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  1. Protection Crushers Reverse Engineering Team ☪


  2. new update , lineage 2 essence sylph
    Revision: 306 LANG:EU
    L2exe + Engine.dll + Core.dll unpacked themida clean 100% [ unpacked - AlisaCodeDragon ]
    [ NOGG off game guard ][ off FROST MODULE ][ patched ]
    [ KILL AwesomiumProcess ] (с)REVERSECODE-TEAM

  3. UPDATE LINK http://www.mediafire.com/file/moygv43c1ir7wg3/system.7z/file
  4. record a video demonstration of these models so that it is clear what is wrong there .
  5. This is a patched system + clean dll + exe files this has nothing to do with dat files OneDayReward-eu.dat ? I can show what is in the container , but I don't deal with dat files ) contact those who develop l2editor software
  6. these are texture packs that need to be opened in the engine first before opening the map itself usually the path to them is in the game client Lineage2 \ textures
  7. UnEditor-Prelude-Complete-Package\MAPS map files should preferably be placed in the maps section of the engine
  8. The goddess closed the topic at the request of the author )
  9. in the new version, you can edit the Properties block of objects that have it.in the old version, the current view. usage examples [ maps / unr files ] for thank you there is a button in the form of a heart ))
  10. Tested windows 8-64 works ps ; for an older version you may need to install java 7
  11. this is a project with protection - the interface will not work there )
  12. the next releases and their orders can be made in the General theme that I will create in the near future )
  13. why add weapons to a game like this ? ) how soon will tanks and helicopters use nuclear weapons ? what do they smoke in this company ) huck You NCSoft! Phuck You ^
  14. Removing blood rain\fog from maps\textures of the High Five client