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  1. I'm not really into doing this kind of stuff, but a here is a story behind why I'm selling this client's project. A while back, on the 28th of October, this person @JustMero (https://maxcheaters.com/profile/172704-justmero/) sent me a PV asking if I could do some jobs for him. And so I did. We started working together and all went well. On his first purchase, it was all related to bug fixes so he paid me directly. Soon he messaged me back, saying that he liked the way I worked and asked if I would be interested into "Contract payment", which is a method where he paid me every 2 weeks.
  2. You are for sure able to send multiple bypasses in a short amount of time. Its probably a timer that is integrated in your code. Find it and remove.
  3. He just ignored all the comments -q
  4. Speaking my personal opinion. Zeus engine is SHIT, it is bad programmed and really not fun to edit or add a new functionality. His code is not easy to read, he made such things so people need to go back to him to edit it. I have a few customers that have this engine and it is full with bugs that I needed to fix. I don't recommend using it, and if possible just remove it completly. There are a few shared sunrises like version 986 and such, you can use them, they are pretty good. Good luck
  5. I wouldn't use this code. Why is there a for loop in the UserInfo and CharInfo class? Doing like this the player will always have the last dress in the list... Also, you dont save to db, so player will always need to reuse the same thing again. Fix those problems and it will be usable.
  6. I think that if he used licensed sunrise he would have seen your painel already haha, If normies can access your painel, then sorry, didnt knew that.
  7. I have for H5, can be adapted for Il aswell, if u want to test it, I can open test server and u test it.