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  1. I can share a version that I have if you wish. If so, pm me
  2. File to convert from IL to GF: https://easyupload.io/ubb6mc
  3. Does anyone have any sort of script to migrate just the basic (chars inventory/skills/warehouse and clans) data stored in MSSQL DBs from IL (vang) to GF? Thanks
  4. I cannot compile the files here. Could anyone upload a clear ILExt.dll with the key removed? This one appears to have been touched. Thanks ps: the keygen doesnt work to me for some reason. I d like to upgrade my VM Hardware, so i m looking at a clear version to replace the one I bought years ago.
  5. I have this. No need to pay. Pm me later and I will upload
  6. Hello, Could anyone please share the L2 High Five part 1, 2, 3 or 4 lobby? I want to replace the bloody one. This one: Thank you. EDIT: Found it in my backups. Link: https://ufile.io/ck5mq Updated link: https://www.4shared.com/rar/F-Om3ZCUiq/CT261.html ( thanks @Rootware )
  7. Anybody got updated scripts that work with this new version of the ext?
  8. Hello, Does anyone know how to add a specific augment to a weapon? I've never tried it and now I've found out that I'm clueless on that regard. Thanks.
  9. Might as well create the whole road map that they had planned lol