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  1. Yes, I know, but which mod are you wanting to adapt? Maybe I can help you.
  2. I think the fun dies because it has what it has to do and an average server rate proposes something very fast to which the concept of fun dies out very fast
  3. It is a protection that a friend of mine develops, nor does adrenaline work on it, and if anyone can get past it, the system itself alerts the project owner as if it was swindled through a log system and within 24 hours a new update is released on the air. and blocks again.
  4. Maybe this is not an edit but a bug of some passive, activated skills, set with that augment spear, try making a char like his, with the same items and be testing
  5. 50x? 1 month, max 2month server fail. :/
  6. WTB NEXUS ENGINE VERSION FINAL For Freya L2JServer + Tutorial Instalation PM Prive or in topic
  7. I've looked at all the updates, so I know Frozen, so far it's not worth using, just contribute with tests
  8. Did not you sell a freya project? I have the impression that I have seen these HTML somewhere Interestingly, congratulations on your project, if my money was not so devalued to the point that 100 euros cost half of my monthly salary I would buy, without doubt, it is a great investment. Maybe in the future... A question, without wanting to ask for a ride, why are many people using Mobius (Fafurion / GC / Classic)? In less than 30 minutes on a localhost server I found over 15 bugs up in the AI of the monsters.
  9. @Rootware I need a mod so I can have the bosses born on fixed days of the week Price?
  10. Pode cre que vão lhe dar algo que custa 130 dolar com sistema de key de graça.