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  1. You need to use the pch id, not the skill ID
  2. because C4 and GF have different shared mem locks...or you spent the time to manually change it, by default? you can not run 2 same chronicle servers at the same time. Also different user's can work, though have not done it myself
  3. 2 L2Server/L2Npc combo's can not run on the same PC at the same time, without VM's, they use shared memory
  4. You can attach via ida, or if its something inside your own code you want to debug, you can attach via visual studio
  5. Yes, on KR the client module runs as far as i know, and pushes updates quite often via the packets, downloading a bunch of .ncl files if i remember right
  6. its just a GG warning about yes, getting your account stolen. and its detecting the service running, that is almost always running if you install teamviewer. Now whats more interesting is NCGuard running on KR :), it actively downloads updates/executes them via client/server packets ingame
  7. You will save yourself alot of work in the long run, to just properly define classes so you can do pItem->m_nVariationOption1 ect
  8. use item packet you have access to the items ServerID, so a simple call to CInventory::GetByServerID will get the CItem and you can do what ever checks you want on UseItem packet
  9. found my GF DB, it is at 00000070 m_vItemSkill std::xvector_CSkillInfo ? 00000090 m_Unkn_0098 dq ? ; offset 00000098 m__Unkn_00A0 dq 3 dup(?) ; offset 000000B0 m_ContributeDataSmartId dd ? 000000B4 field_B4 dd ? 000000B8 m_nVariationOption1 dd ? 000000BC m_nVariationOption2 dd ?
  10. class CItem : public CWorldObject { public: CSharedItemData* SD; // 0x058 * CItemData* pItemData; // 0x060 * CYieldLock* pLock; // 0x068 * DWORD _unk60; // 0x070 * int nOwnerNpcID; // 0x074 * bool bIsOwnerBoss; // 0x078 * BYTE _arUnk79[7]; // 0x079 * unsigned long nDropTime; // 0x080 * bool bContribute; // 0x084 * BYTE _arUnk85[3]; // 0x085 * CSmartID<CContributeData> spContributeID; // 0x088 * int nVariationOption1; int nVariationOption2; BYTE _arUnk8C[0x124]; // 0x08C * BYTE etcitemdata[8]; // DO NOT USE THIS,
  11. To get the item to "save" properly, this might be one of the cases you have to implement your own Server ->cached packets, and save it yourself in cached, as far as picking up an item goes, something as simple as pUser->Action(pItem2, false, false); will cause the player to walk to the item, and pick it up As far as for where to patch to allow dropping, it should be somewhere inside User::OnDropItemPacket and User::DropAndDestroyItem for when a user dies, if you want augment items to drop on player death
  12. PrimeShop will not work in any L2Off server without a valid productdata.txt, and a valid IBServer connection to L2Server, its only a few packets so createing a IBServer ( premium server ) is technically not super hard
  13. Rightclick L2NPC in task bar and force maximize, will show up, old bug in C4, 34.7k does not seem all that low for C4, though it has been a long time since i worked on C4. you have to remember that alot of spawns in npcpos are handled via makers, and spawned at different times of day, or for events, or other various things.
  14. The EXP param in npcdata has to also match the level, if i remember right
  15. Ghost gatekeepers AI needs to be changed, as i am assumeing it uses mpcc port/enter functions