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  1. @Corason there you are https://mega.nz/file/XzoSGT6B#xbxKiekItc3s9uQ1ZhhFnotXPFrL4VDY1nj8H7nA0WU
  2. I guess @DEV|Supreme is not so rich to buy @Mobius Classic subsciption. He could always borrow some money from @*real*savormix.
  3. copy l2.bin and rename it to l2.exe open a notepad and write : start l2.exe IP=localhost save it with name "start.bat" [include quotes when you are saving] run the bat file you just created thank me later PS: This will work in case u r using the retail client files, otherwise good luck RE or finding a proper system
  4. Read this after i posted. Already messaged the guy. Thanks e-warrior :D
  5. First of all, im just comparing pretty simple stuff. The fact that you are selling 10 revisions per each period of aCis is just some garbage logic because as pretty much said any kind of customer expects to see innovative things plus some future plan on the project. Something that aCis lack for many reasons. The last big rework you did was like hmm maybe a year ago or even more with Knownlists which could really make some difference affecting the game in total. After that your project remained ALMOST the same ridiculizing urself and your big ego as the grand leader of THE grand proje
  6. The following codes are just some tools i made years ago on the go to help me deal with time consuming shits faster. Code is not perfect, its crap and stupid but still will help you work faster instead of wasting time doing things by hand. 1. Add new zones while in game. Just hit //addzone (ID) and put the first zone_id which is going to be put in ur zone_vertice in DB. Once you u hit the command, all the next calls will continue adding routes for the previous ID. If you wanna go for another ID just call the first command again. public class AdminZone implements IAdminCo
  7. Isnt this a public forum? You're the one barking when you get some negative feedback about your project. Acis used to be good yes sometime in the past. The last months theres no progress and useless commits in ur git/svn or w/e u use. You should just either deal with it or just commit something when theres some real rework which someone worths spending money on ur freemium system.
  8. Can't see any reason contributing in such a project. You're pretty much the same arrogant craphead as xxdem. Also please change your signature. Your name combined with the word mature in the same paragraph just insults the meaning of the word.