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  1. maybe your "friend" have use it.. i have cooporate many times with this guy and never have scam me or something like this.. i thing you must speak with your "friend" from greece about it.
  2. 3 questions. where are you from ? and from which country is the paysafe? and how many peoples know the code of paysafe?
  3. maybe you import location wrong. i just added on 391 without any error.
  4. which version of acis you are using?
  5. take a fact from the server which i join few hours ago. you told about beta..but in your topic and in your site write official opening,.so you lie. you have spawned 190 bots in private store mode. which ppl hate when they enter on a pvp server. 190 bots in private store mode in pvp server?? are seriues? you are.
  6. CORE LAUNCH DATE: 26 APRIL 2020 19:00 but beta.. where did you mention about beta? beta offline shops hahahaha nice nice we believe you...inform me when you will make original open ok? i would like to play p.s armors without helmets first time i see..
  7. i just enter and test the server...many items from armors missing. 190 bots is spawned in private store mode..some of them sell A grade gloves ? lol? the gm quit the server after some hours. nice team.good luck on the next one
  8. basicaly you are not CoreManagement Team ..i know very well who you are you and you know that :)
  9. mention in topic that is not the original L2Core server !!
  10. there is no reason to ban me. ---->
  11. let maxtor outside , start protects your codes. and dont blame me and others
  12. since im leagal you cant tell me untrusted...LOGIC? else the staff here they will have banned me already. but i dont know about you why you dont have take ban about this .maybe some modarator can tell me?