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Found 18 results

  1. L2Homage Customizing Lineage 2 Read more about the development process in the initial thread Initial thread Check out our Discord if you're interested in the project Discord Channel Download here: L2Homage 6.0 (Recommended) Map Files System Folder (Based on L2Shrine's system folder. Should work well for new projects) Please feel free to post any questions you have in this thread. We also appreciate if you'll post screenshots of your work. We want to see what you make :) Disclaimer and Credits # Table of Contents: # ----------------- # 1.0 What is L2Homage # 2.0 Features # 3.0 Installation # 4.0 Usage # 5.0 FAQs # 6.0 Roadmap # 1.0 What is L2Homage L2Homage is a modding tool meant to make modding L2 OFF files easier. It doesn't do anything you can't do on your own, by editing a handful files. L2H is an extensive editing tool for both client and server files for Lineage 2 Epilogue. While still in development, the intention of this project is to provide users with a tool that’s capable of repurposing most of existing ingame content. This will allow users to rethink and reshape the world of Lineage 2, providing the hordes of burnt out players with new, exciting content, without having to spend hours learning how to manipulate the data structure. The hope is to see a bunch of unique, new game worlds appear, instead of relaunches of the same L2 experience we’ve all been through too many times to count. With this tool, you can edit all weapons, armors, misc items (etcs), recipes, npcs, droplists and spawns. The list goes on, and expands as the project evolves. L2H allows you to very easily edit, replicate or modify a huge of amount of Lineage 2 content - without having to worry about L2OFF data structures, file editors, encryption or decryption. It's as simple as editing a spreadsheet. # 2.0 Current Features - Add, delete or modify weapons - Add, delete or modify armors - Add, delete or modify etc items - Add, delete or modify sets - Add, delete or modify spawn zones - Add, delete or modify NPCs - Add, delete or modify NPC spawns and parameters - Add, delete or modify Skills - Add, delete or modify recipes - Add, delete or modify droplists - Add, delete or modify shoplists (multisell) - Modify any stats of any class - Modify the starting equipment of any class - Modify the starting location of all classes - Modify when classes learn skills - Modify what skills cost or require - Modify NPC AI Properties (requires .nasc files in data/ai folder) - Modify system text - Modify class descriptions and titles - Modify loading screen text - Modify hunting areas - Modify the EULA - Modify the chat filter - Modify zone names - Modify raids list (accessible through in-game map) - Export server and client files simultaneously, ready for use immediately # 3.0 Installation # 4.0 Usage # 5.0 FAQs # 6.0 Roadmap Thank you, -B
  2. Hello, I've finally completed L2OFF C1 Script Data pack. It contains original CHN C1 script files, splitted by entities, plus build system, which allows to integrate it to any IDE, which supports CMake files. Files are kept in UTF-8 encoding, which allows to have nice history view in git. This IDE gives you: File fuzzy search Syntax hightlighting Code block folding UTF8 to UTF16 encoding AI merging + compilation File merging PCH compilation Next steps Syntax hightlighting for all scripts, not AI only Extracting quests from AI scritps into separate questdata More precise file separation (e.g. separating weapons and armors by types, spell-boocks by chants/books/blueprints, etc) C4+ support This script pack is fully compaible with my L2OFF C1 Server pack
  3. Like in title says. Me need retail this file, not from share with x3 rates. Thanks in advance.
  4. !!!NEW SEASON 31/07/2015, FRIDAY, 18:00 GMT +2 ON L2DAMAGE!!!! Farm Script + L2NET Bot (including Connection Tutorial) Server: -> based on L2NET -> SmartGuard bypassed (works with the L2Damage system v3.0 patch) -> professionally self-made code -> with Anti-Captcha!!! -> automatic respawn when your bot has been killed -> automatic rebuff Picture: Condition of your character when captcha-message has been spawned. After your purchase, you won't have this problem anymore. You will be able to lean back while your bot is farming recourses. Generally, it is really worth to own this bot because it is more efficient and you will earn a lot of LS / BOGs / adenas after just a few hours. It is worth more than donations! Price: 25 EURO (including the code, L2NET software, guides, 1x free code update and support until your bot is working correctly and you are satisfied) Offering bypass services for other servers too !!! Just send me a request with your server and kind of protection. (a picture would be nice) Informations Feel free to write me. I'll do my best, as far as possible to answer your questions as accurately as possible. Any proofs may be sent in demand. Your purchases will support me and keep my work up. Payment methods I only accept iTunes credits. Contact You can contact me at maxcheaters or skype (DeMeNs0s DeMeNs0s)
  5. LEAGUE BOT Designed with the latest technologies and most advanced techniques, this bot and scripts will destroy your enemies! It is a tool for League of Legends, it adds a few features and script support. We offer a large scene community - Join us. Ensure the Efficiency Scripts like SBTW (Spacebar-To-Win) will automatically do the full combo to a target enemy and ensure the kill. Time after time. Cross-Realm Fully optimized for all realms: NA, EU, PBE, SEA, BR, KOR, VIET, CHINA Just one click is needed to switch. Script Support There are tons of free champion scripts coming with BoL. But you can also code or edit scripts for your own purposes with ease! Minimap-Hack Never lose the awareness of your enemies anymore! With the Minimap-Hack implented, you're able to see your enemies last position. Zoom-Hack To the moon and back! Sky is the limit! Zoom out as much as you want and get a better overview over the map! A nice advantage, especially for people with small resolutions. Skin-Hack Make use of any skin in the game! Regardless of availability or legacy status, you can use every skin for free! UFO Corki, Urf Warwick, Foxfire Ahri, ...
