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  1. you can use the reload ui function located in the clients dev menue
  2. adena has animation on it, or am i wrong? after dropped it is a quite big amount of adena with a glittering effect, which will disappear in some seconds.
  3. you could ask people, but they will charge you 100+$ or more. the toolsets you need are well spread already. you just need to know something about the workflow and which ones you need. i was thining about sharing everything, but ppl will flame and i bet the topic would be deleted minutes after posting it. since some ppl "charge" up to 1000+$ for simple maps xDDDDD. maybe i will. i'll think about it. but to answer your question: there is already some kind of "l2editor" shared in this section. search for it and use it to build your lobby / loginscreen. the editor wont work properly, but it has all you need to edit/create lobbies / loginscreens. You can: - Edit the landscape with heightmaps - insert, move and scale static meshes - insert effects, lights and sounds - move around already existing cameras (if opening a lobby map as a base to start on) *ofc you need to convert textures and meshes / animations to standard unreal format (encdec / utfixer ...etc) i think those hints are enough to start with. nobody will tell you more about that topic at this time^^
  4. Script which spawns a "NPC lootbox" after the boss dies. Script for the item to enable onclick looting / deleting npc lootbox.
  5. you have to create an alpha channel in your photoshop file and paint the parts black you want to have transparent. you have to paint the alpha channel black, not ur actual picture.
  6. Anybody knows how to get the correct heightmap out of the texturefiles? I just wont some fun with talking island in UE4. So I extracted the following heightmaps, 16_24, 16_25, 17_24 and 17_25, which should represent the full terrain characteristics of Talking Island. The first problem I am facing is the extraction of the actual heightmap. By doing this with L2Tool I get a .bmp heightmap file which is not grayscale. It also seems to have a general issue with displaying the correct heights. This results in massive dissortion and overall destruction of the actual landscape. By using a screenshot of the desired heightmap which I made of the L2tool's preview window I kinda got something more usable which looks like this when combining all pieces in UE4: But still you can see many terracing issues which creates a deviation of the original landscape. Ofc you can flatten them out by using the smoothing tool, but this also destroys huge parts of the original Talking Island landscape characteristics. Therefore... Is there someone who knows how to get the right heightmap information out of those texture files? ^^
  7. If you just want to add some static meshes, do it in the editor and note their coords. then use l2smr since you have the perfect coords ;)
  8. actualy there is a version of the valiance client that officially lacks both of them. Be sure to get the right map version aswell or it won't show you the animations(npcs) you are looking fore, even if you have them in your folders.
  9. its the same yes. or you can just deactivate it serverside called something like show eula at login (loginserver) its due to the amount of text being opened in that eula window that causes the client to lag. you can also edit the eula file with fileedit, replacing the text there
  10. Yes I know about deco layers used for foilage and debris. But its displayed everywhere. Even in towns where no ground detail should be.
  11. Is there still life in this project? :) What's with this random black foilage showing up everywhere?
  12. Dude... How about opening your existing geodata in a geo editor to see whether the blocks are correctly set. Thats all you need to do. You can even solve your problem yourself in about 10 minutes without having experience if its really just a problem with geo blocks. The thing with falling through the ground is a cliend side effect that appeared since Kamael Update. The only thing you can do to avoid this is setting your geodata to full sync. It will set your character most of the time to the correct Z position if it clips through the ground. Still...There is a possibility that you wont be teleported back sometimes. Like I said... It works most of the time. ;)
  13. Ugly af! xD I see no real purpose for them to be used as player weapons. Well...but they could be okay for monsters.
  14. If you cant move after adding geodata, then probably ur character disconnected on bad coordinates before geodata. try creating a new character or teleport your bugged one into a town. If that doesnt help check your geodatafiles (probably the wrong ones) and have a look on your geodata settings.