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  1. I feel sad about you and your manners. Peace out.
  2. You are a sad dude indeed. You said that he asks 300 euros while his currency is different. The majority of his clients are from EU, its OBVIOUS that he must start dealing with euros and not with the Ukrainian currency. Would you feel better if he asked 20k Rubles instead? Old fashioned scammers you say huh ? To defend a scambug? How does he actually scam you when its your choice to pick his services or skip them. And no arguments you say? Huh? You must be blind. So this is your real problem. Your a cheap ass mofo
  3. Just noticed of this topic and couldn't resist replying. Why do you even care about his nationality and his currency? He could always "trick" you and ask the equivalent amount of money using the current average exchange rate. Also who are you to judge whether someone is an "asshole" for buying "expensive" stuff from him or not. Expensive is something subjective, even more when there are max 2 or 3 dudes that deal with Geodata in the market. As I've previously bought from him, I can assure you that the product that he delivers is not even close to what free-shared GeoGenerators pro
  4. If it doesn't work means the file is encrypted.
  5. @Corason there you are https://mega.nz/file/XzoSGT6B#xbxKiekItc3s9uQ1ZhhFnotXPFrL4VDY1nj8H7nA0WU
  6. I guess @DEV|Supreme is not so rich to buy @Mobius Classic subsciption. He could always borrow some money from @*real*savormix.
  7. copy l2.bin and rename it to l2.exe open a notepad and write : start l2.exe IP=localhost save it with name "start.bat" [include quotes when you are saving] run the bat file you just created thank me later PS: This will work in case u r using the retail client files, otherwise good luck RE or finding a proper system
  8. Read this after i posted. Already messaged the guy. Thanks e-warrior :D