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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, I'm making this post to test the waters. If what I'm about to show you doesn't interest you, I'll take it as a sign to stop spending time on it. I've been hoping that the old adage "If you build it, they will come" holds true, but I think it's time to straight up ask for feedback. I've contacted a few people for possible collaboration, but none have shown much interest (which is completely fair). I've been working on L2Homage in my spare time. It's not a quick project, and it will take a long time to complete. It will be done modularly, so it will be usable in stages. The first one is already functional, but I'm still doing tests. What is L2Homage? L2Homage is a modding tool meant to make modding L2 OFF files easier. It doesn't do anything you can't do on your own, by editing a handful files. L2H is an extensive editing tool for both client and server files for Lineage 2 Epilogue. While still in development, the intention of this project is to provide users with a tool that’s capable of repurposing most of existing ingame content. This will allow users to rethink and reshape the world of Lineage 2, providing the hordes of burnt out players with new, exciting content, without having to spend hours learning how to manipulate the data structure. The hope is to see a bunch of unique, new game worlds appear, instead of relaunches of the same L2 experience we’ve all been through too many times to count. How much will it cost? L2H will be free, and eventually completely open source. This is not a project created for monetary gain, it’s solely meant to revitalize the stagnating server scene. Which L2 version does it use and why? L2H is meant to be free, so the server files should be as well. The most complete, freely available L2OFF files are the Gracia Final/epilogues files, and with Eressea’s extender, it feels nearly bug free. It’s a very strong, free base to build this project on. This tool would likely follow Eressea's extender. If she decides to upgrade L2 version, L2H would most likely follow. When will it be done? This is a side project with a single developer attached. It won’t be completed fast, but each milestone will be made available to the public, once tested and functional. The development will be modular, with each version providing new options. If you're interested in helping out, let me know. Why are you making this post now? L2H is meant to help users customize the world of Lineage 2. Every user has a different vision, and as such it’s valuable to gather not only critique, but feature requests and suggestions from anyone interested in the project. The development direction is not set in stone, and is open to change. It's also a test to see if such a tool is even desired. If people tell me this is a waste of time, I'll throw in the towel. There's no reason to continue working on something unwanted. Which language is L2H developed in? C# How do I use L2H? Install the L2OFF gracia epilogue server files and Eressea’s extender, then open L2H. There are 3 folders in the L2H directory; client, server and data. Copy the required server script files into the server folder and the decrypted client .txt files into the client folder. There is a .txt file in each folder, informing you of what goes where. Don’t touch the data folder, as it only keeps track of the work you’ve done so far. When you’ve placed the data files in the correct folders, open the application and go to the load/save tab. Click “Load All” and wait. When done, the other tabs have been populated with data, which you can edit freely. When you’re done editing, click “Save All”. If you don’t click save, your data isn’t exported. Now copy the modified files back where they came from. Client files need to be encrypted with an encryption tool again. What does it look like? Here are a few screenshots of the application in action. It’s still very barebone, but that will change in the future. Loading functionality: Weapons editing: Armors editing: Etc editing: Sets editing: How does L2H work? Decrypted Lineage 2 client files and server script files are structured in a very specific way, one that can be parsed and edited. When developers add or remove content to the L2OFF platform, they do this by hand. This often requires editing more files to add a single item. For instance, if you were to add a single weapon, you would have to edit weapongrp (client), itemname-e(client), itemdata(server) and item_pch(server). L2H does this for you with one input. There are a LOT of variables for items, most of which aren't relevant to the modder, and it's easy to mess it up. One wrong space, and your server won't