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  1. How Can I use cached for my game? or maybe there is better alternative. I'm making multiplayer game in unity and I want to use cache for database Like Lineage2 client -> <- cache client -> <- cache -> <- database
  2. Hi all, I started developing mmorpg as a solo developer, Game is actually inspired by lineage 2 , combat are the same mouse click to move and f1 - f12 skills. I need help from experienced devs in server (networking) and caching - data storing part. I want to use same layers that l2 have for data storing, cache -> database. any help will be appreciated, any tutorials, any suggestions about what soft can I use for caching database or maybe you have time and you want to contribute to this project and write some server code, actually me too don't have too much time for this project, I only work on this project when I have free time like 2 -3 days in week. Game Engine is Unity here you can see current state of game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMJlBaFoauk
  3. its possible to get data trough cached server? as I know it works with sending packets for example to make character builder and so on. UI Update: what type info do you reccomend to put bottom of start game button (instead of Red scuares) streams and media or news and updates
  4. chill guys 😄 I changed theme to dark. here is github repo: L2Web just in case If anyone have time to work on it. It's far from finished... it only have account creation and login functions and some info on dashboard as you can see on the picture.
  5. Hi friends, Im looking for host to put my server live for testing purposes for short time, I dont have money for expensive dedicated server, is there free or almost free(cheap) hosting for l2 server?
  6. Give me the activation code and i will xD
  7. hi all, Im working on website for my server I created dashboard for logged in user, I want to hear your opinion as a user, what should I add to this ? what type of info ? or maybe its enough. EDIT: I changed theme to dark. here is github repo: L2Web just in case If anyone have time to work on it. It's far from finished... it only have account creation and login functions and some info on dashboard as you can see on the picture.
  8. then buff only will work for summon, not for summoner player i think
  9. I did not get answer here so I found little trick, maybe there is better ways I don't know. I needed to know if player have already summoned one NPC or not, I needed 1 property from players creature data, I used summoner_id for it because I don't think server will use this property, player don't have summoner right? so we can store summoned NPCs id temporary there. inside CREATED event i added this: if(myself.sm.master.summoner_id != 0){ SendScriptEventEx(GetCreatureFromID(myself.sm.master.summoner_id),0,0,-7); myself.sm.master.summoner_id = myself.sm.id; } else{ myself.sm.master.summoner_id = myself.sm.id; } checking if masters.summoner_id != 0 then it = that summoned NPC id which means player already have one NPC buffer summoned so I decided to unsummon old one and summon new, I get creatureData of old NPC buffer and send script event with -7, you can send whatever you want: this part > SendScriptEventEx(GetCreatureFromID(myself.sm.master.summoner_id),0,0,-7); and implemented SCRIPT_EVENT listener in buffer NPC ai EventHandler SCRIPT_EVENT(script_event_arg1, script_event_arg2, script_event_arg3) { if (script_event_arg3 == -7) { Despawn(); } } if NPC will receive script event in my case with -7 it will despawn. thats it when player will use skill that summons this NPC, if player already have one summoned old will dissapear and new will be summoned. don't forget to set myself.sm.master.summoner_id = 0; to 0 again when unsummoning NPC by yourself, to be able summon NPC again... don't worry if player go offline when player restarts master.summoner_id will be 0 again. Admin Lock it.
  10. How can i get combo box value in ai event menu_selected? I have combobox <combobox width=80 var=target list="Me;My Target"> and bypass link action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-601&reply=1317732353&s0=$target" it sends menu_select?ask=-601&reply=1317732353&s0=$target to the server I tried action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-601&reply=1317732353&s0= $target" $target space separated and now it sends menu_select?ask=-601&reply=1317732353&s0= Me but in menuselected event I receive empty s0 I think because of that space after s0=, without separation its not working can someone help?
  11. Hi, i have npc buffer which can be summoned with skill. problem is player can summon how many he wants at same time. how can i fix it? if already summoned one buffer need to disable skill or something to prevent summon second buffer.
  12. yes my bad, but I cant find one answer nowhere, how to limit user to summon only one npc and not many same time. buffer was last part for my server after this i will not bodhte nobody here 😄
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