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  1. These ads are getting smarter...

  2. Event has been finished! Thank you for those that participated. We only had 3 Poems that followed the given rules: @Rengo (1 Like) I still enjoy playing Lineage,I am playing since i was at young age. I still remember the FoG PvP's, but in this forum i hate VIP's. @Sebana: (0 Like) Μy gear was everybody's dream.My gear was strong enough,enough to fuck your ass in PI,to send you back in a Lineage Town. and @protoftw: (1 Like) Depressive kids hunting my ass, I dash and lineage seems so fast. Giran to Aden and all the way back, you can't touch me, so hush! Seeing that Rengo and Protoftw have the same amount of Likes, we would need to do another round. But since he hate VIPs, the win goes to @protoftw Congratz. As said on the post above, @Designatix, the Donation Membership can go to @protoftw as reward of winning the event. thank you! Topic can be closed.
  3. I already answered..... Stop posting multiple posts asking the same damn thing. Do as this, As soon you equip a complete armor, you set the other parts to 0 ¬¬
  4. More 4 days till this event ends! If you still want to win a donator membership, dont forget to read the post! Good luck!
  5. setting the equipped rest to show as 0 when equipped with the "complete armor"
  6. TITIESSS, he might get the most clicks on his active period than any other adversiments ;D Men are simple, we see tities, we follow. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Boys and Girls, Men and Woman. Apache Helicopters and what u want to call yourself. I've won a Donation Membership from another event I've won. But because I'm already a VIP, I cannot get it redeemed. Topic: With this Post, I want to "give" it away to a random user of this forum. All you need to do is write a simple poem, in English, about Lineage 2. Rules - Poem need to have the word "Lineage" in it - Need to have atleast the name of 1 location inside the lineage 2 world. eg: Death Pass - Be 4 lines or less. - Keep it simple. How will the best poem be chosen? Well, its simple. The post with the most upvotes by next saturday, (8 September) will get rewarded as the winning post. If there are multiple posts with the same amount of likes or upvotes, they will need to write another poem about something else. So what are you waiting for? Want a free Donation Membership? Start writing them poems now! BE CREATIVE! Enjoy!
  8. Look on java the part where it gets handled. And increase the max number... Dont know if the client will handle it correctly tho...
  9. It did, Only missing the sounds and extra effects.