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  1. Sadly , i thought i had on my pc but i don't (clean one) But i got an edited one ( works for l2saga too ) , here Hope it helps.
  2. try this if it's not working or it's not 2.4 version , i will upload it later today
  3. i know who u are and what you're doing but i wasn't reffering to you bud. I'm reffering to those who purposely spread false rumors and hate. They know who they are. Also , i ain't asslick anyone. Tales was by far the best and most enjoyable hi5 server i've played. But this is just my opinion. About brazon , yeah it looks bad cause of his reputation , but as far as i know he is pretty limited in terms of access.
  4. stop all that bullshit about tales. Tales this and that. Tales is the GOAT. end of story. Nobody comes even close , not saga , not era - lionna and the rest of the crap. And before judging tales , take a look at your own dogshit of a server u got / helping ( saga , sorin) Thank you. and for those who didn't , please read this
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      Any pro stream today? :dance:

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      simera exei real life me trelane o vercetti

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