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  1. Hey, I was curious to get your point of you in private servers of l2 classic. Basically, there are loads of projects with different Classic versions - Kamael, kamael essence etc. I wonder what people do prefer? The new ones or do they still like older ones like Secret of the Empire?
  2. If I'm not wrong, this autofarm system is created by Elfo and is shared here. This is not the best video to detail your 2 years work as you show adapted shared system. But it's just my opinion
  3. FandC, they bought it like back in 2014-2015 year from one guy (which was L2Holiday sources a.k.a one of L2Tales project). After that they used their own developers as well as buying features from MxC. But more likely they have their own developers or hire people (russians) to develop. Well, it was back in those days, now idk. But the base is still the same.
  4. Give more info what you exactly need. I mean decompile messes loads of things, example (static int _staticValue = 1 object.myParam1 = _staticValue after decompilation will be object.myParam1 = 1), do you need such fixes also? With most of decompilations that I did there are some issues with Geo, which is totally fixable and loads of blocks which can be fixed as well), but you need describe what amount of work you want to be done from dev. It's totally do-able as I have done multiple packs from decompile (Pain-Team, Tales, Lucera) etc. For those who don't believe that decompiled packs could work - just watch Vampir Interlude projects which were based on decompiled Lucera and till this day are making loads of money for him.
  5. By debugging. If you don't know how to debug in 2021 that will be a hard time for you developing (I'm not saying you don't know how to, you might know how to, though you would have solved this issue in 15sec if you did debugging). The code above from Kara gave you everything to be fixed, why do you need to know exact size? command ".size()" calculates elements in collection (and function 'getSubClasses' return the collection, so the logic is get subs collection > calculate size). The value for different players with different subclasses amount will be different. About image you gave: NullPointer error means that you're trying to reach things that are not initialized or set. Always check if object exists before trying to take its actual value (would recommend reading a bit about that, it's the easiest to fix problem and you will face it a lot if you will continue on learning developing).
  6. Well for ordinary 'maxcheaters leachers' kotlin code snippets would be 'special non-java source'. Basically it's gradle project mixed with java + kotlin. And most likely in future there will be major amount of questions how to compile this project
  7. Hmm no one can keep up with the quality of Classic versions, because they keep them bakin' very often. To conclusion about 'private packs' - there are none. If we look from perspective of projects: L2Encore - launched recently, based on L2JMobius, GLO hired Devs to fix bugs for that pack. In conclusion I haven't played in that project or even logged in - so can't say if they are playable. L2Lionna/Ramona..etc - Based on L2JScripts. It's easy to add any H5 feature without huge knowledge to L2jScripts packs because hierarchy of sources are very familiar with Fandc/L2Ro. L2Remorse - They bought sources from L2jScripts and project manager hired russian developers. L2Mars - same L2jScripts pack or sources (idk what they bought). About quality - i can't talk anything because i haven't played in these kind of projects, but i guess you can make a view of what is happening. Everyone is taking/buying sources and working on them. Why? Well you take one version and you focus on that and what L2jMobius/L2jScripts have - they have loads of branches from interlude to classic and they have to maintain them all so the bug fixes are not coming so fast. Of course they have same core so for example if one bug fix can be applied to another branch - they do apply it for all branches that fit. My opinion - don't get scammed by random people, contact project owners and/or if you get information what pack they use - buy files, fix bugs and enjoy.
  8. No one said, just I did. It's his Interlude pack (believe me, no one will get it, neither real nekys or anyone else). The donation system is same as in all their projects ( and yes - it's unique, might look similar, but just dig a bit more and you will find the diamond which only they have in their projects ).
  9. It's not the worst. It's good for a java because it's vampir project. It's well maintained
  10. Hopefuly you have upgraded aCis files to new versions. As its eola files which are based on 36* rev. Meanwhile acis fixed couple of dupe bugs(for example search lovelyaden dupe). If not, atleast take dupe fixes and apply them. Goodluck!
  11. I like how you wrote in CAPS the part about features :D I just wanted you to understand, that all features of eu h5 mid were coming from Tales. So at least give credits for Tales for what they created for all Eu/Ru regions. The main point from my last long post - all features of h5 mid projects have vampir features. Back in 2014 - they were TOP project, everyone wanted same success as them I wont say what i dont know, but you're right on some points. Saga files were updated, they worked at some point with ru devs. I know how Saga started (lol google synonyms, enter tales and you will get saga one as the amswers). By the way, i wouldn't even consider you flaming Tales (working with projects promo, come to one of the potential client and flame - it would just be money loss for you as i do predictions that they used your services earlier). So while reading your messages I never felt that you're talking from Saga side :) L2Tales web is always based on their ideas. Go to Lionna web, check features - you find custom auctioneer npc with photo from Redmoon web - yet, connect to game and there is no custom auctioneer npc - they just c/p tales features and now as tales starts once per year, you think tales copied. But here comes my long post conclusion - everyone tries to make tales in game features copy as well as web. They provide quality, but fucks up in some way. The redmoom project was 1month minimum and would have been growing, but those custom donation boxes screwed economy and everybody left. L2 projects - all about getting money. It's a job. Believe me, there are no projects trying for people. I thought i will create perfect project and make it not about money - impossible, when you get 4-5k profit you start to think how to get it again, not how to make better for players. Btw, no one gives a fuck about those paid cp's - its a stunt to make random players uh wow there are cps/clans and its fun, so they donate to catch up. All projects get revenue from random players, so if those paid clans leave project it shouldnt impact online. And how to do it? Have 2k random people. There will be always action, and no one would feel that one paid cp left and now we have all to leave. Idk why I mention Saga that much lol. These are only my 5cents...
