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  1. #FamousPro

    ela re
  2. #FamousPro

    Well since a lot of ppl made a clan topic , so why shouldnt i ? ;think;
  3. Fallenangels

    Nice interface :o , cant same for the skillgrp :D
  4. I love the video edit on this one :o
  5. Discussion Give your server a meaning

    Lets be real , there are X amount of mmos better than l2 , graphics , fps , story , mechanics wise. But ppl still play this old and forgotten game ( im talking about c6 and lower , the real l2 ) cuz of its mechanics in pvp , its very rare that you can pvp / pk some one out side safes zones in other mmos. And wats left of so called " community " chooses to pvp not for story or over all gameplay.
  6. Obviously you wont find any of this info publicly announced . Just think for a sec you think its a coincidence that adrenaline during a week can update them self , and work again on smart guard :D
  7. FYI adrenaline creators are smartguard creators aswell
  8. These videos where made 1-2 weeks ago not 3-4 years lol
  9. Wat is so proud to be if the server is open for 3-6 months with mostly solo players I prefer 1-2 week of full of action :^)
  10. well before paying , you should contact and confirm that hes there , and will be in few days upfront LUL