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  1. Vouch for this service. I've worked with him in the past multiple times , one of the best out there. +
  2. Έλα πατρίδα Μια ερώτηση , με ποσο bitrate streamareis?
  3. twitch.tv/sanctuspowah

  4. Rip Kobe Bryant.

  5. Sadly , i thought i had on my pc but i don't (clean one) But i got an edited one ( works for l2saga too ) , here Hope it helps.
  6. try this if it's not working or it's not 2.4 version , i will upload it later today
  7. i know who u are and what you're doing but i wasn't reffering to you bud. I'm reffering to those who purposely spread false rumors and hate. They know who they are. Also , i ain't asslick anyone. Tales was by far the best and most enjoyable hi5 server i've played. But this is just my opinion. About brazon , yeah it looks bad cause of his reputation , but as far as i know he is pretty limited in terms of access.
  8. stop all that bullshit about tales. Tales this and that. Tales is the GOAT. end of story. Nobody comes even close , not saga , not era - lionna and the rest of the crap. And before judging tales , take a look at your own dogshit of a server u got / helping ( saga , sorin) Thank you. and for those who didn't , please read this
  9. twitch.tv/sanctuspowah

  10. twitch.tv/sanctuspowah

  11. twitch.tv/sanctuspowah

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      Any pro stream today? :dance:

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      simera exei real life me trelane o vercetti

  12. twitch.tv/sanctuspowah

  13. twitch.tv/sanctuspowah

  14. Αν κάτσω να μετρήσω ποσες φορες, ποσα διαφορετικά άτομα προσπάθησαν κατά καιρούς να βοηθήσουν το φορουμ με άπειρους τροπους δεν θα τελειώσω μέχρι αύριο. Αν συγκρίνεις τα mods του mxc οταν ηταν στο prime του με τα mods mxc του σημερα πραγματικα είναι για γέλια( με ελάχιστες εξαιρέσεις). Σήμερα οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να γίνει mod. Δεν είναι δύσκολο. Στην τελική το mod δεν σημαίνει τίποτα ετσι οπως έχουν γίνει τα πράγματα. Ίσως ενα μικρο boost στον εγωισμό σου ή στα sales topic. Αν το κεφάλι δεν νοιάζεται και δεν λειτουργεί, πως το σώμα θα ακολουθήσει?
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      me obs einai komple alla thelw me streamlabs kai gamiete