run, or your item won't work. Instead of adding new items from scratch, modders choose a weapon to use as a template. L2H copies all relevant information, and exposes variables that are interesting to edit in an easily accessible grid view. When you're done editing, click export all to get the correctly formatted files. You can copy those directly into the server and client (client files need to be encrypted again). Can I add custom models and animations? If you want to add custom models, you will have to do that the old fashioned way. There is a lot more to adding new models to the game, compared to repurposing it. Completely new content like that, however cool it may be, is not the goal of L2H. That being said, once you’ve added the new content, you can use L2H to edit or copy it. Why are you not planning to develop X? If you have a feature request or suggestion, feel free to message me or comment in this post. The planned features are those that are absolutely possible to deliver. The limits of L2H is well known, and there won’t be an attempt to include features beyond those. If your suggestion falls within the possibilities of L2H, it will most likely get added to the list. When will the next version be available? When it’s ready. This is an ongoing project, and while updates may be far apart, it’ll be finished one day. The project uses no copyrighted info. It's all relying on reverse engineering the data structure. It only reads the data you feed it. Development will continue until all values available for change have been exposed. If I'm doing anything I shouldn't, please let me know. I have no intention of breaking the law. Will you be running a server? No. That's not my motivation. Will it work for other versions of Lineage 2? That’s not the focus of this project, so that’s not a compatibility that will be added. It will work with any version of Lineage 2 that uses the exact same data structure as Epilogue. Should a newer version of L2OFF be made available, there’s a slim chance L2H will be updated to fit that data structure. Will it mess up my files? Remember to keep backups. There can be bugs. Can I delete items? You can only delete items you’ve created yourself. If you start removing data from the client and the server, you’ll most likely run into issues. If you delete an item that exists in the game world, you might run into issues as well. It’s better to disable these from being acquired, and then remove them from players’ inventories. What's in the current version? Check the roadmap and version description below. Version 1.0 - Items - Done Adding, modifying or deleting weapons Adding, modifying or deleting armors Adding, modifying or deleting etc items Adding, modifying or deleting sets Version 2.0 - NPCs Adding, modifying or deleting NPCs Adding, modifying, deleting or assigning spawn points Adding, modifying, deleting or assigning drop lists Adding, modifying, deleting or assigning multisell shop lists Adding, modifying, deleting or assigning specific AI Version 3.0 - Items Continued Adding, modifying or deleting recipes Modifying item enchant success rate Cell input options lists, to see which options you have per cell Adding, modifying or deleting tattoos Version 4.0 - World Adding, modifying or deleting hunting zones (Won’t appear on map) Adding, modifying or deleting zone names (Won’t appear on map) Version 5.0 - Quests Adding, modifying or deleting quests Adding, modifying or deleting rewards Version 6.0 - Raids Adding, modifying or deleting Raid Bosses Creating custom NPC behavior through interface Version 7.0 - Core Modifying the base attributes, hp, mp, regen etc of each class and race per level Modifying the XP requirement per level Modifying race and occupation description Adding, modifying or deleting loading help tips Adding, modifying or deleting system messages (“You carefully nock an arrow”) Modifying server name Version 8.0 - Pets Modifying pet stats and attributes Version 9.0 - Skills Adding, modifying or deleting Skills Modifying when and if classes learn different skills Version 10.0 - Ingame Systems Adding, modifying or deleting manor items Adding, modifying or deleting fishing items Let me know what you think, -B Edit: I'll leave this up for a few weeks and gauge the interest before deciding the future of the project. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Καλησπέρα ψάχνουν άτομο να μου φτιάξω κάποια πράγματα στο σέρβερ που θα ετοιμάσω είναι ό, τι ξέρω ότι θα κάνω εγώ στα άλλα θέλω να βοηθήσω να το κάνει αυτός. Παρακαλώ στείλτε μου π.μ ευχαριστώ
  3. Hello guys and happy new year . Does anybody know any hack/cheat for l2 classic taking island ?! Or even a fast way to get adena? Anything could be useful thanks .
