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  1. I can only say congratulations. Although the rates are kind of low, so the custom classic version was good idea for the first start (to test everything). Now that you're making more of the classic gameplay (starts lv 1, shadow items) - there are lot more content to test. However, in these videos, i can see that there was lot of effort to make project files good. Thumbs up for that. Feel a bit sorry, that your custom ideas has been outvoted by community. Best wishes upon start! Finally, a project which is not based on L2Scripts. That means there was load of time dedicated to develop the pack playable. Congrats again.
  2. You should add : 1 - Quest Name 2 - Character info (class, level) etc. 3 - Idk how frozen works, I guess npc html (bypass to quest) would be nice to provide. And then maybe someone will help you to solve it. If the quest code is broken, i suggest looking to aCis quest file as they provide most of the quest (if not all) working. Tho if you have old quest engine(quests extensions are .py) - i recommend upgrading your Quests engine
  3. A bit too late here i guess but still.. Are there any l2jmobius classic projects? I'm kind of interested to see what gameplay they do offer, and ofc as i can see they have their private bug reporting section at their forum?
  4. Well to be honest, I had my interactions with that 'Romanian projects gang' and worked a bit with them. They have a kind of agreeable position of view - why should we make perfect dream pack, when people come, stay 2 weeks and they leave. So they do minor 'upgrades' and launch another project, so that players would be in infinite loop of their projects. Now I'm just curious are there any popular H5 projects left or not
  5. If you're talking about debts to you - you won't be able to prove anything for his Lexus Espana company or Spasnish gov. Why? Because there are no proofs - skype/discord/email chats does not count as a contract. If you were working for him - you need official contract with signature of your both sides. You're going to write complaint for for Spanish gov. by posting screenshots? I guess not. They will treat you as a non-sense or smth like that. To retrieve money, when people play you like that, the first thing is to do - to make official contract before starting the work. By writing this contract, you're declaring, that you will put your work for money and agreement is marked as 'both sides agrees with conditions' are those signatures. And ofc, none of MXC developers does that neither they will - who the fck wants to spend half a day making an agreement? Even more who the fck wants to spend half a day reading and searching for 'shitty' points in agreement. If you add your signature, while there is a point that 'buyer will not pay you paycheck if the work was delayed by 20hours' - you won't get anything. LEGALLY. If you want to be a developer in this community, please, understand, that 70% of admins did not even hit 20 years of age. The rule number one - if you have loads of work for him - complete one and take the paycheck or part of declared payment, in order for you to work in advance. He played you dirty. Tho, if you're a developer - why not to try open your own project? You have his files. You can maintain it yourself, you won't need to pay for developer services. Don't have money for 'mid' project? Open classic PVP - you don't need strong DS(which means hosting will be cheap), pay for smartguard, gather the money for 'proper midrate project' - and proceed.
  6. That's the thing, i was wondering if those Redmoon features were good enough, because i was working a bit to recreate same features as tales had. I've recreated almost everything except CH auction and Promo code system yet. I really liked that gameplay of theirs(Redmoon), so i'm kind of interested to see if people enjoyed it more than the sorin/mouse projects For example the unique 'gk':
  7. Hey. Wondering what do you think about current situation of H5? (~low/mid)? I can still see, that people are opening projects with leaked L2RO files (which to be honest i don't know if they are good/bad). Same concept, some of them make a bit of online (~100) others make to (~450). These things are gathered from L2Topzone votes. One year ago, Redmoon started something a bit of new concept (no auto subclass, you have to walk to npc instead of using directly from CB). I wonder what people are looking for :? What are your thoughts on H5 current state and what is lacking. Currently i see, that people are migrating from H5 to Interlude or Classic (and classic is moving so fast, that private servers don't have time even to catch up, new update after new update, making more and more bugs to appear).
  8. Is it based on Mobius or Scripts? Or players can login and see anything different?
  9. Find server with Erlandys event engine and then... use a program to receive html from your computer memory :) (it's a hint). You will get full html, except you won't know the name of file. (also you will need to modify html parts where are java replacements done before sending to player view).
