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  1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/pq4qauavs1aho0q/system-eu_-_Copy.rar/file
  2. you need to edit interface this is not as simple as you would expect so chances of you doing it yourself is low - better post in marketplace or find a shared custom interface
  3. this would only apply if you wanted to edit the DESCRIPTION they should be in data/stat/item folder of your datapack and you would need to find corresponding xml files for these items file edit can help if you open itemname to see id/names
  4. this reminds me very much of the rb in guillotine fortress actually it's about 95% the same conceptually
  5. what system are you using? many popular classic servers are hardcoding ip in dsetup i've had no problems connecting via l2 ini editing on a clean system
  6. this is presumably caused from custom npcs and badly cleared cache - assuming you did not make the script its a bit troublesome to fix without having access to source of it
  7. Yes im sure you also sell l2off of all chronicles most updated build from 4game and nc
  8. not every class has a _bi or _sm extension
  9. interlude is trash not worth the effort to do this
  10. can you send me your ukx and did you try this with other custom items?
  11. i don't understand why people make these posts without showing a relevant screen or video
  12. you need to save without mipmaps when the popup for dds comes up or if you use tga refer to that pic blitzkrieg posted
  13. i have been considering reviving l2 perseus, the gem of 2008-2014, the apex of interlude custom pvp servers outside of original pride and most importantly a defining project for the custom community (since I still see MANY servers still using some of my features and shares to this day). why is iordanov furiously working away on his interface trying to bring classic to interlude? Why is sgerdev bringing goddess+classic to c4 and interlude? why do most servers pick the classic UI over the interlude one, or add classic features to their interlude servers? Maybe classic is doing something right, or perhaps better than interlude (in every way)? I understand there are differences in gameplay and both have its ups and down, but on classic the pros far outweigh the cons compared to interlude. I want to run it on a classic base (2.9 secret of empire) with the same features I had back then, a real throwback to the gameplay people enjoyed with the enhancements that were made from newer chronicles. For example l2forever or sublimity the question is.......... why are people so fixated on bringing classic to interlude but not interlude to classic? in fact, why are all interlude players obsessed with necrophilia? interlude admins are in a sense raping themselves due to them working on something which is already available. what are your thoughts on this? advantages of classic base all new accessories, widgets, gadgets or whatever you want to call it ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE improved ui, very organized improved graphics, shaders, effects, options, keybindings etc extremely versatile and flexible client prevents stealing customs, due to complicated system files and requires a good knowledge to work with prevents interface botters/custom interfaces limits adrenaline users to max 3 bots per key improved balance and reworked classes such as warlord and summoners and necromancer custom abnormal effects can be easily programmed, possibilites are endless more item slots (brooch, talis, bracelets, belts which are all optional) limitless html size, which opens up the option for more intricate designs superior olympiad system olympiad/pvp relys on brain rather than pure item advantage scarcity of servers - only 2 choices (lionna or europa) only 1-2 developers (l2scripts, emu) disadvantages limited map, many zones missing (need to add back manually) new client, maybe people dont want to download 9 gb again server files are questionable, geodata too many new items? talismans, agathion bracelets, gems/broochs, belts hard to update manually harder to customize without knowledge, cant copy paste or download ready made shares in fact once i think about this, why would anybody choose to run on a interlude client base anymore outside of better server files? everything interlude is superior in gameplay wise can easily be added back in to classic client some smart russians are already doing this, like eglobal and averia. why is there no pvp servers either?