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  1. Because it does not open server because it likes, but to make money, it makes initial investment to have players, starts to profit from the server and leaves it online without updates. He always did that.
  2. I'm still waiting, just like everyone, we have faith that before the Easter comes the video.
  3. It's so simple to prove something, just create a video showing everything, give items to the random ones too, but what does it do? Prints, big shit ... It must be just another crybaby, but cheer up, hopefully, maybe he'll post before Christmas 2019 or before the server closes. kkkkkk
  4. Waiting for your video, I hope it will not be until Easter.
  5. I'm not defending or interlude ... But I know there's a lot of players who pay stupid fuck, but in fact they just want to fuck others, if you have so much faith that what you're doing is true, prove it, it's so easy for you, is not it? Just create a video of you logging in with your character (can be a fake character) and show the inventory with all the items in it, go there, do it, create a new char and do it. :) It's so simple to prove to anyone ANSWER what you say.
  6. Who are making the accusations are you, why do not they record a video showing with all the details? Or is there something we do not know?
  7. Create one movie showing ur inventory :) no prints screens. Fake
  8. Hello guys i need one code for fix bug duplication item and chares multskills (Double Session) My rev is L2JServer, someone have for send to me or sell ?