  10. Hey. I'm working on Classic Antharas and have few questions about gameplay. * I've implemented Agathion enchantment. But the question is, how do you receive Agathion Echant scroll(id 48046). - Can't find any videos of how the scroll is being received. * Same question, for item Eva's Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory (90494). - Can't find any videos of how the scroll is being received. Also for this scroll (Eva....Enchant Hair...) on enchant fail it says item will be Crystalized. OK. But what grade crystals are being received from No grade accessory? Maybe any retail players will know? (I will update this topic freq.So if you have knowledge about classic gameplay, you could share a bit of it with this forum). Thanks!
  11. Hey, I'm looking for a person who is good at L2 Classic. I have questions about Antharas update. Would be excellent if I would find people who wants to help a bit (connect to server with gm access, test server and reports bugs). Basically, I'm almost clueless about this chronicle, can't fix anything if I don't know how it works :s Leave a skype via pm if you have some free time to help me a bit.
  12. To be honest, the binding is not a such big deal. Customers without Java knowledge will pay higher to get higher online amount etc. A customer with a smallest java knowledge will take pack for the lowest price and will "unbind" the pack. This forum HAS everything to unbind their packs, however, you need just a bit knowledge of how-to (you won't find it in this forum) and you will have unbinded pack for the lowest price. However, if you ever get these packs for free, DON'T, just DON'T open Classic platform if you haven't played one. You won't fix all the problems. That's why people pay. So my advice is be a customer, but independent. You HAVE to pay at least lowest price for their knowledge (cmon, you must give something for them, they do analyze Classic chronicle) and then remove these silly restrictions of IP's and online amount.
  13. Basically, this is the idea, how to make gameplay a bit longer. I've sat down from start of this topic and coded offline buffs stores / corrected buffer. Got few new ideas, like all rb's are PvP zones, from rb's players get mana potions (careless about level). So basically, you will need to farm rb's. Mini shop will be provided also (no one wants to craft SSD). Just i need to solve idea, how to get pvp for player at every level 20-40, 40-60, 70-80 stages. That would be awesome, if PvP is must be to receive vital benefits.
  14. Hey, was wondering what is the best concept for Interlude? I got distant from this chronicle, while working on H5, but now, when all the projects are over, I want to work on C6. But I need general idea what people do still expect from such a chronicle? Going to tops and finding top 5 Int. projects shows that people like: * Mid/craft, like la2dream. * PvP no custom and custom. This says buffers + mp potions, just "farm" a bit and lets go pewpew. Basically, i have a such idea, to make mid craft, w/o any shops or buffers (basically, I've coded myself a mini buffer, which allows to get "main buffs" - might/shield/acu etc. for 1 hour to get grinding started, as level gets higher, buff time is reduced), the alternative is to have buffer boxes as the old times.(Ofc, buff time is original, except song/dances - which would be 5 mins). The best catch is that you can make your buffer character - buff shop. Buffs from buff shop will have 1hour time buffs (30min for songs/dances) . If you have "slow" pc (which I dont believe guys, that at 2019 such people have computers who cant load 3 pc), the buff stores would solve you couple of problems. Also, no MP potions, which would require EE/SE. Maybe, just MAYBE, an old MP potion which works like HP potion, but with a small recharge of MP %. All quests required, maybe some requirements won't be needed. But the basically question is - do people want this old classic gameplay? It's 30-50x rates. Or they just want to go insta level 80, make pvp, quit and repeat in another project? Because interlude is short in terms of mid/craft gameplay, so i was thinking of expanding it by this idea.
  15. Recompile sources, to get new l2f-gameserver.jar. Your jar is missing method at Missing method name "setAutoPotionStatus". With this pack your "fake players" are working like this (if i recall correctly). You type //create_fake_player <AMOUNT> and it searches for players in database which has more than 0 pvp kills and connects them to gameserver. They are basically zombies, because they stand in one place.