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  1. bumpmaping @ paralax @ volumetric detail @ point cloud all the updates will go in this post download is coming soon when i have time to spare to optimize it this is a test of a technique that i call inverted brain scan textures it adds in lineage volumetric bump detail to almost any surface and texture i think any texture can be used if you do it right and experiment more gpu will be used but that depends on the optimization you make you can edit and add and change parts of it as you like to blend ! the tutorial bellow is long because i was very very drunk skip at 01:21:05 to see results for now i use 2 settings to have the final quality look effect but you can experiment with that in the video i tried to combine settings but you can see the blackness in far texture for now i use it like this the first is smooth when you edit the texture make shore to not use detail alpha or feather or aa on transparency just use it like pixelated selection then you save it as dds dxt3 with no mipmaps then you import it as dxt3 and mipsmaps options and do the settings i do on every texture the second is granulated use same edit but save it as dxt1 with nomipmaps and then import it as dtx1 and mipmaps options and do the settings i do on every texture
  2. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/225106-proper-anti-aliasing/?tab=comments#comment-2702814
  3. i know i have an archive of the retail client with clean system after fresh install of salvation and the .ini i created from the original .ini for pv/nv/sv to work if you guys need it tell me and ill search trough my stuff for the pv/nv/sv to properly work you need to add extra line codes and change some values plus that you need to reformat the line codes they use in newer versions as they differ from say h5p5 if you give me the original .ini i can make a proper pv/nv/sv