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  1. 3erw enan dev pou asxolite me sites kai tetoia exei ftia3ei arketa sites se diafora magazia.twra auto pou zitas den 3erw an 8a mporesei na sto kanei..alla sigoura 8a 3erei na sou pei perisotera. ps.pm me for the skype
  2. he just log in that char..5 minutes most.btw you open donates from first day? bad
  3. full items and that player he just enter into the game hahaha https://prnt.sc/mp4ef8
  4. if i change php version on webhosting..the files of my templates not working at all
  5. well i dont know php..if you have this scripts http://prntscr.com/mikbca and you sell them..send a pm with the price
  6. <?php include('config.php'); $top = '10'; //Top Number mysql_connect($host, $user, $pass); mysql_select_db($db); echo " <div class='bar'><div class='place'>#</div><div class='player'>NAME</div><div class='count'>PVP</div></div> "; $i = 1; $sql = "SELECT char_name, pvpkills FROM characters WHERE accesslevel=0 ORDER BY pvpkills DESC LIMIT $top"; $query = mysql_query($sql); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) { echo " <div class='bar'> <div class='place'>".$i++."</div> <div class='player'>".$row['char_name']."</div> <div class='count'>".$row['pvpkills']."</div> </div> "; } echo " "; ?>
  7. i just delete my ip and put deafult ip to post it..... http://prntscr.com/miir4w
  8. yes.. i check the code that denart give me.. now when im going to site ..i have this msg down the script : Connected successfully but i dont see any of the chars from my db Success: I can see your service on on port (3306)Your ISP is not blocking port 3306
  9. i have add the ip bro.. Connected successfully but i dont see the players pvp on the site