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  1. well, ignoring the fact that this code is pretty old - yet none bypassed anything and just keep on talking. love how people compare themselves to the gods of hacking - c'mon, gimme something or you need another year? xD
  2. ofc u can bypass anything if you have proper knowledge, but i don't think so there's many people able to obey this window anyhow :) i can count on the finger of one hand all the poeple able to give a try right in this forum and it still free code.
  3. mboss is still raidboss and does NOT support any grandboss (so queen ant as well). i just used this one as some kind of unique raidboss - one and only, with the best drop - so i wanted to highlight this one - just like in preview :)
  4. hey, cms is pretty cool, especially within dark theme in use - is dat dedicated one or? :)
  5. so you've to add obvious check - if item do not exist in player's inventario (means player don't have any), then do nothing. otherwise - simply remove it.
  6. unfortunately, we tried to convince players to at least give a try, but server has no enough people since grand opening. however, we believe server got pretty nice foundations so we can continue working on it :)
  7. i can accept anything you say guys, even fact server may have less or more disadvantages in your opinion, since we're all different with different taste - alright, but server was empty since beginning. only 50 players on grand opening is so disappointing, but i really appreciate you found time to write this - everything's a lesson :) thanks once again!
  8. however, what i can say? it was a very exhausting year, server's development completely drain me out of my time. we gathered a lot of possitive reviews/opinions, but we're lack of people once again. we invested a lot of money too, mostly on advertisement. we suffer because we are fair with our community: true online count, not fake like on other servers. we do not force people to log bots (providing also an extra online, but only in numbers) or 'farm' this way. insignificant donation, player may only skip farm process. easy farm. people logs in and see disappointing online, then leaves wit
  9. if someone encountered problems with connection, please re-download our patch once again ... or simply put this to your system folder. we apologize for a small error at the beginning :)
  10. fight? mmm ... no. rather farm a bit, hunt some monsters.
  11. players can upgrade tateossians to epics via our merchants w/o loosing enchant level, process costs some adenas.
  12. dear community, we provide two versions of server's patches (1) for any platform, also another (2) for windows 10 users. if you encountered any issues, please report about it. #1: euphoria's server patch, version 1.0. #2: euphoria's server patch, version 1.0 (windows 10). opening is nearly!
  13. http://l2euphoria.com interlude (x999) grand opening - today! :)
  14. actually no idea why i am so strange in this case. i am never satisfied enough however i compose any of mine htmls - obvious retardness - yup :) is there any medicine? :D