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  1. Yeah that is happening. it just super weird how Interlude handle things. Anyway, topic can be closed. Thanks.
  2. Nah codewise is fine. I was sending bypass with -h on interlude. Removing the -h started working fine. But now there is that stupid validation time.
  3. Sup ma dudes, Ive a question regarding Alt B on Interlude. I know Interlude has its limitations and it is a Chronicle that I hate with all my heart. Is there anyone that can tell me how to "reset" alt-B cache? On Freya and Upper, when simply clicking on an button inside the ALT B it redirects without problem to the new page. But on interlude.... It sends it to an blank page instead. Only "works" again if you change the painel page up there. Is there a packet that needs toe be sent before refreshing the current html to the player? Is there anyone with experience on Interlude Community board that has had this before? Thanks.
  4. If im not mistaken, there is a class RequestTutorialPassCmdToServer.java There you can put your extra bypasses for the tutorial window.
  5. Since u are on eclipse, press F3 on startAbnormalEffect or stopAbnormalEffect and see what class it requires as parameter and puit it there or import the needed class.
  6. Which project? Sunrise/Jserver/Jserver Based -add this in L2PcInstance.java inside the setPrivateStoreType method if (privateStoreType == PrivateStoreType.NONE) { stopAbnormalEffect(AbnormalEffect.SLEEP); }else{ startAbnormalEffect(AbnormalEffect.SLEEP); } Acis 398 (Probably works for previous and recenter ones too) Look for the setOperateType method in the Player.java class and change for this one: public void setOperateType(OperateType type) { if(type == OperateType.NONE){ stopAbnormalEffect(AbnormalEffect.SLEEP); } else { startAbnormalEffect(AbnormalEffect.SLEEP); } _operateType = type; } For L2Scripts/FanDC based packs look for setPrivateStoreType method in Player.java and put this inside: if(type == 0) { // none stopAbnormalEffect(AbnormalEffect.SLEEP); }else{ startAbnormalEffect(AbnormalEffect.SLEEP); } I have not tested them, but this sound as simple as it is. U want to visualize the sleep effect when entering the private store mode and u want to remove it when not in the store mode anymore.
  7. why are you encapsulating that object? also, isnt your package name wrong? Also, I think you are looking for AbnormalEffects and not actual skill casting. If you want skill casting animations, u need to change client side.
  8. No worries bud, if you want it removed from here just tell me. Im just reposting what I found on other forum like mentioned above, good work on what you achieved so far tho.
  9. He posted this on another forum and I found it interesting to bring it over to here. google translate from his note: Use as you please. Credits: @Ehoq Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q6Jv3CPiDsK7N_OR2ETJKnysBkzYfaTC/view?usp=sharing Download: https://mega.nz/file/1kd2xDDQ#dEXtiUGLUNT-Hgl5aCzswJONZuGYY6afZaRdmA_9dlw Geodata: https://mega.nz/file/t9AQkLwZ#1o0E5izTsO2EcTfr1vSIbwzBYglSe7k4hQYL7rL1jPw
  10. "I'am not a vip, can you please giveme the password?"