.nz/#!NMAVlKxZ!kG88FAT9uxg2ppwN_OCOj-NBxloHThRnEKLZKrmidsM