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  1. Did this Cosmos really bought L2Tales sources :? Or is it a trick to gather people?
  2. Dude, what is actually wrong with you and Tales? Do you wake up and see only Stalone in your eyes? I know you like the game style but it's sick that you're bigger fanboy than Achylek. Now he seems like normal forum user vs you o.o
  3. Let me seee Thanks. As i can see, same Engine.Say which is blocked by SmartGuard :?
  4. Hey, I have a question about creating custom packet. For example if I create custom window on Interface I also need to create custom packets server side (send/receive). Ofc the idea is simple: I send packet from server to client, client catches that custom packet and opens certain custom window based on received parameters ( I don't really have client part yet fully made ), so i was wondering anyone could advise how to send custom packet to client in order to open custom window and how to catch custom client window packet :? Basically, you can see it on Redmoon, i guess they do some kind of similar idea. What I want to achieve is some kind of similar in-game chat (Client itself still has MSN chat window which i would like to modify and add some custom stuff) like skype/discord. But the topic is not about that :) I really hope i make some sense.
  5. From the redmoon description it seems like same mouse project. Same c/p features and other stuff (even voice commands). Don't you think Stalone would buy custom images and other stuff? Or they are just teaming up?
  6. Just curious, you are still using Freemarker, dynamic configs and other stuff on Lucera pack as well as on old H5?