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  1. just something i'm testing when i have some free time - future updates ill post them here ! only for lineage ii freya high five client make a backup of the original map first 16_15.unr @ snow effect @ 181224002001001001008001.zip if you use dev mode i made the character spawn in a micro zone so i could see only tree particles for tests ! so if they don't show up just move the camera and character a bit ! using 48128 particles in full effects or pv mode the particles will spawn all in like 15 seconds ! //move_to -112547 -82370 -3749 - merry christmas and a happy new year !
  2. so its the same old 3ds max tehnique thanx for the info !
  3. glad we have it here now ! finally ! right ? so i opened and tested high five retail 16_15.unr and tried to add some stuff ands its ok ! but demev the grass is a problem, ist there another way to add it except the L2smr.jar ?
  4. download i did not tested this yet so be carefull and make an backup of your client first there is a problem with grass and light ! so i need to do more tests ! or ask demev ! i tried on a custom client high five with an added custom map made by demev allso tryed an retail map like 22_22.unr giran and it opened just fine i duno if it works on other clients just extract the L2Editor folder from arhive to your main client folder not system open the UnrealEd.exe and wait some wile, depends on your cpu after that go to view -> advanced settings -> editor -> advanced -> autosave -> off preview
  5. ok thanx ! ill share it on the other client section ! as i know its an open source and it seems ok !
  6. long time ago i used to work with those but can't remember well ! one day mabe ill share them all ! fileeditor for system stuff gildors umodel plus gui for extracting stuff notepad++ like everybody else zbrush mabe mudbox mabe a paint maping program mabe skeledit from gildor mabe Dragon UnPACKer mabe encdec mabe l2smr.jar 3dsmax 2009 with some plugins for skeletal meshes and animations etc unreal engine 2 editor for proper textures and effects postal game editor for static mesh with texture import unreal tournament 2004 editor for animations i tink some modified Unreal engine editors for maps proper tool to attach weapons in hand if not try the .grp way or lod way in editor i can't remember and some more others ! ill post the links if you want for some of them !
  7. use dev mode and you will finde the text links of textures and meshes in yellow when you equip them ! or use ue from gildor site !
  8. tink is one of the blend over texture effects or something that is near full transparent and blended with final flend if it has one remembers me when i was experimenting with multyple effects in unreal engine editor for a glass weapon !
  9. something like this is demev using mabe ! aniway ! i tink its easier to make the scene in 3ds max and section it with basic coordinates to get higher quality meshes and textures and a proper lod rendering ! then import it using postal editor and then add the meshes with smr.jar or something i cant remember but your wasting time trust me ! the game needs a new engine and thats it if you want to fantasy yourself till you die well your wasting time editing to death ! you are trying to edit it too much and that is not worthy the time trust me ! go do a hobby in your life that actualy is not wasting time for nothing ! if you want one of these editors i could post it but need to know if will get me baned first !
  10. so good projects ! image if we all team toghater an make a new lineage !
  11. wow so good to see that you manage to do a little of everything ! do you still work on it ? i know a guy cryzenix ho remade zelda from grown up we could totaly remake lineage but its time consuming !
  12. getting some steam now guys ! glad to be back ! since there are so many customs for this game but the engine renders the image with no proper anti aliasing unless you do 4k 6k 8k downsampling to fullhd but thats another story ! can't figure it out how to set ui 2x bigger ! aniway so i couldn't find a proper anti aliasing setup so i decided to share you guys what i use ! telling you it looks great ! 2x2 2x supersampling 3x3 3x supersampling 4x4 4x supersampling but be careful to not damage your gpu from exccesive heat ! don't deviate from video, no really ! don't do mistakes ! have fun ! marry christmas ! happy new year ! sorry for same crapy language as usual from me !
  13. its only a stand alone small demo shows how could lineage chars would look in the new unreal engine 4 project that i currently learn and work on when i have some free time !