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  1. lol, people nowdays playing with settings and thing they're actually doing something
  2. Even if he was your teacher that wouldn't make him smarter to anyone's eyes because he might has a background knowledge. Having some sort of knowledge doesn't make you smart or vice versa. Manners tho are the very basic lesson everyone should have been taught on their primary life stages. So I ask you again, is it me being unacceptable when pointing out without any hate what seems to be wrong, or the guy that bumps everywhere spreading negativity and toxicity in every single topic while acting like Donald Trump on his period? Peace.
  3. It wouldnt surprise me a bit if xxdem was part of Mobius project. Feels like arrogant low IQ people fit all together lol
  4. Instead of the arrogant "I know my shit" elaborate? What makes Mobius better than scripts or l2junity for example as alternatives.
  5. The reason I did not is because every owner is going to sell his product as the best. This is not what I'm looking for.
  6. I'm not interested on L2OFF for multiple reasons tbh with you. I prefer L2j-XXXX I can contribute the most with both DP and Core support. I'm just looking for the right fork, taking opinions etc.
  7. Thank you for your reply, really appreciate. I'm mostly looking for a creative, autonomous group with creativity that will really stick to retail way of gameplay but with smart, innovative implementation so I can start contributing and create my own server on such sources. I'll be looking for more feedback so I can have a spherical info on l2jMobius.
  8. Hello, thinking to come back in the l2 scene since a long-ass break. I used to work on l2j sources and I'm looking for something new and fresh. I heard for L2jMobius being really decent and active. I literally have no clue what those guys do good or how they work. Is there anyone who has worked on Mobius sources or have decent experience with their activities as a fork? Thanks in advance.
  9. Even myself I would pay just for some of those html designs. They are amazing. I would insist tho to try modify htmls kinda more so they don't remind anything of the old versions. (eg: Clan Board) Well done!
  10. Half of those were free shared, some of those are work of other devs. Some others were broken free shared or parts of shared packs. Weird you selling them as yours. You have great html editing skills. No hate. Just facts.
  11. I feel sad about you and your manners. Peace out.
  12. You are a sad dude indeed. You said that he asks 300 euros while his currency is different. The majority of his clients are from EU, its OBVIOUS that he must start dealing with euros and not with the Ukrainian currency. Would you feel better if he asked 20k Rubles instead? Old fashioned scammers you say huh ? To defend a scambug? How does he actually scam you when its your choice to pick his services or skip them. And no arguments you say? Huh? You must be blind. So this is your real problem. Your a cheap ass mofo whos looking for free-shared premium stuff because you don't have the money to buy it from people who know what they do and the deliver guaranteed premium products.
  13. Just noticed of this topic and couldn't resist replying. Why do you even care about his nationality and his currency? He could always "trick" you and ask the equivalent amount of money using the current average exchange rate. Also who are you to judge whether someone is an "asshole" for buying "expensive" stuff from him or not. Expensive is something subjective, even more when there are max 2 or 3 dudes that deal with Geodata in the market. As I've previously bought from him, I can assure you that the product that he delivers is not even close to what free-shared GeoGenerators provide or even some private ones with very good reputation created by very well known developers on the l2 scene. More specific, deMEV's geo was the only that actually worked good for custom maps and some retail GOD+ I've used in the past. Last, crying about his not really cheap prices while you have access to numerous free-shared GeoGenerators, while he has spent time to learn how to use tools or even has tweaked/worked on a fork of his seems really stupid in the end of the day.
  14. If it doesn't work means the file is encrypted.