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  1. @n3str1xIt would be a little tricky to do that because I don't know the exact release date for all of them. Celestine MxC for example, you can't find any link on the internet except mine with it. I downloaded and saved it on my PC for years.
  2. 1. Interface por Celestine MxC This interface, I believe, was created by @ Celestino, it is one of the most beautiful and leanest works I have ever seen, it does not contain a bug, but it is not as "complete" as the others today (ex: Wellinton Interface V3). Download the installer: https://mega.nz/file/bA1DgLDa#tFu-lUpQCmlKbbHqO32DmzmRRnyUCRqzbYV6Ri4-wSY or download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/qAtByKzS#MvLyNd3sI3uCxy6N8laYJvFysqwNOmunN729lzempRk 2. Interface Classic Ona Latest (Damage on Screen Classic): Damage claims on
  3. Iordanov how much longer are you going to make me drool over this version of the interface? I'll be writing my thank you speech for when to launch!