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  1. Hi guys, few weeks ago I did not know about l2 development and I joined this forum for learning and asking for help when I needed. now I know some little things :))) so I created Server helper NPC "GM Shop, Class Master, 7 Signs, all in one" as I mentioned in the title And I want to share it for this forum members only, If anyone need it IDK 🙂 Here is the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlAI2_t0SIo P.S The text looks too big in this video because of my laptop resolution... in normal pc it looks good. Here is the files for this NPC Incl
  2. hi, i want to edit Drop spoil additional info in target window, i just want to add my server name there.. where can i find that view? it is generated by ai? or its in html folder? i can't find it...
  3. hi, i have class manager npc and what I want is when user selects and changes class succesfully to play lvl up animation or other beutiful animation to inform player that class changed. first i dont know id of lvl up animation if anybody know leave comment and second I have no idea how PlayAnimation(int,int) works. PlayAnimation(animationId,howManyTimes) Iike this?
  4. FIXED: I added ShowPage again bottom of ShowMultisell; ShowMultisell(807,talker); ShowPage(talker, fnShop);
  5. hi, i have windows like this: we allknow Bypass -h closes parent window and opens a new one, I tried without -h it works but when I close C window like on image parent window click events not working correctly anymore. it says: Invalid link on html [.\UserSocket_Html_Cmd.cpp] here is my link: action="bypass menu_select?ask=-601&reply=113" altaction="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=803" I'm using myex64 and im doing everything like in its docs: ; If you need to allow multisell that's not in format parsed by the
  6. where can i find cmd command handlers? i want to add custom commands
  7. Hi, i dont want to add community board to my server for buffer, also buffer npc is not good in my opinion, people need to go to towns everytime for buff. So I want to create custom command .buffer which will open buffer window. I think i need to find cmd event handlers and call some buffer ai from handler function. first i dont know where can i find cmd event handlers and second maybe it will not work like that i don't know, so i need your help again guys. chronicle is epilogue with myext64
  8. hi, im using MyExt64 I want to call ShowMultisell from ai, or directly open multisell from html but none of them working.. server is epilogue. when I try to call ShowMultisell from ai it says "multisell not allowed" when i try directly from html it does nothing, html window just dissapers but multisell window not openning. "bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=803" where 803 is id of multiseel that i created: MultiSell_begin [server_manager_weapon_b] 803 is_dutyfree = 1 selllist={ {{{[great_sword];1}};{{[adena];8000000}}}; {{{[