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  1. Extra Cookies: UnEditor-Prelude-Complete-Package Try this one =)
  2. Some update ;) L2Editor based on L2 Prelude DLLs. (Build Maps using original files from NCSOFT as result can build correct Intensity Maps aka IntMap) Installation: Replace original Prelude System folder in client to System from archive. Features: Build Intensity Maps. And other stuff =p Limitations: Open/Save only Prelude Maps. Known issues: Crash on maps with AMover, AMovableStaticMesh. Support: At the moment I do not have free time to support this project. Cookies: UnrealEd-Prelude UnEditor-Prelude-Complete-Package P.S. Maybe in future I try to share Interlude version of this Editor after fixing a lot of issues ;) P.S.S Have a nice day.
  3. Checked on the chronicles Prelude, Interlude, HF, Helios-GameCost, Salvation-Kr. Installation: Put L2Editor folder into the client folder. Some features: Saves packages as Version 123 Licensee 0. Opens native packages 111, 121. Running on the original LineageEffect, LineageEffect_br, LineageWarrior from Salvation. Problems and issues are still enough but I will continue to work on the availability of free time. If you are interested in further development of the project, you can create issues: https://bitbucket.org/lordofdest/l2editor/issues It is desirable with screenshots, video or any info that will help to quickly understand the problem. If you are interested in the source code of this editor, you can contact with me. The options can be as follows: Exchange or simply handing over to people with a normal reputation on the forum. All other questions are also in the PM or Skype lord0fdest. Have a nice day! L2Editor-compile-20.09.2017.7z Sorry for my English.