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  1. Download Credits Celestine Wellinton Souza Iordanov Neophron Warcelo aka Silent
  2. Hello Lads! Here i will introduce my "Remastered" version of Lineage 2 Interlude. My goal is to make the interlude Remastered add-on with a final archive no more than 300 Mbs! Includes : new animations (including hair as you can see), Modify Top Game Sets. And also remake character class skills (Add Visual effects, including ViewShake effects) and, if there is any Mbs left, add new sounds ^ _ ^ I planed to add cloak also, but it's difficult to make a smoother animation with only 2 free bones for it (Yes, I know its about dream, but i will try) I would like to discuss about it with you! i will apreciete any critics, and comment. 1. Done with new character animations ( based on Fafurion Client ) : 2. Nowadays i almost completed with Remake most useful sets of the game. Dark Crystal : Imperial Crusader:
  3. You will need a transparent logo that you can place on top of the animation, as in the video. Password:[Hidden Content] Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xBZy7rDTfven67ysFdrrELYZzGWnXSXH/view?usp=sharing Animation name: Rolo_animation.Rolo_anim width=256 height=256
  4. Welcome to MyGamingLounge ! Exclude: Green Trust factor Random ranked Prime account - $18.99 As an introductory offer, we are giving away fresh CS:GO Prime accounts at an amazingly low price of $14.99 $10.99 only!! **Offer valid without the use of any coupon! **Account prices have been updated. Price of some accounts might vary compared to the one shown below! Kindly check the site for updated prices! MyGamingLounge aims to provide you the clean, affordable and best quality smurf accounts. Here's the list of accounts on our web-store: =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fresh CS:GO Prime account - $14.99 $10.99 only Pvt 2 CS:GO Prime account - $15.99 $11.99 only Legendary Eagle Master Prime account - $16.99 $15.99 only (No coupon required) Legendary Eagle Prime account - $16.99 $15.50 only (No coupon required) Distinguished Master Guardian Prime account - $15.99 $15.50 only (No coupon required) Master Guardian Elite Prime account - $15.99 $14.99 only (No coupon required) Master Guardian 2 Guardian Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Master Guardian 1 Guardian Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova Master Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova 3 Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova 2 Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova 1 Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Silver Elite Master Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Silver Elite Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Silver 4 Prime account - $14.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Silver 1 Prime account - $22.99 $20.50 only (No coupon required) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================== Payment methods via PayPal/G2APay: Allows access to following payment method: 1. G2A Wallet 2. Skrill 3. Neteller 4. Union Pay 5. bitCoin 6. WebMoney 7. Visa/Master Cards **Paypal has been recently added to the website, please let us know in case you face any issues while placing orders through Paypal or contact us at admin@mygaminglounge.com
  5. He posted this on another forum and I found it interesting to bring it over to here. google translate from his note: Use as you please. Credits: @Ehoq Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q6Jv3CPiDsK7N_OR2ETJKnysBkzYfaTC/view?usp=sharing Download: https://mega.nz/file/1kd2xDDQ#dEXtiUGLUNT-Hgl5aCzswJONZuGYY6afZaRdmA_9dlw Geodata: https://mega.nz/file/t9AQkLwZ#1o0E5izTsO2EcTfr1vSIbwzBYglSe7k4hQYL7rL1jPw
  6. Hello, I want to release my first ever made web design which was originally designed for my lineage 2 server. But because my server newer went live, and the design just laying around on my hard drive and a lot people been asking for it, I finally decided to release it for free. Preview: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/voec3jwopv844va/l2clepto+template.rar/file
  7. Hey, another share, and again, something I never used and designed for fun. This can be used as a standalone application or on your website. Depends on, what u wanna use it for. Preview Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rbdll9j1wb45rkx/server+store.psd/file
