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  1. Yu wa wa weeee, yu yu wa wa weeh

  2. LF Classic Talking island Trusted adena seller

  3. anyidea what it would be for freya and previous versions?
  4. Death to the primes!

    1. Mithril Mines

      Mithril Mines

      worst season xd

    2. HyperBlown


      5th one was the best in my opinion.

    3. Mithril Mines

      Mithril Mines

      For me was up to 3 then they ruin it 

  5. try it yourself. Price cannot be given right away, it always scales with the length of the code, take care of leechers and overpriced service. But first, give your self a go.
  6. Guys.... They have official free sources every so often. https://l2jmobius.org/ check their download option, last updated free source codes is from the 25th june
  7. I'm Like a Bird

  8. Lmao, l2j still exists? OmegaLuL

  9. You need to have players created in the database. Then add their name in the list... Then do the command with a space and amount in number you want to spawn. The command will then take the first X from the list, and spawn them on their respective locations. They dont move tho.
  10. Happy new year!


  11. Da cheetah is fastar dandelion.

  12. you could make a system, that when the player add the item on the window, it sends a PM to the person with the Link system. As if you linked the item to him.
  13. Da cheetah is fastar dandelion.

    1. Kara.


      Your incoming ban if you don't stop being sexy will be fastar

  14. 2 + 2 = 4 -1 = 3

    1. Kara.


      Baby our relationship goes though hard shit with the damn silly stuff u write.

      Please stop >.<

  15. Best IDE? Notepad++ for sure!

  16. Notepad++ is the best Coding editor. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Kara.


      No shit sherlock.

  17. Stop spamming posts for no reason. Do it all on one post.
  18. You really think, that a shared version, will have working "premium" protection? LOL
  19. so you are using the shared mythras pack or the other one that it is based on right? if so, the problem is on the code that gets the image from the already existing database of images... Small hint if you are using them: Look at the syntax of the image getter, and then look at the server ID that you are using. Good luck anyway.