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  1. if free itemkas we join with uganda cp np
  2. True Server is well made , and well managed. Long term and stable gameplay. Worths every penny.
  3. correct me if im wrong but some of these features remind me of l2smiles back in the day
  4. nobody would bother to give u advice tbh. Everyone would search for that "download link" ;d On the other hand @Iordanov seems like he made this this topic trying to "flex" with his interface proving to people like he is kind of big deal Nice gold member attitude tho
  5. so true actually i dont anyone i used to play with, today everybody moved on :d
  6. we used tower :DDDD but yeah , at least @SweeTs died like a fly back then
  7. there are convos of 2 months ago did they change admin since then?
  8. sorry but they are corrupted and theres proof.
  9. kane me add sto msn: abcd@windowslive.com 9elw help me tn buffer pack l2jfree