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  1. I am looking for a team, not more dev's, my hope was to find people capable of doing scripts, as i can handle the extender fine :) but sadly, i have been unable so far to find any scripters even willing to try to work on classic :/
  2. Hello, i am currently looking for a established server team to join as an extender dev currently working on Antharas classic for L2Off, willing to provide plenty of proof of my skills. Send me a message for further contact information.
  3. Sadly to fix that issue, the entire way that voice commands are handled need to be remade, as chatban is checked at the very start of client->server packet Say2, and it just never sends the chat to user::say, and currently voice commands are handled in User::Say, so realistically voice commands would have to be handled right before Say2 packet, so it would be not a quick fix :) so i would not expect a super quick fix for it :(
  4. To increase max clan members, is far more work then if you wanted less, as you would need to extend CSharedPledgeData ( i am pretty sure, i have not done much research into this myself ) , then more then likely maby CPledgeMemberList, and then you would have to handle what ever functions are related to inviteing, as i am sure they have hard coded values for member count, like CParty does. so it will be a fairly large amount of work, and take a decent amount of skill + source to what ever extender you are useing
  5. You cant get english npc text on RU, all l2off npc text is done via html files server side, and they will be in russian on RU :)
  6. anyone have a version of this that loads geo above 26_, or that can share the source that was released for the pathnode gen?