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  1. it was from login and from pvplord event. its fixed now since i dont have any reports for 2 days about stuck
  2. L2Hydra Project Is Online!!

  3. well intelrude community is not good as few years ago..i expect 200+ thank you..we will wait you my friend and make us any report for any proplem you have
  4. i will upload the patch 30 minutes before the opening
  5. Update server: Nobless Manager need 4 crown to be nobless. nobless crown drop from nobless boses Black Crown RedCrown Silver Crown Gold Crown forum will be opening few days after opening.
  6. L2Hydra Project GrandOpening 12-1-19 GMT+2 :D

  7. Server GrandOpening 12/1/19 Time 18:00 GMT+2
  8. dont pay more than 3 euros for that... p.s what you want to give when you press .vip? what vip system you have? vaggos have share a good vip system and i think he have this command inside
  9. good to hear it :D start again the good work guys :) all the best for your project absolute
  10. den 8a sou apantisw gt eisai kati san ton vorfin
  11. oti nomizeis file mou to 3erw pws to blepeis..sigoura to frozen mporei na se boh8isei poio polu alla den 8a se kanei na ma8eis gt sta exei etima ta perisotera..to acis einai ena pack clean kai mporeis na to organwseis opws esy 8es