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  1. is not creators, credit go to NCSOFT all peoples just modify files, nothing else modifier is far away from a "creator" use correct words and not be "angry" for fake reasons
  2. Remember you block me for one week and not allow me to post anything You get ban when you use only a interface image what happen if use adrenaline or l2tower like you say. that i say at begin .... he use something like logs i not know , but for sure you get ban after a time , we have test it many times
  3. again you lie hitler ? wtf is wrong with you ? why unlock me now? and not before to give me the option share this screenshot ?
  4. nop this ban happen many time ago, but cant post screenshot here why you block me for one week
  5. Man we not speak about your char, is low level we speak about your ban, this system find you and gm ban you that i say, you cant use interface or bot without get ban that i say at begin, but you cant understand the basics.....
  6. are you blind? or you not see your ban ? 😄 and you use only interface and get ban, not adrenaline , tower or any other bot like you say before 😄 !!!!! when you block me again for 1 week? warning me before to write my last word hahahahahah Hitler is Alive with name Celestine 🙂
  7. hahahahhahah why unlock me now? and not when you get ban? to stop me post this screenshot ? you block me for "one week" to not allow me write anything here and when you post this video unlock me? as i say, is not possible to use any bot / interface without ban get your screenshot now Hitler is Alive with name Celestine 🙂
  8. your time is cheap 😉 but that is out of subject .... stay in thread discuss 😄
  9. that is bad? when i say is a big deal master programmer? i lie ? 😄 if i lie i can delete this commend 😄 yes that i say , if you have crack it, like you show us, make a 15min video to prove it please my Hacker Programmer ooo for the first time i see a MXC Staff member like Celestine to eat from Lineage2 to wish a lawyer destroy private community 🙂 so well done to show us who you finally are 😄 😄 😄
  10. Any video proof about that? Big Deal Master Programmer :D
  11. Celestine you say already crack it please provide us a video proof for 15 minute without ban and kick thank you Big Master
  12. Hello my big hacker Lineage2 Admin (blah), please provide us a video of 15 minutes to show that you say Many peoples say "bypassed" no one provide any video proof like your friend Celestine. please stay on thread subject "Video Proof for L2Warland Protection Bypass" we not like random spammers 😉 thank you
  13. You are welcome in Human Race and Democracy as i see you get your daily lesson, that is good for you as i say Hitler die many years ago 😉
  14. Hello MXC Community i am new in this forum and i want to discuss here a question L2Warland Protection Write in .NET like Celestine say can bypassed? From my Experience i try to bypassed without success We request from Adrenaline programmers to bypass they promised us a fix that but never happen. at this time in L2warland Protection cant used BOT or Interfaces without get kick or ban after a time So i want to request this perfect MXC Staff if is possible to bypasswed or no? if is possible i want to show us a Video for 15 Minutes to prove that they say Vision is correct thread category? we discuss about Lineage2 protection. Vision you Lock my tread why not like you? Vision i have the right to discuss something in this Forum? Democracy Won all the time, Hitler die before many years .... Thank you
  15. So , if someone have a difference opinion and prove a MXC Staff Member like Celestine lie about L2Warland protection system and share no fact evidence about that he call other MXC Staff member to lock the thread and hiding behind them. In this tread i want to discuss about Democracy, what is democracy for you MXC Staff Members? only way to say our opinion here is if is same with yours? Why call me for second time in some minutes "Zeus" only why defense my opinion to say "Interface and Adrenaline can't used on L2Warland" ? we try it , we get ban in random chars. then Celestine reply this thread and say "all can be used on warland" like we are idiots and cant to that he can do We play lineage2 for too many years, we use Bots before he born and now he try to act like a big "hacker" to be better of us? what i ask ? a video 15 minute to prove that he say.. what happen ? Thread Locked with a text to blames "you are Zeus" why? Why defense my opinion "Interface and Adrenaline can't used on L2Warland". i am sure at the end they BAN me, to can spread his lies around the MXC Community without any trace of sincerity
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