  6. Hello there, After receiving a few emails asking about the future of the Server Files, AP, ACP and having decided to move on we have chosen to sell all our intellectual property. The items listed for sale are: 1) [L2OFF] Server Files Scripts (among them: AI, NPCDATA, NPCPOS, GEODATA, HTML, AREADATA, HERBDATA) 2) AP (can be seen by visiting: 3) ACP (can be seen by visiting Server Files Scripts Exceptional quality and condition of the scripts, best Interlude files available 2 years of L2Dawn's existance and constant work throughout that time allowed us to develop and patch Interlude to the point where we have the best Interlude server files in the market. Since we are now moving on, we have decided to let go off the fruits of our long years of labour. DISCLAIMER: We are not allowed to sell the extender, we only own the licence, the extender belongs to its respective developer (Vanganth), we are only selling the complete game server infrastructure with scripts. Requirements: * L2OFF extender * Windows Server 2012 R2 * Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Main features include: L2Dawn was developed with Retail Game aspects in mind, making it the most retail server out there. Pick & Go: server files are the best out there. Once taken, just put the scripts folder and the 2 years of hard work magic will happen 1) Fully functional and fixed AI: 1.a) Fully working ALL Interlude quests including the final Kamael quest released 1 week before NCSOFT releasing the Kamael expansion. No missing quests to our knowledge. 1.b ) Fully working NPC behavior: such as dialogues, response triggers, quest operators, event operators) 1.c) Fully fixed and updated RBs and EPIC RBs (all animations, skill uses and triggers fully working). All RB trigger AI fully functional (doors, fountains, runes, gates) etc. 1.d) correct monster aggro behaviour (operational overhealing, tanking and other aggro pulls to the retail standard) 1.e) correct family monster group behaviour during attack. 2) Fully updated NPCDATA 2.a) Up to 99% all drops and spoils in retail values and fully existent 2.b ) Fully updated and fixed mob base stats, collision, box models, movement, links to HTML dialogues. 2.c) Retail aggressive monsters list 3) Fully updated and fixed NPCPOS 3.a) correct monster spawning 3.b ) correct monster cluster and group spawning(such as ice labyrinth) 4) Updated GEODATA 4.a) Mob collision and path detection correct (99% spawns correct, no roof spawning, inside walls spawning) 4.b ) no loot falling through ground etc. 5) HTMLS (dialogue and conversations) 5.a) ALL NPCs have their correct dialogues 5.b ) All dialogues in English 5.c) no missing dialogue options 5.d) correct dialogue styling, spacing 5.e) correct dialogue triggers to AI 6) Area Data 6.a) Correct allowed and disallowed zones (pvp, mounted areas etc.) 6.b ) Correct Offline Shop zones 7) Herb Data 7.a) All herb data correct - retail correct mob lists, randomizers etc. Note: We only sell the scripts. You will still need to acquire/ download an l2off extender for them to run. Note(2): Can run on any rates. Drops, spoils, enchant rates, RB drops are controlled by global handles. Note(3): Included: full installation guide video PRICE: Respecting our developers, we will not be selling the server files in mass, but rather "pass on" our tradition of quality by auctioning the server files to the one highest bidder. The bidding will begin the 26th of May and will last for 2 weeks until the 10th of June. If requested, the winner can be kept anonymous. The bidding will take place on an automated system directly on the main page of At this point no fund adding will be needed, at the end of the auction the winner will be contacted with the payment instructions. The files will be available through an encrypted automated download as a .zip archive. ACP ( Fully developed by us from scratch. Requirements: * Recommended: PHP v.7.1. Since Lineage 2 is an old game and a lot of the server environment programs and scripts are old, if needed, AP is backwards compatible up to v.5.6 * MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2014 * Mail server * Built and tested for L2OFF. Not tested for L2J. Features: 1) Fully responsive design 2) Modernised and tested protection against SQL injection 3) Account create/ change password, reset feature 4) Fully implemented 2 way account mail verification system (requires a valid email address to deliver a serial key which can be clicked on as a link leading to the activation processor page or entered manually ensuring the valid email address) 