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  1. i already finish this :D, i make a new skillType, and add on thinkcast() check if skilltype true if any need this i share it.
  2. hi thanks my function: public void Cast(Skill skill, Creature target, boolean forceUse, boolean dontMove) when learn some class and funcions, i reached the conclusion need make a new skillType to check if... My idea is when use FireWorks the character dont stop movement.. FireWork item_id =6407 (skill_id=2025) this skill 2025 is skillType="HOT" i check on source skillType="HOT" but this is linked with Continuous.class any suggests? i use fandc files.. freya high five
  3. you can guide me where start search?, i searching on AbastracAI //setIntention
  4. hi its possible do not stop movement when using skill? i search on skill but only find nextAction .
  5. thanks very much bro!, you can explain how to decompile LineageSkillEffect be my self? for future?
  6. i downloaded L2Editor from lordofdest and get this error when i add in UT2003.ini EditPackages=LineageSkillEffect (Encrypted and Decrypted) or any can decompile for me? https://www.mediafire.com/file/213hho55evyg4qe/LineageSkillEffect.u/file The files is from: Lineage 2 - [] - TCT 2.6 - Freya High Five Part 5 [System][273NA][Win10]
  7. i download from this post LineageSkillEffect folder and install clean UE and compile without touch anything, but ingame some effects like soulshots and spirit shots dissapear.. only ear sounds..
  8. i find a bug, all soulshots effects disapear only sounds.. you can explain how to decompile (FREYA HIGH FIVE)
  9. hi, i need help to unpack LineageSkillEffects.u i try use WOTgrealExporter but here is my result: Results empty *.uc file: any can helpme¡?
  10. i have fandc files, you can review or create mini guide? in this files not have loginserverthread.java for example. thanks bro
  11. Hi! i have a idea for my test server.. have a column on characters and store some information of character.. i need add or show this information on CharInfo in client Example ADD Mobs Hunted on Karma side: i need create some script or something in interface.xdat? any suggestions? thanks in advance
  12. really good work elfo!, one day i used this maybe.. thanks!! downloaded!
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