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  1. Drop rates are 3x, where do you see 1x? Saga client was only for beta until i uploaded a clean client which was available before the opening
  2. Server will be launching today Here is the patch to log on, enjoy
  3. its possible with increased particles or emitter packet
  4. Hey everybody, I want to make a rather important announcement regarding the direction of the server. Because of many requests for a more clean version of classic I have decided to follow your wishes and deliver you that. I have decided to keep the following custom features - *Imperial tomb drop key for s grade armor at very low chance, 4 sepulcher for 'crafting pack' after 4 goblets *Ability to take subclass with Drone Priest+Ipos Priest+Core Priest+Baium Priest soul (nobles under question) *Ruby/Sapphire changed to cats eye jewel *ignis/procella/nebula/petram/frintezza will be normal rb not instance *Appearance will remain with the current costumes, stats from collection *New cloak/hat designs will stay *[+1 str +1 int] [+1 dex +1 wit] [+1 con +1 men] will stay on pendant in place of hats *Dynasty/Apella items will be POSSIBLY added in the near future *Earthshaker class with be temporary removed and POSSIBLY added back in the near future *Monastery of Silence/Execution Grounds will be added back in the near future to farm S weapons *Blood Dragon coins will stay and drop from lv 76+ mobs at a lower rate and prices will be adjusted accordingly (purchase blessed enchants etc), and players can still drop them from pvp *Dolls/Epic jewels will be changed from 7 days to 15 days This means that - -Players will start as level 1 in their respective zones -Players will start with shadow no-grade instead of B grade -Zones will be working as you expect in normal classic except imperial tomb I hope that you can understand my decision and remember that I am looking out for you (my players) and what you want to see on a server. The beta server will be adjusted accordingly and can be changed back to 'custom' version at any time. I have designed it in a way to easily switch versions at a minutes notice. Thanks for understand and I hope to see you all on the opening.
  5. link to most recently updated patch
  6. the script is missing nameOffset or translation z must be adjusted to be lower
  7. Beta server will be available to players in about 9 hours. Hope to see you guys on there Keep in mind the BETA SERVER is designed for constant change and testing and what you see there is NOT EXACTLY WHAT WILL BE ON LIVE but very similar. Remember this is your server. It is built by the community.
  8. this texture already has an alpha channel in unreal must be masked in shader or alphaTexture=true on texture
  9. Kara baby i miss when we stay at skype calls giggling and exchanging pictures of toes why dont we do that anymore its almost as if you have just.... drifted away like a leaf in the wind leaving only a fragment of good memories waiting to be caught in the ethereal net of dreams
  10. Looking for someone who can make banners with bright colors and animation
  11. Man you dont understand Black in ALPHA CHANNEL is transparent not in canvas
  12. Glad to see all the positive responses. Hope to see you all on beta and opening :))