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  1. Da cheetah is fastar dandelion.

    1. Kara`


      Your incoming ban if you don't stop being sexy will be fastar

  2. 2 + 2 = 4 -1 = 3

    1. Kara`


      Baby our relationship goes though hard shit with the damn silly stuff u write.

      Please stop >.<

  3. Best IDE? Notepad++ for sure!

  4. Notepad++ is the best Coding editor. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Kara`


      No shit sherlock.

  5. Stop spamming posts for no reason. Do it all on one post.
  6. You really think, that a shared version, will have working "premium" protection? LOL
  7. so you are using the shared mythras pack or the other one that it is based on right? if so, the problem is on the code that gets the image from the already existing database of images... Small hint if you are using them: Look at the syntax of the image getter, and then look at the server ID that you are using. Good luck anyway.
  8. If you cant understand and edit a simple code, you should learn the language first. at least the basics. If not, you are doing a bad job trying to open a server without knowledge about editing stuff... What will you do when you find a bug? Will you come with it to the forum and hope people will help you out? ... Google stuff, try to understand what you are doing...
  9. These ads are getting smarter...

  10. Event has been finished! Thank you for those that participated. We only had 3 Poems that followed the given rules: @Rengo (1 Like) I still enjoy playing Lineage,I am playing since i was at young age. I still remember the FoG PvP's, but in this forum i hate VIP's. @Sebana: (0 Like) Μy gear was everybody's dream.My gear was strong enough,enough to fuck your ass in PI,to send you back in a Lineage Town. and @protoftw: (1 Like) Depressive kids hunting my ass, I dash and lineage seems so fast. Giran to Aden and all the way back, you can't touch me, so hush! Seeing that Rengo and Protoftw have the same amount of Likes, we would need to do another round. But since he hate VIPs, the win goes to @protoftw Congratz. As said on the post above, @Designatix, the Donation Membership can go to @protoftw as reward of winning the event. thank you! Topic can be closed.