5) PIN security lock system 6) IP ban/ account creation prevention 7) 2 Captchas - developed by us or Google captcha PRICE: SOURCE CODE: 40 EUR. If interested, or need help setting the ACP up, please contact us: AP ( Fully developed by us from scratch. Requirements: * Recommended: PHP v.7.1. Since Lineage 2 is an old game and a lot of the server environment programs and scripts are old, if needed, AP is backwards compatible up to v.5.6 * MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2014 * Mail server * Optional: Page load heavy database operations are cached and monitored by Python. (Python 3.6.1 required) * Built and tested for L2OFF. Not tested for L2J. Features: 1) Fully responsive design (mobile, tablet, desktop) 2) Modernised and tested Protection against SQL injection 3) Virtual Currency Gem system - Completely modern system fully inspired by the modern standards of business microtransactions. Allows easy donations by allowing users to pay to acquire virtual currency, thus no need for multiple donations for multiple items. Can generate serial keys to obtain gems to be used as a giveaway or event rewards. 4) Option to gift gems 5) Game mail 6) Fully developed support ticket system with the GM interface 7) Fully CRUD driven - all content stored in a database and can be dynamically changed. This includes GEMS - easy product listing, swapping, prices, discounts, amounts, news page, subscription options, donations fully autonomous etc. Item ids for delivery are also stored in the database.) 8 )Page load heavy features are cached by Python scripts 9) Paypal IPN fully set up for both Sandbox and Production. Fully automated donation mechanism and product identifier. 10) Subscription, monthly pay model and its benefits coded in 11) Achievement System feature 12) Personal and Global server statistics feature 13) Account inspection and personal data details change (email, pin code) 14) Mail Agent - fully automated communication and data transfer. 15) System logging (gems) 16) IP/ Account banning 17) Uses Item Delivery packets to instantly deliver items, can be changed to database item storage 18) List of fully developed types of packets: item delivery, name change, clan name change, gender change 19) PIN lock security mechanism Unfinished/ Beta: 1) GM panel (operational, some features missing, fully usable) 2) Crate system (foundation laid down, needs extensive further development work) Note: AP heavily modifies the stock Lineage 2 databases. Needed SQL files included. Note(2): Can be easily modified to run on other non Lineage 2 platforms PRICE: SOURCE CODE: 300 EUR - any inquires regarding deals and special requests need to be mailed. If interested in purchasing or need help setting the AP up, please contact us: TEST ACCOUNT: username: testap password: testap Upon purchase of AP we also give you the ACP as a gift.
  7. Those files came from the follow post on Marketplace: So I shared this Script to stop this guy scamming in this forum. So here you go!!! DOWNLOAD Enjoy
  8. Me created scripts for web. Register script nude: <?php $error = ""; if(isset($_POST['register'])) { $conn = new mysqli("server_host", "db_user_name", "db_user_password", "db_database"); $id = mysqli_real_escape_string($conn, $_POST['id']); $password = base64_encode(sha1($_POST['password'], true)); if($_POST['password']!=$_POST['rpassword']){ $error .= "Password does not match the repeat password.<br>"; } if(mb_strlen($id)<4){ $error .= "User ID must be more than 3 symbol.<br>"; } $sql = "SELECT `login` FROM `accounts` WHERE `login`='".$id."'"; $result = $conn->query($sql); if ($result->num_rows!=0) { $error .= "User ID already exist. Please chose other User ID.<br>"; } if(empty($error)){ $sql = "INSERT INTO `accounts` VALUES('".$id."','".$password."','0','0','1','','".date("Y-m-d H:i:s")."')"; $result = $conn->query($sql); $error = "Account created, now you can login!!!!"; } } echo '<form id="register" method="post" action="#">'; echo (!empty($error)?"<label><strong>".$error."</strong></label>":''); echo '<label for="userid">User ID</label> <input id="userid" name="id" type="text"> <label for="userpass">Password</label> <input id="userpass" name="password" type="password"> <label for="userpassr">Repeat password</label> <input id="userpassr" name="rpassword" type="password"> <input id="submit" name="register" type="submit" value="Register"> </form>'; ?