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  16. re min peirazete tn kara kathiste omorfa
  17. When Does TFT Set 2 Come Out? You only need to wait three weeks! “Rise of the Elements will be released on November 5th in the LoL client,” so sayeth Riot. Interesting that the developer has the launch slated for a Tuesday, rather than the traditional Wednesday, but we ain’t complaining. The bulk of Rise of the Elements should be on the TFT PBE next week. Isn’t that a mouthful? What’s Included in Rise of the Elements? Riot has promised new Origins, Classes, Champions, and Items for TFT sometime in the future. We can also expect more cosmetics — including Little Legends and Arena Skins. You better believe Riot will happily have you compete for more rewards like these for as long as you’re interested in playing.The set is also coming with a bigger board with four rows instead of three. Will the Ranked Ladder be Reset? Yes! Riot says those who played during the beta will be rewarded, but has not explained how or when. We’ll have to figure that out when Set 2 is closer to release. Make sure you stay tuned! What is in TFT Set 2? Riot has started to release details! Sadly, at least for the sake of clarity, each announcement has been spread across different influencers. This means that the community has had to translate things from a handful of different languages, meaning some things may be incorrect. All of the details below have been gathered from the TFT subreddit and various Rioters on Twitter. New features Elemental Hexes: Every game there will be two elemental hexes randomly on the board. Putting units on them provides them with a buff. They take up an item slot and provide: Ocean: +30 starting mana. Inferno: +30% attack speed. Wind: +30% dodge. Mountain: +30 permanent HP per round for the rest of the game. Origins Desert: Gain 50/90% (2/4) Armor Penetration. Inferno: Burns the ground for 5 seconds and inflicts 80/150/250% of spell damage over time. Poison: Damaging a unit applies a neurotoxin that raises that unit’s mana cost by 50%. Machine: When health is below 50%, Machines gain immunity for 2/3/4 seconds. (2, 3, 4 Machines) Berserks: Berserks run towards the closest enemy. They have a 40/60% (3/6) chance to cleave enemies and deal 100% AOE damage. Ocean: All allies gain 10/25/40 additional mana every 3 seconds. Shadow: ??? Light: ??? Woodlands: At the beginning of the round, a random Forest champion clones themself. (3) Lightning: Shock nearby enemies when Lightning units deal 60/200/500 (2/3/4) damage or receive critical hits. Mountain: At the start of combat, one random ally receives a Stone Shield with 1500 HP. (2) Variable: Changes every game. Randomly Wind, Inferno, Oceans, or Woodlands. Classes Summoner: ??? Mystic: ??? Mage: After casting a spell, Mages have a 50/100% (3/6) chance to double cast. Master: More HP + Lasting Units Alchemist: Alchemists ignore collision and never stop moving. Warden: Warden’s total Armor is increased by: 100/250/400 (2/4/6). Assassin: Increase crit strike chance by 75/150% and crit damage by 10/20% (3/6). Druid: ??? Blademaster: Blademasters have a 40% chance for 1/2/3 (2/4/6) additional attacks. Ranger: Has a 30/65/100 (2/4/6) chance to double attack speed for the next 3 seconds. Berserker: Berserkers jump to the nearest enemy. They have a 40/80% (3/6) chance to cleave and deal 100% AOE damage. Predator: Any damage a Predator deals to an enemy below 25% HP will execute them for an instant kill. Crystal: ??? Set 2 Champions 1 Cost: Vladimir (Ocean, Mage): Vladimir damages a target enemy, healing himself for the damage health. Zyra (Inferno, ???): Summon two untargetable Flame Spitters on the corners of the arena. Attacks closest enemies. Nasus (Light, Warden): Nasus temporarily enrages, gaining bonus health and damaging adjacent enemies for each second of the duration. Ivern (Woodlands, Druid): ??? Renekton (Desert, Berserker): Renekton swings his blade, dealing 150/275/400 physical damage to nearby enemies and restores 150/250/350 health on hit. Maokai (Woodlands, Druid): Gives the lowest health champion a 200/400/600 HP shield that lasts for 5 seconds. Ornn (Lightning, Warden): Ornn unleashes lightning bolts in a cone in front of him, dealing 100/200/300 magic damage to all enemies hit and increasing critical strike chance against them by 20% for 4 seconds. Taliyah (Mountain, Mage): Taliyah causes the ground to rise under the enemy with the most Mana, inflicting 150/325/500 magic damage and throwing it toward her (if ranged) or away from her (if melee). Vayne (Light, Ranger): When Vayne hits the same target three times with basic attacks, it deals true damage equal to 8/12/16% of the target’s maximum health. Warwick (Glacial, Predator): Warwick pounces onto the lowest health enemy, stunning and damaging them while healing himself. Kog’Maw (Poison, Predator): Kog’Maw shoot a projectile. After a short delay, it lands on a random enemy dealing 125/275/425 damage. 