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  1. Yeah, i saw that one, i was just curious if it was 100% necessary to create a new LineageSkillEffects.u (which i'd like to avoid since i'm already using GoD skills on H5 and i dont really wanna have to rebuild LineageEffect.u from GoD). Nevermind then
  2. so basically it's not possible to add new skill effects without re-compiling LineageSkillEffect.u?
  3. Hello there. I have some problems with 3DS Max, when i try to export a mesh and import it into the game, it seems like attachments get fucked up (i have only tried to do this kind of stuff with weapon meshes so far). Here's an example of what happens: I even tried importing a mesh(aden_ownting_m00_wp) and exporting it right away without touching anything, and i got the same result. Any ideas? I'm using 3DS Max 2018, with these plug-ins and scripts: https://www.gildor.org/projects/unactorx, and i'm trying to do this on High-Five.
  4. That would actually be super helpful! I've managed to complete FFighter today, it took me nearly three hours... damn. I don't really care about people stealing it, but i know for a fact that some would try to sell stolen stuff for money, which is kinda bothersome... If you could help me out with that i'd really appreciate it!
  5. That's what i tought, i guess it'll have to be done by hand. If anyone knows about something similar to what i'm asking for, it'd be very appreciated. Also, when i'm done with it, i might even share it for free, as i'd rather do that than having someone else stealing it from Bellion >>
  6. Hello there. I've been working on a project for some years now, called L2 Bellion. There's something we've always wanted to do, which is to import Grand Crusade animations into High-Five. Now, i already have Gildor's tool, along with the necessary software to import animations into h5, and everything seems to be working fine, aside from a small problem. In order to import animations into a new package, i needed to export .psa files from Grand Crusade's .ukx files, and import them back into a new package, which works fine on H5. So, my problem is, in order to fix AnimNotify stuff,
  7. I'm trying to edit some weapons/armors/mobs' textures, etc. Things like that. I don't need 100% to use shaders, but still it would be nice being able to use it.. About "combiner", could you give me some info about it? i can't find anything on google pd: thanks for the fast answers <3
  8. Yup, it does. The problem is, that's exactly what i need to do, but UE2 crashes right when i try to use that button.
  9. Hello there, my problem is that whenever i try to click "use" when making a texture, UE2 suddenly stops working and won't work 'til i force it to shut down. I tried every single compatibility, i tried to open it as an admin, etc. but nothing worked. If you know about any kind of solution i'd be very grateful!
  10. Hello there! I'm looking for a patch, or info about how to do a patch that enables copy/paste ingame, aswell as some characters as "ñ", etc. If anyone could help me i'd be really grateful!