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  1. is Mobius lower quality then L2J or is there another reason why you would suggest it over the other one?
  2. Hi all. Not sure if this is interesting for others but I'll give it a go. I'm looking into building my own l2j server, mostly for learning, and I'm not sure what base project to use. While looking around I've found 2 stable sources: L2J and L2Mobius. My question would be, which one to use as a starting point for my server? Why one is "better" the the other, and ofc, why? If there are other base projects that are better then the ones I've found, pls let me know. bump
  3. Like the title says, I'm looking for the system for High Five: Part 5 Mod GOD Revisi 20720.
  4. Hi all. I'm looking for a H5 interface that has one extra window similar to NPC window. This window needs to be opened from the server in a similar way to NPC window. I believe there is a dll that sits in between and does some call interception. If anyone has or is interested in making this "simple" thing I'll be "very" thankfull.
  5. Looking for a way of creating a new window in client(H5) interface.utx and making it open on a server command. Is there any way of doing this that is straight forward or does one need to have a dll to intercept signals? Maybe someone has a good way of doing this or can point me in the right direction. Any example or code snippet to get me started would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I haven't touched L2 in ~7-8 years, but got recently re-interested in it. Was wondering if there was a resource someware with the exact patch notes or changes video that might guide a HI5 player into Classic. Can anyone help a returning L2 player with a bit of info?