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  1. Oh damn really? Didnt knew. I'm sure many of the others doesn't have this feature.
  2. Your code has some huge failure rate. If an character gets deleted, Most of the time other tables wont delete with it. (Not all tables are linked). So it might happen that the item table of that character are still there. And if a new character gets created, and somehow it gets the objectId of the deleted character, it will have the same itens and skill from that deleted character.... U might need a bigger delete list mate 😉
  3. Please! Remove the wait time for vips or something, it is really annoying if we are looking for something that we don't know it exists on the forum.
  4. If you are looking for an h tml editor for Lineage 2 html. just see basic html tutorials. The html engine from l2 is really basic.
  5. I know, I just said that I did something like this for an customer that used sunrise.
  6. That looks like my AutoFarm implementation for Sunrise
  7. Classic Interlude ? Sounds like an Mobius thing...
  8. Most of the H5 works for freya too.
  9. It really depends on the client to decide what you want man. Or hire someone to build one like you want with all the features you wish for.
  10. I asked him the same thing, he says that is something server sided.