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  1. Hello! I need some help from you to understand how to port Mobs and NPC from Interlude client to H5. I am going to leave an example of a Mob that I downloaded from here, if someone would be so kind as to tell me what to change in order to adapt it to the H5 client ! What changes ? what are the differences, I want to understand so I can adapt them myself! THX ! ! I leave this excel file with the 2 variables! Thx !
  2. Hellou. Someone wanna get the money for some's work on java? Need create some news script, need fix it some bugs in server platform. Please write to me to skype: blembacky
  3. Hi! I would like to implement some custom things in Gracia Final Vanganth. I am searching for a developer. Example: -autoloot for "eventdata" itens. -reload stuff without turnoff the server (multisell, skills,etc...) -Faster NPC Server load -Others interesting things you could have. My skype: alexandre.java
  4. Hello, someone have instance for High Five where player must kill 2-3 mobs + raid and instance to be finished? I have something and isn't good and i don't get help in fix it. So, please if someone have please share. Thank you!
  5. as titles says, Id like to play L2 on my work laptop (macbook pro m1) which I can install only a windows insider preview version on it using parallels, and smartguard / active anticheat won't let run L2 on it. ive seen around discords servers a bunch of people that request the same thing, hope it is possible to do, since ive myself wrote to their support with no help at all. thank you.
  6. Hey, I don't know if this post really fits there but I've searched everywhere on the internet and this is the most active and helpful place i could find. I was wondering if its possible I could get the login screen of h5 part 4 without the GUI, like without the login screen in the middle, the text on top right and the settings on bottom right. I have no clue when it comes to coding, so I would like some guidance. Is it easy to do? Do I just search it in some folder or do I have to edit some stuff in order to make the GUI go away and then open the game and take a capture of the login screen? I just want to record the login screen without these things so I can make it into an animated wallpaper for me and my friend, h5 part 4 was our favorite. Thanks in advance !
  7. Add bleed blood on hit and skill dmg possible? Using poision animation... Will this cause lag and can it be done trough source and not client? Sorry if its wrong section wsnt sure where to post it.
  8. Need any kind of working bot for the server. Will pay via paypal. Add me on skype cs59648495 or write PM here
  9. They have put the legal bots in the L2Elite c4, I would like to know if anyone knows any walker type bot that can work. If you pass it to me I would be willing to pay for the help thanks BUMP Still looking for. Thanks.
  10. Hey I'm looking for someone who can enable multi language in the Classic client. I've enabled it already in the Localization but I think it also need to be enabled in the interface files to allow the selection in the Options windows like in the photo. Please pm me.
  11. Hey folks, does any of you have the eu patch notes of the following classic versions: - Saviors: Seven Signs (2.8) - Saviors: Zaken (2.5) - Saviors (2.0) The patch notes have been removed from the eu 4game forum, can't find them anywhere. Thanks
  12. Please share l2 adrenaline Script what you are using
  13. I’m looking for a priv server to play on that has the following characteristics… Isn’t overly boosted, x3 to x12 range. Allows 2, or preferably 3 clients/“boxes”. Does not have AIO buffers that diminish the need for support classes. I keep finding servers that don’t allow multi boxing while claiming to be like retail. I don’t understand that. While appreciate the fight to stop bots, I always played multiple clients on live and don’t understand why private servers forbid that. I don’t have a lot of time to play and can’t really commit to playing with a group on a rigid schedule. I want to be able to run a small 2-4 char group with the in game macros so I can solo effectively like I used to do on live. I’ve played a couple of private servers that were essentially too easy/boosted/npc buffed and after 3 months of play I was basically maxed out and got bored. Does a server like this exist? https://19216811.cam/ https://1921681001.id/
  14. Hello! I need if someone has the npc Fafurion\Lindvior. Also the mobs in the Fafurion Nest area. I got them but for Interlude, I was able to adapt only Fafurion. If you have them please share them, if not, can you help me convert the data from armorgrp to H5. Lindvior for Interlude 69028 SGERLindvior.lindvior_for_mb LineageMonsters_SGERLindvior.lindvior 3 0 4 4416 10 4679 1 1.00000000 0 1 5 ItemSound.Armor_bone_3 ItemSound.shield_steel_9 MonSound.Hit_Wet_3 MonSound.Hit_Wet_4 ItemSound.shield_bone_1 3 MonSound3.antaras_dmg_1 MonSound3.antaras_dmg_2 MonSound3.antaras_dmg_3 0 1 0 LineageEffect.p_u002_a 0 50.00000000 250.00000000 70.00000000 0 1 Thank you!
  15. Hello, I am interested in someone who could make a spoofer program for multibox task. I need this spoofer for lineage ii to open multiple windows. I asked many companies if they know any way to break ActivateAnticheat but I got negative answers from all of them. So, I also ask you if you know anything. For this whole procedure we will pay with PayPal. the server I play is protected by Active Anticheat while in the past was not, which means that with any spoofer I could open as many windows as I wanted We play Lineage II and this server is protected with ActiveAnticheat. This mean than i can not open more than one window. So, we would someone to can create a Spoofer programm to bypass ActiveAnticheat and can open many windows at the same time to farm with more accounts . If u can create this Spoofer program we can talk also about your payment.
  16. Does anyone have the updated "Server Ranking/Museum" like this one in the photo and can share it with us? I have this one, but it's out of date and has some errors. in other forum have this share free. if anyone wants it, here is the link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/k7zdr5n55bg7nvm/Museum_Manager_Lire_L2JBrasil.zip/file
  17. Hello to everybody. I'm looking for second job to develop third party plugins which may help you to build one great server. Contacts: Discord: vlladislav45 #3754 Paid per hour
  18. Hi everyone, its been along time since i open eclipse. However i want to add to my server to return buffs after "x" seconds. I saw An4arcy post but i cant adapt it cuz im dumb for sure. Please if anyone have code for freya directly or some link (Cuz all are dead) . Share. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello all..i found this event from this site ( https://l2jhellas.com/index.php?topic=935.0 ) but i can't download it..if anyone have it please reply..i need the boss event with rooms and final boss
  20. Good evening , well i just finish the adaption of HWID code from Acis to Frozen & as it doesn't shared yet, here we are! (i haven't test it for Online server, so make sure you test it before you run your server) Credits: (I don't know , if someone know, tell me to add .) https://pastebin.com/k8pmgan7 if someone see that the code is incomplete , help to fix is welcome! Edit system: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x3kbxnhcd7hcqa6/system.zip/file
  21. hello can someone share code after every match to update the points when someone have 9 match or something
  22. Is there someone that can make Dynasty armor Clan oath Apella Dynasty weapons For classic saviors?
  23. Hello i have a "proxy server" and i use the Nginx Proxy Manager . My question is , i have a "dedicated server" and i host a l2 server there. How can use this "proxy server" on my "dedicated server" for hide the real ip of "dedicated server" and ofcurse i protect him. I know the question is very indefinite. If anyone have experiance with Nginx Proxy Manager please help me on my problem.
  24. hey all, i am looking for file edit for master class since i am using l2j mobius files. I'd appreciate if anyone can post it. Thank you.
  25. Mana potion skill: <skill id="10000" levels="1" name="Custom Mana Drug"> <set name="itemConsumeId" val="728" /> <set name="itemConsumeCount" val="1" /> <set name="buffDuration" val="7200000" /> <set name="isPotion" val="true" /> <set name="magicLvl" val="1" /> <set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE" /> <set name="skillType" val="MPHOT" /> <set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF" /> <cond msgId="113" addName="1"> <player flyMounted="False" /> </cond> <for> <effect count="720" name="ManaHealOverTime" abnormalTime="5" val="2000" abnormalLvl="1" abnormalType="mp_recover" /> </for> </skill> or make it 360 times x 10 seconds so it doesnt spam alot.
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