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  1. You could do that in java. go to the handler that handles the TARGET_PARTY value. And do a check if the player is in party, and if skill is active, the skill go through all the members and if not, it doesnt.
  2. Im busy on my own project, just leave an offer on the marketplace section and im sure someone will come and do it for you.
  3. Look, Yes you can. Just save the amount of rebirth on Database. And before entering the area, check if it is higher or lower of the amount you want it to be. And yes, its java code. And if you dont know, you can pay someone to do it for you, or try to do it yourself. No one here will give ready to go code for free. Good luck!
  4. 0x40 is just the same, but it will use full values. to add you use the "add", to remove, use "sub" ...
  5. then just use the table you first skill details you linked. 1.01 1.02 1.03 lv 1 = 1%, lv2 = 2% and lv3 = 3%
  6. quick guide. to add a fixed value, use 0x40 add option. so <add order="0x40" stat="pAtk " val="127.4" /> <!-- P.Atk +127.4 --> to remove a fixed value use 0x40 sub option <sub order="0x40" stat="pAtk val="50" /> <!-- P.Atk -50 --> if you want to add a value but variable, you can use the % option that is 0x30 mul to add a value, use 0x30 mul and a positive double number as ex: 1.1 <mul order="0x30 " stat="pAtk val="1.1"/> <!-- P.Atk +10% --> to remove a value with 0x30 mul, use a negative value but still greater than 0 <mul order="0x30 " stat="pAtk val="0.9"/> <!-- P.Atk -10% --> I only useded pAtk as example, for other values, look on other skills for examples.
  7. Its not really useless posts, people nowadays need to learn and do thing more. Its already nice of him giving an answer. Many people on the day of today, want things already made, and ready to use...
  8. He did gave the right answer on the first time, but he was lees specific about it. he answered "By changing the value, atm it's 1,2 and 3 %. Do the math.". Which again, is correct. "1,2 and 3%" so 1.01,1.02 and 1.03... Yall probably misinterpreted his sentence
  9. Yes it is 1%. so 0.25% would be 1.0025
  10. "to get the password of the archive Like my 1st post send me pm and reply in topic.." Learn to read the topic guys
  11. l2ertheia is a nice one aswell http://www.lineage2ertheia.com/
  12. It might be something internal on your source then. I dont see any possible option. Or maybe on the zone it self, maybe it is too big.
  13. Hint: Open all your config files on notepad++, and do a global search for "fish" or something related to it. and examine the found lines.
  14. Ye sthat. -Xmx1G = 1GB. increase to the amount you want to give to your gameserver
  15. Open your gameserver.bat look for java -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -cp ./lib and increase the 1024 value. (1GB). 2048 (2GB), 4096 (4GB) etc etc