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  1. decompile even an ape can do. he wants to rebuild that decompiled project aswell..
  2. sure mate, I don't even know U, so obviously I went into your profile to check if I even recognize you. It doesnt matter what u think or not of me ;)
  3. Yes, having all main code in java, but sending them to be executed on coroutines instead of thread pool
  4. Pufa is one of the most trusted middlemans out there. you probably talked to a scammer...
  5. not defending anyone here, but if you know java, you know kotlin too. Kotlin is super easy to learn if you already know java. Syntax is like 90% the same... If people can adapt between revisions, Kotlin-> java is almost the same...
  6. Well mate, if u think that is the case, you do you. But hey, who am I to judge other people thoughts right? But anyway, I have someone already, he is looking into it.
  7. Oh welcome to September 2020, You know, people earn money, people get jobs, people get beter life mate, dont compare things now with things of 2+ years ago. Dont judge people to whom they were, but how they are now. ;)
  8. its not about the clan images, but it something equal, I want to show multiple agathions instead of one. I read my topic again and I never spoke about price, so I dont know where u have that 150e from. Besides, we never spoke before so please stop bullshitting mate By chance is it "Spoken"? If so Im already in contact with him. He is seeing if this is possible first before taking the job.
  9. those are indeed not working, they just tell which items u are using. last 2 are L and R hand, and the 3 jewels are the next swappables if u are going to use one The only thing that isnt really working is the extra tab that doesnt show the talismans above.