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  1. Hi, i am creating a custom communityboard but i am stuck when i want to add a gatekeeper or a buffer into the community. I am using datapack Sunrise and for example i wanna put the buffer into de community but i dont know how bypasses works. Can anybody bring me some help plis?. THanks!
  2. which is the community board selector?. i want to modify tabs and colors or add images.
  3. How can i install this?. I have one idea :(
  4. i have an error "Cachedscript is not updated. Copy the itemdata.txt to the cachedscript folder. server[15751] cached[0] anyone have a solution? the arhive is in the folder.
  5. guytis u can tell me your skype to add ? i interest on this :D
  6. Is it safe to use this code then? when he will return to work on? (:
  7. contact me plz! i can't send pm you elfocrash :S skype: soportebreakhost
  8. elfocrash plz contacto me! Skype: soportebreakhost or email: zk-@live.com.ar