2 Cost: Syndra (Ocean, Mage): Syndra conjures a Hydro Sphere at a target location that damages enemies. Diana (Inferno, Assassin): Diana creates three orbs that rotate around her and explode when she hits an enemy, dealing 60/100/140 magic damage. In addition, Diana generates a shield that lasts 3 seconds and absorbs the next 150/250/350 of damage she receives. LeBlanc (Woodlands, Mage, Assassin): LeBlanc launches an ethereal current towards a random enemy, inflicting 200/450/700 damage and stunning them for 1.5s after a brief interval. Braum (Glacial, Warden): Braum raises his shield toward the furthest enemy, reducing incoming damage from that direction and blocking projectiles. Jax (Light, Berserker): Jax dodges for 2 seconds then strikes nearby enemies for 150/250/350 damage and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Thresh (Ocean, Warden): Thresh throws his lantern to the lowest-health ally, shielding them and nearby allies for a few seconds. Yasuo (Wind, Blademaster): Yasuo blinks to and knocks up the enemy with the most items for 1 second, attacking the target 3/5/7 times. Varus (Inferno, Ranger): Varus channels his spell for 1.5 seconds, then fires a piercing arrow that deals 225/450/675 magic damage to all enemies on the way. Rek’Sai (Steel, Predator): Rek’Sai deals 200/550/900 damage to an enemy. Malzahar (Shadow, Summoner): ??? Skarner (Crystal, Predator): ??? 3 Cost: Veigar (Shadow, Mage): Veigar blasts an enemy with magical energy, dealing damage. Instantly kills enemies at lower star levels than Veigar. Kindred (Shadow, Inferno, Ranger): Wolf rushes at the target of Kindred inflicting 150/325/500 magic damage, while Lamb jumps away from the target. Azir (Desert, Summoner): Azir summons a Sand Soldier for 6 seconds. Whenever Azir attacks, Sand Soldiers attqack too. They damage enemies in a line. Aatrox (Light, Blademaster): Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemies inside it. Dr. Mundo (Poison, Berserker): Dr. Mundo creates a toxic cloud around him for 8 seconds. It deals 40/110/160 + 1.25% of his maximum health to all nearby enemies every second and heals him by 100/150/200% of this value. Nocturne (Machine, Assassin): Every third hit, Nocturne is strengthened and inflicts damage on all nearby enemies. Restores 75/100/125% of the inflicted damage as health. Ezreal (Glacial, Ranger): Fires a frozen shot at the lowest HP enemy, applying on-hit effects. Nautilus (Ocean, Warden): Nautilus sends out a depth charge that seeks out the furthest enemy champion, knocking them up and stunning them for a really long time. Sivir (Desert, Blademaster): For 5 seconds, each of Sivir’s auto attacks bounces up to 10 times. Each bounce deals 100/125/150% damage and applies on-hits. Qiyana (Variable, Assassin): Qiyana dashes to the side of her target and throws a blast of wind through them, damaging and stunning enemies it passes through. Soraka (Light, Mystic): ??? 4 Cost: Annie (Inferno, Summoner): Summon Tibbers to deal area damage, Tibbers deals a lot of magic damage with his auto attacks. Twitch (Poison, Ranger): For 8 seconds, Twitch gets unlimited range and 100/125/150% AD. All of his attacks will pierce targets and apply on-hit effects to each target. Kha’Zix (Desert, Assassin): Kha’Zix takes stealth and attacks the enemy with the lowest health after 2/1.5/1 seconds, causing critical strike damage automatically and restoring 5/10/15 mana. Janna (Wind, Mystic): Janna casts a wind blast that last 3 seconds. It heals allies for 30/40/80% of their max HP and stuns nearby enemies for 1 second. Malphite (Mountain, Warden): Malphite advances toward a random enemy, dealing 125/200/275 damage and knocking all nearby enemies into the air, stunning them for 2/2.5/3 seconds. Ashe (Crystal, Ranger): For 5 seconds, Ashe gains 50/75/100% attack speed. While active, her basic attacks fire a 5-arrow burst that deals 50/85/120 physical damage. 5 cost: Singed (Poison, Alchemist): Singed leaves a poison trail wherever he walks, dealing 400/800/1200 damage over 4 seconds. Zed (Electric, Assassin, Summoner): Zed creates a clone identical to him behind his current target. This clone can also conjure up flash, and inherit the items, attributes, and current HP of Zed. Taric (Crystal, Warden): After a delay, Taric and all nearby allies become invulnerable for a few seconds. Nami (Ocean, Mystic): Nami sends a massive wave towards a random enemy, damaging and knocking up enemies it passes through. Grants allies it passes through bonus magic damage on hit. Master Yi (Shadow, Mystic, Blademaster): Master Yi recovers 25/50/75% health and becomes untargetable for 1.5 seconds. After that, he gains 100/150/200 magic damage on-hit for 6 seconds. All credits goes to fanbyte.com Also , a more in depth video explaination from hafu here: