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L2.NET Interlude-latest support


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I m gonna copy my thread here, if any1 can help:




I m trying to use l2net on my own server, Gracia Final l2off, ip on or, but it seems i have an error on d0 ex packet from l2net - OOG Only.


40% the time l2net logs in, the other half I get this error (its annoying as heck reopening windows 99 time to get all 8 oogs bots online) on the client:






On the server side:



Any ideas about what to do?




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This works on intherlude? I'm trying to login to an interlude server but it says wrong username or password.. I'm not having this problem with v384 Interlude..

If it supports interlude, how do I set it?

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insane-gamers is closed, and it's very HARD to find:


1)the REAL interlude folder--> "Scripts" with included correct inventory.l2c etc etc.


2)Becoming crazy to find a script enchant for INTERLUDE.


somebody have them to share???????

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[ERROR: L2.Net latest version check timed out. This can be caused by many things including: that gay porn you are seeding.


Anyone can help me?

Its Ct 2.3 

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Hi all :)

I have played on C4 Dragon server 11 years ago.. :D I have to use l2 walker,that was worked.. 
Now I need any new bot program, where can I download and how to set ? But first I want to download which work 100% on Ertheia, Chronos server

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Can you help me login with l2net into this server L2abyss.com
Everything is ok , but after type acount & pass, Login click and nothing happen !!!
Please help :P


link file l2.ini


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