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  1. I researching cloak for interlude I came across this I looked for them and did not find anyone has any news on this topic? Is it really impossible to cloak in the interlude?
  2. Hi resentment I added the option to increase for the Armor but the information does not appear in the same way as the weapon, which system class needs to be changed? how should it be
  3. which would be the best option? I'm saving in memo character, the character level
  4. Hello, I searched for my source and I couldn't find where the class that gives the glow of the weapons is. And I would like to know where the class that activates the soulshot effect is. sorted out
  5. I didn’t ignore Stinky helped me improve the code and now it’s working perfectly look the code is a new method
  6. here is the corrected version thanks a lot to the @StinkyMadnessfor the great help. https://pastebin.pl/view/61885863
  7. Add Time for Skin I added the time in memo, if you know any shorter method leaves here, about the crash I will redo the part of charInfo and UserInfo, soon I will be updating long remainingTime = player.getMemos().getLong("dressTime", 0); if (remainingTime > 0) player.getMemos().set("dressTime", remainingTime + TimeUnit.HOURS.toMillis(dress.getDressTime())); else { player.getMemos().set("dressTime", System.currentTimeMillis() + TimeUnit.HOURS.toMillis(dress.getDressTime())); set up your dressme in hours. <dressme
  8. I'm sorry I'm going to redo it, I didn't notice it, because I did it on prices
  9. Set your dressme the way you prefer. Like this : <dressme itemId="3470"> <appearance hairId="0" chestId="9210" legsId="0" glovesId="6380" feetId="6381" /> </dressme> OR <dressme itemId="3470"> <appearance hairId="0" chestId="9210" /> </dressme> code : Skin aCis
  10. Hello I created this topic because I will be updating it with the updates of the quest Proof Of Clan Alliance, the purpose and to create a quest as optimized as possible initially I will post a base version, I will better it. It is already working perfectly like l2off. Version 1 : Q501_ProofOfClanAlliance Any help will be welcome yet I haven't worked on the htmls send me more information.
  11. probably TK forgot to clean that area. diff --git a/aCis_gameserver/java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/skills/basefuncs/FuncEnchant.java b/aCis_gameserver/java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/skills/basefuncs/FuncEnchant.java index 002535f..dd793b6 100644 --- a/aCis_gameserver/java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/skills/basefuncs/FuncEnchant.java +++ b/aCis_gameserver/java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/skills/basefuncs/FuncEnchant.java @@ -108,25 +108,6 @@ break; case B: - switch (type) - { - case BOW: - value += (6 * enchant + 12 * overenchant); - break; - - case B
  12. Good afternoon I come to make available a mod I made, it rewards players who reach a certain level. https://pastebin.com/raw/gPJt4kzs
  13. would anyone have vorpal armor for interlude? The ones I found are all with textural errors.