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  1. I debugged the whole code until SelectorThread where the packets arrive and its seems like the Client doesnt send the packet very fast In Community Board ( normal html window works perfectly). I tried modify the timers and buffers like the mmocore and floodprotection and still no success. I will try what you guys recommended. But am still not sure if this issue is server or client side. Okay the solution with reloading the htlm board seems to work fine. Thank you guys for everything. Cheers
  2. Hello everyone, Im currently developing a custom buffer system intergrated in Community Board. Everything seems to work fine but there is an issue i cant resolve and i dont know whether its from client or server side. If i click multiple buffs in row it doesnt work. I have to wait a different amount of time until i can click the next buff. The floodprotection system doesnt seem to be the problem because i turned it off. It seems like the client cant send multiple Bypasses in short amount of time. Any Suggestion would be helpful. L2j Mobius files L2 Hi