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Found 81 results

  1. Hello, here are some recently cracked EUNE accounts. Enjoy!! [Hidden Content]
  2. Hey folks, back again with a list of EUW accounts (LVL 30 / Working). As always enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  3. the code and you will understand what is it go to find this find final boolean hadHero and put this private int spreeKill = 0; private int spreeKills = 0; private int KILL_STEAK = 0; it will look like that find final boolean hadHero private int spreeKill = 0; private int spreeKills = 0; private int KILL_STEAK = 0; now find this setPvpKills(getPvpKills() + 1); and put this KILL_STEAK++; switch (KILL_STEAK) { case 20: sendMessage("You are almost on a killing spree 5 more kills"); break; case 25: Broadcast.announceToOnlinePlayers(getName() + " is on a killing spree!!"); startAbnormalEffect(AbnormalEffect.SLEEP); //SLEEP = VITALITY EFFECT setHero(true); PlaySound _snd25 = new PlaySound(1, "killing spree"); sendPacket(_snd25); break; } spreeKill++; switch (spreeKill) { case 1: sendPacket(new CreatureSay(0, 0, "PvP", getName() + " just got a First Blood!!")); break; case 2: sendPacket(new CreatureSay(0, 2, "PvP", getName() + " just got a Double Kill!!")); break; case 3: sendPacket(new CreatureSay(0, 3, "PvP", getName() + " just got a Triple Kill!!")); break; case 4: sendPacket(new CreatureSay(0, 4, "PvP", getName() + " has a Quadra kill!!!")); break; case 5: sendPacket(new CreatureSay(0, 0, "PvP", getName() + " has a Penta Kill!!")); break; case 6: sendPacket(new CreatureSay(0, 2, "PvP", getName() + " just got a Legendary!!")); break; } spreeKills++; switch (spreeKills) { case 1: PlaySound _snd1 = new PlaySound(1, "firstblood"); sendPacket(_snd1); break; case 2: PlaySound _snd2 = new PlaySound(1, "doublekill"); sendPacket(_snd2); break; case 3: PlaySound _snd3 = new PlaySound(1, "triplekill"); sendPacket(_snd3); break; case 4: PlaySound _snd4 = new PlaySound(1, "quadrakill"); sendPacket(_snd4); break; case 5: PlaySound _snd5 = new PlaySound(1, "pentakill"); sendPacket(_snd5); break; case 6: PlaySound _snd6 = new PlaySound(1, "legendary"); sendPacket(_snd6); break; default: } find this public boolean doDie(Creature killer) and put this if (KILL_STEAK > 0) { if (KILL_STEAK > 24) Broadcast.announceToOnlinePlayers(killer.getName() + " has stopped " + getName() + "'s killing spree of " + KILL_STEAK + " kills!!"); if (!hadHero) setHero(false); stopAbnormalEffect(AbnormalEffect.SLEEP); spreeKill = 0; spreeKills = 0; KILL_STEAK = 0; } Download this file Vitality Effect Interlude Download this file League of Legends Sounds (PUT THEM IN THE Music folder in you Lineage II) And you are done.
  4. Hey guys, I am new here and wanted to ask if anyone knows if there is still Lol Accounts being Leaked ? And are ppl still cracking them?
  6. RU Account: - soldChampions: 70 Blue Ess: 25 000 Rune Pages: 4 Pages Current Division: Diamond5 Skins: 50 Price: 15 EUR SKYPE: PAYFORBOOST Telegram: @Bankomat87 Payment: paypal-qiwi-yandex EUW Account: - soldChampions: 58 Rune Pages: 3 Pages Current Division: Diamond5 Skins in loot: Pulsefire Aait, Star Guardian Arhi , Red baron Corki Price: 89 EUR SKYPE: PAYFORBOOST
  7. LEAGUE BOT Designed with the latest technologies and most advanced techniques, this bot and scripts will destroy your enemies! It is a tool for League of Legends, it adds a few features and script support. We offer a large scene community - Join us. Ensure the Efficiency Scripts like SBTW (Spacebar-To-Win) will automatically do the full combo to a target enemy and ensure the kill. Time after time. Cross-Realm Fully optimized for all realms: NA, EU, PBE, SEA, BR, KOR, VIET, CHINA Just one click is needed to switch. Script Support There are tons of free champion scripts coming with BoL. But you can also code or edit scripts for your own purposes with ease! Minimap-Hack Never lose the awareness of your enemies anymore! With the Minimap-Hack implented, you're able to see your enemies last position. Zoom-Hack To the moon and back! Sky is the limit! Zoom out as much as you want and get a better overview over the map! A nice advantage, especially for people with small resolutions. Skin-Hack Make use of any skin in the game! Regardless of availability or legacy status, you can use every skin for free! UFO Corki, Urf Warwick, Foxfire Ahri, ...
  8. Hello everyone. I have a account in Brazilian Server [BR] with: 225 Skins | All Champions | 20 Rune Pages | 38K Essence | 150 Icons 4 Season Skins. Total invested: $ 1.200,00 // Sale price: 260 EU PS: I will discount the region transfer of the final value. Trade via paypal. Contact via pm in forum.
  9. League of legends Password Changer | Ver 2.0 | Only Unverified accounts Features Fast work with Proxy - Up to 25 accounts per minute Can for witout proxy - 1 Thread only No Passes No Crash Captcha Bypass Anti-Captcha RuCaptcha Will add more - send me anti captcha services what you need. Support ALL Regions Supported proxy Http/S Socks4 Socks5 Version 2.0 Update Added English version Added Captcha Bypass Increase timeouts
  10. Hello, one of my friends recently started to play league of legends and he cannot get out of bronze. I am plat 1 and i really want to help him. He is so angry sometimes that i cannot even speak to him because of some games :D. So... I am wondering if anyone who is bronze 5 or in bronze division on EUNE is willing to give me his acc and paswd in private message cause i dont want to be kicked out when im playing. I know probably you are thinking who is this random guy.. he could be a scammer.. dont forgot i cannot change the email or your password without your confirmation so dont be afraid nothing happens besides that I dont need your account. LF : EUNE Account Bronze Division.
