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  1. Rightclick L2NPC in task bar and force maximize, will show up, old bug in C4, 34.7k does not seem all that low for C4, though it has been a long time since i worked on C4. you have to remember that alot of spawns in npcpos are handled via makers, and spawned at different times of day, or for events, or other various things.
  2. The EXP param in npcdata has to also match the level, if i remember right
  3. Ghost gatekeepers AI needs to be changed, as i am assumeing it uses mpcc port/enter functions
  4. instantzonedata.txt script, find one for kama you want, change remove_buff=1 to remove_buff=0
  5. weird, with build zoned geo, and pathmaker 64 pathnode i get //viewpn results as such in game but for the most part, pathing seems to be fine, it just always bothered me that //viewpn was so broken, maby i am wrong about the packets not changing....
  6. Have you tried to build pathnodde with path64 for new clients and managed to //viewpn ingame? every time i have, //viewpn is massively screwed with lines/dots everywhere and massively broken, i am worried it is not actually building valid PN, as these primitive packets have not changed.
  7. i think Function User::GetDefaultExpDownValue Is what you are looking for
  8. I am pretty sure that the character count per server is what is contained in that second loop, though personally i have not bothered with a new Auth yet. i am pretty sure the loop is something like count of servers with characters, then a for each server, how many characters exist.
  9. They have IP connections because all logic is still done via packet send/recv, they just have a shared "data pool" to pull current information from, basically is how to look at it. but l2server/l2npc must be on same machine still
  10. No scripts have the concept of Geodata information besides the x y z locations, you would need to parse the actual conv.dat's to get more detailed Geo info without help from L2server
  11. It is most definitely not Java :)
  12. cdddddSdddddSSddddd is the response format, it should be opcode, unk, maxplayers, currentplayers, playing, privatestores, iobuffersize+uptime, currentnpccount, currentworldobjectcount, lastworldobjectcount, unk, unk ,builddate, buildtime, protocolversion, inspectorcrc, unk, unk, unk
  13. It should be something like 07 00 0E FF FF FF FD for the raw bytes sent, as you have to send packets size as well before opcode