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  1. What rev are you using? I just tested this with a clean build and there is no such problem
  2. man your dev is unskilled lol Make video because im sure you are testing with gm chars and then check mine again VERY CLOSELY because you are not understanding
  3. i show you in 4 different videos there is no problem except when both chars are gm and 3% is most likely because of dodge, pay attention to my videos where it shows dodge your dev is unskilled and so is the admin and people on l2jmobius forum if mobius had good users and subscribers he would finally finish 2.7 update but since he doesnt he still has a classic pack with unfinished features since antharas and zaken
  4. instead of making this video you can make me a good ending title
  5. I do not support this anymore or work with interlude, you need to fix your own bugs if they come up. PM for pass and upvote if working
  6. I can take this order for 19 euro, contact me if interested
  7. man demev updated you fix what more is there to discuss
  8. Very good developer, fixed many strange bugs at an admittedly low price and goes above and beyond the given task. Would highly recommend. Don't use him too much because i need to do work too. It's bittersweet to have 350 clients and with 3 new ones every day.
  9. ?? Bones are exported in umodel i never checked socket
  10. You can open this using miko file edit
  11. Man you cant do this using only unreal you need something like 3dsmax