  11. Hello today im share one website about league of legends. with this site you make your banners(images)for free with 3 steps. 1.Select Character 2.Put your username 3.Create Image :D Create your image here :D im create one for me :D Post your banners :) want more topics? vote the topic :)
  12. Platinum 5 acc/ last season G5/332 Mastery Score /Good MMR 98 owned Champ /54 Skin/3 Chroma/15 Loot Skins/2 Chest 7 Runes pages 180€+Paypal Ultimate skins Dj Sona Forecast Janna Legedary Surprise Party Amummu Surprise Party Fidlesticks Star Guardian Jinx Firefighter Tristana Epic Skins Mecha Atrox Pool Party Fiora Pool Party Mundo Gatekeeper Galio Star Guardian Janna Forsaken Jayce Project Katarina Project Leona Project Lucian Project Yasuo Mecha Malphite +2 croma white and blue Mewokai Pool Party Miss Fortune Pool Party Leona Arcade Miss Fortune+ Purple Croma Dark Star Varus Legancy Champion Ship Zed Spirit Team Anivia (this skin on ebay cost 20-30 euro) Prom Queen Annie Franken Timbers Annie Frejlord Ashe Definetly Not Blitzcrank Snow Day Gnar Snow Day Malzahar Snow Dat Ziggs Challenger Nidale Lolipopy Zombie Ryze Poroking Sejuani Sweetheart Sona Vindicator Vayne Riot Kayle Viktorious Maokai Normal skins Unchained Alistar Maurader Alistar Maurader Sivir Maureder Nautilus Reverse Annie Amethyst Ashe Crycore Brand Nightmare Cho Gath Bandito Fidlesticks Nightblade Irelia Frostblade Irelia Valkyrie Leona Steel Legion Lux Waterloo Miss Fortune Ghost Bride Morgana Badger Teemo Firfang Warwick Loot Skins Arcade Riven Battle cast kog maw (Epic Skin) Battle cast Velkoz (Epic Skin) Blackfrost Anivia (Legendary) Candy King Ivern (Epic Skin) El Tigre Braum (Epic Skin) Head Hunter Akali (Epic Skin) Infernal Nasus (Legendary) Jade Fang Cassiopeia Order Lotus Karma Pool Party Skarner (Epic Skin) Pool Party Taric (Epic Skin) Snow Day Syndra (Epic Skin) Soulstealer Vladimir (Epic Skin) Super Galaxy Kindred (Epic Skin)
  13. Hello, coming to offer my League of Legends account, since I don't play the anymore & the account is quite valuable, so I thought that someone could be interested. Content on the account: IP: 123424 RP: 64 - All champions are unlocked - All runes are unlocked [the important ones, no energy runes, ...] - 20 rune pages - Plat 3, but Diamond MMR, I'm decaying since I don't play it anymore - 162 skins, 1,478,705 skin score on EloPhant - Plenty of icons, even some rare ones - Never banned, been rewarded for good behavior - Over 200 referrals done on this account Screenshots: Rank: - Classic: Currencies: Runes: Champions: (all are owned) Skins: - Screen: If you want to know more, please, feel free to PM me & I will be glad to provide more information. Don't ask about price, I'd like to know your offer more than setting a static price.
  14. Create avatar VS LOL challenge for free :D small tutorial Link: rep+ for more :)
  15. Do not be surprised why the link, there is a folder with a text file in which all the data from the account is written, who first downloads - he will get an account
  16. Hello here is one site for create your own avatar with your own background :D like this.. background its look fail xD its the M from the MaxCheaters :P tutorial: Select your border Skin Name : Put your skin name :P Nick Name : Put your username want more topics? vote the topic :)
  18. free league of legend 400rp accounts euw
  19. Hello, im Charlie, im a long time gamer, mostly lineage 2 but i have played plenty of games, like csgo, lol, diablo, wow, dota, mu, etc. im playing as powerleveler in lineage 2 but im not making enough to pay a living, so the question is: there is any chance to find a job as assistant for live chat or maybe a powerleveler, booster, driver, gold seller in any game, what game can u guys suggest me to make money this days that does not require huge time investment to start making money (vanilla wow for example)? maybe a website to get a job as live chat or anything i can do, i can be online up to 16-18 hours daily, maybe i need only 1 or 2 days a month to relax, i speak english, spanish and some portuguese (some time without practice it), i have 50MB Fiber Optic in Europe location so 0 Lag, i think i can play NA servers without problems too, i just need money as soon as possible to pay rent, food, etc, anything u guys can suggest me is really appreciate Thanks & Regards
  20. its kind a hard for me..I try different programs to get proxy and combolist.I got 0 hit in sentry MBA and always have Combo\min 0,what Im doing wrong? and 1 more) -What to do with cracked accs??? I mean I have log:pass and dont have a mails..what can I do with them without mails?) or should I look only for UNverifited mail accs? (what programm do I need?RitoApiScrapper?) I use: for proxy - morCrawler (sometimes dont want to search who knows why? =) ) have a passlist from this GREAT SITE) usernames srapped with LeagueScrapper configs also from here everything with sentry MBA. Help please to a newbie THANKS 2 ALL God bless u