  4. Hello...anyone work on c4 project...i need some help...im newbie about this...i need someone who can guide me...
  5. Bot request for L2Lionna Classic x15 Is there any bot working in that server? l2tower or adrenaline?
  6. Sorry if i am posting on the wrong forum place,if i do please move my post I wanted to ask if there is any crack for teamviewer 14?i dont wanna pay for this program
  7. Like in title says. Me need retail this file, not from share with x3 rates. Thanks in advance.
  8. Request interface for euro-pvp :)
  9. Does anyone know how to bypass L2warland pin? If any1 can teach me how to do that will receive monetary rewards. I would also pay for private exploits (which I will never ever share [pinky swear])
  10. Hi ppl of MXC!!!! I am looking for L2 Pride Official System / Animation / Systextures files!!! Also some stats from armors are missing so i possibly think its the system that is missing files as the animations are not working correctly. Anyone got a backup working could help me a lot!!! I want to fix titanium textures as they look like this: (server is beeing used for personal use not goin public!) Dav is the original owner and Developer. If Dev sees this post, i want you to know brooo you are a legend!!!
  11. Hello every1 I already made a post about that , but sadly there was no succes. I would like to download Lineage 2 HELLBOUND DataPack and serverfiles. The main goal is to find a working functional DataPack where at least the skills are working properly. Please if any1 can upload a working DataPack or if you have any knowledge where can i find any DataPack , please tell me. I found only 1 DataPack that i can host , but sadly the 76+ skills and 80+ skills are not working properly. if u could help me about that how could i find a fix or a normal working DP , contact me . Thank you in forward. greetings from Hungary
  12. Hello, because i have no idea how to make it, Can someone help me out about how i can do it? I want to make a "smooth" gif - animation for a logo that starts with "</>" Then the < become the V on the logo, the slash / the underline and the > the A on the logo *Underline is not a must, if someone have a better idea please let me know because i dont like the underline much Thank you in advance !!
  13. Hello, I searched the forum in the API Adrenaline and I did not find, does anyone know what the command line is to swap an item after opening the trading window? Thank you
  14. Hello, Could anyone please share the L2 High Five part 1, 2, 3 or 4 lobby? I want to replace the bloody one. This one: Thank you. EDIT: Found it in my backups. Link: https://ufile.io/uri6w
  15. Hello, I saw in forum a lot of servers/posts that is made copy of iagaming c3 server / l2 revival / l2 penetration ( with custom a grade sets, demon tattoos, royal tattoos etc.) on interlude. My request if someone have that files,doesn't matter if they are so old or something i need it just to have some fun with friends for good old times by vacation. Please, if someone have it to share with me in PM or in comment :) Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!
  16. Hello im sure that im in wrong topic , but please move it. Iam looking for a community board like l2neo.com zaken x15. for classic seven sings client. i want exactly the same if possible. is there any share or smth? , also i can pay
  17. Hello, maybe someone have a code show npc crest for l2jfrozen newest rev (1132)? and can share with me
  18. Hey, i need donate system whit paysera or paypal(priority paysera), who can make pm here or skype rycka019
  19. some program to decode ai.obj in epilogue grace? use the l2off gm panel and do not walk
  20. Hello. Im thinking to start learning on making servers again. I wanna make a interlude server 100x with non-customs My question is..... could u recommend me a datapack easy to work on and with many features already added on it?...like buffer...class changer....chaotic zone...etc... Also....any tutorial about how to setup it? (create database,config the loginserver ,gameserver) I used to know all this 5-6 years ago...but i have forgot all.Thank you :)
  21. As the title says, I LF a captcha solver for L2 classic NA. Thx in advance
  22. Hello, firstly i would like to let you know what i want to do, I want to make a auto "script?" to navigate a website and do specific actions (press some buttons) every X hours. Can someone help me about where to start? i don't need any code but how to do it like what tools and language i must use.. Never made a script for web navigation before that's why i need to help me with the tools and saw me the proper way. Best regards and thanks in advance
  23. Does anyone have the mod to return the buffs after the cancellation in 15 seconds? for l2jsunrise
  24. Hi every1 , I would like to download Lineage 2 Hellbound ( CT 1.5 ) datapack and server files. Sadly every link that i found in forums / download sites / share sites , was already closed or not existing. All the forums in this topic was made around 2008-2009 , so its almost impossible to find normal working datapack and server files for a normal functional HELLBOUND server. Thats why i would like to ask for your help . Please if you have any datapack or server files , upload it and share with me. I would be very happy. Thank you.