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  1. Downloadable login screens added: - High Five Part 1 - High Five Part 2 - High Five Part 3 - High Five Part 4 - High Five Part 5 You can use them with your High Five client
  2. Topic updated! High Five Part 1-5 Login Screens added!
  3. Downloadable login screens added for: - Gracia Part 1 - Gracia Part 2 - Gracia Final - Gracia Epilogue - Freya You can use them with your High Five client
  4. Yes, exactly. Lineage 2 has absolutely no content except a wide variety of Items and NPCs. If you look at L2 now and maybe from the perspective of some years ago.... you will see that it absolutely lacks the pve part. No movies, no main quest line, no sidequests, nothing implemented to explore the have absolutely nothing to do now in Lineage 2. They also placed all NPCs you need in one custom random place in the town areas - I mean.... how retarded is this?? Also no freight dwarves, skills are learned on the way, no classmasters, no books, they even removed D-S grade (or at least try to). They fucked up all starting areas by removing all old content (which was not much) and merged all shitty races in one stupid starting area, where.......and yes thats again a motherfucking retarded step - they also killed more than 50% of quests they introduced with Goddess of Destruction. You also do not even have to run around to do quests will be teleported to the objectives and back again. NC or at least the production leader became (or was at the point when hireing) a full retard (and still is). Ah and here.... A screenshot taken by me on a live Fafurion client: They somehow managed to go more than full retard. Like they don't even care about this game anymore. All that's in their focus is the stupid NC Coin Shop.
  5. - The Kamael downloadable lobby for High Five added! - Hellbound downloadable lobby for High Five added!
  6. In this topic I am going to share all "The Chaotic Throne" Login Screen Files, which can be used with the High Five Client without having any problems at all. This way you can enjoy your favorite Login Screen of the past one more time! :) If you encounter problems with lightning, lobby too dark or too bright, just change the values in your "" file located in your system folder. Note: Each pack contains one Login Screen, Selection Screen and Background Music. Window style won't change! To unpack, use WinRar or 7zip. To install, simply unpack all files into the root folder of your Lineage 2 High Five copy. All files are password protected!* Note: This pack is for High Five only! Using those Login Screens with clients below TCT 1.0 "The Kamael" may result in a criticall error. Your client won't be able to start up anymore! Official Lineage 2 The Chaotic Chronicle Login Screens: Official Lineage 2 The Chaotic Throne Login Screens: The Kamael The Kamael Hellbound Gracia Part 1 + 2 Gracia Final Gracia Epilogue Freya High Five Part 1-2 High Five Part 3-4 High Five Part 5 Custom Lineage 2 The Chaotic Throne Login Screens: .....soon..... *NOTE: Each repack is password protected and, for the moment, available for active users only! You need to contribute, share, help, create something related to L2 here on MXC! Leave me a message. I will send you the corresponding password, if you meet the conditions. You can share - for example - missing clients and systems. See this TOPIC for more information. You are not allowed to share passwords among other users! All passwords will eventually go public after the mentioned client collection is complete.
  7. For the people asking me about the NA Prelude Beta and it's differences, here you can see, for example, the alpha version of oren castle and oren castle town. Partially textured / untextured:
  8. For them it is. Even porting is supported by Epic if you have your original files (ofc a direct jump is not possible, from engine to engine, and yes it still takes time and money. guess that's why nobody wants to do it xD). And no koreans wont do this since L2 is not a profitable game model anymore to them. Why do you think did they cripple it to the shit it is now? Also all other released Lineage 2 games are nothing more than trash just to get a buck out of casual gamers. We need to see what future brings, maybe they will pour in some life in such game models. At some point lineage 2 was better than wow, but then tey stopped focusing on pve and went full retard, with nothing for the player to do, and wow took over. Imagine a world like wow with so much stuff to do, to explore, the decisions you have to make - Plus the setting of Lineage 2. Would be a nice game to dive in, enjoying it over and over again.
  9. I don't know why they are concentrating on new effects, models and so on. The first step would be converting the good old l2 to the new engine - leaving it as it is. Just the fact that it's on a new engine which runs smoothly, has better lightning, atmosphere and over all better rendering options, would bring the first wow effect. After this is done you can start with redesigning the map - zone by zone. Easier and much faster.
  10. depends on the server you use. most l2j have special values for itemid 57 in server property files. Why don't you know this? I mean you are hosting a server and you should at least looked a few times in all property files :O
  11. "The Chaotic Throne" Login Screens will follow the next days!
  12. 22_22 is giran arena. the other map names represent arena names such as execution ground arena or aden arena and so on.. i can look ito them. will tell you in some minutes EDIT: here they are: