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  1. Could you upload them again? links are dead, i'd really like to take a look on those! pd: sorry for the necroposting
  2. I'm trying to edit some weapons/armors/mobs' textures, etc. Things like that. I don't need 100% to use shaders, but still it would be nice being able to use it.. About "combiner", could you give me some info about it? i can't find anything on google pd: thanks for the fast answers <3
  3. Yup, it does. The problem is, that's exactly what i need to do, but UE2 crashes right when i try to use that button.
  4. Hello there, my problem is that whenever i try to click "use" when making a texture, UE2 suddenly stops working and won't work 'til i force it to shut down. I tried every single compatibility, i tried to open it as an admin, etc. but nothing worked. If you know about any kind of solution i'd be very grateful!