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  1. hello I'm working on my scripts for l2j could someone send me the Uncompiled L2OFF AI? Or some l2off to study the behaviors of the monsters I will do for L2j.
  2. as the tiulo already says is just a setting for the buffs of the Olympics. aCis/java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/olympiad/AbstractOlympiadGame.java @@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ import net.sf.l2j.commons.logging.CLogger; + import net.sf.l2j.Config; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.data.SkillTable; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.data.xml.MapRegionData; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.enums.MessageType; @@ -360,21 +371,11 @@ protected static final void removals(Player player, boolean removeParty) */ protected static final void buffPlayer(Player player) { - L2Skill skill = SkillTable.getInstan
  3. aCis - Changesets - Announcements - MaxCheaters.com | Lineage 2 Development Marketplace Bots and Cheats draw your conclusions.
  4. lucera is a waste of time and is not as well built as MASTER @Tryskell aCIs does a great job.
  5. Good morning I come to make available a system that I made for my project I hope you enjoy. Code
  6. Hello, I'm updating the entire paging system of my Npcs adding the system recommended by master TK I come across a problem, is not generating a new page, and my command was broken. https://i.imgur.com/PZ1aOrH.mp4 Fixed!! Fixed
  7. A contribution I've already tested and had no mistake. https://pastebin.tech/raw/634/Q505_BloodOffering and Q635_InTheDimensionalRift
  8. Which class of the interlude interface modifies the adena limit? I want to change it to long.
  9. Everything that @Tryskell cited has not been done yet, I organized a few things and redid AuctionTable, I still need to paginate the pages and optimize the AuctionManager. AuctionManager - https://pastebin.com/YGmT4Uv2 AuctionTable - https://pastebin.com/TnXjWFdi
  10. I researching cloak for interlude I came across this I looked for them and did not find anyone has any news on this topic? Is it really impossible to cloak in the interlude?
  11. Hi resentment I added the option to increase for the Armor but the information does not appear in the same way as the weapon, which system class needs to be changed? how should it be
  12. which would be the best option? I'm saving in memo character, the character level
  13. Hello, I searched for my source and I couldn't find where the class that gives the glow of the weapons is. And I would like to know where the class that activates the soulshot effect is. sorted out