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  1. Recompile sources, to get new l2f-gameserver.jar. Your jar is missing method at Player.java. Missing method name "setAutoPotionStatus". With this pack your "fake players" are working like this (if i recall correctly). You type //create_fake_player <AMOUNT> and it searches for players in database which has more than 0 pvp kills and connects them to gameserver. They are basically zombies, because they stand in one place.
  2. I've been working a bit with these sources and straight up found couple of bugs. https://pastebin.com/FVENzmAh This one fixes account already in use. You can test in Linezeus. (Basically now you can login to account without any warning if it's already in use or not). Also added additional communication LS<>GS. Account already in use is in RequestAuthLogin & GameServer(from auth packets). P.s. sorry for double posts, if it's bad could you just simply merge them? These are couple of basic fixes to start working with these sources.
  3. I don't know if decompilation messed logic a bit or what, but there are some issues with database connection (for example, some of you might experience ClanHallDAO.update0 function errors. Add this to your l2.commons.db.BaseDataConnectionFactory, it should fix this issue. https://pastebin.com/uXPnxrq4
  4. So this project is really based on Java?
  5. Just a curious question, in Interlude chronicle all Tutorial windows should be access by "link" ? Because now after few test i faced some issues that "bypass (+/-) +h" opens additional empty window which caches at client and all other windows will be blank :? Hope i make sense
  6. Isn't your another maxcheaters user Pufa (VIP member)? Isn't your name Rafail Papadopoulos (or how it's spelled in not Greek language) Isn't your skype: rafail.papadopoulos7 Isn't that you live in Greece Thessalonikh (or how it's called). No hate, but your name is related with scams, fake skypes (fake adrenaline krn skype, fake tales skype, fake eglobal skype) - i believe i could dig more and more and more and more. If it's that not you - I'm sorry, correct me. Just wanted to give my 2cents on your strange contacts. P.s. goodluck with project (every post of this topic only gives you attention and more web views, maybe even possible players)
  7. Well, about that fake skype, I was talking to you through this skype(as i understand made for scamming eglobal?): So it was suspicious enough not to make any trades with you so I can only agree with Achylek now ;?
  8. Got a solution ( Might be not good, but still ). For anyone else wondering -> loop through Classes and check the class race (I'm making sure it's not a dummy class which will give you null pointer and also i'm looping only through 3rd classes). Check if found class is not the same race as current active and then change it to this temp. one. And yeah, if the server is kind of slow you will see the multiple template change but still it's a workaround. If anyone has better solution PM ME. This topic can be closed. (If this post is a "spam" you can delete it easily - sorry for that).
  9. Hey, I was wondering if there is some kind of walk around, I'm creating a system which requires class perma change. Everything goes good if class is being changed from another race (Example: I'm Adventurer changing base class to Mystic Muse - I will become Elf without any character model issues). However if I change class to one from same race (for example Adventurer to Soultaker) - character model will get stuck. I was thinking if there is any work around? (Yes, logging back to character select screen would work, but it's not a solution). Any bright tips? Issue is displayed here: * Current class -> http://prntscr.com/lv8w9c * After change -> http://prntscr.com/lv8wjk Thanks
  10. Did this Cosmos really bought L2Tales sources :? Or is it a trick to gather people?
  11. Dude, what is actually wrong with you and Tales? Do you wake up and see only Stalone in your eyes? I know you like the game style but it's sick that you're bigger fanboy than Achylek. Now he seems like normal forum user vs you o.o