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  1. Sunrise is much cheaper affordable and in a way, known. But, it doesn't mean it's the best =)
  2. Nice project, how much is the project? Can send me PM price please? And Methods for pay too Thanks
  3. Run any of these commands with a normal player, you will know what will happen. PS: It is not in the java code, so I believe that this may not be removable, maybe that's why the pack is coming out like this everywhere. Thank you for your attention. And who has the review bought and good to check if this is not done by the developers of the pack, because it is a jar that brings numerous things. Arquivo: extrasWD.jar SFDKabcabcabc__GG", "SFDKabcabcabc__GG7", "SFDKabcabcabc__GG8", "SFDKabcabcabc__GG1", "adm_8QWE%%GG", "adm_7QWE%%GG", "adm_1QWE%%GG", "admALLQWE%%GG", "admNOTQWE%%GG POST IN L2JBRASIL MEMBER LEVY
  4. LF Developer Website for Create this website for me. I no have PSD, i need only PHP and CSS. Do as much as possible. No need conection estrutuctre https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/638751048890187786/723525195163369542/CtcspNh.png
  5. whats problem guy ? Is server pvp, no have "certificate" whats ur logics this is one problem? lol.
  6. I use acis, version 360 there can be several corrections and reformulations, but, I only get significant updates from them, mainly the critical bugs such as the duplication that had some time ago, the rest is pure reformulation, which for me, is unnecessary, I open servers and put 800 online without any problem.
  7. It's just envy, do your job and ignore anyone who doesn't do better.
  8. This is an incredible job, with a perfection that cannot be compared, I am just waiting for the new update of character creation interface and in-game UI to buy.
  9. @Tryskell I have a question, taking advantage of the topic of our friend here that has everything to do with moving the game. Why don't you finish that movement modification you are doing? Like, you even put in the changeset that you do not recommend using the files because it is unfinished, why not finish it?
  10. Whenever someone asks for feedback about Lucera, if it is good or not, I see people saying that it is rubbish, that has the wrong formulas, that, but when someone who has the source appears, everyone falls in weight wanting to
  11. Is it a bit funny that people say "Latinos only open servers to make money" as if they were opening servers for pure fun, money investing, time, marketing, advertising, just for fun? I would like some people from this forum to talk about these things who work with java to invest their time in developing content, npc's, effects, websites, and even java mods and events for free too. One of the best communities in Lineage today is the Brazilian, all major European and North American servers are full of Brazilians. This all from the thread owner leaked the core files because he bought a private project that is aimed only at fixing errors and not adding java mods. In the pack only contains the main and necessary, there are no life tournaments or those crazy instance mods (which are really cool) the main goal of the project is just to make as many mistakes as possible and make it retail. But customers can buy separate java mods to add the project, the problem is that any 20 BRL guys complain.