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  1. If I'm not wrong, this autofarm system is created by Elfo and is shared here. This is not the best video to detail your 2 years work as you show adapted shared system. But it's just my opinion
  2. FandC, they bought it like back in 2014-2015 year from one guy (which was L2Holiday sources a.k.a one of L2Tales project). After that they used their own developers as well as buying features from MxC. But more likely they have their own developers or hire people (russians) to develop. Well, it was back in those days, now idk. But the base is still the same.
  3. Give more info what you exactly need. I mean decompile messes loads of things, example (static int _staticValue = 1 object.myParam1 = _staticValue after decompilation will be object.myParam1 = 1), do you need such fixes also? With most of decompilations that I did there are some issues with Geo, which is totally fixable and loads of blocks which can be fixed as well), but you need describe what amount of work you want to be done from dev. It's totally do-able as I have done multiple packs from decompile (Pain-Team, Tales, Lucera) etc. For those who do
  4. By debugging. If you don't know how to debug in 2021 that will be a hard time for you developing (I'm not saying you don't know how to, you might know how to, though you would have solved this issue in 15sec if you did debugging). The code above from Kara gave you everything to be fixed, why do you need to know exact size? command ".size()" calculates elements in collection (and function 'getSubClasses' return the collection, so the logic is get subs collection > calculate size). The value for different players with different subclasses amount will be different. About image you gave:
  5. Well for ordinary 'maxcheaters leachers' kotlin code snippets would be 'special non-java source'. Basically it's gradle project mixed with java + kotlin. And most likely in future there will be major amount of questions how to compile this project
  6. Hmm no one can keep up with the quality of Classic versions, because they keep them bakin' very often. To conclusion about 'private packs' - there are none. If we look from perspective of projects: L2Encore - launched recently, based on L2JMobius, GLO hired Devs to fix bugs for that pack. In conclusion I haven't played in that project or even logged in - so can't say if they are playable. L2Lionna/Ramona..etc - Based on L2JScripts. It's easy to add any H5 feature without huge knowledge to L2jScripts packs because hierarchy of sources are very familiar with Fandc/L2Ro. L2Remorse - Th
  7. No one said, just I did. It's his Interlude pack (believe me, no one will get it, neither real nekys or anyone else). The donation system is same as in all their projects ( and yes - it's unique, might look similar, but just dig a bit more and you will find the diamond which only they have in their projects ).
  8. It's not the worst. It's good for a java because it's vampir project. It's well maintained
  9. Hopefuly you have upgraded aCis files to new versions. As its eola files which are based on 36* rev. Meanwhile acis fixed couple of dupe bugs(for example search lovelyaden dupe). If not, atleast take dupe fixes and apply them. Goodluck!
  10. I like how you wrote in CAPS the part about features :D I just wanted you to understand, that all features of eu h5 mid were coming from Tales. So at least give credits for Tales for what they created for all Eu/Ru regions. The main point from my last long post - all features of h5 mid projects have vampir features. Back in 2014 - they were TOP project, everyone wanted same success as them I wont say what i dont know, but you're right on some points. Saga files were updated, they worked at some point with ru devs. I know how Saga started (lol google synonyms, enter tale
  11. Saga GMs/admin cant never ever talk about tales projects. Why? Kostas a.k.a saga admin bought files of l2tales which I was using back in the days and anyone could buy them from guy named Ady.( The guy who got files from mouse when he was in l2tales team). Dude, you started your project on vampir files, asking me if they are legit to buy from Ady. Wtf??? You should never cut feeding hand as your project is based on it. If anyone reading this thinking wtf are you talking about - search l2tales files for sell(saga started from them and grew). Same for Mythras source for here (it's based on s
  12. I can only say congratulations. Although the rates are kind of low, so the custom classic version was good idea for the first start (to test everything). Now that you're making more of the classic gameplay (starts lv 1, shadow items) - there are lot more content to test. However, in these videos, i can see that there was lot of effort to make project files good. Thumbs up for that. Feel a bit sorry, that your custom ideas has been outvoted by community. Best wishes upon start! Finally, a project which is not based on L2Scripts. That means there was load of time dedicated to develop th
  13. You should add : 1 - Quest Name 2 - Character info (class, level) etc. 3 - Idk how frozen works, I guess npc html (bypass to quest) would be nice to provide. And then maybe someone will help you to solve it. If the quest code is broken, i suggest looking to aCis quest file as they provide most of the quest (if not all) working. Tho if you have old quest engine(quests extensions are .py) - i recommend upgrading your Quests engine
  14. A bit too late here i guess but still.. Are there any l2jmobius classic projects? I'm kind of interested to see what gameplay they do offer, and ofc as i can see they have their private bug reporting section at their forum?