> Change password script nude: <?php $error = ""; if(isset($_POST['changepass'])) { $conn = new mysqli("server_host", "db_user_name", "db_user_password", "db_database"); $id = mysqli_real_escape_string($conn, $_POST['id']); $password = base64_encode(sha1($_POST['password'], true)); $newp = $_POST['newp']; $renewp = $_POST['renewp']; $pass = base64_encode(sha1($_POST['newp'], true)); $sql = "SELECT `login` FROM `accounts`,`characters` WHERE accounts.login='".$id."' AND accounts.password='".$password."' AND characters.account_name='".$id."' AND"; $result = $conn->query($sql); if ($result->num_rows==0) { $error .= "User ID or Password is wrong or you are online in game, please check and try again."; } if($newp!=$renewp){ $error .= "New password does not match the confirm password, please check and try again."; } if(empty($error)) { mysqli_query($conn,"UPDATE `accounts` SET `password`='".$pass."' WHERE `login`='".$id."'"); $error = "Password changed."; } } echo '<form id="change-password" method="post" action="#">'; echo (!empty($error)?"<label><strong>".$error."</strong></label>":''); echo '<label for="cpw">User ID</label> <input id="userid" name="id" type="text"> <label for="userpass">Current password</label> <input id="userpass" name="password" type="password"> <label for="newpass">New password</label> <input id="newpass" name="newp" type="password"> <label for="newpassr">Confirm new password</label> <input id="newpassr" name="renewp" type="password"> <input id="submit" name="changepass" type="submit" value="Change Password"> </div> </form>'; ?>
  9. Hello, I want to buy adrenaline key for unlimited clients. Also i want to buy: Method for Unlimited Clients for example for L2tales or Cartel. I know how to use Sandboxie, Virtual Machines, but need something faster. Last thing i want to buy are scripts: -Full auto SoA farm (go to spot, farm, give drops/adena to spoil, buy mp pots, shots, etc.) -Auto Login/Relog/Reopen L2 and Relog after Crash -Auto Captcha Mostly im looking for something that allows me to run PC, adrenaline, and all the rest will be full auto (running L2, login, farm, check for mp pots, shots, etc.) Paying via Paypal (prefered), or PSC. Contact: PM here Skype: mmateuszz16 (Poland)
  10. Selling fully working scripts for adrenaline. Updates & Full support on scripts. Some of the scripts: - Auto augmentation - Fully automatic farm - PvP scripts (anti agro,hold target,auto assist,ress kill etc) and much others. Writting scripts on demand also, whatever you need if its possible to script, i can write the code. Contact me here via pm or on skype:ecstasy36
  11. I'm selling a design i've just made. Below you will find a preview. Current status of this template is PSD file only. But if you wanted code it can be done (in php including scripts). Kind Regards, `iAndre. Available Payment Methods * If the payment is made through PSC then the cost will be a bit higher. * Changes are free of charge. How to contact me - Pm me here. - Add me on skype (brounlimited93).
  12. Here's v19 - it is going for sale. You get PSD and a fully coded, ready to use website. It contains: A news system. Top PvP/PK and Status scripts (updates whatever time you set - 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes etc.). Already made Extra Pages (Information, Downloads, Contacts) - contents in those pages is changed through the news system. Last Forum Posts of all the forum (works only with IP.Board). Everything is very easily editable. Multiple Languages/Language System (everything is very easily editable). Contacts Skype: theikid123 Payment Methods PayPal
  13. Hi, I spawned chests, but when I first time run server I can't open them with keys, for tests I've modified opening chance to 100% in script, but when I make reload scripts from admin panel they are working like should, when I restart server I can't open chest (they ust start attacking) until I make reload scripts, where is problem? I'm using latest free Acis source.
  15. WTS Scripts For all Classes pve and pvp WTS PVP Target Priority Script pm me here or Add me at Skype : Xelikos Payment Methods -------------------------- Paypal Verified Skrill PaysafeCards BankTransfer Support via Teamviewer when needed Free Changes Later
  16. Hello am offering some very cheap bol scripts. The prices are tiny compared to the other sites / sellers. Pm me for more info ( prices, which champions are included what these scripts do, how u can climb up to challenger with them).
  17. WANT TO SELL SCRIPTS OF ZRANGER FOR ANY TYPE OF CLASS. PVP OR/AND PVE We'll be in contact all time for any issue and we fix it in 1 minute, btw there are perfect scripts Conctact me: Skype -> ferraaan91 / ( u can use both ) Mail me: drop me a mail in my Inbox!! Ask price in skype or mail!