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Found 1,509 results

  1. Looking For A Developer's To Bring Setup And Start A New Lineage 2 Private Server Introduce Me Into The Basics Of Running A Server And Its Mechanics For Maintenance I will Fund The Project I Currently Have Nothing So Need Someone Who Will Absolutely Dedicate There Time To Me And My Project If Interested Contact Me Via DISCORD ALCON#7677
  2. Is anyone here able to remove or find a password from a .rar archive? I've tried some methods but nothing really worked.
  3. Does anyone have classic interface for h5? Or does anyone have just classic's inventory for h5? Or does anyone know how to implement those? Or are they already shared?
  4. Hello i have a simple request... some time ago i played whit an interface for h5 what was so good but i lost a link and my backup... so im here to know if some user by cassuality have it i remember was Interface for h5 by Hulk or something this i wanna back because i remember whit this interface i could join in all servers whitout any problem so i will be so greateful if someone could help <3 regards my dears
  5. Hello. I want to buy a stable interlude server pack for low rate server. some things before you offer me your product: 1) I'm new into developing 2) I want a pack that has maximum of balance 3) I want seller to support me and fix the bugs for me for the next 1 month 4) Before I buy it, i want to test it on your server of course 5) I want a source code and compiled version also 6) I have some people who are not new in developing and has an experience for years, so yeah, you can not lie so, please, be kind and offer me some good stuff and not the old broken things. Thank you
  6. Good Day, Looking for 8 people to join My project as volunteer testers HIGHFIVE Chronicle This Is A PvP/Quest/Craft Server Requirements: - 18+ - able to Record Gameplay For Reviews - Join Discord To Receive Server Updates - Transparency & Patience Working With Me - English / Spanish --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Your Information: There will be constant account wipes the rates will fluctuate and things will break If your joining me keep this in mind and we are no where near any kind of Release this is not an Alpha Nor is it a Beta join me if your interested in being apart of my project as a volunteer tester And Have Early Access This is A Long Term Project And Have Already Begun Development Any Questions PM Me Here Reply To This Post Or Simply Join The Discord And Ask Thank You For You Time In Reading My Post! DISCORD: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 09/19/2020 SERVER UPDATE ❗ New PvP System Completed - Introducing a risk for reward PvP system one that feels good... - A custom PvP system that changes the way World PvP works - With The Addition Of Buffs Bonuses And Experience Boosts Still looking for volunteer Testers DISCORD:
  7. Hello, I have a really unique request and I dont know if it is possible to achieve. (This is probably acchieved by editing engine.dll) I would like to show more on the client by sending an Id to the client through userInfo and CharInfo. Here is an example: We get to see which clanflag the client has because serversided, we send this line to the client inside userInfo and charInfo: writeD(_activeChar.getClanCrestId()) The thing I want is something like this, supose I want a secondary flag to be shown, lineage already does this for us namely the allyance flag, and it is shown by sending this packet to the client. writeD(_activeChar.getAllyCrestId()) What I want is the exact thing to happen but with another functionality and I wonder if it is possible. If you think you can do this, contact me for full details and we can speak about a price. Kind regards.
  8. Hi, find simple interface with only bind settings + auto bar for set on/off mp/hp/cp potions :)
  9. Hi, i find working accesories for IL - zaken suits + antharas head :)
  10. Can someone please share a Gracia Final Protocol 83 system folder for windows 10? I have already downloaded more than 30 clients / patches from the internet and they are all protocol 87 :( Anyone have this files shared by @eressea ?: or this:
  11. I'm looking for someone to edit interface - Change some images (texture interface) - Change some Signs ( custom interface name etc) - Change some log -in screens - Change click animations Free or paid . Contact me on PM or here. Thanks
  12. Αναζητώ Developer Για στήσιμο SERVER επί πληρωμή. θέλω κάποιον που να ξέρει να στήνει server από το 0 συγκεκριμένα l2 interlude client και θέλω και κάποια custom πράγματα πχ. interface classic style,custom npc,etc.
  13. Αναζητώ Developer Για στήσιμο SERVER επί πληρωμή. θέλω κάποιον που να ξέρει να στήνει server από το 0 συγκεκριμένα l2 interlude client και θέλω και κάποια custom πράγματα πχ. interface classic style,custom npc,etc.
  14. Is that really possible to see enemy player's HP MP CP bar in PvP or Normal. like in Olympiad? can it be done with only server side? because i dont know too much about Interface.u - .dat side.
  15. Hello there Im looking for black draconic bow, all links are dead on forum and guide to edit glows is dead too. Im new to this and have no idea how to do that, maybe someone have this black draconic bow with black glow on it for Interlude? Or maybe guide for editing glows? thx for help and time.
  16. Hello people. Im have this problem. L2 Vanganth server have a protect system cliext, is successfully work. But im not can have use Ban Hwid options. How im use this can? What need? Maybe have application or any soft for use this ban options? or have any manual metod??? pls say if have this soft for this server system or any other soft and programms. Здравствуйте, люди. У меня есть эта проблема. L2 Vanganth server имеет систему защиты cliext, успешно работает. Но я не могу использовать параметры Ban Hwid. Как использовать систему бана? Может быть, есть приложение или какой-нибудь софт для использования этой системы? или есть какой-нибудь ручной метод??? пожалуйста, скажите, если у вас есть этот софт для этой серверной системы или любой другой софт и программы.
  17. Hello, I am looking for a script for l2adrenaline that solves this captcha for the server, Im also looking for a script that does that if my character dies, go back to the city, take buff from the npc, and then go back to the same area where he died to keep hunting.
  18. How i can make an item, when consume to be able to add subclass? Source l2jfrozen I go to npc fot example and i need quest for add subclass, i want make an item and after consume it , to be able to add subclass. Please help.
  19. hi guys! nice to meet you. does anyone can share me if you got, a way to safely enchant weapons and armor in a l2off c4 server? thank you all!
  20. Hello, i would like to request a logo for discord server. Use your imagination(s) the only things i want are as follows: Size:400x400 Text:External RolePlay Subtext: GTA V RP Server Animation:yes Font style:Whoever is readable... colour:Whatever you like
  21. hi. every link is dead for share of l2vendetta epic weaps for IL or H5. I find only dark knight armor and dark knight mask but all dark knight weap links are outdated like this one: anyone have them? None have old patches or something? Someone must have Dark Knight Weapons. I not know my request was so difficult.
  22. Im looking for a working interface for this server, I also buy an 100% working private one from a coder!
  23. Looking to buy donate system with multiple payment options (must be at least paypal) or for someone who can fix outdated paypal IPN listener (system already works to give items to user, just verification from paypal needs fixing.) thanks,
  24. Hello everyone. I want to ask for an opinion. i want tofind a free/open source of l2j high five more stable than sunrise or a good one. I was looking on L2jMobius, but it is unstable. L2jDevs, i think unstable. L2jServer, idk, i don;t test yet. So pls, if someone know a good one. Pls link here. Best Regards!
  25. Hello friends Music is a part of my life for me and I am looking for places that offer free music. Who shared to me where provided the music. Thank you very much I have found a place that offers the most popular music sonnerie portable gratuite today. And it is also home to provide free mobile ringtones.