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  1. can you send me your ukx and did you try this with other custom items?
  2. i don't understand why people make these posts without showing a relevant screen or video
  3. you need to save without mipmaps when the popup for dds comes up or if you use tga refer to that pic blitzkrieg posted
  4. Pigasos is th biggest troll in all of l2 but seriously give the guy some credit he even paid for the redirect link at private server board for a hopeless server. I think this is the first time I saw such a troll server pay more than 20$ for advertise
  5. I wanted to do something similar or with abnormal, and to have different tasks (random one each time) when you get reported. I understand 90% of players need to use bot but I don't want people botting entire day. They can bot if they are on pc and watching. Can add stormfrontboosting on Skype and maybe we can talk about possible solutions
  6. its good to see you started using animnotifys, not many people do that
  7. Thanks friends I'll check this out when I return on Monday
  8. i am working on classic and thanks i will look into it sguard is shit adren works with no patch too but l2scripts dynamic bypass feature is pretty good and stops weak botters
  9. weapon_enchant_effect_data_begin type=00000000 grade= radiance_effect_name={[LineageEffect.enchant_radiance]} radiance_effect_show_value={4} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e1={000A1400;00001E00;0.1} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e2={000A1400;00001E00;0.1} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e3={000A1400;00001E00;0.1} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e4={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e5={232D3C00;19233200;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e6={23415A00;19374B00;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e7={28577E00;1E466E00;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e8={1E508700;143C7800;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e9={14469100;0A328200;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e10={0A3CA000;002D8C00;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e11={0032B400;002C9B00;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e12={0028C800;002BAA00;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e13={001EDC00;002AB900;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e14={001EF000;0029C800;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e15={001EFF00;0028D700;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e16={A0141400;820A0000;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e17={B40A0A00;8C000000;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e18={C8000000;B4000000;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e19={D2000000;BC000000;1.0} radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e20={DC000000;C3000000;1.0} sword_flow_effect_show_value=7 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e1=0.1 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e2=0.1 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e3=0.1 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e4=0.1 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e5=0.1 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e6=0.1 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e7=0.3 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e8=0.6 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e9=0.7 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e10=0.8 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e11=0.9 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e12=1.0 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e13=1.0 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e14=1.0 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e15=1.0 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e16=1.0 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e17=1.0 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e18=1.0 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e19=1.0 sword_flow_effect_max_particle_e20=1.0 particle_effect_name={[LineageEffect.enchant_particle]} particle_effect_show_value={9999} ring_effect_name={[LineageEffect.enchant_ringfx]} ring_effect_show_value={9999} ring_effect_RGB_e1={000A1400;00001E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e2={000A1400;00001E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e3={000A1400;00001E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e4={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e5={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e6={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e7={323C4600;3C465000;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e8={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e9={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e10={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e11={22222C00;18182100;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e12={27505700;191B2600;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e13={1F2A2F00;171B2100;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e14={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e15={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e16={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e17={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e18={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e19={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} ring_effect_RGB_e20={1E1E2800;14141E00;1.0} weapon_enchant_effect_data_end WeaponEnchantEffectData(_Classic).dat this is actually pretty cryptic and hard to edit radiance_effect_show_value={4} = when color shows (+4) radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e(X)={0A3CA000;002D8C00;1.0} = color for each glow this is presumably what it is, not sure but it logically makes sense since the parameter i copied was from +10 which is blue
  10. hmmm this is interesting especially since i work with classic, i will check it but it never crossed my mind to edit the colors yet
  11. out of curiosity what is the thing that spawns this shape on the ground? as you can see they are symmetrical and the lines are perfectly straight also it seems to be 2-3 'clicks' stacked on top of each other too what packet/method is being sent to spawn this effect? i don't think their devs are that advanced to create a new abnormal effect so i will rule that out can something similar be done using a similar idea?
  12. AbnormalDefaultEffect how did you miss this lol
  13. tldr interlude is shit move on stop trying to add h5+ features to interlude instead move interlude features to classic
  14. ok if you play most likely will end up being custom mid rate with basic item like apella and epic but i will make them somewhat interesting just to see how it goes