  12. Saga GMs/admin cant never ever talk about tales projects. Why? Kostas a.k.a saga admin bought files of l2tales which I was using back in the days and anyone could buy them from guy named Ady.( The guy who got files from mouse when he was in l2tales team). Dude, you started your project on vampir files, asking me if they are legit to buy from Ady. Wtf??? You should never cut feeding hand as your project is based on it. If anyone reading this thinking wtf are you talking about - search l2tales files for sell(saga started from them and grew). Same for Mythras source for here (it's based on same shared source as l2saga). - you can all download files and start same as Saga started. Later on they bought same donation system as in tales(based on L2CCCP) and tried to have 1:1 features as tales(again, i can give nickname of kostas in mxc and you will find his post of buying 1:1 donate panel from tales). Why i'm defending tales? Vampir gave fucking huge inovation for h5 or any lineage project(Saga and Alex(mouse)/sorin projects are always trying to get those features). Tales featutres are used by russian projects as well (i'm talking about open-team a.k.a. top russian sources behind private ones and pain-team and / L2scripts trying to copy that and sell as vip sources loooooool). Tales is all about new ideas, which all projects can take ideas from. Overall. I'm saying that @vampir you fucking did a great thing. Your ideas are amazing, lul. For some people it seems impossible to re-create (but just wait for my share with all your project features - marker system, new bypasses system, queue system, tutorial system and interface new functions - gk with map and players around areas, any colors admin desires in messages chats, custom events bars and etc.) - and yes, they are all based also on interlude sources (except l2off ai scraps) - so i have h5/c6. Synerge was never good developer(idk how you hired him, i guess mouse relation) he always decompiled your work and made it working for Sorin(although he worked with you he always takes your compiled work and decompiles for sorin). No features are unique. I have your sources (might be a bit outdated, but i always add all your features, so I will have around the same as you will start now, except gve - as it is shit and i don't event want to put hands on it as I hate GvE concept.). Same with Sorin h5 sources - i have them. So wtf is this long post? Vampir is always working fucking as hard as he can - no, Elexir and interlude sources were not only vampir project - they are all based on Stalone, all donations leads to Stalone to url which Vampir coded (***l2pay.eu**** and payment accounts leads to stalone email vag***@hotmail.com) - yes, i know everything about tales 'clean' donations. But vampir now only cares about interlude, so tales will start +/- on the same features). About Brazon, idk what Stalone thinks as he 'invested in cryptos', drives ferrari and now makes songs, but one thing clear - all Alex team will scam you. +/- Brazon will fuck you in some meaning and just remember this post. You(Stalone) - always invest huge money amount and fail - (white loot box? - might have think'd something alternative as it failed redmoon - online went from 7** to 1** in two days, which wouldn't have appeared if you though about better donation system). Wtf? Why now to have Brazon? Mouse will pay extra to get everything from you and Brazon will give everything he can to him from you. I would just recommend, stick to your golden boys: Vampir(your fucking one and only developer), Strain(responsible for your all webs), your Brother(Paris???) and those others (one which makes trailers for you (I guess a.k.a Golden in forums lol) and others who does some of the jobs). Stay away with correlation with Alex team (wtf are you thinking about taking brazon?? dude if you have money, take anyone from l2 community and pay them atleast 3eu per day - they will be fucking glad to work for your and won't give any info for Alex). So to be clear - Saga fuck off - your all base is on Tales sources, Sorin team - lets wait what you can scrap off and find ways how to fuck Vercetti(and continue 2020 your projects with new features and same concept - wipe/launch new project/launch-......), and for me - I will wait for live project to finish all vampir features, lol. For other people - it will be the same, as i mostly talk from dev side - you will all leave projects within 1month, despite what you talking here (best project i ever played - bla bla bla) - some decisions from this team will cause destruction. We all know tyga won't be involved at it's money waste(If i would need to pay 10k to Tyga - i would invest 10k euros in popular russians streamers and take all donations(because russians gathers huge amount of viewers, so it would be 10000% better to gather players from l2 community than through 'rapper Tyga' which would bring~100 players to connect and 0 donations as they don't know the game and they are not interested to donate - anyone with a bit better mind would know this) through QIWI/Moneybookers from russians players.
  13. I can only say congratulations. Although the rates are kind of low, so the custom classic version was good idea for the first start (to test everything). Now that you're making more of the classic gameplay (starts lv 1, shadow items) - there are lot more content to test. However, in these videos, i can see that there was lot of effort to make project files good. Thumbs up for that. Feel a bit sorry, that your custom ideas has been outvoted by community. Best wishes upon start! Finally, a project which is not based on L2Scripts. That means there was load of time dedicated to develop the pack playable. Congrats again.
  14. You should add : 1 - Quest Name 2 - Character info (class, level) etc. 3 - Idk how frozen works, I guess npc html (bypass to quest) would be nice to provide. And then maybe someone will help you to solve it. If the quest code is broken, i suggest looking to aCis quest file as they provide most of the quest (if not all) working. Tho if you have old quest engine(quests extensions are .py) - i recommend upgrading your Quests engine