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  1. Good luck with the project But I admit that I find the emphasis on "license" funny
  2. My opinion about your rev is, it is the same thing at the time of the general L2JFrozen used, because there was nothing better accessible, there came aCis and PUM, 90% of the servers today use aCis. Your rev is not bad, it is good, it has some shit like your geoengine, and this last update you made, made the situation much worse. I have friends who have their review, Platinium they use good, you can open a server with it, nowadays you don't need much to open servers, even a clean L2JServer makes a server. About these servers that you pointed out, mainly L2Nemeziz, use very old versions of L2
  3. An acquaintance of mine has it and tested it, said it got worse than before
  4. I have to agree with you, for a long time I was prejudiced against L2JMobius, until one day I decided to test the free version, the codes are very well programmed, very well organized and everything, besides we still have a free version for to work. I don't understand why everyone focuses so much on L2JScripts, since mobius is much cheaper and much better coded, whoever has seen the core knows this, to work on top it is much more flexible. Whenever someone asks me which pack to use for a goddes or classic server I always suggest Mobius. H5 interlude etc. I even comment on others depending on
  5. trustworthy seller I buy services from him a few months ago. Flawless and quality work is a shame that they lied to you. Better days will come
  6. If your domain does not have SSL certificate, this error will occur Thanks for the credits in the topic. I have several other new sites from them, including the new donate panel
  7. Sunrise is much cheaper affordable and in a way, known. But, it doesn't mean it's the best =)
  8. Nice project, how much is the project? Can send me PM price please? And Methods for pay too Thanks
  9. Run any of these commands with a normal player, you will know what will happen. PS: It is not in the java code, so I believe that this may not be removable, maybe that's why the pack is coming out like this everywhere. Thank you for your attention. And who has the review bought and good to check if this is not done by the developers of the pack, because it is a jar that brings numerous things. Arquivo: extrasWD.jar SFDKabcabcabc__GG", "SFDKabcabcabc__GG7", "SFDKabcabcabc__GG8", "SFDKabcabcabc__GG1", "adm_8QWE%%GG", "adm_7QWE%%GG", "adm_1QWE%%GG", "admALLQWE%%GG"
  10. LF Developer Website for Create this website for me. I no have PSD, i need only PHP and CSS. Do as much as possible. No need conection estrutuctre https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/638751048890187786/723525195163369542/CtcspNh.png
  11. whats problem guy ? Is server pvp, no have "certificate" whats ur logics this is one problem? lol.
  12. I use acis, version 360 there can be several corrections and reformulations, but, I only get significant updates from them, mainly the critical bugs such as the duplication that had some time ago, the rest is pure reformulation, which for me, is unnecessary, I open servers and put 800 online without any problem.