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  1. Yeah, Go to dion from giran by foot, when arriving there, go to the church and sit on the floor for 3 minutes. After it teleport to Giran Harbor and go back to giran by foot. After that throw your item on the ground and pick it up again x5. On the fifth time, press enchant and voila, you have enchanted your item.
  2. need to be implemented core sided. Look for AutoPotions here in the forum.
  3. You wont get any PMs, believe me.... Post the infos here instead of sending in private message....
  4. im sure 90% of the people would prefer sunrise over jmaster. No offences.
  5. This is probably because the db column for curHp is not allowd to store more than 8 characters (16000000) Go to your character table, and edit the curHp and etc to full int and increase the length of the column. Also what is happening that u have 16kk HP oO
  6. Are there any other votetop websites like l2network, topzone, hopzone and such but for chinese, taiwanese and other languages? If so, list them here below please!
  7. If you are using a H5 pack, most of them has a min and max debuff chance as config.
  8. look for @Elfocrash be aware for scammers tho. good luck. or u can try adapting his interlude roboto to Sunrise. you can find its link by googling 'roboto elfo crash github'
  9. That is exactly it, It's an effect used by an skill that sticks to your body. And the broadCastUserInfo() isn't doing the job. The only thing that really helped is the decay and spawnme but these only work for the other players and not yourself. I already tried a lot of things including trying to send a 'null' user info where you bug out and then sending the right one again without succes, the only thing that did a bit of what expected was the transformation process, which really removes the effect from the character but it still floats in the world.
  10. There was a few rumors of Adrenaline being from the same devs as SmartGuard. Thats why all the servers with SmartGuard, only Adrenaline will work. And if you want to block adrenaline on your server, you might need to pay the devs, or so I heard... Rumors, who will say if it's true or not...
  11. Hello, Im struggling with something and I wonder if anyone know a possible way. Im trying to acchieve a "hard reset" of textures with a character. There are a few methods that can make this possible like: decayMe() and spawnMe(), But these two will only work for the other players (They will see the target character disapearing and reapering instantly). I wonder if there is a way to acchieve the same effect but for the client user (without having to go to character selection and returning to remove the custom texture/effect/what so ever). Thank you in advance!
  12. this is litteraly in the shared source from jmaster, just take it from there... https://gyazo.com/c3ab7183744354e1432b5e7c6311f95d
  13. Prelude of war part 3 is the current latest running patch