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  1. why i can see in game the item just black icon...! maybe need edit here to show the icon? https://prnt.sc/t6cnpk
  2. that's is fine https://prnt.sc/t6cb93
  3. guys cant find line 9208 on client to show this icon....
  4. https://prnt.sc/t6bijo help for this icon!
  5. i want little hero aura not much..:d
  6. hello guys i want make more low hero aura can u help (how to) any1?
  7. Kanenas dev gia l2jacis!
  8. Searching java for acis pack. good paying!
  9. Any java developer for acis pack!
  10. Hello: Any link for free Ps Thaks!
  11. Http://archonserver.com get rdy!!!