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  1. bruh, if you can install it on your own pc, you can aswell on your dedicated host..
  2. LF dsetup.dll source or GetSendPacketAddress(void) code for freya chronicle. send message!
  3. LF dsetup.dll source for freya chronicle

  4. anyone have dsetup freya chronicle source?

  5. As the title says, does someone have the DSetup.dll source code for the Freya Chronicle? I already have for High Five but it doesn't work as many people say. Thank you in advance
  6. Yu wa wa weeee, yu yu wa wa weeh

  7. LF Classic Talking island Trusted adena seller

  8. anyidea what it would be for freya and previous versions?
  9. Death to the primes!

    1. Mithril Mines

      Mithril Mines

      worst season xd

    2. HyperBlown


      5th one was the best in my opinion.

    3. Mithril Mines

      Mithril Mines

      For me was up to 3 then they ruin it 

  10. try it yourself. Price cannot be given right away, it always scales with the length of the code, take care of leechers and overpriced service. But first, give your self a go.