  8. Hello Cheaters. This is a Community Board i've made some time ago for a client and since i liked the design and the server is no longer online i decided to share it with everyone. Keep in mind that the files you will get will be the HTML files and the required client files for the textures. There are no java codes and there is no particular order all HTML files are named after their pages so you will have to edti your own files and add the bypasses and java side yourself. A Preview of the Home page: And here you can check all pages The rar file contains the following: Community Board folder - All the HTML Files. community pages folder - All the screenshots. L2EssenceCommunity.utx - Add this to your systextures so you can see the textures. You can download it from here: [Hidden Content]
  9. Community Board h5+Board Elysian High Five Client 1 html page interface.xdat & CB.u Textures Edit logo board Free Pm me Skype: Cerenus.1 Download Files
  10. L2Ramona Community Board html + interface High Five Client Download
  11. NPC Interlude NPC Pack v9 [Interlude] NPC Pack v10 [Interlude] NPC CT2.3 NPC Pack v11 [CT2.3] NPC PACK v12 [CT2.3] Weapons Interlude Epic Infinity Weapon's [Interlude] Ares Shield [Interlude] Blue Icarus Weapons [Interlude] Atom Weapon [Interlude] Axe Weapon [Interlude] Black Antharas Weapons  [Interlude] Blood Weapon [Interlude] Cosmos Weapon [Interlude] Custom Belive Weapon [Interlude] Custom Diamond Weapon [Interlude] Demonic Weapons [Interlude] Demon's Weapon [Interlude] CriticalError Compile Pack [Interlude] Dramata Weapon [Interlude] Duality Weapon [Interlude] Evolution Weapons [Interlude] Fire Core Weapon [Interlude] Frozen Weapon [Interlude] Gold Weapon [Interlude] Tesla Weapon [Interlude] Titan Fire Weapons [Interlude] Vesper Blue Weapons [Interlude] Vesper Cristal Weapon [Interlude] Weapons Fire [Interlude] Weightless Weapon [Interlude] Soul Desert Weapon [Interlude] Sword and Shield  [Interlude] Tauti Frozen Weapons [Interlude] Tauti Weapons [Interlude] Tera Shield [Interlude] Red Shield Zevs [Interlude] Shield Zevs Blue [Interlude] Shield Cavera [Interlude] Shield Russia [Interlude] Silver Blue Weapons [Interlude] Fusion Weapons [Interlude] Fafurion Weapons [Interlude] Light Weapon [Interlude] Pack Shield [Interlude] Pack Weapon [Interlude] Weapons CT2.3 Chaotic Weapon [CT2.3] Christmas Weapon [CT2.3] Cobra Weapon [CT2.3] Colection Boss Shield [CT2.3] Crome Weapons [CT2.3] Demonic Weapons [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Weapon [CT2.3] Dracyid Bow [CT2.3] Dynasty Black Weapons [CT2.3] Epic Shield [CT2.3] Dusk Black Shield [CT2.3] Fantasy Shield [CT2.3] Flaming Mordor Weapons [CT2.3] Glow Pooh [CT2.3] Hades Weapon [CT2.3] Platinium Weapon [CT2.3] Raziel Weapons [CT2.3] Special Weapons [CT2.3] Spiked Pole [CT2.3] MxC Shield [CT2.3] Pack GOD Shield [CT2.3] Pack Shield (IC) [CT2.3] Piece Shirt [CT2.3] Skull Weapon [CT2.3] Fire Bow [CT2.3] Liquid Weapon [CT2.3] Mini Pack Shield [CT2.3] Movie Weapons [CT2.3] Redemption Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Weapon [CT2.3] JCR Weapons [CT2.3] Libra Weapon [CT2.3] Pink Bow [CT2.3] Shiwer Bow [CT2.3] Hard Weapon [CT2.3] Hero Flame Weapon [CT2.3] Huron Golden Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Haze Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Infinity Weapon [CT2.3] Ancient Weapon [CT2.3] Aqua & Reptile Weapons [CT2.3] Champion Weapon [CT2.3] Freya Weapons [CT2.3] Guess Weapon [CT2.3] Goddess of Destruction (R,R90,R95,R97) Weapon [CT2.3] Weapons H5 Amon Weapons [H5] Accesories Interlude Valakas Axe Wings [Interlude] Vergonus Helmet [Interlude] Pack Helmet, Wings, Dreds [Interlude] Action ULTRA Wings [Interlude] Aganim Blue Helmet [Interlude] Aganim Blue Wings [Interlude] Aganim Yellow Helmet [Interlude] Aganim Yellow Wings [Interlude] Agatise Blue Helmet [Interlude] Agatise Blue Wings [Interlude] Agatise Yellow Helmet [Interlude] Agatise Yellow Wings [Interlude] Aion Axe Wings [Interlude] Angry Wings [Interlude] Apocalipsis Wings [Interlude] Astral Helmet [Interlude] Atom and Weightless Helmet [Interlude] Atom and Weightless Wings [Interlude] Wings Fire [Interlude] Wings ROZA [Interlude] Wings SMART [Interlude] Wings Water [Interlude] Wolf Mask [Interlude] Wings [Interlude] Wings Blaze [Interlude] Wings DEMON [Interlude] Wings DRAGON [Interlude] Wings Eternity [Interlude] Wings FELINYA [Interlude] Sauron Helmet [Interlude] Supreme Evil Dreadlocks [Interlude] Supreme Evil Wings [Interlude] Valakas Axe Wings [Interlude] Sealed Hell (R90) Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Immortal (R85) Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Kadesh (R95) Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Moirai and Vorpal and Elegia Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Vesper Jewels [Interlude] 3 Wings [Interlude] Atom Helmet  [Interlude] Atom Helmet [Interlude] Atom Wings 1 [Interlude] Atom Wings 2 [Interlude] Awaking Wings [Interlude] Axe Dreads [Interlude] Axe Helmet [Interlude] Axe Helmet 1 [Interlude] Axe Wings [Interlude] Baium Black Hair [Interlude] Beowolf Wings [Interlude] Bio Plasma Dredy [Interlude] Blood Angel Wings [Interlude] Blood Dreds [Interlude].7z Blood Wings [Interlude] Cold Wings [Interlude] Dark Wings [Interlude] Demon Helmet [Interlude] Diadem Helmet [Interlude] Agro Wings [Interlude] Aura Snow [Interlude] Donate Helmet [Interlude] Felicia Wings [Interlude] Geffers Hair [Interlude] Geffess Wings [Interlude] Gladiator Dreds [Interlude] Goddess of Destruction Jewels [Interlude] Gotten Helmet [Interlude] Gourd Jewels [Interlude] Hallowen Mask [Interlude] Helmet 1 [Interlude] Helmet 2 [Interlude] Helmet Demon [Interlude] Helmet Fire [Interlude] Helmet Master [Interlude] Helmet of Earth [Interlude] Helmet Water [Interlude] Hero Jewels [Interlude] Hero Wings [Interlude] Histeria Helmet [Interlude] Horror Mask 1 [Interlude] Horror Mask 2 [Interlude] Ice Blood Wings [CT2.3] Ice Wings [Interlude] Imperial Wings [Interlude] Infiniti Wings [Interlude] Kadesh Yello-Blue Wings [Interlude] Kunda Helmet [Interlude] Mini Pack Helmet [Interlude] Mini Pack Wings, Dred Baium [Interlude] New Icon [Interlude] Numenor Wings [Interlude] Octavis Jewels [Interlude] Pack Hair [Interlude] NevesOma's Wings [Interlude] New Tattoo 1 [Interlude] New Tattoo 2 [Interlude] New Tattoo 3 [Interlude] Pack BM Epic Jewels [Interlude] Resident Evil Mask [Interlude] Santa Hat [Interlude] Sealed Dynasty Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Eternal (R99) Jewels [Interlude] Wings Green [Interlude] Pack Click [Interlude] Pack Helmet and Wings [Interlude] Pack Vesper Wings [Interlude] Plasma Wings [Interlude] RB Didem Helmet [Interlude] Pack 6 Wings [Interlude] Accesories CT2.3 Akamanah Helmet [CT2.3] Anakim and Lilith Wings [CT2.3] Antharas Mask [CT2.3] Skill Adena-Coin [CT2.3] Templari Jewels [CT2.3] Wings [CT2.3] Wings 1 [CT2.3] Wings 2 [CT2.3] Pack Cloaks[CT2.3] Lighting Cloak [CT2.3] Super-Man Cloak [CT2.3] Zaken Sword, Helmet [CT2.3] Black Cloak [CT2.3] Baium Hair [CT2.3] Electro Helm [CT2.3] Epic Wings (Ice) [CT2.3] Euromoney [CT2.3] Frutifire Jewels [CT2.3] GoD Helmet [CT2.3] Daedric Helmet [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Helmet [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Wings [CT2.3] Despair Jewels [CT2.3] Helmet Glad [CT2.3] Dyansty Helm [CT2.3] Dyes +5-0 [CT2.3] Dynasty Mask [CT2.3] Helmet Tamplier [CT2.3] Hood and Helmet [CT2.3] Istina Jewels [CT2.3] Montana Wings [CT2.3] New Icon 1 [CT2.3] New Icon 2 [CT2.3] Pack Aion Helmet [CT2.3] Pack GOD Jewels [CT2.3] Pack Kamael Wings [CT2.3] Pack Tattoo [CT2.3] Relic Jewel [CT2.3] Armors Interlude Anakim Armor [Interlude] Aidios Armor [Interlude] Anakim Costume [Interlude] Apocalypse Blaze Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Blood Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Fire Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Ice Armor [Interlude] Ares Armor [Interlude] Armor by Teoma [Interlude] Armor Legendary [Interlude] Atom Armor [Interlude] Aulakiria Armor [Interlude] Avangard Blue Armor [Interlude] Avangard Yellow Armor [Interlude] Akronos Armor + Elite Breastplate [Interlude] Black Armor [Interlude] Death Armor [Interlude] Red Armor [Interlude] Zaken Blue Set [Interlude] Dynasty Armor and Weapons [Interlude] Blood Armor [Interlude] Black Vesper Armor [Interlude] Beleth Armor [Interlude] Black Dragon Armor [Interlude] Benom Armor [Interlude] Axe Armor [Interlude] Celestial Tauti Armor [Interlude] Christmas Cloth [Interlude] Crystal Armor [Interlude] Dark Dynasty Armor and Weapon [Interlude] Death Armor [Interlude] http://uploaded.net/file/hdrrkskr (File deleted) Real Armor [Interlude] Real Fire Armor [Interlude] Real Water Armor [Interlude] Single Mesh Armor [Interlude] Ultimatum Armor [Interlude] Pack NoControl Armor, Helmet, Wings [Interlude] Pack Vesper Orange Armor and Weapon, Wings, Helmet [Interlude] Pack Vesper Red Armor, Weapon, Helmet, Wings [Interlude] PRO Jewels [Interlude] Purple Ixion Armor [Interlude] Kunda Armor [Interlude] Numenor Armor [Interlude] Olympus Armor [Interlude] Pack Armor and Weapon (la2world) [Interlude] Pack Armor, Weapons, Wings, Helmet [Interlude] Ice Ixion Armor [Interlude] Immortal Armor [Interlude] Intact Armor [Interlude] Just Armor [Interlude] King Resident Armor [Interlude] Goddess of Destruction Armor (R90 R95 R97 R99) [Interlude] Gotten Armor [Interlude] Green and Black Armor [Interlude] Hell Armor [Interlude] Ice Armor [Interlude] Element Blade Armor [Interlude] Ferrum Armor [Interlude] Fire Armor [Interlude] Gloves [Interlude] Armors CT2.3 Again Armor, Wings, Tatoo [CT2.3] Legion Armor, Helmet and Wings [CT2.3] Sky Armor [CT2.3] The 17 Heroes Armor [CT2.3] Infinity Armor [CT2.3] Mitrael Armor [CT2.3] Naked Patch [CT2.3] Natural Draconic Armor & Weapons [CT2.3] Goddess Of Destruction Armor [CT2.3] Green, Purple, Black Draconic Armor [CT2.3] Ice Dragon Armor [CT2.3] Ice Vesper Armor [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Armor [CT2.3] Epic Dark Knight Armor [CT2.3] Freya Armor [CT2.3] Armors H5 Odyssey Armors [H5] Credits by SHEV, Empatic, NevesOma and others unknown
  12. [Hidden Content] Client + Server side files FROM : La2-game.ru [Hidden Content]
  13. First of all, this code is not originally owned by me. Credit to unknown guy or Mr. Google :) Anyway, let me explain a bit, as I love coding and playing L2 I found this exciting codes, I waste my time as I have vacant for this. I modified it and added some useful features to make more exciting and look good :) I just want you to test this and please let me know your feedback, comment and suggestions before I release as final. Features added: *Sound effect in every button onMouseEnter and onClick event. *Full gauge status color if all files are up to date *Working Donate Button, Fb page Button, and vote clickable link right at launcher. *Custom Cursor *Custom design by my own idea(suggestion design just pm me) *configuration/settings ini file will be extracted with ur own server update files location settings. (Any suggestion are accepted:just pm me) Video : Download link:Updater: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jr110tcpc5763tk/L2Updater.rar (Updated) Builder: Will be posted soon when fixed Virustotal Analysis: https://virustotal.com/en/file/177e028be3c166b7d26e7a82bd7d1dae70d989d293d1cf312f41d3fa81b45aed/analysis/
  14. Since a few people were looking for this Font and others didnt able to complete to share the full files on public i will be sharing it so others can find it tho Requested by @AtheIstan Quick Previews Download
  15. Hello, this is 8th MLO I've made presenting a nice Bar called "Baraki" MLO for a job of selling drinks like wines/whiskey and what ever you like. It contains a Front Area for sitting and chilling. It's considered a low sized MLO it's not so big but it's beautiful. What the MLO contains? All the necessity files of the current MLO. Instructions (.txt file). You need to place the files I'm giving you in the resources folder. At your server.cfg ensure (Name of interior). I can provide slight support if you face any kind of problem. Download it HERE Video: https://streamable.com/dbqxnx Credits: Vision
  16. Hello Folks, I'm Sharing Essence Based Interface which is made from a Brasilian Guy called "Ona" The person copied from other projects features and started selling it as his own , claiming that everything has been made by him. So i've removed every possible protection from his interface and i would like to share it with everyone. Do not waste anymore your money for stolen projects Download: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] if you have issues with installing the interface or missing any textures pm me back In order to get download link you have to react & reply. Credits: Sanyol
  17. Hi all, I made an extension to @Elfocrash's L2ACP for L2J servers so that it can work with L2OFF servers too. All the core features are there, some minor ones are missing. For the feature list check eflocrash's topic share, I would just copy & paste it here anyway: GIthub repository of my fork with the L2OFF functionality implemented: https://github.com/pjasicek/L2ACP-Web Video of how it works on L2OFF server: Configuration steps are described on the github page's README. If you want to use this, please get familiar with using and deploying ASP.NET applications. If you encounter any issues, feel free to write them down or open an issue on github. Enjoy.