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  1. Patience? : / I'm about 4 to 6 months trying to see these files so I can get them and whenever I start talking about them the seller disappears. It's complicated, but I'm glad now the process will be automated, not having to deal with someone like that is very good. Thanks.
  2. Very cool but I disagree with a part of your topic that the latest versions of classic are bad
  3. Just call the owner that turns on a test server and sends you the patc and you can try to bypass the protection with your bots and cheats.
  4. Thank you very much for your reply, it was really very enlightening, yes the Brazilian community is like that and we usually do not leave Brazil because it is very difficult to compete with the investment made by other countries the monetary difference is almost 4x. Good luck with your aCis: D
  5. http://prntscr.com/pcvw94 Yes, from the print to see that I live to give -1 on your topics, stop embarrassing. I did it twice in two horrendous things that you did. and that third one there was not even you. It was someone else who said nonsense to me, see? You are not special, not only see you in the forum;) Keep talking nonsense, I don't care, to me you're still what you are and always will be
  6. Yes, this is me in your view that I don't care at all He is complaining about the new warn he received for insulting me in private :) Lying blatantly and on top of trying to change the context of what is going on in his favor. It was by my private denunciation that he took this new warn, deserved indeed: D
  7. Keep being what you are, keep thinking that just by your forum help history you're immune to things, I'm just a bystander. After all, if you were, you wouldn't be there with a 9 post account after 6 years of forum
  8. Don't be a scrotum, be a normal, polite person, don't attack others unnecessarily, don't come in private talking bullshit you'll never get a -1. Now if you're a junk person and think more than others, there's not much you can do.
  9. I just put -1 on the bullshit I don't like and it just happens to be you, after all, you are the most toxic of this forum. Here you put on your good limb mask, but in private and out here you are just a toxic one who loves to minimize others and feel superior, being one of the lowest here, what happened to you 4 years ago , I don't care, and it probably doesn't interest anyone here. And just to finish, childish attitudes is the way you treat others :) I can give +1 or -1 to anyone I want, and you act like I'm here 7 days a week doing this to you, stop victimizing, grow mature and change your language, preferably both in the private of others. how much in front of the whole community, because here, you are the intellectual with good writing :)
  10. You're a toxic member, you shouldn't even be here, you deflect your warns' true intent to get rid of them, you're fake, accuse others of what you're not, come in private depriving us of SATISFACTIONS with things you shouldn't even have and you are not even entitled to it. Put yourself in your shoes and be a decent member, and be grateful that the staff will remove your warns and allow you to continue in the forum even though you are who you are. All you can do is offend, swear and your arguments are horrible. https://prnt.sc/pcvh9s http://prntscr.com/pcvhjr
  11. There is more sharing as there are no up-to-date and reasonable sources to share yet and especially the content like java mods and events are not ready and adapted to classic as they are for acis and jfrozen. In Brazilian forums 90% use acis because all mods have versions adapted to it and most do not know how to program. Try playing a source with basic gameplay working, nor am I talking about quests etc just the basics for you to see if server classic mid rate pvp does not crash. That's the same thing with the interlude, well that's just my opinion
  12. Yes, I know, but which mod are you wanting to adapt? Maybe I can help you.