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  1. I had once got 'perma' banned. Basically it was due to issued refund, don't know why donation had a possibility to be refunded, but basically I had to provide If player received 'goods' (maybe I had issue while making donation button and pressed a wrong clickbox and it was goods instead of donation). Well anyway, I got removed perma ban(that was a hell of a ride) and I can use paypal with my name. The issue was that you, as a person, can hold JUST 1 account with same name(personal) and 1 with business type. So I basically had my 'gaming' account which was personal and got frozen and other one was personal. The personal one got banned when it got locked due to wrong phone number entered. I've contacted support, then they linked all my accounts and bammm. It's perma banned. They do not allow you to have multiple accounts and if one is flagged/banned, the only question is when others will be disabled as well.
  2. Post it on report topic all the information with screen shots P.s. His username in maxcheaters is lordfire9000, not loadfire9000. The name Tepchuk Viktoriia is female name, so I guess it's not even his real name.
  3. does not match with have you tried this? if(command.startsWith("_bbstopDropBonusAmountx2for1Hour")) also the placement is important: p.s. i'm using shared on internet 'l2jsunrise' pack, i don't know if it's exact same structure as you have
  4. I strongly recommend you creating new handler for such custom commands or using a sub arguments, because it's a mess to have such a long bypass. adding sub-commands you won't have c/p code (you have a clean one) and with arguments you will be able to variate what reward you want to give. this is how to debug and detect what command you get. if you don't know how to debug add message. basically you get that error because no community bypass managers detects that command. p.s. i never ever have used this 'amazing cbByPass' pack so i might be wrong, but anyway, these are my 2 mins of looking into it
  5. Hey, I'm looking for this NPC texture (Chronicle: H5). Maybe it's native texture from original Lineage2 textures or is it custom? If it's custom maybe anyone knows contacts who can sell it. Thank you
  6. L2Luna is L2Saga project or something similar to it. All these projects are using Lucera2 pack. All the features are the same. If they would not have ActiveAntiCheat I would sniff their html and upload it here. From then on you could Buy lucera2 license, take htmls and have same 1:1 pack as they do have. P.s. I'm only explaining why all the projects are looking like re-used files - because they use closed source pack Lucera2 where they can only add few new things via their own .jar extensions, but still, the possibilities are limited to them. And on-topic: L2Destiny-L2Rise-L2Era-L2Lionna-L2Ramona-L2Teon are projects of same team. When one project is starting to 'dry out' they open new one and advertise via old one, so they get players in their infinite loop of projects. Ofc, some of players leave their projects, some new players come. Don't know much about Interlude scene, however the L2Unity,L2Escape and their other project seems like they try to do the same loop as team mentioned above.
  7. There are old L2 Remorse files laying here(2.9.5). You can take their GeoEngine service. If I understood correctly your question.
  8. Hopefully, you have paid for you Windows license, right? It's not to steal, I need to code server side for this Interface, although I can't do that If I don't know how they read custom incoming packet. Right? Adapt server side for existing Interface I don't think it's correct definition of word "stealing" P.s. the Interface is not being used for more than 1 year. P.s.s. this is correct definition of stealing others work:
  9. Hey, maybe anyone could decrypt SmartCrypt'ed files? As I can't decompile them seems like they have been SmartCrypted 😞 H5 chronicle https://dropmefiles.com/qxbTg
  10. Can't really remember how in eclipse you add arguments, because mainly I use only Intellij IDEA, but you need this one: -cp config/xml;
  11. Can you show what arguments you have added while launching GS via Eclipse?
  12. Always try searching in GitHub. https://github.com/aleksi78/L2jSunrise_Core_05-10-2017/tree/master/L2J_SunriseProject_Core/dist/game/config/xml P.s. I think this pack is paid one, so hopefully owner doesn't mind me posting 2017 source code, lol
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