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  1. what if you just replace the existing id? if it doesnt work maybe you can change draconic bow ID to be the same as valakas
  2. yes, i am working with classic and have already imported customs
  3. there are 2 more icons at the end of the line, presumably it's not working because you have the weapon augmented
  4. add_effect_begin id=29345 EffectNames={[LineageEffect.weapon_vala_thrower_bul]} MeshSocketNames={[FX_SOCKET_01]} EffectScales={1.0} bUsePawnScale=0 add_effect_end valaks thrower are you sure? did you try copying the line and just changing id?
  5. what version of goddess? you add it through additioneffect
  6. i cant wait to play this server!!!!!!!!!!
  7. this is mesh is a 'wispray' you can remove it either from editing source of the emitter or the easy way from l2pe if you dont have sources
  8. fixed 254 bugs on mobius classic so far, some big some small only things not fixed is elemental system (missing packets), brooch/jewels and some small stuff and stuff with formulas
  9. he skip the part in video when you inject to server l0l
  10. you realistically dont need pawnviewer because i usually just explore the files with the newest 'date modified' and see whats inside there
  11. salvation yes, id ont have newest client