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  1. ta sxolia dika sas.polla "tuxaia" pragmataaa fb exei apagoreusi na to dimosieusis sto profil sou.
  2. is not worth to talk with scammer anymore. you can ask moderators to check them.
  3. you didnt answer in my question.this guy is refered on you? how ironic to call someone scamer but you have already scam others
  4. i dont get any side.i dont care ..but in that way you say it you call everyone scammers. i will give you one example, many ppl here have take many codes/quests from acis and they have put it in their project so they are scamers to..but is prohibit to sell pack/source with base acis. is that you?
  5. you can read the post of elfo and you will take your answer. Well after reading your terms and conditions on the purchase, it doesn't look like you are prohibiting reselling.
  6. to call someone scammer you must have proofs first. i have cooporate with him in saveral things 3-4 years now and he never scam me .
  7. Server GrandOpening 06/3/20 Time 18:00 GMT+2 We Are Proud To Announce L2 Hydra Pvp Non Custom Server Coming on March 6 ! With the help of many players we have succide to create one of the best gameplay! Our Balance have been tested many times and we have accomplished to make it PERFECT! Why To Join Us? We have the best support from all the servers out there ,We Dont have curruption on this server like most server. we will update the server features every day,you will never boring to play on our server. [ FEATURES OF Hydra x5000 ] Main Town : GIRAN TOWN Buff Slots : 32+4 Exp : 5000x SP : 5000X Adenas : x1000 ENCHANT RATES Safe Enchant - 4 # Max Weapon - 14 # Max Armor - 12 # Normal Scroll chance: 65% Max +14 # Blessed Scroll: 75% # Crystal Scroll Weapon: 14-18 45% # Crystal Armor: 12-14 45% AUGMENT RATES # Mid Life Stone = 4% # High Life Stone = 6% # Top Life Stone = 10% # You can use 1 Active & 1 Passive Skill SERVER FEATURES # Main Town Giran # Subclass & Class Change Free # Retail Olympiads # Sieges & Manors working l2off like # Skills & classes based on retail l2off balance # Chaotic Zones # Auto Learn Skills # Buff Slots 32+4 # Duration Buff 1 hours # Caslte Siege every week Aden,Godart,Rune # Class Balance # Skill Balance # Ani-Farm System # Custom Farm Zones # Special Zone Which Open Every Day In Specific Time # Rotate PvP Zones New Zone Every 60 Minutes # Flag PvP Zone # Free Sub-class # Max Sub-class 3 # Sub-class start 52 LvL # Olympiad every Week # Stuckable Scolls # Stuckable Life Stones # Stuckalble Bogs # All items in GM Shop # Economy System Based to Farm Items # Auto loot mobs > # Wedding System # Anti Feed Protection # PvP&PK Color System # Augmentetion System # No weight limit Custom Noblesse System The party that will last hit the boss Barakiel (5 hours respawn time & 1 hour window +/-) will automatically gain noblesse status. You can also trade 10.000 Farm Tokens in our Noblesse/Subclass Manager which is located in Giran to gain noblesse status. Olympiad period 7 Days(1 week) Heroes will be given automatically at 12:00 UTC +3 on every Monday. Olympiads arenas retail like. Upon selecting 5 Buffs before match starts on the Arena manager (To make dd classes and some other classes more fair to play olympiads) After every fight, a panel with information about the match and the participants is displayed to both the winner and the loser: - Class-based games are disabled to avoid feeding. - The rankings update every 5 minutes when the Olympiad runs (the manager announces it every time they update). - The games are announced by the manager before they begin. - Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6 they will be modified to +6 for the match and when its over the modifications will be reverted. - The class balance in olympiad is untouched to ensure retail battles. The Olympiad begins every day at 19:00 and ends at 1:00 AM (GMT+3). Customized Siege System Friday Sieges: Goddard 20:00 GMT +3 (Clan Winners 5.000 Reputation) Saturday Sieges: Rune 20:00 GMT +3 Aden 22:00 GMT +3 (Clan Winners 10.000 Reputation) EVENTS # Team vs Team # 3vs3 Tournament # 9vs9 Tournament SERVER COMMANDS # .menu # .online GRANDBOSSES # GrandBosses Respawn Every 12Hours(GrandBoss Manager In Main Town) # Valakas spawns Every 36 Hours # Antharas spawns Every 36 Hours # Baium spawns Every 36 Hours # Queen Ant Spawns Every 12 Hours. # Zaken Spawns Every 12 Hours # Frintezza Spawns Every 12 Hours # Core spawns Every 12 Hours # Orfen spawns Every 36 Hours Join Us On Discord :
  8. eisai vlks oles tis wres i mono sugkekrimenes? 1o den exw kamia sxesi me ton gr. 2o poio einai to problima sou? 3o me midamines gnwseis gt milas?
  9. fantazomai ennoeis ton l2gr? ean einai autos mporw na sou pw oti den prokite na peraseis diaforetiko interface apo auto pou sas exei to patch
  10. im looking for Pride Style Pack pm me with your prices and server infos. Interlude Version
  11. The Difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.